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Going Black


Warning: If you do not like interracial sex stories involving black men dominating white women then please do not read any further. Do not be a hater because some people enjoy things that you do not.


Jackie knew the risks when she started speeding to get home after working late at the office, but she had a husband and three teenagers to cook for. When she saw the police lights flashing in her rear view mirror she wanted to cry. She had lots of bills and she had to use careful budgeting to get by. She pulled her SUV over to the side of the road and stopped her engine, cursing herself about the cost of a speeding ticket and the points on her licence that would cost her hundreds of extra dollars a year.

A feeling of depression and anger welled up in her body as she watched in her side view mirror as the police officer, a large black man, got out of the car and walked toward her. An idea popped into her head. What if she tried to flirt her way out of the ticket? She had married young, and was only thirty two. And despite all the responsibilities she had and even after giving birth to three children, she always managed to keep herself in shape because she felt she needed to look good for her husband. Good genetics, good diet and good exercise kept her looking more like twenty-two. Quickly, she loosened her blouse to show some cleavage, tossed her hair and readied a smile.

The policeman tapped on the window and she lowered it and met his gaze with as flirtatious a smile as she could muster. She found it somewhat difficult since she thought the black man standing by her car looked ugly and thug-like.

"Driver's license, vehicle registration and insurance please."

She quickly handed him the documents. "I'm sorry, officer."

"Do you realize you were going 95 mph in a 50 mph zone?"

"Again, I'm so sorry, officer. I know I was speeding, but I'm late getting home to cook for the family–"

"That maybe but by driving over the speed limit you not only endanger your own life but those of your fellow commuters."

"I know...I know. I used bad judgement." Jackie sat up her seat, trying to expose cleavage. "You look like a nice man and I promise I'll never speed again if you just let me off with a warning."

The policeman looked with a silent stone face for a moment. Jackie was sure she could see him looking at her breasts . He made her feel uneasy with his profoundly masculine presence. She beamed a nervous smile and batted her eyes at him as she waited for a response.

Please, please, let me off the hook, she thought.

"Step out of the vehicle, ma'am." He said curtly.

"Oh please," she said with a pout and a tilt of the head. "I know I did wrong, but I'm a good person."

"Step out of the vehicle." He said with the same curt, unsympathetic voice.

Feeling defeated, Jackie stepped out of the car. As she did it seemed to her the officer was looking her up and down.

"I'm going to administer a drunk test. I want you to step over by that line and walk straight along it."

"Okay, sir." Jackie walked over. "But I'm not drunk."

"Walk a straight line please." The officer said.

Jackie did. First she walked away from him, trying to sway her hips side to side in a provocative way. And then she walked back toward him, looking at him with a suggestively coy face. Again, he didn't show any sign of emotion. She walked over to him, looked at his name tag which read: Officer Troy.

"Officer Troy," she said reading the tag. "Or may I call you Troy–I really hope that you can forgive me my impatience driving. I never speed–"

"I want you to take this breathalyser test." Troy said.

"Yes, sir." Jackie said, feeling downcast.

He held the breathalyser machine for her to blow in.

"I'm really a nice person, Troy." She said, seeing an opportunity, she opened her mouth and seductively placed it on the machine, Her heart was beating rapidly. She figured she was really going far out of her way to get out of the ticket now. She began giving it fellatio as blew. All the time she licked and sucked the tube she stared at black officer with her blue eyes. She watched him watching her and detected the curl of a smile on his lips. She began to feel excitement and arousal, not sure if it just hope she might actually get out of the ticket.

After the policeman pulled the breathalyser away, she leaned on one leg, curving her body in a flirtatious manner and ran her finger along his chest.

"Maybe if I did something nice for you, Troy. Then you could do something nice for me like forget this ticket." She said with her heart beating like a base speaker.

The black policeman looked at her, stoic as ever. She knew she was in trouble for sure now. She wondered if trying to flirt your way out of a ticket was a crime. And she also wondered what would she have to do if he took her up on her vague offer.

To her surprise, Troy began looking her body up and down. He then walked around her, focusing for awhile on her ass as he did. He nodded his head approvingly and Jackie blushed. He stood back in front of her.

"I was just getting off duty when I stopped you." The officer said. "So if you want to do something nice for me, then I suggest you drive over to the Pineview Motel at the first exit and check yourself in. If you don't–well–I have your licence number–and can easily say you drove off resisting arrest."

Jackie's mouth dropped in shock. He was taking her up on her offer. Suddenly, she didn't feel like being seductive anymore.

"Uh, um...I thought maybe–"

"Unless of course you want the ticket." The black police officer smiled. "I can do that too."

"Yes, but I..er–I have a husband and–"

"Then you better call and say you are running late." Troy got back into his police car. "I will meet you there in twenty minutes. Oh, and get a king size bed."

"But I...I–"

He drove off and Jackie felt like the ticket and points on her licence would have been a better choice. She thought about not going but then worried about his threat. She didn't like the idea of being a fugitive from justice and so without being fully aware of what she was doing she ended up parked in front of the Pineview Motel.

The phone rang, snapping her out of her zombie state. It was her husband. She answered it, feeling aggravated with him for having to be cooked for. It if it wasn't for that, she felt, she wouldn't need to be speeding and wouldn't be in the situation she was now.

"Where are you?" Her husband said in a voice that grated on her nerves. "The kids are hungry and we are all waiting for you?"

"The car broke down," she snapped. "I'm going to be late. Warm up some microwave dinners for you and the kids."

"How long are you going to be?"

"I don't know," she said. "I really hope it will be soon."

"Okay honey, do you need me to come pick you up?"

"No." She said. "I will take care of it, just feed the kids.

She hung up the phone and had an out of body experience as she checked herself into the motel. As she walked to her room, she couldn't remember if she paid cash or credit. She knew it could cause problems later if she paid credit since her husband would ask but she had no time to worry about that now. She opened the door with a card key.

The motel room smelled like cigarettes and air purifier. Before her was a king-sized bed and a above her was a ceiling mirror. She paced around the room nervously, keeping her purse tight to her side. She caught a glimpse of herself in the full length mirror on the outside of the bathroom door. She posed briefly, trying to picture what she showed the police man when she flirted with him. She did look attractive and slim in her conservative white blouse, grey skirt and white pantyhose. She shook her head thinking what a fool she was.

She looked at her watch, wondering how long she would have to wait. She thought a dozen times about just heading out the door and forgetting it, to hell with the consequences. She didn't plan on cheating on her husband–even if she did feel angry at him. Will he be happy enough to get a blow job? Or will he want more?

It occurred to her that she was going to have to at least suck his dick.

"Oh my gawd." She put a hand over her mouth thinking about it.

She'd never sucked a black man's dick before. In college she only dated white men and only sucked two other men before she met her husband. Both experiences revolted her. She never really enjoyed it and the thought of having to place her mouth on a strange and black man's dick who she had no feelings disgusted her.

She decided she couldn't go through with it. She raced for the door and opened it.

Standing there, about to knock, stood the black police officer–now dressed in well fitting slacks and a blue polo shirt. A small duffle bag lay on the floor, apparently placed there when he was going to knock. Tucked under his arm was a brown paper bag.

"Hello Jackie, going somewhere?" He smiled, picked up the duffle bag and pushed his way into the room. He tossed the bag onto the bed, closed the door and locked it before Jackie could even think of escaping.

"I just wanted to get some air," Jackie said walking to the door.

"I'll turn on the air conditioner. Why don't you just have a seat?" He said in a commanding voice.

Jackie obeyed and sat with her purse on her lap in a chair by the window and watched Troy open the paper bag, revealing a couple of bottles of liquor, which he placed on a table.

Troy looked so big and dangerous that she felt powerless to defy anything he told her to do. She began to shake as he sat on the bed and removed his shoes.

"Jackie," he said in a calm gentle voice. "I'm going to tell you right now that I'm not going to make you do anything you don't want to do."

"You won't give me the ticket?" She looked at him with hope.

Troy smiled. "You have a choice. Take the ticket or don't."

Jackie hugged her purse close to her chest. "I don't know if I can do...it."

Troy laughed. "I'll give you some options. How's that sound?"

"What kind of options?" She said.

"You can suck me first, or I can suck you first....or we can suck at the same time." Troy's gaze rolled over Jackie's body. "You're a beautiful woman and I would love to lick you between your legs."

Jackie blushed. Her mind was filled with all kinds of nervous thoughts. Right now she would normally home cooking for her family. Everything had gone wrong.

"How long?" She asked.

"At least five minutes." Troy said.

Jackie sighed in resignation. She contemplated the idea of doing it as the same time to get it over with, but decided against it. She wasn't sure if she could handle going sixty-nine with him.

"You can do me first," she said finally.

"Alright," he said getting up. "Sit down on the bed, would you like a drink first?"

"I just want to get it over with."

As instructed, Jackie sat on the bed. She sniffed nervously as she did, on the verge of tears. Troy appeared undisturbed and took up a position knelling down in front of her. Jackie felt immobilized with shock, she couldn't believe this was actually happening. Suddenly, she felt his hot hands on her legs and she flinched.

"Relax, Jackie." He said. "I promise to make this as fun for you as it will be for me."

She watched his black hands disappear under her skirt and felt his strong fingers rubbing her trembling skin. With a firm push, he spread her legs apart. She could feel her groin shaking with fear. Her breathing increased and her heart beat quickened. Under the skirt his hands moved over her hips, tugged at the ends of her panty hose and pulled them down. His hands caressed her legs as he slipped the hose to her feet and removed them. He did the same to her panties, stopping for one moment to kiss the inside of her thigh. A shiver of surprise ran up her thighs as his lips touched her body. He hiked her skirt up until her pussy was visible. Seeing it, he let out a satisfied sigh.

"Dayum girl, your pussy is beautiful." He smiled up at her from between her legs. "I can see your starting to get wet already."

Jackie looked at herself in a mirror across the bed and was shocked by the obscene view of herself with legs spread wide and a black man staring directly at her uncovered pussy. She felt like pulling away and twitched.

"Do you want to do this or not, Jackie?" He asked.

Jackie, feeling she already went too far to turn back, nodded her head.

"I'm just nervous, get started, I'm starting the clock." Jackie lifted her hand and stared at the hands of her watch.

Troy's tongue licked the folds of Jackie's pussy and suddenly, her whole body felt alive with electricity. Her body convulsed with surprise. She tried to concentrate only on her watch, but could not block on the feeling of Troy's tongue lapping at her sensitive pussy.

"Oh," she said with an unwilling giggle.

"You like it?" He asked looking up at her.

"You got....ah." Jackie giggled again with excitement at the remarkable feeling of having her pussy sucked. "You got four and aaaaaaah half min...min...minutes,"

She tried to block out the experience of getting her pussy worked over like a jackhammer and looked intently at her wristwatch. It didn't matter how hard she tried, his tongue expertly dived into her snatch.

"Oh, ah," she struggled to suppress her giggles of delight. "That really tickles."

Again, Troy's tongue assaulted her pussy. Try as she might, she could not ignore the exquisite feeling of his tongue exploring every bit of her pussy.

"Four minutes," she said staring at her watch.

Every fold of her flesh was licked and salivated on by Troy as he kissed and tongued her.

"Three minutes and...oh my...a half," she said over her building enjoyment.

His head bobbed up and down aggressively. Jackie couldn't stand the feeling anymore and stopped looking at her watch. She leaned back on the bed and held herself up by resting on her elbows. She was amazed by the sight of his black head working itself like mad into her pussy. Every push forward sent shockwaves of exhilaration through Jackie's body.

Jackie couldn't deny it felt good and let out an exasperated gasp. "Oh, oh."

Troy continued attacking her pussy with his tongue, finally pushing it inside and thrusting it in and out.

"That is amazing," she said involuntarily, not really wanting to let this happen.

He continued probing the inside of her pussy with his tongue, finding his way through trial and error to the most sensitive areas. When he found spots that made her body shake, he assaulted them with greater zeal.

"Oh, my. That...that..." she panted. "That is something else. Oooooh."

She didn't want her body to surrender to the pleasure that was building. But her body had other ideas. Her mind said no but her body cried excitedly yes.

"Yes," she cried as she fell backwards on the bed and placed her hand on the back of Troy's head. "That feels so good."

Troy seemed encouraged by Jackie's words and chomped down harder on her muff, driving her into a shaking ecstasy. She looked up at the ceiling mirror and couldn't recognize herself. Her hair had come loose, her blouse was a mess and Troy's black head buried between her legs. Most striking of all was the intense look of lust she saw in her face and her hand that she rest on Troy's head, pushing him more and more into her.

"Oh lick me, Troy." She cooed. "Lick me so good. Yes, like that. I like that."

The lovely thirty-two year old white wife of fourteen years, mother of three, surrendered to the wild tongue of the relentless black man. It just felt too good. Minute after minute passed without her realizing it as he plunged his tongue into her, building her pleasure until she her entire body began to shake with immense pleasure, fireworks exploded before her eyes and a gushing wetness burst from her pussy followed by a gasp of gratification.

"Oh, oh, oooooooooooh yeaaaaaaaaaah." She said, with every fiber of her flesh tingling with delight.

Jackie had cum. She felt it. Troy had licked her into an orgasm. She twisted on the bed in a sweaty, satisfied daze.

"That was the most fun I've experienced in ten years." She said.

Troy pulled himself up on the bed and crawled on top of her. She didn't resist. His big, firm and masculine body felt good on hers and she wrapped her arms around him. Her libido controlled her actions.

He looked in her in the blue eyes and planted a kiss on her mouth. Her labia discharge was still on his lips and as their mouths locked she sampled the taste of the juice from her own pussy. His warm mouth with its large, black, Negro lips felt different then she was accustomed–but delicious and exciting. Everything about Troy felt strong and powerful. His dominating manly musk intoxicated her. She returned his kiss with a desire laced moan, throughly enjoying the feeling of being overwhelmed with lust. Her hips pushed upwards instinctively. She grinded against his groin and felt a large thick bulge in his pants. Their lips parted and she let out an gasp.

"Wow," she said smiling at him. "That felt awesome."

Troy laughed with a deep, strong voice that Jackie found incredibly sexy.

"How long did that go on?" Jackie looked at her watch. "Oh my goodness. That went on for twenty minutes, I totally lost track of the time."

"I told you it would be fun. Aren't you glad you didn't take that ticket?" He said.

This time both Jackie and Troy laughed.

"Are you ready for your turn?" He asked.

"Oh yeah." Jackie smiled and nodded her head with a giggle. "I want to drive you crazy now."

She had a burning curiosity to see what the gigantic and hot bulge she felt on her groin looked like. They both got out of the bed. Jackie dropped to her knees while Troy unzipped his pants. She glimpsed herself in a mirror. Her hair and clothes were a mess but she thought she looked pretty hot sitting on her knees in front of a black man. She pulled his pants down and saw a great bulge in his black underwear.

"Goodness gracious! What kind of monster do you have locked up in your pants?" Jackie said with a nervous tremble in her voice.

"A black anaconda," Troy said with a laugh.

She ran her hands along his firm muscular legs. She marveled at the contrast of her white hand against his dark skin. Slowly, she pulled his underwear down until a long black penis popped out of it and stood proudly erect like a thick nightstick.

"Oh my gawd. That is a monster." She said.

"Don't be afraid." Troy replied.

"It's so black," she said and stared with wonder at his cock.

Jackie gasped, her mouth dropped open and her eyes widened at the sight of it. She'd never seen a cock so totally black, so long or so hard looking before. She watched his twelve inch long cock, with its thick veins throb up and down in a mesmerizing way.

"My husband's dick isn't half your size," she whispered.

At the end of the cock was a huge and bulbous purple head. As she stared, it suddenly wagged back and forth. She actually screamed when it moved to energetically before her. She, for certain, never saw a cock that could do that before. Sometimes her husband couldn't even get it up when she wanted it.

Troy laughed. "Go ahead, Jackie."

Jackie took hold of his black cock in her left hand and then her cell phone rang. She felt upset at the interruption and looked at her phone while making an apologetic expression on her face to Troy. It was her husband on the phone.

"Honey," he said.

"Tim," she cut him off it in a huff. "I'm at a garage getting the car looked at. I'm going to be a awhile. I've also met up with a friend from college here and she is taking me to get some coffee while the car is fixed. I can tell you all about it later, okay. Don't wait up...we might catch a late movie later–I think I deserve some time off. Okay. Good-bye.'

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