tagCelebrities & Fan FictionGoing One On One With The Great One

Going One On One With The Great One


I had agreed to go on the road with the WWF. I think the Hardyz asked Vince if I could come along. I hang out with the Hardyz ever since the night I had with the two brothers. Sometimes at night, I would watch the 2 fuck each other while pleasuring my own self, other times, I would be the one getting fucked hard.

"Foxy?" called a voice. I snapped back to reality. I was lying on the bed, still wet with cum from last night. I realized I was lying on the bed, half naked. I stood up and saw Matt and his bulge.

"Hey, Matt."

"Listen, you're going to be interviewing the Rock later again. Vince told me to tell you." Matt's eyes wandered away from my face towards my breasts. I watched him lick his lips. I took off my t-shirt, which made his eyes big.

I stood naked before him. He went on his knees, softly licking my cunt. I quivered a moan, pinching my nipples. He stuck his tongue deep into my cunt, trying to get me to cum. "Ooo," I squealed softly.

"Matt? Are you in there?" called a female voice. Shit, I thought. It was Lita.

"Uh, yeah I'm here."

"Well hurry up, we gotta go somewhere," she answered. We heard her footsteps go away.

Matt got up and dressed. He left. I laughed. I quickly changed to a strapless black tank and leather red pants with no panties underneath. I grabbed my things and went to the Rocks' hotel room. The last time I interviewed the Rock, he had this huge bulge through his pants. But nothing happened then.

I knocked on the door. "Come in," I heard him answer.

I opened the door and found him sitting on the couch. He was wearing a $500 dollar shirt with plain black pants. I could see another bulge coming through. "Hey, Rocky. Vince said that I was supposed to interview you."

"Yeah sure." He patted the seat next to him on the couch. "Sit down."

I smoothed down my tank and sat next to him, pulling out my recorder. I sat comfortably on the couch, my body facing towards him. "Rock, how do you feel about your match against Chris Jericho for the Undisputed Title at the Royal Rumble when he used the ropes to pin you and retain his titles?" I asked, feeling professional.

"Whoa whoa whoa whoa! The Rock doesn't wanna talk about his match at Royal Rumble cuz the Rock knows that the Rock can kick Chris Jericho's ass any time, any where!" He lowered his voice. "I wanna talk about whats gonna happen tonight."

I gulped. "Tonight?"

"Yes, tonight." He took off his $500 shirt and pulled down his pants, wearing silk blue boxers. I moved back.

"Rock, this isn't what I expected," I lied. Rock made no comment but pulled off his boxers. I gasped. There was a huge erect cock right in front of me.

"Now, Foxy. Suck me now," he moaned. I nodded and greedily sucking on the cock. He moaned, grabbing chunks of my hair, forcing my head to go down deeper between him.

He reached over and pulled my skirt, delighted to see a nice plump ass. He took 2 fingers and began to finger my tight ass. I moaned while sucking. With his other hand, he fingered my wet cunt. This got me even more hot and wet. Soon I was deep-throating the delicious strudel faster and faster. His load squirted my face. I got up, sweating and already tired.

Rocky gasped for air. He pulled me towards him and stroked his cock. "Mmm, I like what I'm seeing here Foxy." He bent over and licked my pussy. I gasped in delight as his tongue entered my cunt. I grabbed my nipples as the Rock layeth huge orgasms on me.

"Oh god, Rocky! Oh yes!" I cried. I cummed all over his body. I watched as my cum slithered down his smooth body. He smiled and thrusted his huge cock in me. "OH SHIT!"

He pumped himself in and out. The cock was huge! I grabbed my hair as an orgasm hit me hard. "Oh god, Rocky! Oh please, don't stop! Fuck me! Fuck me!"

He pulled out his cock and jerking it. Cum sprayed on my body. I used my hands and licked the cum off my body. Rocky led me to a chair and told me to sit. Being the good girl, I did. He told me to spread my legs. I did, happy that I was pleasing him. He threw himself onto me, his cock ramming into my clit once more. I moaned loud but I was cut off with the Rock kissing me. His tongue slid past my mouth. Mine did also. He pumped while we kissed passionately.

"Ok, before I cum, I want your ass," he answered. I slid off the chair and went on my knees, my head on the chair seat. Rocky licked around my ass and fingered in gently. He did this for about 5 minutes but for me, 5 minutes was 5 years.

"Oh Rock, stop fingering me. I want your big cock in my small ass!" I ordered. Rocky looked at me.

"Well, if you say so!" He rammed his cock in and out hard. I screamed loud as pain and pleasure took over my body. I could feel his balls slapping my ass cheeks as he pumped himself in and out. "O, Foxy, babe, I'm gonna cum!"

"Cum inside me, Rocky!" I yelled and he did. His load dampen my ass inside and out. I collasped onto the floor. I guess he saw my pussy open because the next thing I know, he was fucking me again. I moaned loudly, hoping he would go faster. I squirmed out and ordered him to lay down. His cock stood erect and I seized this chance to ride him. His cock slipped into my ass and I began to ride him. I could hear him moan and saw him reach out his hands to grab my breasts. He couldn't reach them so he went down to my pussy. He fingered them, two fingers. I was getting so wet that his fingers were already wet with my juices. My juices began to squirt onto his upper thighs. "Mmm, Rocky. Oh, put your fingers inside me."

Rocky put in four fingers and pumped them in. He cocked his head back and moaned. "Oh I'm cumming again!"

This time I got off and watched cum squirt out. I greedily sucked his cock as more cum came pouring out. "Mmm, Rocky, this was fun."

"Yes, it was. You always have fun when you go one on one with the Great One." And with that said, we both fell asleep.

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