tagLoving WivesGoing to the Drive Inn Movie

Going to the Drive Inn Movie


One night, later in the summer, we decided to go to the Drive-In movies and do a bit of playing and showing off if possible. Sam seemed to be up for this as it was a familiar game we've played through the years. Only this time I had added a little extra that she didn't know about.

While she was getting ready I encouraged her to dress as slutty as she could,but since it was still quite light outside she settled for a pair of loose shorts with no panties, and an old T shirt that was cut off just below her tits.

Both of these pieces of clothing provided easy access her to her body; she knew that was what I wanted so she'd dressed to please me. I had already decided that I needed to take the next step in my plan to turn her into a submissive slut so without telling her I had figured that this night would be a way for her to cross over from just showing off and begin letting someone touch and enjoy her body.

Almost before we left the house I started to reach under her shirt and play with her titties. She even pulled it up and flashed me at a stop light to show me how easily accessible her titties were. While she was sitting in the seat her shirt rode up just enough so that the bottom curve of her breasts was visible. This was going to be perfect!

She wasn't really paying much attention and didn't realize what was going on until I pulled up in front of Jimmy's house. She asked what we were doing there, thinking that I needed to drop something off, but I told her that I had invited him to come along and must have forgotten to mention that to her. Before she could say anything he was opening the door and getting in. Since we were in the pick up she was stuck sitting in the middle of two very horny men!

Jimmy immediately complimented her on how sexy she looked (she was 10 years older than him) and she gave me one of those looks that wondered what I was up to. She tugged her shirt down a little but knew that she was going to have a hard time being bashful in front of a man that had already seen her completely naked more than once and had touched briefly touched her body too.

She was trapped between us, and although she looked nervous she seemed resigned to what ever would happen. Once we arrived we found a dark corner to park in and started to watch he movie and chat. Jimmy kept talking about the times he'd been allowed to see her naked, and how much he appreciated the opportunity she'd given him. He also talked about how he couldn't stop thinking about her and hoping that he'd get another opportunity to see her naked body again.

By then Sam had figured that I must of promised him some kind of private show, and since he was so full of compliments, and she thought he was cute, she was beginning to relax and go with the idea. He told us about how he dreamed about her often and how he had wished he would be able to see her body and touch her soft smooth skin for a longer period than the last time. It was dark by then so I pulled up her shirt to expose her tits.

I rubbed and pulled on them for a few minutes and then pulled her shirt up over her head. She leaned forward and offered no resistance as I did this, and simply sat back between us. Even though Jimmy had seen her naked before Sam was still a little embarrassed by having her shirt off but, she was still smiling and had her eyes open looking at both of us, which was a good sign.

Through out all of his talk and compliments I had continually been kissing her, telling her how great she looked and kept on caressing her titties. During one long kiss she all of a sudden realized that the two hands on her breasts belonged to two different men and stopped stiff for a moment. She soon relaxed as I continued to kiss her and rub her left breast with my left hand while Jimmy had her right breast in his right hand. This must have gone on a long time as the first movie was already over.

Sam was completely relaxed by now, more so than I had ever seen her when we were doing something special. She was actually enjoying having two sets of hands play with her little tits and rub her legs and body. Every few minutes one of us would push a hand a little farther down into her shorts so she became comfortable as we began touching her pubic hair. Soon the fingers started sliding between her legs a little and she was letting it happen without any complaints.

I reached over and grabbed her waist band to pull down her shorts and she just silently lifted her hips and let me strip her bare. This was exciting; my wife was sitting totally nude between me and another guy at a drive in movie.

Sam was allowing both of us to touch her anywhere, and even though she denied it later, was enjoying the hands on her body. Her pussy was wet but I knew that she probably wouldn't have an orgasm while sitting upright in the truck. She had already slid down a little bit to allow us easier access to her pussy, and we had to be careful to not get in each other's way as we went in and out of her cunt, but the position wasn't right for her to really enjoy it.

I suggested she lay across our laps but she wasn't too sure about that. She finally turned sideways and leaned against me with one foot on the floor and the other on Jimmy. At this point I began to concentrate working on her clit while Jimmy pumped two fingers in and out of her pussy, almost immediately Sam had a hard, shaking orgasm. The best I'd seen her have in some time.

We just held onto her for awhile until she calmed down. When she opened her eyes she looked at me and said "I'm really a slut now aren't I?" We both encouraged her that she was wonderful and that she deserved to enjoy what was going on. She soon turned around and sat back between us wondering what was going to happen to her next.

Jimmy had unbuckled his belt and opened his pants during all of this and the tip of his cock was now poking out of his shorts. He was so horny he said he thought he would die right there if something didn't happen. Sam wasn't sure about this, as she'd never even touched some one else's cock before, but with just a little bit of encouragement from both of us she soon reached into his shorts and started to rub his cock.

In just a few seconds he let go with a load of cum that covered her hand and soaked his pants. Sam was surprised at how fast he'd cum, and also didn't know what to do with a gooey hand full of cum. Jimmy suggested that she lick it off to which she replied "gross" and I offered that she should rub it on her tits to dry. Instead she reached over and gave it back to Jimmy by wiping it on his shirt.

The movies were almost over by then so I started up the truck and we drove out with Sam still sitting between us completely naked. As I drove out she rested her head on my shoulder and was smiling while Jimmy kept rubbing her little titties and pussy. Since everyone looked so content I drove around for a little while to enjoy the activity.

Before we reached his house Jimmy had managed to stuff her hand in his pants once more. This time she just held onto his cock while he pumped his hips up and down. Once again he covered her hand with cum but this time she just kept her hand in his pants and held on to his soggy cock as I continued to drive around. I was so proud of her, sitting between us completely nude. She seemed to have come a long way that night and had achieved new levels of being exposed and used by other men.

When I dropped Jimmy at home she pulled her hand out of his pants and didn't even bother to wipe it off. He gave her naked body one last long look as it was displayed by the dome light and then shut the door. We drove home in silence and Sam fell asleep on my shoulder before we'd gone two blocks. After we got home she simply picked up her clothes and walked into the house naked. She took a quick shower and then asked me what I'd like to do since I hadn't cum yet tonight.

I asked her if she'd give me oral sex, something she doesn't always like to do, and she said ok. She must have been feeling quite nasty, or guilty about having an orgasm in front of another man because she gave me the best blow job she's ever done. She even held on tight while I deposited my load in her lovely mouth. After a few moments she tried to swallow it, knowing that this was what I wanted but couldn't get it all down, so ended up having to spit it out instead.

Before I let her go to sleep I wanted to talk about the evening. She didn't want to talk much but remarked that it was very different to be naked in front of somebody than it was to actually let them touch you and for you to touch them also.

She said she felt like she'd had sex with Jimmy since they both had cum; to which I added she didn't seem to mind it too much. She still wasn't sure about it though, even if it had felt good at the time. To draw the discussion to a close I asked her how soon can we do it again? She didn't answer right away, but finally offered that I was well on the way to turning her into a slut so it really didn't matter what happened next.

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