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Gold Card Ch. 05







Mon, 5 Nov 2007 8:39 am

Hi Ted,

I know this is quick to be emailing you, since we just met last night, but this Gold Card thing is driving me crazy. It's what, 8:30 a.m. that I'm writing this and I've already been out and used my Gold Card twice already. Normally I can't get going without coffee, so I'll make my own, but today I went to the local coffee shop just so I could use the card. Sure enough I order a double latte and hand them my Gold Card. Well, in just a few minutes my latte is ready, well ahead of about a dozen people who ordered before I did. One of the staff, a nice looking guy named Brian handed me the latte and then lifted the counter asking me to follow him.

He took me through their storage area to a small room that must have been the manager's office or something. Once he closed the door behind us he turned to me and said, "While you slurp on the latte, I can do the same for you, compliments of the Gold Card."

I took a sip of the latte and simply told Brian, "I'm yours."

Well he slipped off my shorts and panties and guided me over to a chair where I sat down. Sitting on the edge of the chair I took another sip of the latte and then opened my legs for him. He began kissing the inside of my thighs while running his hands along the bottom of them sending shivers through my body. I was already horny when I walked into the coffee shop so needless to say I was dripping by the time he kissed his way to my pussy.

Oh, when he slipped his tongue between my lips and pressed it into me I felt an electric jolt pass through me. I could hear him slurping down there, but I was far too distracted to think about slurping my latte, I simply concentrated on what he was doing to me. After a few moments he pulled his tongue out of me and then slid up between my lips up to my clit. As he moved up my slit, he slipped his fingers into my wet pussy and began moving in and out. Once his tongue found my clit, he began running his tongue over it in unison with his fingers.

I set my latte down somewhere on the desk and reached down and grabbed his hair and pushed his face to my as I pumped my hips forward, essentially fucking his face. He continued on my clit moving faster and faster, stopping only as he turned his head to gasp for air. With his fingers moving in and out of me and his tongue rolling over my clit it was only a few minutes and I wrapped my legs over his shoulder, lifted my hips up and came. He left his fingers inside me and I could feel my pussy squeezing them with each pulsation that ran through my body. When it all subsided Brian pulled his face away and I could see his mouth and chin were just dripping wet, so I grabbed some facial tissue from the dispenser on the desk and handed to him saying, "Oh god that was good, thank you."

"Thank you for using the Gold Card," he said, picking my panties and shorts off of the floor and handing them to me.

I quickly pulled them on, grabbed my latte and followed him out of the room and back into the coffee shop. Not knowing what else I could do I walked out to my car and backed out of my parking spot. Once I pulled out onto the roadway I took another sip of my latte, but damn, it was cold by then.

By then I was in need of another coffee but it was getting late and I didn't think I had time to visit the back room of the coffee shop so I figured I'd go to an ATM and get some cash and use the cash to by the coffee. There was a convenience store nearby with an ATM so I pulled up and went inside. The ATM was near the back of the store so I walked back and slipped in the card, requesting forty dollars. While I stood there I felt something lightly bang my knees and looking down I could see it was coming out of the ATM. I opened my legs a bit and this pad type of thing quickly pressed up into my crotch, somehow altering its shape so it would fit tight up between my legs.

Suddenly it began to vibrate and so while the money slid out of the machine and then the receipt I was feeling a whole new sensation running through my body. The vibration intensified as the pleasure started in my clit, then shot deep into my pussy and in just moments I was coming once again. Feeling my knees begin to buckle, I had to grab the ATM machine just to keep from falling down. Once I came it calmed to a gentle buzz and then faded as I slowly recovered. It was all I could do to remember to grab my money and receipt. As far as my Gold Card goes, I'll never forget to carry it with me.

Anyway, I was a bit flustered heading out of the convenience store and actually drove home without picking up a coffee. Once at home I realized that after coming twice, I was wide awake and really didn't need the coffee. I got on the computer and decided to email you before going to work and so here it is. Let me know how your day with the Gold Card goes.


PS: that is my real first name.


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