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Gold Card Ch. 06







Mon, 5 Nov 2007 9:15 am


It is really hard to believe that just a few days ago how normal things were and now, well look at you, by the time I was ready to head to work you had used your card twice with spectacular results. After reading your email I am anxious to get going and see what I might experience. One thing I did notice in my house, there is a big empty wall that is just screaming for a big screen TV. I can't wait to see the reward I'll get for that.

Before I head out I wanted to ask you something. Yesterday, when we watched each other in the room, there was supposed to be another show for us to watch, did you see anything? I didn't know whether I was simply too focused on you to see anything else. Did they put on a show for us or did we get started too soon? Even though the show we gave each other was pretty wild, I have to wonder what they had planned for us.

Oops, I'm already running late for work. I'll fill you in on what happens today for me.








Mon, 5 Nov 2007 9:42 pm


Well I did it, I got the big screen TV all $1,400 dollars worth, imagine the God Card premium for that item. I actually have it installed already, but I don't want to get ahead of myself. Since I was running late for work, I rushed straight in without stopping for breakfast. Work really dragged and by the time lunch time rolled around I was hungry and not just for food.

I remembered what the waitress at the Vietnamese restaurant promised if I used my Gold Card on the next visit, so I hurried over and pulled into the parking lot. Once inside I flashed my Gold Card and followed as this time the led me into another room where there was only one table. This table was a bit different than the ones in their main dining room. There was no table cloth and the top was soft and padded, kind of like a game table or something.

Sitting down I asked for an iced tea and after handing me the menu, the waitress left. Looking around the room, I noticed it was darker than the dining room and there were no windows. Along the outside wall was an upholstered bench, but the rest of the wall was simply painted with no other adornment. Besides the table I was sitting at, there was a small shelf unit with some dishes on it and some glasses.

The waitress returned and asked, "And what would you like today?"

"Well for an appetizer..."

"Pardon, if you will, sir. The appetizer will be a special for you, no need to order. Just order main course please."

"Okay, I guess I'll have the lemon grass chicken."

"Ah, very good, I will turn this in and return with your appetizer."

It seemed a bit odd to me that they wouldn't let me order the appetizer, but I didn't argue. The main course was what I was interested in. Last time I was here during the main course the waitress appeared under my table to give me the most incredible blow job I've had in some time. It made for quite a meal.

The waitress stepped back into the room carrying only a small step stool. I watched as she set the step stool next to the table and then she unbuttoned and removed her tunic. As before, she wore nothing under the tunic, so she was now naked.

She carefully stepped up on the step stool and then out onto the table. Moving over towards me, she stood in front of me, her legs spread wide open as I gazed up at her. The last time I was here I got a few peeks at her body through the slit in her tunic, but now, standing there in front of me completely naked, I was dazzled by her. Her short dark hair reached almost down to her narrow shoulders. Her dark skin seemed flawless as my eyes slid down to the smooth curves of her breasts. They weren't large, just nicely proportional to her body, with very dark nipples and areolas.

My eyes moved downward over her flat stomach and then the dense, curly patch of hair just above her pussy. I had a feeling that hair would be tickling my nose in just a few minutes. Her slit was tight giving me a real incentive to slide my tongue up and down it just to feel her lips blossom open.

After giving me time to look her over, she then sat down and scooted over to me, opening her legs wide. She looked me in the eyes and said, "As I told you, when you use the Gold Card again, you taste more than Pho."

I leaned forward and pushed my tongue up to her slit, immediately moving it about, slowly burrowing through the soft folds of her lips. They began to swell and open as I moved downward and pressed my tongue into her pussy, tasting the tangy taste of her wet opening. I moved my tongue inside her, circling, slurping up her wetness and savoring the flavor.

I moved my tongue up between her lips until it slid over her clit, where I let it circle. While licking and then sucking on her clit I brought my hand up and pushed two fingers into her, feeling the wet warmth encircle them. Moving them in and out of her, I finger fucked her while furiously licking her clit. It just a minute or so, she was bucking up and down, her hips raising up and pushing her pussy to my face. She arched her back and then came, her pussy pulsing on my fingers.

When I pulled my head away she said, "Your pants, take them off please."

I quickly stood up, pulled off my pants and gently worked my jockey shorts around my erection. I sat back down as she slid toward me and climbed down off the table, straddling me as I sat in the chair. Her pussy was soaking by that time so my cock slid in easily. While I sat motionless, she began moving up and down on my cock, grinding her clit into my pubis as she moved.

Well, she came again in no time and as her pussy pulsed over my cock and her juices flowed into my lap I lifted my hips and pushed as hard and deep as I could. I heard our bodies slap together just as I came, spurting my cum deep into her pussy. Wrapping her arms around me, she sat on my lap until my cock shrank and slipped out of her. She then climbed off of my, grabbed her tunic and pulled it back on.

As she grabbed the foot stool and was about to leave, another waitress brought in my lunch. Well, the lemon grass chicken was delicious, but not nearly as delicious as the appetizer. Anyway, I finished up, gave them my Gold Card, and when the waitress returned, I figured the tip and signed the ticket. Heading back to work I couldn't help but wonder how the big screen TV purchase would go.

I was a mess at work, unable to concentrate on anything until I finally decided that since I got in late and then took a two hour lunch break I would make up for it by leaving early. By four o'clock I was headed through the door on the way to the electronics store.

Well, what a disappointment it turned out to be. Yeah, I bought the TV but then they said they didn't have enough staff working today to provide the Gold Card deluxe. Instead they gave me a card that said Gold Card deluxe premium and told me to return the next day. Well, I had been so hyped up I had a raging erection and I knew it wasn't going down on its own. I asked to see a manager who, apparently very aware of my condition, gave me a ten dollar gift card that I could use at my local pharmacy.

Anyway, I slipped back to our favorite pharmacy and Carolyn, the pharmacist with the incredible fingers had me crying and drooling once again. I don't know if she does women, but if you ever want something special, just go there, spend about eight dollars or so and ask for her. She'll do things with her fingers that you never knew could happen, take my word for it.

Well, that was my day. I'm looking forward to my Gold Card deluxe premium at the electronics place tomorrow.



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