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Gold Card Ch. 12








Tue, 7 Nov 2007 7:42 pm


I have to admit I am a bit blown away by your session at the drug store, I mean Carolyn? Who could have known she wasn't all woman? To be completely honest, I am not sure how I really feel about it all, I mean it was such an incredible experience the way she... he, no she used her hands on me and now I find out she used to be a man. I don't know what I would have done if I found out while in the middle of something with her, I mean like you did.

The way you talked it was almost as if you enjoyed it more, which I guess is understandable, knowing you are responding to more than just the female in Carolyn if you know what I mean. It's kind of the opposite for me in a way. I'm not sure I'll be going back there.

As far as your coffee shop goes, it seems you have found something special there, especially with Adrian. How will you go back to a normal size guy after what you described to me? I wonder what they would have for a guy using a Gold Card there.

I guess you really want to hear what happened with the electronics store. Well I took the day off from work and went back and as promised they were ready for me. The store manager introduced me to Casey, a dark haired woman with nice size breasts and an incredible ass. I followed her to the back where they had a number of rooms. We went in the one marked "deluxe" which had a huge bed in the middle of the room.

As we stepped into the room I met Janis, a small woman with fairly large breasts and a tight muscular body and Allison, a taller, but thin woman with small breasts and only slightly curving hips. I was pretty amazed that I would have the opportunity to be with two women but Casey was so hot that I asked her to stay too. So in no time I found myself crawling into bed with three women, talk about a man's dream come true.

Well, I had no sooner climbed into be and rolled onto my back when all three women pounced, Casey took my cock into her mouth, while Allison and Janis began licking and sucking my nipples. Before I could get too comfortable, I found Allison lowering her pussy down over my mouth. While I was eating her, Casey removed her mouth from my cock and then climbed on me, lowering herself down over my cock. After a while, Janis had a turn fucking me and then Allison straddled my hips and fucked me some too.

The three women continued taking turns fucking me, counting down the amount of time each stayed on me, so by the time I came, they must have changed two or three times each. I remember coming into Casey's pussy, but it didn't stop there, it kept going. The two women pushed Casey onto her back and they both began eating her, slurping my cum out of her pussy.

Somewhere in all the slurping, moaning and coming, I got between Janis' legs and began eating her as Allison and Casey began rubbing their pussies together. We kept at that until Janis came and then I felt one of the women stroking my cock as it surprisingly got hard again. While being stroked, I reached out and found a pussy with each of my hands and was caressing and finger fucking two women until I came again and the women licked me clean.

Even with the three women there I would not have believed I could have come two times in such a short span of time, especially considering how much I had come in the last few days. I have to wonder if there is not something more to these Gold Cards than just the premiums, I mean could they somehow be laced with Viagra or something like that. I mean before I got the card I could barely manage more than once every two days and then I come twice in thirty minutes.

It was all so incredible that I decided I wanted more, so before I left the store I looked at some more TVs checking the size and price. When I got home I did some measuring in my room and figured I could fit even a bigger TV in there. I called them back and put one on hold. They also said that since this is an even bigger purchase than before I could bring a friend.

Well, since you are the only person I have told about my Gold Card, I was wondering if you might want to come along. I know you weren't exactly comfortable with having sex with a woman, but I would be there, and hell, they may let us bring in another guy if you like. If you're comfortable with me and the situation I could be a once in a lifetime type of experience. Let me know, either way I'd like to keep in touch with you.

Your friend,



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