tagRomanceGold Card Ch. 16

Gold Card Ch. 16



I didn’t know what to think, how was I going to come up with the money to pay the Gold Card bill? Yeah I had been extravagant trying out all those premiums, especially with the TVs but still I never imagined it would be over six thousand or so. Six thousand? Damn what am I saying? Six thousand in just two weeks and damn, they are charging me almost twenty-five thousand dollars.

I went ahead and threw on some clothes so I could head over to Susan’s. Maybe she could help me figure something out, I mean damn, she has a Gold Card too, maybe there’s a way to get them to remove the fees. I grabbed my bill, grabbed my car keys and headed out to my car. Pulling out of my parking lot I headed over to Main and turned right, watching the streets until I passed Seventh.

There was a space open out front so I parked my car, grabbed my Gold Card bill and headed over to the door. Ringing the bell, I heard her on the intercom, “Ted?”

“Yes, I hope I didn’t come here too quickly?”

“No, no,” she replied, “come one in. I’m up in three twenty seven.”

I heard the door buzz and I opened it, stepping into a small foyer. Opening the inner door I saw the stairway in front of me so I immediately began climbing the stairs taking them two at a time. After reaching the first landing, I slowed a bit, taking the steps one at a time now. By the time I reached her door and knocked, I was breathing quite hard. It was a few seconds before she opened the door, but when she did she met me wearing a robe. The room was completely dark behind her.

“Ted, I’m glad you came over,” she said, opening her arms and wrapping them around me.

“I just...”

“Shhh, shhh,” she said, holding a finger over my mouth. She then reached down and took me by the hand and led be into her apartment. There were several candles lit on the kitchen table and I noticed some music playing faintly in the background. I grabbed the Gold Card bill out of my pocket, but she caught my hand and guided it to the table, where I dropped it.

“Didn’t you want to see the bill?” I asked.

“We can look at it later, you just need to relax now,” she replied, taking my hand again and leading me through the living room and down a hallway. She led me through her bedroom where there were several more candles burning and into the bathroom. I noticed several more candles burning in the bathroom and noticed the bathtub was full.

Susan began unbuttoning my shirt as she leaned forward and kissed me on the mouth. Her tongue slipped over my lips and when I opened them her tongue entered my mouth toyed with my tongue a bit and withdrew. I then pressed my tongue into her mouth, kissing her hard as I wrapped my arms around her.

We pulled apart and she pulled off my shirt and gently placed it on a hamper. She reached for my belt and unfastened my pants. I went to unbutton her robe but she caught my hand and shook her head, “No.” She continued, pulling my pants down, so I kicked off my shoes and stepped out of them. She then grabbed the waistband of my jockey shorts, eased them out over my erection and let then fall to the floor.

Kneeling down, she pulled off each of my socks and then standing again, careful not to touch my hard cock, she took my hand and guided me to the bathtub. I stepped in slowly, wincing a bit at the heat of the water. Carefully sitting down, I reached down, cupped my balls and sat down in the hot water. As I grew accustomed to the heat, I slowly withdrew my hands from my balls and rested my arms on the side of the tub.

In spite of the heat, my cock remained hard as Susan grabbed the soap and began rubbing the back of my neck and down my back. Between the heat of the water and her massaging, I felt myself beginning to relax. The throbbing I had felt in my head was subsiding and I let out a long sigh.

“I called about the Gold Card,” Susan began, “now just relax, it’s okay. They said they’d have an announcement coming out soon, apparently all those fees are a problem for them.”

“You talked to them then?”

“Yes, I called and asked about all those fees and they told me not to worry about the bills, they would be correcting them.”

“Oh thank God,” I replied.

“Now just relax and enjoy this,” she said, continuing to scrub my back.

After a while she grabbed the soap again, lathered up and ran her hands down my chests, running her palms in circles over my nipples. I could feel the sensation run down my body into my balls as she gently slid over my chest. Moving downward, she ran her fingers through my pubic hair and then down along my thighs. Even as I lifted my hips and moved to her, she avoided touching my erection.

She rinsed me off, stood up, took my hand and pulled me up to her. I stepped out of the tub and she began running a towel over my chest and then my back. As she worked the towel down my back she kneeled. Rubbing the towel over my ass she leaned forward and lightly kissed my erection. Drying my legs, she moved her face over my cock, sliding her cheek up and down my shaft.

When she finished drying me, she stood up, smiled seductively and then took my cock and led me into her bedroom. Leading me to the bed, she gently pushed me onto the sheets and as I sat, she slowly removed her robe, exposing first her breasts and then the rest of her body. Looking at her body, lit by candlelight was exciting, and even through I had seen her naked before it wasn’t like this. The flickering light reflected off her nicely curved breasts and I saw her hard nipples in silhouette.

Leaning forward I took her nipple into my mouth and gently sucked on it while my hand reached up and gently squeezed her other breast. Susan leaned her head back and let me kiss and touch both breasts for some time before she pushed me back onto the bed. I was on my back as I watched her straddle me, reach down and guide my cock into her pussy.

While I remained motionless she began to move up and down on me as I watched my cock disappear into her and then reappear as she rose up. After a while as she came down onto me, she’d pause and move a bit, grinding her clit into my pubis before raising up off of me. She began moving faster, grinding herself on me more and more as she moved. Reaching down, I grabbed her hips and pulled her down on me as she ground against me.

Concentrating on her, I began lifting myself up when she came down, arching my back as we ground together until finally, she moaned loudly, pushed herself hard onto me and then collapsed, pressing her breasts onto my chest. I felt the pulsations as her pussy contracted onto my cock again and again.

I remained motionless until her orgasm subsided and then I began lifting my hips, pushing my cock up into her and then pulling back, letting it slide back out of her a bit. Soon she rose up off my chest and began moving too. As our pace quickened she arched her back and reached back behind her, gently rubbing my balls with one of her hands. I gave into the sensations of her pussy sliding wetly over my cock and her fingers gently toying with my balls.

Pleasure ran down my cock and as the pressure built up in my balls I groaned and raised my hips, pushing my cock to the hilt into her wet pussy. She gently squeezed my balls just as I came, shooting my cum deep into her. Susan stopped moving, remaining on top of me, her pussy holding my cock inside her until it slowly shrank and then slipped out of her.

We spent the rest of the day together naked, sharing lunch and dinner together as well as making love two more times before we drifted off to sleep. When I woke up the next morning she had breakfast ready. As I ate, she went out to get the newspaper and the mail.

Stepping into the kitchen she said, “Well take a look at this.” She had in one hand an official looking envelope from the Gold Card company and in the other hand was a newspaper with a headline I couldn’t quite read. Squinting my eyes I saw the words Gold Card and Scandal.

Looking up at her I asked, “Which one do we read first?”

I nodded to the envelope and watched as she opened it...


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