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Golf Buddies


"Come to my place, cook us some dinner and be ready for us to devour after".

Those words send me into a orgasmic rush. I think of all the ways I'll be taken and commanded and bring myself to an amazing orgasm while laying on my bed.

Then it's time to prepare for our adventure. I go shopping so I can cook up an appetizing meal. I pick up decadent desserts. The finest Belgium chocolate sauce is soon in my grocery bag.

I bathe in fragrant bubble bath, making sure every hole is super clean and fragrant. I think of you and bring myself to another amazing orgasm while the bath water swishes around me, warmly caressing my pussy.

In the shower I shave and loafa, then apply the most beautiful makeup. I look in the mirror at the artfully applied layer of colours on my eyelids, my full lips peaking back at me, vibrant red. My red velvet corset awaits, along with black heels, fishnets, and a beautiful ruby necklace with big stones accenting my fine neckline. I look in the mirror. I know how good I look and it makes me happy.

All four of you arrive to your home after a challenging 18 holes. The air the house is fragrant, warm and welcoming as the rich smells of dinner fill the rooms. My eyes find yours, our attraction strong. You nod your approval. I'm happy you approve of the way I look. I understand how the aromas tantalize your senses after a long day on the golf course.

I stand quietly as you and your golf buddies talk and discuss the various holes and your successes. I find out you beat them and look at you and smile triumphantly. Your victory, is mine, as well. You're my Master and I admire you and want you to do well.

Your golf buddies tell you what they want to drink and you rely it to me in a quiet voice. One of your friends watches me walk away toward the kitchen, my walk alluring, my heels sexy as hell.

As I walk away you all talk in hushed tones. I wonder what you're talking about. What I don't know is that you're arranging for me to get fucked by every one of your golf buddies.

"Oh man I'm going to love tapping that," one of the men says. "You have one hell of a deal going on here."

You grin a mischievous grin.

"She'll do anything you want."

"Will she suck my dick?"

"Yes, watch."

I come towards you all smiles. I set the tray of drinks on the table beside you.

"Turn on the music you beautiful bitch, then suck his dick."

I look at you without a reaction, turn on the music and kneel before the man sitting on the big easy chair. The other two men are amazed now, and watch closely. They get a nice view of my sexy ass.

I look for approval and you nod. My pretty mouth wraps around his big succulent cock. It's not as big and thick as yours but it will do. My tongue snakes around him and then I draw him slowly and deeply between my lips so his hardness hits the back of my throat. I hear his moans and know he will come quickly, not like you, Harv, you'll let me suck you for a long time won't you.

"Soak her tits," you urge.

Soon his cock begins it's orgasmic release. He drops some warm liquid on my tongue then pulls out and soaks my cleavage as I pull my corset down to leave it untainted. My gorgeous tits spring into view as hot cum spurts beautifully on me. Pretty enough for a picture. I see your hard on and know I have done well. You grab the camera and take a picture of my beautiful tits soaked in wet cum.

"You're gorgeous," you say and kiss me hard and deep.

I feel myself getting wet. Our tongues dance together. I clean up, set the table, serve up the food, and sit quietly.

"Aren't you eating? one of the men asks.

I smile and say, "No, thank you. I'm the entertainment."

My manners are impeccable. I want to please you Master. I drink the water in front of me and sit in a smaller chair apart from the table. I watch all of the men look down at my cleavage and absentmindedly touch themselves. I look at you with sweet trepidation and wonder what might happen next.

My big beautiful eyes watch you go over to the stereo and turn on some very sexy tunes. The music starts. The men devour their food as I strut and dance using the chair as my leverage. They get some nice ass shots, pussy views and of course my gorgeous tits are bursting out of my corset. I had rubbed glistening lotion on them. With my corset pushing them up and the glistening lotion illuminating them, my breasts have never looked more beautiful.

When it's time for dessert you call me over. You kiss me sweetly making me wet again. You know I'm yours and I'll fuck these men because you want me to.

I see your hard on and hope you'll ride my hot ass the way I love you inside me.


You pour hot chocolate syrup over my luscious tits.

"Who wants to lick that up?" you ask.

One of the men devours my tits with vengeance. Soon my nipples are raw as he scraps his teeth repeatedly over them. You pull him off of me leaving my nipples aching. I love the feeling.

We go to the living room. The men watch the sexy way I pour the cognac, the soft glistening flesh of my tits protruding up from my corset.

The men are drinking more and more. They're very drunk and horny as you tell me to get on all fours, NOW. You unsnap my corset, undo your pants and put your hard cock is at the entrance to my very tight little hole. I'm so excited. I will do as you want me to with these men, anything to please you, but it's cock inside me that turns me into an orgasmic mess. You grab the necklace around my neck and pull as you ride my sexy ass hard. I greet each thrust with equal force pushing back into your thick, hard cock.

One of your golf buddies is suddenly in my mouth as you're pushing deep inside me. I love the way you're fucking my tight little ass Master. He's pumping my pretty little mouth. You watch me lick him and suck his cock while you pound your big, hard, gorgeous cock into my tight little ass like a corkscrew. So deep. Sooo fucking deep. You're pounding me relentlessly now and I can't get enough.

"I feel so good don't I Master? You feel amazing inside me Master." I say as I squeeze your cock between my cheeks.

You continue giving me nice deep, pounding strokes as your golf buddy comes in my mouth.

The next cock is in my mouth within seconds as you keep fucking my ass.

"I'm your little whore now, aren't I sexy?" I ask you with a look.

You know you've charmed me so I'll so do anything you ask me to. You fuck me harder and demand me to suck him harder.

He comes fast and wild in my mouth. You slowly undo my corset as the men watch. There, I'm completely nude now. The third man approaches me. He starts fucking my tits, then ravishing my mouth, roughly with his cock, going cheek to cheek, then pounding into my mouth.

He's almost hurting me honey. You cumm hard, loudly, pouring your hot jizz between my cheeks. I cumm with you; my orgasm strong.

You can fuck her anyway you want now you say to the men sitting back in your easy chair, a drink in hand, totally satisfied.

I look at you as the first man pushes me against the wall. He wraps my legs around him and then pounds me mercilessly into the wall with strong forceful plunges and strokes. He cumms hard and sets me down.

"They take turns nicely honey," I say to you and you grin.

The second one puts on leg in the air and then pounds me laying down. You watch my tits bounce as he fucks me hard. He turns me around and then fucks my hot pussy from behind; ramming me roughly. He tries a few more positions while the first man sticks his cock in my mouth.

They both pour into me honey.

You watch them fuck me and play with me until they tire. Your golf buddies go home satisfied.

You carry my aching body up the stairs into the bath and slowly clean me up, then you carry me into bed and hold me close, cuddly me warmly. I feel your fingers warmly caressing my swollen pussy. I can't help but be turned on again.

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