tagNonConsent/ReluctanceGolf Course Encounter? Ch. 01

Golf Course Encounter? Ch. 01


My husband Pete and I have been living on a golf course for about 6 years now, and have spent many late nights out on the course behind our house making passionate love on the fairway. Being somewhat into exhibitionism, it adds some excitement to our love life after being married for so long. My husband's favorite plan is for me to wear a dark, full-skirted dress, while he would wear shorts or sweats, and carry a blanket to cover us up while we were doing it. I also have a preference for the soft, sexy feel of satin, and have quite a few outfits made from this cool, soft, slippery material. My husband particularly loves it when I wear a full-skirt and satin blouse on a breezy night. I must admit, I do enjoy the feel of the breeze blowing between my thighs, moving the folds of satin against my skin.

Last Halloween, we decided to be matching vampires, and bought matching costumes, including full-length black satin capes with red satin lining. It was the purchase and use of these capes that leads to this story...

As usual, my husband and I went out into the fairway late one Friday night, except we were both wearing our satin capes over our clothes. I might add that it can be rather windy in the hot summer months, and this evening was no exception, with winds blowing a good 15-20 mph. I decided to let my cape blow free with the breeze, as I was wearing an off-the-shoulder black satin dress, with a quite full skirt. It is the dress I wear when I really want to turn my husband on. I started to walk down the fairway, enjoying the breeze, when Pete caught up to me and asked where I was going. The wind was doing a great job of blowing my cape around, as well as blowing my skirt up around my waist and tits. I was just strolling to enjoy the breeze, but told him I wanted to find someone to watch us fuck.

This was a little more than he wanted to do, and it must have made him very uncomfortable, because he told me that he refused to do this and would rather take me home. I continued walking, and as we debated, we wound up a few holes down the course, when he finally had enough and said "How about here?" It looked as good as any place to me, so I turned to him and kissed him.

As we got further into it, Pete unzipped my dress, and had me step out of it. The feel of the cape blowing across my body from the wind was spectacular, and I could tell that Pete was taking in my tight body and 34C breasts. I stood there with my hands on my hips, when I again joked to Pete that I wanted to find someone to watch us. I should have known better, but as he again refused, I kept pushing his button, making him more and more angry. Finally, he said "I'm outta' here", and started back for the house. I was so shocked; I just stood there with my mouth open as he stormed away. It was then that I realized that he was holding onto my dress and the only clothing I had to cover myself was the satin cape!

I was standing out there, recovering from being left out in the middle of the course, about a half mile from home, with no clothes, when I realized that the warm breeze was still with me. I could feel the smooth satin brushing my legs and arms, and teasing my nipples into hardness, and I was starting to get really hot! I started walking across the fairway, letting the cape blow in the wind, and running my fingers through my pubic hair and teasing my clit. It was electrifying, and I was tingling all over! By now, it was at least one o'clock in the morning, and I was sure I was all alone out there. Boy, was I wrong!

I crossed the fairway, and as I started to walk towards home, the sliding door to the house next to me opened and out stepped two guys! I froze when I saw them, and they saw me almost immediately. I must have been quite a sight, as they just looked at me, naked, with the cape blowing back, exposing my body completely. They were both Hispanic, and the first one looked to be about six feet tall, while his friend was just a little shorter. The only difference was the taller one was fairly heavy as well. I tried to reach for the cape and cover myself up, but the wind was blowing it up, out of my reach. Then one of them said, "I've got to get me some of that!" I started to move away, but they were only a few feet away to start with, and cornered me right away.

I thought about screaming, but realized that I'd have some serious explaining to do about my attire, not to mention what I was doing so far from home. My body was shivering slightly, as I realized that I was going to have to submit to these two before they would let me go. The first one grabbed my arm, and said, "Let's go inside."

I definitely did not want to do that, so I said, "What's the matter, Stud? Don't you want everyone to see your prize capture?"

He just looked at me for a second, then started to take off his clothes. His buddy followed suit, and soon we were all three naked. As they were disrobing, I started to check out their hardware, and I was surprised. The fat one had a large cock, almost 12 inches, and about 2 inches in diameter. His friend was just average size, but had a much better build.

The shorter guy grabbed my wrists and gently dropped me to my knees. "Open your mouth." He commanded, and stuck his cock between my parted lips. I started to suck him, and he grabbed my hair with one hand and moved my head back and forth. I was initially scared that they were going to hurt me, but as I sucked this guy more, the more turned on I got. I took my free hand, and started to feel his ass and he released my other arm. I used it to massage his balls, grasping the folds of skin completely in my hand, and pinching lightly with my nails. My husband loves it when I do this...

While I was entertaining this guy, the fat one was on his knees, entering me. He pulled my cape off to the side, and started to push me onto all fours. His friend obliged by getting down on his knees as well. As I continued to suck, the fat guy said, "Spread you legs wider, Bitch!" I moved them as wide as I could, and felt the tip of his penis start to penetrate my hole. I was still wet from earlier; otherwise, the size of this guy's cock might have split me wide open. I'd never had anything so big in me before, and he grabbed my inner thighs from the outside and lifted my legs off the ground. The only thing keeping me off the ground now was my arms and the fact that my mouth was still wrapped around the other guy's dick!

The fat guy got his cock started in me, then rammed it all the way home with one thrust. My eyes rolled back into my head, I was totally captivated by the feeling in my loins. He started to pump into me, slowly at first, gradually moving faster. All the while, he was holding my legs off the ground. He was so strong that there was no way I could have resisted him!

The shorter guy (I never did learn their names) started to cum, and climaxed into my mouth. I had never sucked my husband to orgasm before, so this was a first for me. I couldn't get his cock out of my mouth because my legs were in the air, so I let the cum spurt into my mouth and then out onto the ground. Most of it wound up dripping off of my chin. The short guy slid back and sat on his heels, taking deep breaths. Fatty saw his friend was done, at least for the moment, and withdrew his cock from me as well. "Get on your back," he told me, "and get ready for the fuck of your life!" Like I wasn't already getting one!

I got a grip on my cape and laid down on it and spread my legs, knees high, for him to enter me again. He lined up, and shoved that magnificent prick deep into me again, and laid down on me. "Go ahead and resist me, if you can" he laughed. He then placed his mouth on my neck, and proceeded to give me an enormous hickey! I struggled under him as best I could to break his suction, but it was no use. I was going to be a marked woman, whether I liked it or not! He kept thrusting into my tightly stretched pussy, and waves of pleasure cascaded over me. I was soon lost in his manhood, never realizing that I was being raped, but enjoying it!

After another couple of minutes, the fat one grunted a couple of times and then gave me one last mighty thrust, and I could feel his jism spurt into me as he climaxed. As he climbed off of me, he said, "If you'd screamed, we would have let you go..." With that, he collected his clothes and followed his friend, who had already left.

I lay there on the grass for a couple of minutes, and digested all that had happened to me. It was then I began to get pissed at my husband for abandoning me! I wasn't really upset at the two guys I'd just had sex with, I was asking for it. But Pete, now that was a different matter! I rose to my feet, and gathered my cape around me. As I started for home, I wondered what I'd say to my husband. The more I thought about it, the angrier I became. When I got to my back patio, Pete was waiting there for me.

"Where have you been?" he demanded.

Rubbing my sore neck from the hickey I answered, "Wouldn't you like to know," and went off to bed.

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