Golf Lessons


"I know, but I thought I was on a roll. The last couple felt good." As she walked back toward me and the cart, he gaze lowered and the frown went from an awful frown to a more cheery smile.

I didn't have to look down myself to know what she was eyeing. I could feel it.

She put her club back and then jumped in the cart beside me. Without a word we moved up to meet the other twosome we watched Joan take a smooth swing with her iron and saw her ball land just short of the green, split the two sand bunkers and roll up the center of the putting surface. The ball took a little hop and scurried up toward the hole. We all watched as it rolled and finally clanked against the flagstick before it slid down into the cup.

Joan immediately threw a fist in the air and with a whoop of joy shook her chest back and forth, giving our group another show, or at least Roger and I anyway. I know Roger was enjoying a wonderful view of my wife's breasts because another couple of buttons on her top had mysteriously come undone somewhere since the tenth tee. I was pretty proud of my wife for her golf shot plus being so boldly daring to expose all that generous amount of cleavage like that.

Joan was exceedingly ecstatic, so much so she turned around, grabbed Roger and hugged him. I could almost feel for myself those hefty boobs and very hard nipples rubbing into my chest for the lucky young man. Did I ever know what he was feeling! If the kid hadn't had a good hard-on before he had to have one by then.

From that point on in the back nine it was hard not to notice how much more attention Roger was giving my wife and how little was being given the young woman riding with me. Although I was making up for it as I gave the girl my near full attention in another fashion. So much so, I could feel my cock get heavy each time she stood there in front of me to take her shots. And on the way back to out cart I made no effort to try and hide it anymore.

By the thirteen tee I was truly hyped and needing an outlet for my pent up sexual tension. It wasn't going to be a good healthy jerk off out there in front of the group so I decided to take it out on the poor defenseless little golf ball. I pulled out my driver and took a mighty swing, wanting to crush the thing. But funny thing in game of golf, the harder you swing sometimes, the poorer the resulting shot all too often. In this case, I almost missed the ball and topped it so badly that it barely made it off the tee box itself.

Joan almost doubled over she laughed so hard. When she regained her composure, she looked at me very seriously and said, "You know what that means don't you?"

I looked at my ball sitting only several feet from where we stood. "No. What?"

"You didn't make it passed the ladies' tee." The serious look became a gleeful gaze and a wink.

Then it hit me what she was saying. My face drained of blood.

There's an old unwritten joke between guys that if your drive doesn't pass the women's tee you have to play the rest of the hole with your penis sticking out. But how in the hell did she know about that silly rule?

"I teed off from the women's tee. So I'm already by it." I said trying to sound unfazed and bent over to pick up my tee.

"I don't think so, I think the rule is to hit passed the whole tee box, passed the lady's box." Joan grinned wider and licked her lips seductively. "So? Do it."

"What? No way!" I stuttered.

"Yep," she smiled wickedly.

Roger knew what she was talking about as he about busted out laughing before putting his gloved hand to his mouth.

Poor Sally was the one left out of the joke. "What are you guys talking about?"

Joan walked up beside the younger woman and looking me up and down said, "He has to play this hole with his little guy hanging out!"

"What?" Sally squealed and immediately looked down at my crotch. Her gloved hand went to her mouth, too, but I could still see the broad grin behind it along with the wide eyes as she continued to stare at the front of my shorts.

"Sorry, no way I'm doing that." I said as confidently I could.

"It's the rule." Joan matter of factly stated.

I looked over at Roger for some support here. He just shrugged his shoulders, the golf glove still securely clenched between his teeth.

"Uh, yeah, if it's the rule." Sally chimed in grinning, still not so subtly looking down at my crotch. "Us girls are trying to be good golfers and follow all the rules." She finally looked up into my face and had the cheekiest grin on hers. "You men are supposed to set the example."

"We'll even let you hit your tee shot again if you do." Joan mockingly conceded.

I didn't know how to respond. I just stared at my wife. She was serious.

When I looked back over at Sally I thought to myself, I should do it for her and see just how perturbed it would make Joan. I'd turn the tables on Joan and pull my cock out and give this young lady a free peek and possibly long anticipated thrill for the day.

I no sooner dropped my club and reached for the fly of my shorts, when I guess Joan realized I was going to take her dare.

"Wait!" She screamed.

My hand stalled on my zipper. "What? A second ago you were cheering me on to let myself hang out."

"Yeah, but I didn't think you'd really do it."

"Aw, come on, he can do it," Sally abruptly interjected. I swear she did a little happy dance as she stood there with her legs wobbling and her hips rocking to and fro.

I just stood there in front of them both with my hand over my most male part starting to grow in some sort of anticipation. "Do I get my shot again," I said looking at Sally first before looking back at my wife, "if I keep it in my pants, then?"

"Yes, yes, just hit again." Joan nearly squealed excitedly, a streak of crimson across both cheeks.

I picked up my driver and pulled out the extra ball I usually carry in my pocket and teed it up. My heart rate was way up, my palms were sweaty and my cock was still swollen, but I was determined to hit a better shot. I tried hard to focus. But for some reason I could sense both women staring at the bulge in my shorts. Even so, somehow I was able to hit a decent shot despite the pressure in my swinging member. It went fairly straight and a good two hundred plus yards, not long but better.

As I looked down though I noticed my cock was very obviously pushing out under my shorts.

The next couple of holes were a total free for all of flirting.

On fifteen, setting up for Joan's approach shot, Roger was giving a very personal lesson again as Sally and I pulled up beside them. He had his arms around Joan, gripping her club, presumably checking out her grip, his big hands all over her smallish ones. His crotch was pushed against her ass but Joan made no motion to resist. In fact it looked as though she was even moving her cute butt back and forth across him slightly as she adjusted her stance.

My cock twitched at the familiar feeling that evoked.

I also quickly realized her movements were as much for my benefit as it was for her and Roger as I got a little wink when she caught me ogling her. I wasn't going to deny myself, or her, the satisfaction of watching her with her hunky golf pro. Besides I knew this would make for bedding her as soon as we got home more certain and much more enjoyable. I remembered how wet she was several holes back when I had my fingers in her. I could only imagine how soaked those panties of hers were then.

Somehow we putted out that hole without incident and made it to the sixteenth tee without too much more exhibitionism. But as I teed up my ball, Joan whispered, "Keep your head in the game, dear; the one on your shoulders I mean."

"You keep that cute hot butt from my view and I might." I grinned and proceeded to step up and hook my tee shot off to the left. I looked back and glared at my wife who gave me that 'What did I do?' face as she subtly but very sexily licked her lips once again and walked up to tee up her ball.

Oh, this was getting serious, I thought. If she thought she could tease me like this without repercussions, she had better think again. She proceeded to hit the hell out of her ball again, straight and true. I smiled as I went and put my club in my bag and she came back to do the same.

As Roger teed off I whispered to Joan, "Let's just finish this hole and then make some excuse to go back to the clubhouse. Then we get home so I can make love to you."

Joan made a face as if thinking hard about that and then she said, "Well, maybe, but I'm more than ready to do it somewhere before we get home."

And damn if she didn't say that while looking straight up at her teaching pro. Even so it excited me to no end what she just alluded to and I could hardly think straight myself now. I'm sure that contributed to my next shot, a high slice that headed deep into the trees back on the right.

"Not a good start on this hole, huh Jim?" Sally commented as I walked back around the golf cart and shoved my iron back in my bag.

"Not really," I replied pretty steamed at my failure to get anywhere in my last two shots.

"I bet you'd have more luck with that other big club of yours."

I may have been ticked at myself a second ago, but when I heard those words and looked over to see Sally's smile with her version of a seductive tongue swipe across her lips. Golf became a fleeting and secondary thought compared to the arousal I suddenly felt.

"I've seen you looking at me...down there." I said as I sat in the seat next to her. "Like what you've seen so far?" I smiled back and hit the accelerator.

"Do I ever get to see more?" She asked as we drove along the cart path. And when I looked over I saw her sliding her short skirt up even higher. "I know you've seen mine."

My foot pushed the pedal down more and we sped along the paved trail. "Well, officially I've only seen your backside."

As I watched her hands slide the hem of her skirt up a little further my heart rate sped up this time. Then abruptly she smoothed her skirt back over her thighs.

"Well, we might just have to remedy that here shortly. But right now we need to get to our next shots." She nodded ahead.

I looked up and realized we were about to pass her golf ball. I hit the brake a bit too hard and nearly sent Sally through the front of the cart. She caught herself and sat back.

"Hmmm, I think your wife is right your head is somewhere else."

"Maybe, but you better go hit your ball, before we both get in trouble and hold up the other two."

"Oooo, is that a promise!" The young woman giggled and went to the back of the cart to select a club.

As we stood in the fairway, I fully intended to ignore what had just transpired and concentrate on my game, at least until I could get through eighteen holes and get Joan alone. But as Sally set-up for her next shot, I had another perfect view of her sweet backside. She looked over her shoulder at me this time and gave me a mock 'Don't watch, you dirty old man' look, then she bent over a little further and gave me an obvious waggle of her bottom. She knew I was looking and me knowing she knew it that made it even more exciting.

I, however, was not prepared for what was in store for me when she abruptly bent over straight-legged to move a twig out of the way of her ball. Her skirt rode up further than it had all day and I was presented with an all new view of the nicest, tightest bared buns. But even that was not the end of it as her right leg left the ground when she over-balanced which caused her to spread those sexy legs. I suddenly got the beaver shot of all beaver shots! She wasn't totally bare down there, in the sense of being fully shaved, but the little hair I could see did nothing to hide the luscious view of her pink lips...and how pink and wet they were!

Sally stood back up slowly and smoothed her skirt down over her backside. She was definitely in full tease-mode and I was helpless to resist. She got into her golf stance, with just the right width between her feet, took a nice slow back swing and lofted the ball right into the middle of the fairway.

The petite young woman turned around to look at me, "How was that? Did I do it right?"

"Uh... yeah," I managed staring at her face surprisingly.

She turned back and I couldn't help but focus on that sashaying butt of hers again.

My mind was running a mile a minute trying to keep pace with the blood flow to my penis. She knew exactly what she was doing. She knew I'd been watching her bend over and exactly what I could see when she did. There was no mistake here. For the life of me I could only think of one way to interpret this. She had purposely teased me and made good on her promise to give me a full view of her naked pussy! How far was she going with this?

She got back into the golf cart and we headed out to the fairway.

"Well?" she asked after a moment.

"Well what?" I shrugged now playing coy myself.

"I know you saw, or rather didn't see." She gave me the flirtiest grin of the day so far.

"Um...I knew you weren't wearing any underwear." I said and swallowed hard.

"So?" she asked. "Did you see anything else missing?"

"If you mean the nice trim job you have, of course, noticed that too." My sweaty palms gripped the wheel that much tighter.

"And?" The woman squirmed on the seat again, her thigh bumping mine.

"Oh it was fine." I replied trying not to be too foolishly teenager-like. "Nothing wrong with that one."

She dropped her eyes to my crotch, "Nothing wrong with that either."

I didn't have to look down to know I had a very visible bulge again.

But about that time we came up on my wife and her hunky golf pro.

Turns out Roger had already put his ball up on the green, surprise, surprise. Joan's shot had ended up short and to the right of the green. She turned and walked back toward me. As she came up, she gave me a wink, and slipped her hand down the front of my shorts then traced a fingernail back up the side of my stiff cock. "That thing is very distracting. In fact, I think your girlfriend over there is gonna have an orgasm just staring at your boner," she giggled.

I immediately looked up and caught Sally staring at me, waggling her pink tongue between her lips.

Roger came walking up behind Joan, "Just a nice easy chip now Joan. Take it back slow, okay?"

Joan stepped up to her ball, "I will. I'm good at slow."

As Roger walked by me and Sally, I realized I wasn't the only excited male in this foursome. I could see an obvious bulge in the front of his creased golf pants. Knowing how hot Joan already was and also knowing how wet she was earlier I started to wonder if she could resist this man if he really wanted her. I knew she wanted him!

As the other two headed up to the green, Sally and I drove off to find my ball in amongst the trees. We looked all over for that damn thing and I even got out to walk between the trees while she drove around. I was just about to give up and go drop a ball at the edge of the fairway when I looked up ahead and saw Joan and Roger had not gone to the green but had pulled their cart into the woods, too.

I walked up quietly and heard Joan talking.

"Just what did you have in mind?" She asked Roger.

She also looked past him and I know saw me. She didn't acknowledge she did to him. But the look was enough for me to see her eyes and the dark sensual look in them I'd seen many times before. I was immediately embarrassed and excited at the same time. These two were beyond flirting. Roger may have been overwhelmed but my sexy wife was trying hard to seduce the golf pro!

Joan leaned across and was about to kiss him, when he suddenly stopped her. "What about your husband?"

"Oh, don't worry about Jim," my wife continued, her voice deep and husky, "he loves to watch! Besides I think he and Sally have been eyeing one another since the first tee."

It was true about Sally for sure, but I don't know how she knew I'd love to watch her and Roger get busy. We'd never done anything like that before. The closest may have been when we coincidentally dated a brother and sister in college before we had dated and made out in separate rooms of the same girl's dorm suite.

By the look of things now, it seemed likely that I was to be treated to a live performance!

Right then I heard a golf cart come up behind me. It was Sally. She pulled up beside me, "Did you find your ball?"

"No, but I found something else." I nodded ahead at the two wannabe lovers.

I also saw the shocked look on Roger's face as he saw me now.

"Calm down young man." I called out to him. "I'm not here to bust your chops. I think Joan has you where she wants you right now, so I'll just defer to her wants."

"Do you mind if he touches me, dear?" Joan glanced over at me as if really seeking my approval was what she was after. She had obviously made up her mind already. But as soon as she saw the wide grin on my face she knew she had her answer.

I looked at Roger who looked a lot unsure still.

"Hell, it's not as if you haven't been touching her already, Roger. She's obviously been waiting on you to make a move."

As I finished, Joan stood, dropped her shorts. Even from several feet away I could see the huge wet spot in the crotch of her white cotton undies. She bent over stepped out of her damp panties. She was instantly and gloriously nude from the waist down. She was a gorgeous sight in her little white socks and golf shoes and pink top. As I admired my wife's body from afar, Roger was enjoying it up close.

"Come and get it young man." My wife offered in the most seductive order I'd ever heard.

Roger didn't even bother to look back at me for any approval this time. He dropped in front of her and put his hands on her thighs and started gently pushing her legs apart. Joan spread her feet almost as if she were getting into her golf stance, her golf shoes digging into the turf. Roger's large hands moved to the top of each thigh and his thumbs began rubbing through her thick, dark bush. She squirmed around as I assume he had found her clit, obviously driving her wild almost immediately. She reached out for his head and drew him in. He needed no further invitation and dove for her wet pussy with his tongue and face.

In seconds he was licking her with complete abandon and I could hear the wet sucking and slurping sounds.

"Looks like they have other things than golf on their minds now," I said and looked back at my pretty young golf companion.

For some reason I was not totally surprised to see Sally standing there with her legs spread and her skirt pulled up. But different form Joan the younger woman had also peeled off her top and bra, although she did still have on her golf socks and shoes, too.

A single finger traced over her very pink, very wet pussy lips.

I admit I was left speechless with my mouth wide open, which only seemed to amuse her.

"Like what you see, huh?"

I couldn't take it any more. I approached the cart she was leaning up against in all her beautiful nudity and ran my hands all over her young lithe body. Even without the support of her bra her breasts stood up proudly on her chest, her perfect roundness still enjoying the fitness of relative youth. I also noticed they were not the milky white color my wife's were. Sally's breasts were just as brown as the rest of her body. This sun goddess laid out naked for her tan and that alone got a mighty twitch out of the hard-on in my shorts. Her breasts weren't huge or anything, but her nipples were brown and swollen, sticking out like they wanted to be sucked.

They were calling to me.

I reached up and covered them with my hands. They felt so good. I got a sweet murmuring out of her as I kneaded them. Immediately my mouth was all over her heaving breasts and I eagerly sucked one of her nipples. Sally held my head and moaned out her lust filled response to my advances. Apparently she was as hot as Joan was, because as soon as I started working her pussy with a single finger I found her as wet as my wife had ever felt to me down there. I pressed her up against the golf cart fingering her nearly bare pussy and sucking hard on a nipple.

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