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Golfing with Jessica Alba


Author's note: Jessica Alba is a personal favourite of mine and I thought it was about time that I finaly did a story on this beautiful woman. I've being reading the Jessica Alba stories, An Angel in heat by Supman and they are very good and they inspired me to write one on the Angel herself. I don't say this that often about my own stories, but I really enjoyed this one when I read it over so I hope you guys enjoy it too.


"So what do you guys do around here for fun?" I asked.

"We can hit the beach." Michael answered.

"Like I can't do that in Miami." I said. Michael was lying on one of the couch's, while I lay on the other.

"What do you wanna do?" Michael asked.

"I don't know. This is your city! You should be showing me around. If you came around to Miami, I'd show you around." I replied.

"We could go down to the basketball courts." Michael suggested.

"There's nothing wrong with basketball, other than we're not really good at it." I replied. We were more into ice hockey than basketball. "What about that golfing place I saw when I was coming up here." I suggested.

"I hate golf!" Michael said. "Golfing is for boring losers." He said taking a cheap pop at me, knowing that I liked golf. The phone rang and he answered. "What...? Can't Jenny do it...? Sure, I'll be there." He hanged up.

"Work?" I asked.

"Yeah. I wasn't suppose to be working today, but they're short staffed." He tried to explain.

"No worries." I said, reaching out for the TV remote. "You gotta do what you gotta do."

"You know, I could drop you off at the golf course if you want." He suggested.

"Sure!" I said. "Why not?" We headed out to his car and caught up on some old times while Michael drove. He dropped me off and was on his way to work. I went in through the entrance of the place and to the reception desk.

"Hello sir! How may I help you?" A blonde guy asked with a big smile. Those typical type of people who love their jobs.

"I'm visiting a friend and he's working now. So I'm hoping to get a few rounds of golf in and like I said, I'm from out of town. So I don't have my golf clubs." Which wasn't a lie. I have a couple of golf clubs back in Miami. "So can I rent golf clubs from here? And how much does it costs to play?"

"You need to be a member and have your own golf clubs. Sir." He said, his smile not fading.

"What?" I said getting a little annoyed at how quickly he dismissed me. "Can't I just pay for this one time? I don't even live around here! What would the point of me having a membership be? I wouldn't come back here again! I'm just visiting."

"You're not a member, so there's nothing I can do for you sir." The guy said, his smile still not fading.

"Great!" I said sarcastically. "How do I become a member than?"

"We are an exclusive club. You need to be invited."

"How do I get invited?"

"We invite you."

"Then invite me."

"OK then!" He said going over to the computer. He typed some stuff in and came back. "Your invitation is in the post."

"What? How? You didn't take my address down?"

"That'll be all." He said still smiling. I got the feeling that he was taking the piss.

"Thanks for your help!" I said sarcastically.

"That guy's an ass!" A woman said to me from behind. I turned around and I recognised her instantly. I was a huge fan of 'Dark Angel' and there was no way I wouldn't recognise Jessica Alba, the beauty that played the lead role.

"Yeah!" Was all I could think of saying. She checked in at the desk.

"You know what?" She said. "I don't have anyone to play with. I was just gonna go to the driving range but I'd love a game. If you want we could do a couple of holes together." She said.

"Sure!" I said.

"Hey!" She called out to the guy. "He's with me!"

"Yes ma'am." I heard him say.

"Thanks for letting me join you." I said. "I'm Kash by the way." I extended my hand.

"I'm Jessica." She smiled, shaking my hand. I checked her out. She looked beautiful as ever. She was dressed in white. A white top and a white skirt. It went just over halfway down her thighs. It was a very hot and sunny day and she had a visor on, her hair coming out the back in a pony tail. Her hair was a very dark brown at this time.

"So where are your clubs?" I asked, looking around.

"I've already had someone load them up in a golf cart." She replied. Sure enough, when we went outside, there was a golf cart there all loaded up. She got in on the driver's side, so I sat on the passengers side.

"So... you like... golfing?" I asked.

"I love it!" She replied. "I try and golf whenever I can. It helps to relax me, so I try and get anyone to go with me. Normally my boyfriend comes with me, even though he doesn't like golfing, but he's at some meeting or something right now, so I'm by myself."

"I'm glad I could help out. Your boyfriend's a producer isn't he?" I asked.

"Yeah." She answered. "So you're from out of town?" She changed the subject. "What brings you to L.A."

"Visiting a buddy of mine." I replied. "We've been buddies since elementary school and when college applications came around, we wanted to go to college in a hot place. We applied every where. Luckily for us, we got into colleges in warm cities, unfortunately, it was in two different cities, in different states. He's here in L.A and I'm in Miami."

"That sucks!" Jessica commented. "So where'd you guys grow up?"


"No wonder you guys wanted to go to college in hot cities!" She laughed. We continued to make small talk on the very short ride to the first hole that Jessica was gonna start us at.

"You know how golf works right? How to keep score and all that?" Jessica asked.

"Yep!" I replied.

"Let me warn you, I lost my last game so I'm looking to crush my next opponent, which unfortunately for you, is you." She let out a chuckle. I was starting to get nervous that she was gonna crush me like a bug.

"OK. This is par three. Do you wanna start or should I?" Jessica asked.

"I think it would be best if you went first. That way I'll have a better idea of where the hole is." I replied.

"Oh yeah!" Jessica laughed. "You've never been here before. So I guess I should definitely go first." She said setting the ball. "This is a Par 3." She pointed Into the distance. "There's the hole. This is one of the very few courses that you can actually see the hole when you tee off." She said as she took position. I watched her, staring at her ass as she bent over a little.

She shook her ass a little as she got into position, swung and hit the ball with quite a lot of power. We watched it fly through the air and it landed quite close to the hole. It was a couple of feet to the right, if it had been on target it probably would've rolled in.

For those of you not familiar with golf, what Par 3 means is that you have 3 hits to get it in. You say Par followed by a number and that number is how many hits you have to get it in.

"That was impressive." I said.

"You know? I do the best I can." She said with a cocky tone. I set the ball and took Jessica's position into consideration. If I could angle it a bit more to the left, I might get a better chance of getting it in. I had never had a hole in one before, but I was gonna give it a go, or at least get it closer to the hole than Jessica.

I swung back and hit the ball with a bit of power. The ball cut through the air.

"That was a good shot." Jessica said as we watched the ball start to lose height and go down lower. It looked as though it was more on target than Jessica's hit.

"Whoa! Whoa!" Jessica said sounding a little worried. "Where's this going?" The ball was now on the ground rolling forward, heading towards the hole. I had managed to use the fact that she went first to my advantage by correcting her mistakes on my shot.

"I think there might be a little too much power on that." I said expecting it to just miss the hole.

"Shit! It went in!" Jessica said looking shocked.

"Cool!" I said calmly like it was no big deal that I got a hole in one, not letting on that it was my first ever hole in one.

"Damn man!" Jessica said. "I'm already down after the first stroke. Looks like I got some competition."

"How 'bout we make this interesting." I said.

"You want to place a wager?" Jessica asked.

"Loser buys lunch?" I suggested, shrugging my shoulders.

"Simple, yet personal. I like it. You're on!" Jessica said extending her hand and I shook it to seal the bet.

We walked over to her ball and she got it in in the next shot getting a birdy. A birdy is when you have 1 hit to spare, Eagle is when you have 2 hits to spare. If you go over, it's called a bogey, if you go over by two, it's called a double bogey.

We made our way to the next hole, via the golf cart.

"This is a par 5." Jessica said.

"Shit! Stepping it up a little fast aren't we?"

"I don't know what you're complaining about! You just got a hole in one! And you're going first." She said as we pulled up. "The hole's in that direction." Jessica picking a golf club up and pointing in the direction..

I set the ball and swung. She did the same and we made our way in the direction the balls went. Surprisingly, our balls were close together, we were quite evenly matched. We both hit again and on the third hit, I got it in.

"Let's see you get an Eagle." I gloated as she took position. I found my eyes once again glued to her ass as she bent over slightly, staring at her beautifully tanned, toned legs briefly as my eyes went back up to her butt. I waited for her to shake her butt as she took position.

"Don't worry!" Jessica said looking back, taking my focus off her ass. "I will!" she said swinging, making me miss that brief couple of seconds where she shakes her ass.

"Aww! So close! So close!" I said patting her on the shoulder as the ball went just wide.

"Shut up!" Jessica said, not in a pissed off tone, more in a joking tone. "You started strong but you'll finish weak. Whereas I started weak and I'll finish strong." She stated as if it was a fact. She lined up her next hit.

"What the hell was that?" I laughed as she missed her opportunity to get a birdy. It was a very easy shot and she missed, it was actually quite hard to believe. "You think that just cause you're beautiful everything will fall on your lap?"

"Most of the time it does!" Jessica joked, trying not to laugh.

"Well beautiful, beauty can't defy..." I was trying to think of a word. "...gravity!" I said. It seemed to make sense.

"What's gravity got to do with anything?" Jessica asked, confused but still looking like she wanted to laugh.

"It made more sense in my head." I said shaking my head. "I don't know." I gave up trying to explain and Jessica laughed.

We continued to play, poking fun of each other until we were down to the last hole and it was a big one. A Par 5. We both tee'd off and we had already taken two hits. Jessica went up to take her third hit. The hole was in sight but we were both far away from the hole.

"Well beautiful. If you don't get an eagle here, you lose the bet and you have to run around the golf course naked."

"What?! That's not the bet!" Jessica laughed, whilst still trying to sound shocked and annoyed.

"Hey, if I had known how bad you were at golf, I definitely would've made that bet knowing there's no risk of me going naked and I get rewarded for kicking your ass by getting to see you beautiful ass."

My comments didn't seem to phase Jessica. She looked back at me and shook her ass.

"Take a good long look at this ass, cos it's the last time you're gonna see it in this position." She knew that I stared at her ass every time she took position but opted to say nothing until now. She swung and hit. We both watched the ball sail through the air. If Jessica didn't make this one it, it was basically game over for her.

"Go in! Go in!" Jessica kept repeating excitedly, holding her hands together under her chin and slightly moving her shoulders in the direction she wanted it to go in. And by some freak luck, the ball spun and curled into the hole.

"In your face!" She said pointing at me with the index finger of both hands.

"If I even get a birdy, it's game over for you beautiful!" Jessica playfully shoved me. She didn't like me constantly referring to her as beautiful, cause as it was used as more to make fun of her than to point out her obvious beauty. I took position and went to swing.

"You know, when I win. I kinda go into a orgasmic trance." I paused for a second. "I probably would take all my clothes off and run around naked, the sun shining off my glistening..." She thought for a second and used the word I've been using to poke fun of her. "Beautiful, tanned body. My shaved peach on display for your eyes to see." I swung before she could say anything else.

"Ha! It worked!" Jessica gloated as I botched my shot, just missing.

"Do I get to see you naked if you win?" I asked following her, not able to get the image of her naked body, running in slow motion through the grass. Jessica basically needed me to get no points to draw or for me to get a bogey to win. I decided to cut her a break and intentionally missed my next shot.

"Ooooh! The pressure's getting to you." Jessica said getting excited. I lined up the shot and looked at her as I took the shot, not taking my eyes off her eye's.

"I guess we're evenly matched." I said not looking to see if I made the shot or not, just positive that it had gone in. I had missed the birdy intentionally, which I needed to win by a point and got a draw so not to crush her spirits.

"So are you gonna run around naked?" I asked.

"I didn't win." Jessica flirted, walking straight ahead to the golf cart, looking back, her golf club in her right hand.

"Well we drew. So you should go half way. How about a little T?"

"You get no T, but how about a little A?" Jessica said, reaching back with her right hand, still holding the golf club, lifting her skirt up slightly to reveal that she had a thong on. She used her other hand to pull her thong that went into her butt crack to one side, flashing her ass and quickly moving her thong back into place and let go of her skirt. I stood there gawking at her ass and she laughed.

"So who pays for lunch?" Jessica asked.

"I have no idea." I replied. "You, cos you make more money."

"How about we both hit a ball from here and see who's closest to the hole?" She asked.

"That's a good idea beautiful. I'm in." I said walking up to the golf clubs to pick one out.

"Do you know how many times you threw me off by calling me beautiful?" Jessica asked as I walked up to her.

"Enough for you to almost lose." I replied. She pulled a face as she pretended to laugh. "That's why I call you beautiful!" I said squeezing her cheeks, while she still made that stupid face and gave her a quick kiss on the lips and placed the ball on the floor.

"Bleurgh!" She started wiping her mouth with her hand and spitting like I was revolting.

"I know you want me." I joked as I placed the ball on the floor.

"Oh, please!" Jessica said. "I bet you have a small penis."

"What?!" I said a little shocked at how that insult just came out of nowhere.

"I'm just kidding." Jessica said coming up to me, standing right behind me. I could feel her press her tits against my back and her hands on my sides. She moved her hands around my waist so she was touching my stomach. She started to rub my belly.

"It feels so toned and muscular!" Jessica said, her voice turning quite seductive. I started to feel a stirring in my pants, she was turning me on and... that's when I realised that's exactly what she was going for to throw me of my game. So I decided to test how far she was willing to go.

I turned my head slightly and kissed her, pushing my tongue out into her mouth straight away. Jessica pulled away instantly. I laughed.

"Pretending to put the moves on me to put me off my game is going to work." I said. Jessica looked a little flustered.

"Yeah..." She said looking a little uncertain. "...I guess you... you called my bluff." She gave a weak smile.

I took position, swung and got the ball in. The hole wasn't that far and I knew that Jessica wouldn't get it in. I had noticed a flaw in her game throughout. Jessica set the ball down and started to line up the shot. She seemed a little shaky.

"You nervous?" I asked. "The whole game rides on you getting this in to force another tie break shot." I said adding to the pressure. Jessica looked at me and stuck her tongue out.

"You know what?" I said as I watched her take position. "You're never gonna get it in from there. You don't have accuracy on shots that are a little far away, you tend to go out too wide to the right."

"I got the last one in!" She protested.

"That last shot you got was a fluke." I said walking up behind her. I did what you always see in movies and TV programs, when the guy makes a move on the girl. I stood close behind her, my body pressing against hers, my arms on her arms, with my hands on hers. I positioned us as if I was gonna hit the shot so that she could get the angle right.

"Now swing." I told her letting go off her hands and holding her by the waist. We watched the ball fly through the air and it just missed, by a couple of inches.

"If you hadn't moved me, I would've been really wide to the right. Just like you said." Jessica said. I was still standing behind her and I could feel that I was getting a bit of an erection, my groin being pressed against her ass.

"I take that back!" Jessica smiled looking back at me.

"Take what back?" I asked not moving away from her, liking the feeling of my cock being pressed against her ass even if our clothes was in the way.

"You don't have a small dick." Jessica answered. Shit! What the fuck was I thinking? Pressing my boner against her ass. Of course she was gonna feel it.

"It feels really big against my ass." Jessica smiled looking back at me. She didn't seem at all offended. She wiggled her ass, getting my dick in between her butt cheeks, my dick going down in between her legs. She started to grind her hips up and down, getting a feel for just how big my cock was.

"That is like the biggest cock I've ever..." She stopped and thought for a second. "...Felt." She said. It seemed like she was going to say seen, but she stopped and replaced it with felt, for the obvious reasons.

"Do you want me to at take it out?" I asked her not sure if she was just flirting and what I just said was stepping over the line.

"Yes!" Jessica replied, still grinding her hips. Her answer took me by surprise, she might actually want me after all. I reached down her waist, undid my zip and took my cock out.

"That feels so warm in against my thighs." Jessica moaned.

"You want to feel it in between your legs?" I asked. Jessica spread her legs, my erection springing up in between her legs, pressing up against her pussy. She pushed her legs together, clamping my cock in between them. She started to move her hips forward and back, masturbating me with her thighs.

"That feels so good in between my legs. "Jessica said. "Throbbing hard against my soft sweaty thighs."

"You want to feel it inside you?" I asked pressing my mouth against her cheek.

"Yes!" She moaned. "But I can't." She replied. My cock head rubbed against her pussy and her thong felt damp.

"Does that mean that you won't?" I asked.

"No!" She moaned, spreading her legs apart as she grinded her hips back and fourth against my cock. I took this as a sign that she wanted me to put it in inside her. I reached down the front of her and pulled her thong to one side. I pressed my cock head against her pussy.

"It's so big!" She moaned as I forced my large bell shaped cock head into her wet cunt. "Uhhh!" Jessica gasped as I pushed my cock head in to her cunt. I held her hips to stop her from grinding and pushed my hips forward. She was so petite, I didn't think that I could fit my full length into her pussy.

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