tagNonHumanGone Camping Ch. 02

Gone Camping Ch. 02


Donna and Crystal sit relaxing as another hour passes without the return of there two friends. Donna stands up and grabs her flashlight. She shines around the campsite and she decides to go look for them.

"Donna, go, do whatever the hell you want." Crystal says going to the tent.

"They are our friends, they can be hurt or lost. Why would you care? Bitch." Donna said walking out into the dark woods.

Crystal sat in the tent in her bikini. She decided to go with Donna. She crawled out and didn't see her anywhere. She shrugged and lit a cigarette. She stood in the little blue bikini as he eyed her tanned body. She was about twenty three, short brown hair, nice little ass and great set of breasts. She sat on the rock and watched the fire.

Behind her, they crept unnoticed. Quietly they got within a foot of her and awaited the attack. She turned and they fell and she didn't even see them! The tree sent its large root as backup for the small vines, he wanted her.

She went to stand up and they attacked! She screamed as the vines entangled her ankles and she tripped! She landed on her stomach as they opened her legs! She struggled as more vines wrapped around her wrists and arms! A large vine tied around her skinny waist and lifted her to all fours! She was all theirs!

"Help me!!! Donna!!!" She cried as on forced into her mouth.

The vines removed her bikini and revealed her flawless body! Her ass wiggled as the large root slowly rubbed her pussy. Crystal felt it press and poke her pussy. It teased and made her wet. Then it rammed in to her fast and deep! Her eyes shot open wide as it entered her harder and faster! Her cum flowed as her body took it! Vines pulled at her exposed breasts and nipples keeping her going! Her body was his!

Crystal weakened fast as the rape went faster and harder! Sweat dripped off her as she felt her arms give out. She fell face first as they held her ass up and kept pounding it. Another root appeared and it found her asshole! It rammed inside it and anal rapped it! She was cumin non-stop as they worked her orgasms up and she exploded! She fainted as they topped her tight body off. All the vines exploded around her and covered her in green cum.

Donna was searching for the girls unaware she was the last girl standing. She got to the creek and found Kelly's ripped bikini bottoms. She waded out to the middle and got them. Donna had on her skin tight jeans, a loose blouse and her white thing bikini on. She tripped and fell into the cold water. She came up gasping as her nipples poked out.

She got the bottoms and looked around. The creek swarmed her feet! She felt the current wrapping around her legs and it opened them wide! She struggled as the med pulled her to her knees! She was stuck! Donna felt her jeans rip off and saw them float away. She tried to get out as her blouse tore off revealing her top and nice thirty year old rack. The creek removed her bikini, leaving a sexy, naked Donna in the middle.

"Crystal!!! I'm stuck! Help me you whore!!!" She screamed as she felt the water brush fast against her shaved pussy.

The water grabbed her wrists and held them under, she was under its control! She heard a loud splash and saw something racing towards her! It leapt and entered her mouth as she screamed! She gagged as it went too deep! I let her choke a little then let her suck it as the water began its teasing of her body! The water prodded her pussy and reached up to her breasts and gripped and teased. She felt her body get turned on as they made her wet!

Donna closed her eyes as it entered her and rapped her! She moaned and groaned as it felt good inside her! The water picked up its pace and was ramming her deep, hard and fast! She was cumin as it had its way with her nice body! She felt another cock slip into her firm ass and she was really orgasming! She felt it ramming just as rough as the one in her pussy! She was loving it as she got it! She needed sex, and missed it! The creek was thriving off her greedy body!

She felt her knees give out and she fell into the creek! She got off as she fell, but she landed on a rock that knocked her out. The creek filled her up and had the root drag her to the bank and leave her. Donna's pussy seeped out a green watery mix. She was out cold.

All four women had been claimed by the woods. In one way or another they all got off and pleasured the plants. But the wreck was found as a woman on a bike rode up and stopped. She got off and walked to it. She took her jacket off and grabbed her cell phone. The woods saw the woman open the door and go into the truck. She climbed out on her cell.

The tree decided it was time to quiet her. It sent its roots at the twenty year old redhead. She turned as they wrapped her arms and legs in an instant! She screamed as a root shoved into her mouth! She held her cell phone recording her attack! Her tube top and shorts were torn off and her thong was ripped off! She stood nude! She was slammed into the side of the truck as they lifted her legs wide and opened them up. Misty wasn't even fighting as it entered her pussy and had its way with her!

She moaned and groaned as it worked her over. Her pussy dripped with the mix of the tree and her cum. She was rapped the fastest and roughest. She was out in no time. She was tossed into the weeds as they dragged her bike into the ditch. The woods didn't want to be found out.

As it usually happens, it was found. The truck was found and towed as they found Misty's bike and torn clothes, but she was hidden. They watched as they towed Donna's car away and found Crystal. She was taken to the hospital. The woods was being searched! Then the EMA arrived and took over.

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