tagCelebrities & Fan FictionGone Ten Years Ch. 04

Gone Ten Years Ch. 04

byJoseki Ko©

Sally Mae struggled to stand up. Mr. Robertson spun her around until she was bent over again, then proceeded to scold her for 'choosing to feel guilty all these years, and not doing something about it.'

"You should've come down here to Jonestown much sooner than this."

SMACK! Mr. Robertson had put down the paddle and was now smacking Sally Mae's bare bottom with his hand.

"You could've confessed ten years ago Miss Johnson."


"I hope this won't happen again!"


Sally Mae yelped from the sting of the professor's hand.

"Am I getting through to you?" he asked.

He paused, and she thought that the punishment was surely over. Then she felt the palm of his hand stroking her burning behind, obviously inspecting the red welts that he'd created.

"Looks like I AM getting through to you," he said, massaging her ass, then her thighs, and finally between her legs.

He let his fingers wander between her legs, gently stroking with his right hand. Sally Mae realized then that he was not examining the stripes on her naked ass. He kept her bent over the desk in the same position.

"I, I didn't think." she stammered.

"We have one more issue to be taken care of." he interrupted, while continuing to stimulate her entire body.

"This crush you had on me is something that I've wanted to resolve for ten years!"

Sally Mae didn't want him to stop stroking her, but she did want to get to the end of this conversation. The wetness between her legs was building rapidly.

"What are you talking about?" she asked reluctantly.

"I noticed how you looked at me?"

The memories from Mr. Robertson's classroom flooded her mind. She remembered how she'd lie in bed every night thinking about dating him, about how much she wanted him to be more than her teacher, about how much she wanted to feel his arms around her, his lips on hers, their bodies meshed together.

"I think you kinda like this," he paused and then stopped stroking between her legs.

"No, please don't stop!" she grimaced.

"I'm going to give you three more swats."

"Not with the paddle!" she pleaded.

"No, with my hand!" Then he thought for a moment. "But I want you to count these last three, understand?"

Sally Mae hesitated.

"Do you understand?" Again, he spoke with a very determined tone.

"Yes sir!"

Once he was satisfied with her answer, he put his left hand on her back and rubbed her bare ass with his right hand.

"This time," he commanded, "I want you to bend all the way over onto the desk and I mean kiss the wood!"

"Yes sir!" She obeyed.

"Very good!" he said, still massaging her ass with his right hand. "Now I want you to spread your legs apart!"

She spread her feet.

"A little further!" he was beginning to get impatient.

She widened her stance even more.

"You're not cooperating!" he thundered.

He then leaned in behind her, forced his hand between her thighs and pulled them apart. The way he had her bent over the desk with her legs spread wide gave Sally Mae an acute sense of humiliation. He returned to massaging her bottom for just a few seconds more.

"Don't forget to count!" he said as he raised her hand and brought it down with a firm SMACK on her ass.

"One," she yelped.

"Good girl!" She felt his left hand move from her back around to her stomach, then down between her legs. "I think you like being spanked."

He fingered the wetness and once again started to stroke back and forth. Then she felt the second SMACK on her ass.

"Two," she gasped, feeling the sharp sting of his hand.

"Do you like that?" he asked, caressing the warm wetness between her legs.

Still reeling, she couldn't tell if he meant the spanking or the stimulation, but it really didn't matter.

She moaned unintelligibly. He gave her the third SMACK.

"Three," she cried. Now the tears were beginning to fall.

"You have a very red bottom." he whispered.

She couldn't hold back any longer. She was crying out loud now. Tears were streaming down her face, and she wanted to cum. Suddenly, she felt his finger massaging her clitoris. He slowly pushed his finger into her opening. The electricity pulsed through her body.

"Will you cum for me?" he urged.

"Ohhhh yes!" She screamed.

That being all the impetus she needed. Standing bare before the man she'd had a crush on for years. She came like she never had before. She felt his finger work itself in and out of her as she came and came and came. When she was finished she felt a small pat on her bottom and stood up to confront Mister Robinson.

"Now Miss Johnson let that be a lesson to you." He admonished

Sally Mae pulled up her panties and smiled as they walked back to the clean up that was about over.

The next day on her trip back to the city Sally Mae decided she wouldn't wait so long to come back next time. After all she'd almost missed her train after stopping to flatten a couple of tires.

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