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Shining Through


My name is Robert and I am something else, a freak of nature if you will. I won't tell you my last name because you don't need to know it. I was 18 years old and your typical, everyday Joe Schmoe type of guy. You couldn't have picked me out of a crowd. I stood 5' 11" with brown hair and brown eyes; I didn't have the chiseled features of that "heroic romance" type of look. There was no clue that I would become something else.

This is my story:

My mom and dad owned a very successful Architectural firm. My parents didn't neglect me or anything like that; they just didn't have a lot of time to spend with me. They usually came home late at night and worked most weekends. I never had much to complain about. Early in my childhood they came to an arraignment with our neighbor Elizabeth to take care of me most of the time.

I spent so much time with Elizabeth and her daughter Abigail that it seemed like I had more of a family with them than with my own. I had even been given a spare bedroom for the times that I stayed over, usually when mom called and said they couldn't make it that night. After school I would go directly next door knowing that my parents wouldn't be there until late at night. They placed their trust in her to take care of me until they got back. The three of us would eat dinner and then watch T.V. or play games until it was time for me to go home. After ten years of this routine it was only natural that we would be so close that Abby and her mom felt totally comfortable with me.

Elizabeth was 5' 9" with strawberry blonde hair hanging half way down her back. At 35 she looked 10 years younger. She had a figure that could take your breath away; amply proportioned with large firm breasts and long legs. She had landed a high tech computer job that gave her plenty of money and independence.

"Hi Robby" she chirped brightly at me from the living room as I entered the house, "Are you hungry sweetie? Abby won't be home for a while but we can grab some chips or something and veg in front of the boob tube."

"Sure, that'd be great!" I replied quietly

Elizabeth was wearing a black silk kimono robe over red silk camisole pajamas. She got up and gave me a quick hug before heading into the kitchen to find some snacks. The robe ended halfway down her thighs showing off her toned and tanned legs. I couldn't help but watch as she walked away.

Elizabeth gave Abby and I the sex talk at the same time and let us ask her anything we wanted to know more about. . Elizabeth hadn't had a date in five years that I knew of. She said it was a self-confidence thing about getting older and how she looked. See she had gotten pregnant when she was fourteen and had raised Abby totally by herself. No help from her parents or anything. We used to talk about it sometimes. Like I said she and Abby are more of a family to me than my own.

"Hey Robby, you want something to drink" she called from the kitchen.

"Yeah how about a beer." Fat chance there I thought. She was adamant about being legal to drink anything stronger than water.

I didn't hear her say anything about it and assumed she would bring me a soda pop. Kicking off my shoes and flopping onto the couch I picked up the T. V. guide to see if I could find anything interesting on at 3:45 in the afternoon. Elizabeth was barefoot so I didn't hear her walk back in, but I jumped about a foot off the couch when I felt an ice cold can against the back of my neck

"Jesus, that's cold! I exclaimed, at the same time reaching back to receive my drink. I was surprised when I found myself holding a can of domestic beer.

"What's this for? I said in a questioning tone

"Well, I always said you had to be legal before I would let you or Abby drink alcohol, and you are 18 now!"

She had an odd look on her face as if I was asking a weird question or something. I couldn't figure it out. I mean this is the surrogate mom who wouldn't let me go swimming in the pool for an hour after eating! What the hell was going on!

"Well are you going to drink that or just sit there staring at me."

I shook my head as I realized that I had been staring at her in utter confusion. Popping the top I hurriedly took a gulp, almost gagging on the taste.

"I guess I'll get used to it." I mumbled as she laughed gently at the expression on my face.

"Good, now let's get comfy and find something to watch until Abby gets here." She walked around and settled herself on the opposite end of the couch, curling her legs up towards me. As Elizabeth leaned forward to place her drink on the coffee table, I noticed the front of her robe was partially open. I turned my attention back to the guide as she began channel surfing. Alternately sipping the surprise beer and grimacing at the taste I finally found a modern day classic on ch. 43 to watch.

We had been watching the movie about half an hour when I set the empty beer can on the table. Without saying a word Elizabeth hopped up and brought me another, she freshened her own drink at the same time. Maybe it was me but the second round tasted a lot better than the first.

Not so sour this time, I thought to myself.

"I bet it's not as sour as the first one, is it." She had half turned to face me as she said this. Glancing at her I saw her robe was wide open down the front, exposing her silk covered breasts to my view. Her top wasn't sheer but I could definitely see the shape and outline of her nipples. They jutted out proudly and were large and seemed quite long.

I coughed in surprise, attempting to control the hardening of my groin.

"No. No, it tastes a lot better than my very first beer ever. I waited to see if she would say anything about the "first beer ever" comment.

"Good, but you'd better finish it quick. Abigail is going to be home soon and I don't want her to get the idea that she can do that sort of thing."

"Uhm, ok." I started to take bigger sips still not quite liking the yeasty sourness of beer.

God I thought glancing again at Elizabeth, I wish she would sit so I could check out between her legs.

Elizabeth started to fidget around and wound up with one leg splayed upright against the back of the couch, the other cocked towards the television. Moments after she assumed this position I heard the front door begin to open. Abigail was home!

I quickly laid sideways on the arm of the couch, half curling my legs up to hide my crotch. Just as quickly Elizabeth sat and then stood straight up, grabbed the beer cans and darted into the kitchen. Abby bounced into the living room and settled herself onto the couch.

"Whatcha watching Robby?

"Dawn of the Sun. It's pretty good, it has really cool effects."

Abby was only two inches shorter than her mother and looked almost identical. She was not quite as well developed but was never less perfectly proportioned. She weighed a whopping 115 pounds; her hair was the same shade of strawberry blond and was worn feathered softly down to her shoulders. Abby went to a private school and had to wear a uniform. You know the type I mean. It consisted of a plaid pleated skirt; stark white blouse and sweater jacket with the schools emblem embroidered on the chest. The top two buttons of her blouse were unbuttoned giving just the briefest hint of the swelling breasts concealed beneath.

Abigail and I had always been best friends and were not too shy about our bodies. However I had not really seen hers since we were about 11 years old playing doctor in her room. It was a surprise to me that her skirt seemed a good deal shorter than I had previously remembered. In fact if I leaned forward just a bit I thought I might be able to catch a glimpse of her inner thighs. Christ just a little bit farther!

"What are you looking at Robby?

I flushed bright red and jerked back upright


"Oh, Ok." She had a smirk on her face a mile wide. "Well I gotta go get changed. I'll see you in a little bit."

I was extremely embarrassed but she didn't seem to mind my little peak, at least she didn't act mad at me. I was also confused; I mean we were all pretty casual about the way we dressed but not this casual! I had never seen Elizabeth or Abigail this exposed before me at any time in the last ten years. Well not counting my "patient" miss Abby when we were 11.

Elizabeth came into the living room and sat down cross legged facing me.

"So tell me what happened in the movie while I was in the kitchen."

"Not much interesting really. Some guy was in a church preaching his heart out."

"You looked flushed Robby. Are you ok?"

I couldn't tell if she knew what had happened or not. Maybe I should go talk to Abby.

"Why don't you go talk to Abby about what's bothering you Robby."

"Yeah, maybe I will."

As I walked out of the room I went past the end of the couch where Elizabeth was sitting. Glancing down I could see the full expanse of her cleavage, Elizabeth just smiled serenely at me. Something strange was definitely going on here. It was as if everything I thought about was acted upon. When I got upstairs Abigail's door was open. She was sitting in front of the mirror removing her makeup.

I thought Abigail had a nice room for a girl. It wasn't all frilly like you would think. She was big into track and had several trophies displayed on the dresser against one wall. A twin sized bed was placed between the two windows. A dressing table stood next to the closet door. The whole room had the look of someone that was part tomboy, part teenage girl.

"Mind if I come in Abby. I was hoping to talk to you about some stuff."

"Sure, come on in Robby. What did you want to talk about?"

I sat on the edge of the bed and watched as she continued the process of removal.

"Well, what's up?"

She looked at me in the mirror, seeing my sober expression she turned and gave me her undivided attention. I didn't know how to begin. I mean how could I tell her that her mom had acted like she was coming on to me. Not to mention which how could I explain my peaking at Abby when we were on the couch!

Strangely enough I thought about how we had played doctor together so many years ago. I never knew that girls were different from boys before that incident. I remembered how Abby had made me turn around before she'd take her clothes off.

"HEY! She suddenly exclaimed, "Turn around for a minute will ya"

What the hell, I could probably talk easier if I didn't have to face her. I turned my back and heard her get up and move around.

"I don't know how to tell you this Abby," I began "When I got here today your mom was acting really weird."

"How weird?" She said in a somewhat muffled voice.

"Well, she was hanging out in her pj's witch isn't unusual but her robe was all the way open."

"So what. She always wears pj's around the house."

I peaked over my shoulder and saw Abby's naked back. I faced forward hurriedly and tried to continue the conversation.

"Well I know that, but- it's just that she." I didn't know whether I should tell her about the beer or not. Elizabeth had asked me not too. I decided that I would share that secret and tell Abby that she shouldn't ask for any alcohol.

"She what Robby, come on tell me! Oh, and you can turn around now too."

"Well she gave me..." The words froze in my mouth. I suddenly found my heart racing wildly. I was facing a totally nude woman for the first time in my life!

Abigail stood there with her hands on her hips smiling at me, waiting for me to tell her about my crazy afternoon.

"Well, you were saying that she gave you something. What was it?"

Holy shit! She has to be insane to do this! How the hell are we going to explain this if Elizabeth comes up here right now! Abigail needs to get dressed right frigging now!!!

As these thoughts raced through my mind Abby went stark red with embarrassment.

"OH MY GOD! What am I doing!" She hissed in a strangled whisper crossing her arms over her chest and quickly turning away from me. "I have to get dressed right now! Get the heck out of here right now Robby!"

As I sped out of her room I realized that my life had just taken a bizarre turn. Something was definitely going on.

To Be Continued...

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