Good Hair Day


I had finally managed to get an appointment at a new salon, with a stylist I had heard was amazing. A friend of mine had visited the place, and had nothing but wonderful things to say about it. Knowing that I happen to be bisexual, she suggested that I check it out because there were a couple of very sexy women who worked there. “That blonde haired, big tits type you get into,” she said. “Plus, Roxie, the one who did my hair, is really good.” I needed a cut and dye, and had recently decided to find a new stylist anyway, so I made an appointment.

Before I went to my appointment, I dressed for the occasion. I didn’t want to get any dye on my blouse, so I just changed into a little, white cotton top with spaghetti straps. You could kind of see my nipples through it, especially if they were hard, but I didn’t mind. The hairdresser wouldn’t be looking at that, anyway. I didn’t figure I needed to change out of the denim miniskirt I had on. It was a hot summer day, and I didn’t want to roast on the way over to the salon.

While driving over, I had to keep the windows down. The damn air conditioner in my car was broken, and I hadn’t yet had a chance to get it fixed. The wind was blowing through my hair, and across my slightly damp neck. As the air hit the perspiration the 100 degree heat had caused, it felt so cool. Almost without thinking, I spread my legs as wide as I could in order to let the air cool me there, too. When the breeze hit my crotch, I realized I had forgotten I wasn’t wearing any underwear! I often don’t wear underwear, as I like to give strangers a peek at my treasures underneath my skirt, but I definitely do wear them when I am going to something like this. It was too late to go back home and grab something to put on, so I had to simply continue on, and try to remember my lack of coverage.

When I arrived and approached the entrance, I could see some of the stylists and their clients through the windows. My friend was definitely on the money about this place. I could see two women who made my jaw drop already, and I hadn’t even opened the door, yet. I went on in, and when I checked in with the receptionist, she turned and directed me toward the back of the room, telling me, “Roxie is straight that way, the blonde in the black top.”

As the woman heard her name spoken, she turned and headed toward us. Roxie had a lot of blonde hair, just past her shoulders, the kind you could grab with both hands. But at the moment, all I could do was stare at her chest. She was wearing a black, transparent blouse. There were small satin pockets just large enough to cover most of her D-cup sized breasts, but small enough to show that she was not wearing a bra. The pants she was wearing were also black, made of some kind of vinyl, or latex. I wasn’t sure. But they had an interesting feature. I could see that the silver zipper started at the waistband right in front, and just kept going. From the front, I couldn’t see where the zipper stopped. As she ordered me to follow her, she turned. Those pants were so tightly stretched across her ass, I was amazed they didn’t split open. And I could see the zipper went all the way up to the waistband in back, with another pull thingy at that end, too. That could be convenient…I made a mental note to ask where she picked those up.

When we reached the sinks in the back, she passed me off to the person who was to wash my hair, someone named Cherie. I seated myself, and after being draped with a fairly short, clear cape, Cherie leaned me back into the sink. As she wet my hair and I began to feel relaxed, I noticed Roxie had returned, and was leaning against the wall in front of me, a few feet away. She was so gorgeous; I couldn’t stop thinking about what it would be like to squeeze her tits. I started to lose myself in the fantasy of pressing myself up against her body, while I lowered that weird zipper in order to slide my hand down into the front of her pants… Something caught my eye, and I snapped out of my daydream to see that Roxie was looking at me, smiling. As we locked eyes, she pointedly moved her eyes lower, to stop on my crotch area. I was horrified, and knew that she was looking right up my skirt at my shaved pussy. She raised her eyes back to mine, and just kept smiling. I was embarrassed, and at the same time strangely turned on. I could feel my nipples poking out underneath my skimpy top, and straining against the plastic of the cape.

Cherie finished the shampoo, and I walked with Roxie to her station. Each station was separated from the others by small partitions, high enough that you could barely see over them while seated. She proceeded to cut my hair the way I had told her I wanted it, and all the while, I couldn’t concentrate on anything but how wet I was getting as I peeked through the flimsy material of her blouse at her tits. She finished the hair cut, and applied the dye. After 20 minutes, the process was complete. She took me back to wash my beautiful new hair, and then we returned to her stall, where she styled it. Just when I was about to stand to go, she pulled a high backed stool in front of me and sat down.

“I see we have something in common. We both like to show off a little, don’t we,” she bluntly stated. “I mean, you obviously wanted someone to see that naked pussy. And you can see what I am wearing.”

I was stunned that she just laid it out there. I tried to respond, but nothing came out. The thrill of the possibility of being seen is one thing. Being caught is another.

“Relax, it’s ok, I liked the show,” she softly said as she rubbed my thigh. That was all I needed. I couldn’t help the gasp I let out when I felt her touch. My nipples got hard all over again. “Show me some more.”

I wasn’t about to let this opportunity slip away. I let my knees fall apart, and pulled my skirt up to the tops of my thighs, so nobody who might pass by would be able to see what was happening here, but she could have a great view from her seat. Her hand moved to her pants’ zipper, and slid it down, leaning back to unzip it far enough. She was also shaved clean, and definitely had gotten wet, too. I quickly looked around to see if anyone was in a position to see what was going on here, but nobody seemed to notice. The dividers of the stall extended just far enough to reach her, but didn’t completely block anyone’s shot of her. If anyone cared to look, they were going to get one hell of a show. She didn’t seem concerned about the windows in the front of the salon, either. As she hooked her high heels on the side rungs of the stool, her legs also were spread wide open for a better view.

Unbuttoning her blouse, she said, “Nice tits. Pull your top down and play with them.”

So I pulled the neckline of my little shirt down until my breasts spilled out over the top. As I began to rub and squeeze them hard, I watched her open her blouse completely, finally letting me see her hard nipples. I pinched, pulled, and twisted my own, while I thought of sticking my fingers on that swollen clit. She rubbed her pussy lips and pinched one nipple, then ordered me to do the same. I was happy to oblige, but that wasn’t enough. I was soon running my fingers up and down my slit, smearing my juices all over my thighs. I could feel the wetness running down the crack of my ass. She was obviously just as hot, and suddenly stood up and reached behind her to unzip her pants even further. There was only enough left zipped to keep the two pieces together. Because they were so tight, they didn’t fall off, and I got a great look at her ass. She approached the drawers behind me, and pulled out a rather large-barreled, cordless curling iron. At my side, she took my hand and placed it between her legs, then showed me the curling iron.

“Ever been fucked with one of these?” she casually asked. I shook my head no, and she continued, “You just work my pussy, and I’ll work yours.”

Slowly, she slipped the curling iron partially inside me, and my hips tilted to give her better access. It still didn’t work, so she made the back recline, and told me to turn over. I rolled onto my front, raised up onto my hands and knees, and moaned, “Fuck me.” I was so horny and in need of satisfaction I begged, “Please, give it to me.” By now, I didn’t care who walked past the stall and saw my dripping hole wide open. I actually wanted someone to see me acting like such a whore in a public place.

I jammed two fingers into her slippery cunt, and worked them in and out, roughly. Roxie slammed the curling iron deep inside me, moaning as I had one finger in her asshole, one in her pussy, and was rubbing the heel of my hand against her clit. Then I dropped down onto my chest, with my face pressed against the vinyl of the chair. My ass was still up in the air, and I put my hand between my legs to rub my own clit. She saw how difficult it was to manage, and motioned for me to lift myself back up. She maneuvered herself beneath me, with her head in the opposite direction of mine. Sticking the hair styling device into me once again, she grabbed the back of my head and pulled it to her mound. “Eat this, bitch,” she grunted. Talk about an eager beaver, I licked and sucked and bit her clit, I couldn’t get enough. While she fucked me, I fucked her with my fingers. That pussy tasted so good, and she moaned for me to lick harder, faster. I couldn’t take it anymore. I wanted her to eat me raw. I buried my face into her wetness, and lowered my own onto her face. I felt the tool slide out of me, followed by her hands grabbing my ass so hard her nails were digging into the skin.

My skirt hiked up to my waist, my tongue in some stranger’s snatch while I sat on her face, I had never felt this nasty. I moaned loudly, hoping someone would hear. I wanted to be seen, and fantasized that we were fucking like this, two sluts right in the front window. I imagined people watching through the glass as she banged me. Women with their skirts pulled up, fingering themselves; men with their cocks out, stroking. Now I imagine we’re out on the sidewalk like this. I wanted to be surrounded by studs with huge cocks, jacking off onto us.

As I neared my climax, I could feel that Roxie was ready, too. “I’m going to come in your mouth! Come into mine!” she yelled. And that was it. I ground my pelvis down onto her face, rapidly rocking my hips back and forth, as the orgasm rushed over me. I squeezed her ass and plunged my face into her, hard. We both moaned loudly into each other’s flesh, finally getting the release we needed.

After a few seconds, I got off the chair, pulled my top back up and started to grab my purse. This was the best hair job I’d ever had. It was worth any price I had to pay. Roxie saw that I was about to pay her, and she shook her head. “I’d say you more than paid your bill.”

I thanked her, and started to leave, taking the business card she handed me. I thanked her for “doing” me, and walked away. I saw several heads turn as I neared the entrance to the building, and as I crossed the threshold and stepped into the hot summer air, I realized that my skirt was still up around my waist. And I felt the wetness dripping down the inside of my thigh.

I thought what the hell. I like showing off. And walked down the block to my car.

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