tagErotic CouplingsGood Morning Dear

Good Morning Dear


The first thing you noticed as you slowly woke up was that something felt very good. As you became more conscious you realized I was between your legs with your cock in my mouth. My lips were closed around the base very tightly. I wasn't really doing anything, it was just in my mouth, laying on my tongue. You lay there awake, not having opened your eyes yet, content enough not to make any movements or utter a word. Your cock was very warm in my mouth. You could feel how wet it was inside, my mouth getting full of saliva, drooling all over your cock, but not a drop escaping from my lips.

After a moment I began to feel a change in you. My mouth was starting to slowly get fuller as the blood began rushing to your penis. Slowly I began to massage the bottom of the shaft with my tongue, moving it gently, tracing a line back and forth from where you first appear at the inside of my lips and back up the shaft towards the head. My tongue can't reach that far back, and it stops just short of the really sensitive spot just below the head. you try to pull out just a bit, trying to get my tongue further up your cock. My mouth keeps up with you so you don't succeed. I grab your hips firmly and try to hold you still. I stop moving my tongue and look up at u. you crack one eye open and look down at me. As I look you in the eye you realize that I don't want you to move, so you lay still.

I start moving my tongue again, your cock responding with a twitch, and my mouth got even fuller. As you grew thicker and thicker in my mouth you also grew longer. The head started swelling and pressing its way to the back of my throat. It was getting very close to triggering my gag reflex, my mouth now full of your hard cock, the wetness escaping from my lips and dripping down on you, a trickle running down to your balls, making them itch.

Slowly my lips began inching there way up your cock, keeping you deep in my hot mouth, but preventing you from going too deep. I sucked hard on it. You couldn't of moved it if you wanted to. I pulled on it by raising my head a bit without moving my lips and then loosened them a bit so you would slide out slightly. Then I lowed my mouth down your cock and clamped my lips tight again. I did this several times, making you moan and jerk your hips uncontrollably.

My jaw was starting to get tired from keeping so much tension on your cock but not moving my head very much. I loosened my lips and started dragging them up the shaft. My tongue continued its dance on the underside of your cock. Suddenly the tip of my tongue was massaging right underneath the head. you twitched and jerked and grew even harder. I felt a change of taste in my mouth as your pre cum started leaking out.

Wanting to prolong your pleasure by not making you cum too soon, I took my mouth off your cock. I looked down at it. Beautiful, so hard for me, nice and wet and shiny from my mouth, the head very swollen, the skin looking so tight, pre cum slowly leaking from the head. I could see your pulse throbbing in it, and it was bobbing around, twitching, trying to entice my mouth back to it.

But I didn't want to neglect the rest of you. Your balls looked very inviting, so I stuck my tongue out and began licking them softly, first tracing a line right up the middle of them, from where they come out of your body between your legs, up the front of them to the base of your cock. Then down each side, drawing a circle of wetness around your balls with my tongue. The skin began getting wrinkly, your balls tightening up, lifting themselves up, allowing me to continue lower, down to the skin between your balls and your little butthole. Kissing you there, massaging with my lips, tickling with my tongue. You lay there, eyes closed, hands clenched , humping your hips, your cock sticking straight up, a clear river of pre cum oozing from the head. Gasping and moaning, begging me not to stop.

I put my hands behind your knees and lifted, bending your legs, and pushing your knees far apart, your feet off the bed now. you put your hands on your knees and left them there, keeping them spread as far as you could. Your cock now laying on your belly, the pee hole aimed right at your face. I tell you that I am going to make love to your cute little butt with my mouth, but that you'd better not cum or you would cum all over your own face.

I grab your asscheeks and push them farther apart than the already are, and look down at your ass. The little brown hole tensing and releasing in anticipation. I lower my face and stick out my tongue. I start to trace a big circle around your bud, slowly spiraling inwards, each pass getting closer and closer to your tight hole. I begin to lap at it , massaging it, making it want more. I press my tongue against it, trying to push my way in. But it is too tight for me. I cannot get my tongue inside there, and I want to very badly. You are breathing very hard, and moaning loudly.

I reach for the k y jelly and squirt some in my hand to warm it up. I smear it on your ass and lube a finger with it. I start to push my finger in your ass. I insert in to the first knuckle and start to rotate it around, loosening your ass up to I can get my tongue in. You've managed not to cum yet, but I worry what will happen when I get my tongue in your ass. I ask you if you think you can manage not to cum, that I want your cum in my mouth, not all over your chest and face. You moan out that you will do your best. Good enough for me.

I lower my face back down and pull my finger out so that just the tip is in. I put my tongue along side my finger and start pressing my tongue and finger back in your hole. As soon as I get the tip of my tongue in I remove my finger and push my tongue in fast, before your anus tightens back up. You ask me to stop for a second till the urge to cum passes. I reach up and take hold of your balls and start pulling down on them gently, helping you lose the urge to cum. You sigh loudly and tell me you r ok now.

I press my face hard against your ass and strain my tongue out as far as it will go, burying it in your ass. I wiggle it around, fucking your ass with my tongue. You're are crazy with pleasure and lust, moaning and rocking your ass against my face. My tongue continues making love to your ass, going in and out, licking and poking you. You tell me you have to cum, you can't wait any longer. I pull my tongue out of your ass and shove your cock into my mouth. You grab my by the head and fuck my mouth with deep strokes. I'm sucking and licking, devouring your cock. I reach down and put my finger back in you ass, and that does it. You shove your cock in deep. I can feel it swell even more and start throbbing. Your are shooting a big load in my mouth, and I'm trying to swallow it all. You just keep spurting and spurting, a huge load. Slowly you begin to come down. Your cock is softening up. You gently pull it from my mouth and thank me for the wonderful orgasm. You are drowsy again, so I let you drift off to sleep. I think maybe I shall make you breakfast so you have something to eat when you wake up. I already had my breakfast. :)

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