tagMind ControlGood Neighbor Ch. 06

Good Neighbor Ch. 06


Synopsis: A neighbor left a fledging harem unattended, and hilarity ensues.

Tags: MC, MF, MD, GR, HU

Note: "My Erotic Fiction", which means it cannot be reposted, etc. without my permission; it may be illegal or immoral for you to read; and it is all made up. Paladin.00.ssi@gmail.com or PaladinInBlack on Tumblr.

Note 2: Read Good Neighbor 1 to 5 first, OK?


JACK- average guy who recently got a large dick and a harem.

ANGEL- was old Maddy Murphy, 1st changed, looks like Alice Goodwin. Wife-like and adoring.

BUNNY- 'Trailer park' Sally Ruggles, looks like Jenny Poussin. Cheerleadery.

GINGER- was bitchy Victoria Dowdds, now a tall red-headed blend of Bianca Beauchamp and the actress from Gilligan's Island. Seductive and almost domineering.

KUNI- was Kim Lon-Duc, now looks like Julri Waters. Exhibitionist, good head for business.

SAMMY- Samantha Dowdds, Ginger's older sister, now younger and looks like Jordan Carver. Aggressive and bouncy.

LILY- Lilian Vandolet, rented from the old Mrs. Murphy, resembles Lucy Pinder. Tender and loving.

CANDY - Phylis Sherman, Angel/Maddy's elderly friend, now a Denise Milani clone. Best described as 'enthusiastic'.

KIKI- Julie Ton, a neighbor of Kuni, changed to resemble Francine Dee. Geisha.

PENNY- the newest and Angel's grown daughter, now a busty clone of the girl from Big Bang Theory.

Good Neighbor 6

Jack was sleeping alone, and the tone of the Mad House was much more somber than Jack had grown accustomed to. Of course, the other girls stepped up their efforts to ensure The Payments were made, but most of their meals lately were noticeably shy of meat (thank goodness for their large garden) and the overall mood was noticeably more quiet.

To make it more frustrating, other things were starting to come together. The couple that owned the sex toy store, the Beaumonts, were interested in retiring and wanted to sell. They told Ginger that they would sell to her or Paladin Enterprises for a good price, but could not wait long as they had another offer on the table. The breastaurant, Giggles, was so happy with their girls that they were willing to hire more, even without 'hint hint nudge nudge' 'official' paperwork.

The office had a big whiteboard with The Chart- a simple set of columns that showed income and payments, and how much they had for the next Big Payment, and the estimated curve was off just enough to make Jack sick to his stomach. Even Mrs. Murphy was worried about it, knowing what it meant and what the debt holders could do. She had been holding her tongue as much as she felt she could about many of the activities even though it obviously bothered her to do so.

Maddy had been spending more and more time away from the Mad House trying to make her own friends, find her own place, and gain control back over her life. She showed no signs of reconverting back to Jack's beloved Angel. While it broke his heart, he helped her whenever he could, driving her to activities or helping her use the computer for research when Penny or Lily were not available. They occasionally shared a lunch or something, but Jack could see that Mrs. Murphy was uncomfortable during those times.

Oddly, Mrs. Murphy and the Beaumonts got along wonderfully. Without getting permission from Jack to do so, she had told them pretty much everything that had gone on. It turns out they knew about, and rather disliked, the Secret Sexlabs and the ex-Dr. Demetrios. The clandestine group began to work behind the scenes to help.

Jack was caught off-guard when Mrs. Murphy asked him to meet her and the Beaumonts at a nearby restaurant, and to bring Ginger... one of the girls that Mrs. Murphy never quite got along with. The duo met the trio and enjoyed a perfectly pleasant dinner, but Jack knew something was up.

Mr. Beaumont rang his wineglass after the table was cleared off. "I call this meeting to order. Mrs. Beaumont, my dear. I believe you have the floor."

"Thank you Charles. Mr. Allen, I hope you know how much as treasure Ginger at the store. We think of her almost as a daughter. She is just so kind and helpful. A sweet child. (Jack had to hide a grin at the idea of describing the tall, busty, red-headed, leather-clad, whip-wielding woman as 'sweet' or 'daughter-ish'.) We also enjoy our time with Mrs. Murphy, and we think we understand your situation well enough. We want to help."

Jack was confused... which, admittedly, is not a new sensation for him. He was secretly proud of how we he managed his confusion since he got so much practice at it.

"We wish to invest in Paladin Enterprises as silent partners. We understand that there will be no real dividends or benefits until this rather distasteful loan is paid back, but we feel sure that a hard-working, honorable man such as yourself, ably assisted by the women around you, and with some of our occasional insights, you can make this profitable for all of us."

"Uh..." How embarrassing. This has not happened to him in a bit. Lessee... what do we have in the Emergency Brain Lock Field Pack? Any jumper cables? Smelling salts? Sledge hammer? Nope. A gulp of red wine will have to do. And of course, he snorted some of it. The assemblage sat in silence as Jack's coughing and hacking cleared up.

"Do you need some more water or wine, son?" Mr. Beaumont offered. A few wheezes later and Jack was able to shake his head no.

They spent the next hour going over a proposal in which Paladin Enterprises would take over Romatrix entirely, the Beaumonts would serve as an advisory board and shareholders, what the division of profits would look like after getting the other people paid off, and so on. A big, but very welcome shoe fell when Mrs. Beaumont told him that they were also in an situation where they could help with a loan whenever the Payment might be short or bite too hard. Jack was resting back in his seat feeling an enormous weight lift. Then the other shoe fell.

"The Beaumonts have also offered to let me stay in their guest house up at their place." Jack had been to their place and knew about the nice cottage out back, but could not stop his heart from nearly breaking.

"I... I see. That... That's great for you! When would this be happening?"

Mrs. Murphy had the grace to look embarrassed. "Actually, Mr. Allen, we've been moving my things over for a few days now. I'll be going home with them." Seeing his expression, the Beaumonts excused themselves to take care of the check. Mrs. Murphy held his shoulders and hugged him as she thanked him for taking care of her, both in recent weeks and as Angel. "While I am not happy with what has happened, I think I am indeed glad it was someone like you that helped." She kissed his cheek and slid out of the booth.

Jack arrived at the Mad House and just sat in his car for a bit. He was not sure what he wanted to do. Go back and beg Maddy to come 'home'? Hit the bar and drink to a stupor? Drive into a lake? The car door opened and Jack looked up to see Penny and a couple of the other girls. Without saying a word, they helped him out of the car and into his bed. They helped him take off his shoes and loosen his clothes and laid down with him, just holding him and stroking his hair. It did not take long for him to cry himself to sleep.

When he woke up, he was feeling better. Being cuddled and held by the other eight women who seemed to honestly love him even after everything he had done helped him gain a little perspective. It also helped him realize his responsibilities to them, and how much he had been neglecting things lately.

He gently drug a still-sleeping Lily to the edge of the bed and repositioned her so he could begin to kiss and massage her soft pink petals. It only took a little stimulation before the flower bloomed and her fragrant dew began to collect. She moaned in her sleep softly and sexily. Her legs spread and she opened to his tongue as he used broad flat strokes on the outer lips and juicy center. When she stretched and changed her tone a bit, he began to use a more pointed tongue and part her lips.

"Ummm, Jack, that feels sooo good. Good morning to you, too!" She caressed his head and moved her hips to help him get a better angle. By now, he was doing the classic 'write the alphabet' trick to stimulate her all over, dipping his tongue in deep during the vowels. When he was halfway done, he let his cursive 'L' loop up to her shiny little clitty and delighted in feeling her shiver. More the letters intercepted her sensitive button- P, Q, the crossbar on the T- which really got to her- and more. She was wide awake and shuddering through some small climaxes as Jack worked on his punctuation by jamming his tongue and fingers into one opening or another. A combination of tongue and fingers brought her to a nice, wet climax and she fell back for a moment.

Even as Lily reached out to hold and kiss Jack, he was already positioning Kiko to the edge and had started with her. She was partly awake and helped some as Jack explored her tight little slit, but it opened quickly to his insistent yet gentle tongue. Jack felt badly about neglecting the girls and was a bit embarrassed that he had forgotten how deliciously spicy Kiko's nectar was. She was always quick to warm up and he was lapping up her tangy juices as he gave her neglected pussy a workout. He brought her to a moaning climax and gave her a big hug even as he began to position Sammy.

By now most of the girls were awake and Sammy put up a token resistance. "I think Bunny and Candy need it more than I do, Jack." He seemed to ignore her as he buried his head in her thighs and sucked gently on her already tight clit.

"That may be true," Jack growled, raising his head for a moment, "but this won't take long, will it?" Sammy was always fabulously responsive, and it indeed did not take her long to try to crush Jack's head in her powerful thighs.

It took a bit of time, and Jack's tongue felt cramped, but soon all eight of his women had been serviced. Most were still lounging in bed, although a couple had woken up enough to put coffee and breakfast munchies out. Jack called a Fan Club meeting for an hour from now.

"We have a few things to discuss, but we don't need to make a lot of decisions here and now. First thing is Penny." The young woman looked a bit startled at being singled out. "You should think about your role now. Would you rather move in with your mother? I know she would love to have you. Or, would you prefer to have a non-sexual role in our businesses, which I know your mother would prefer, or what would you like to do? Like I said, you don't need to decide right now.

"The other big thing is a rather interesting proposal by the Beaumonts." Jack laid out the basic offer, trying to keep his opinions out of the presentation. When he was finished, the girls began to ask questions of him and each other. the mood began to lighten as they began to realize the potential here. Before Jack quite realized what was going on, the girls had basically done a complete marketing campaign rebranding the place as 'Red's' and even had sketched out some commercials! Dang these girls were efficient when they put their minds to something!

"Whoa! First, we need to decide if we will take them up on this." THAT started a whirlwind!

"You didn't snatch it up right away?" was a common refrain from the ensuing babble. The girls were shocked that he had not already locked us in. The idea that he wanted to talk it over and vote on it was met with a sort of bemusement- somewhere between 'bless his heart. At least he tries hard' and 'what an idiot. At least he has a big cock!'. Ginger was on the phone confirming the deal before Jack could get a word in edgewise, and the 'K's' were getting some (cheap) champagne to celebrate with.

The next several weeks were insane. The many issues involved with buying a business and setting up a partnership took up huge chunks of his time, his 'real' job was in its busy season, all of the girls were involved in their own businesses or duties (most of them worked a regular job, and in multiple areas that Paladin Enterprises was involved with), and there just weren't enough hours in the day.

OK, if Jack was being truthful about this period, he would have to admit that he was still in a funk. Angel was still gone. The other girls were wonderful, but they just weren't Angel. His typical day involved whichever one or two of them was sharing his bed waking him up and helping him get ready- sometimes even laying out his clothes. Whoever was on kitchen duty would make sure he had a healthy breakfast and packed lunch and was out the door in time.

Jack found work a welcome solace lately- the familiar routine was just challenging enough to help him keep his mind of the insanity of the Mad House and the situation with Angel... most of the time. While not performing to full peak, he was doing well enough to earn back some of the goodwill he lost in the recent insanity.

Buying the business involved a lot more stuff than he would have guessed. Legal forms, inventories, building walk throughs, training sessions, insurance, city inspections... there was just so much of it, even with the Beaumonts doing as much as they could from their end. He often had to take long breaks from work to meet with various people, which meant working longer days to make up for it. There were also still the day-to-day operations of the Mad House and Paladin Enterprises. Kuni generally briefed him when he came home and laid out stacks of materials for him to approve, sign, initial, or whatever. On top of this was the on-going work involved with some of the Enterprises themselves and the near-daily upkeep the Mad House took. Fortunately for everyone's sanity, the girls had arranged for several handymen to deal with lots of the maintenance and upkeep in return for 'alternative payments'.

The girls were being neglected, however, and Jack knew it. It was easy to find some excuse, and they loved him enough to not push it, but it was not optimal for any of them. One day, Jack found himself being frogmarched by Sammy and Candy into a room with Bunny and Kiki. The two were cuddled in bed and seemed to have been crying. Jack's heart melted when he realized he could not remember the last time he spent any quality time with either of them lately.

He sat between them and hugged each, begging for forgiveness. Bunny laid her blonde head on his shoulder while Kiki snuggled her raven locks into his chest. The three of them just sat there for a bit, the two girls occasionally sobbing or sniffing softly. Jack pulled out a hankie to offer to Bunny, and his shirt tails for Kiki. She blew her nose on them, then gasped when she realized what she did. Jack stroked her hair to reassure her and slipped his shirt off. Now, he could feel their warmth against his skin. The heat of their breath, the weight of their chests... He began to realize how nice they smelled, and how smooth their skin was under his hands.

Jack began to stroke the two girls along their sides. Bunny moaned and hugged him harder. Kiki sighed and let her hands slide along his lap and thighs. Soon, their hands were so tangled up in each other's most private places it would have taken a really skilled and dirty-minded Boy Scout with a good knot guide to unravel them.

At one point, Jack was flat on his back with Bunny bouncing delightfully on top of him while Kiki was in full geisha mode and rubbing a warm fragrant oil on their skin. With every sense pushed to the limit, the two came loudly and wetly, blindly seeking a three-way kiss as they rode their peaks.

Kiki used more of the oil and her deft fingers to first relax, then re-engage Jack... or at least his cock. She slid on him like he was some sort of slip and slide toy, dragging her tight nipples on his warm, slick skin. Jack reciprocated by lightly stroking her armpits, one of her favorite off-beat erogenous zones. Once she was giggling happily, he slid her up and kissed her long and deep as if trying to make up for all the lost time.

Bunny took charge of the situation and Jack's cock and rubbed it on Kiki's lower lips until the small girl was groaning, then slipped it in- basically fucking her with Jack's cock as a living dildo. As Kiki or Jack tried to take some initiative, Bunny would laugh and change tempo or angles, or just grip his cock closer to the head to limit depth. Bunny started to laugh harder as Kiki started to cuss her out with her adorable accent.

"Darn you Bunny! Stick it in me deep! God you are such a meanie! Fuck me! Fuck me with Jack-san's big cock! Oh, please Master! Fuck me!" Bunny relented and surrendered control back to Jack who proceeded to pound several orgasms from the quivering shell of a girl.

A Payment was made, the legal stuff around the store was winding down, the new ads were doing well and Red's was beginning to rake in some real money, sex was happening more often around the Mad House lately and things were... well, not great, but better. Jack was making a point to spend real time with each girl one-on-one and in small groups, alternating dating-like activity, helping with one job or another, or just hanging with them. He still missed his beloved Angel but the sheer variety of kinds of affection he got from the others was helping fill the void... some.

Lily was a good example. She was quiet, demure, tender, and just plain sweet. She was the perfect companion for going to a romantic comedy movie date or sitting and watching the stars. Sammy was like that girlfriend that swept you along in her wake. She could club and dance til the wee hours and still have endless energy.

Candy was a bit of a surprise. She had a real love for opera and theater and was the perfect companion at galleries and his company's social events. It obviously helped that she was stunning in that sort of clothing, and she was intelligent and witty. Kuni took Jack on an amazing date to the zoo and botanical center. Jack knew she had a good head for business, but he had not known about her love for plants and animals until he saw her face glow as she wandered the butterfly garden exhibit. (of course, being Kuni, she also pulled Jack into a small semi-hidden glen for a quick fuck and went pantiless the rest of the day.)

Penny helped him rediscover the joy of the mall and shopping while Ginger taught him ballroom dancing. Kiki accompanied him to a nice spa and Bunny took him bungee jumping. Jack loved all of it and loved them all the more for trying so hard to make him happy. By the time the next Payment rolled around, he was... if not truly happy, at least content. Then he got 'The Call'.

Mrs. Murphy wanted to meet with him. The two had seen each other mostly during meetings with the Beaumonts or at some social events at the Mad House, or when she and her daughter would do something together but they had not spent time together since she moved out.

The two met for a generally uncomfortable lunch at the diner they had their last real meeting at. They exchanged small talk and caught each other up on events. Maddy seemed relieved that The Payments were going well but she still seemed... uneasy... to Jack. "I don't mean to pry, Mrs. Murphy, but is everything OK?"

She ducked her head and sighed. "N... not really, Mr. Allen... Jack." When she looked up again, there was a little moisture in her eyes. "I miss the girls and the house."

Jack was confused. "I'm not sure what you mean."

"I've tried to be a good Christian woman. I joined a church and several clubs, tend my garden, and everything I am supposed to. But I really don't have any friends other than the girls and the Beaumonts. The other people I've met don't really interest me, and all the clubs and such just feel like busy work. I miss the warmth the girls have for each other and even shared with me when I let them. I even find that I like working with Ginger at the store when I help with cleaning or inventory."

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