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Good Neighbours


My wife, Jean, is a smart, successful business woman and highly respected in her chosen profession. One would never guess that in our private life she's highly sexual and loves to act like a slut. She needs a lot of attention and keeps me horny by wearing sexy lingerie, revealing clothes and showing off her body to me in provocative ways. I have always been turned-on by this behaviour and encouraged it. When purchasing birthday, anniversary or Christmas gifts I always include something sexy; stockings, stilettos, lingerie or clothing and her collection is extensive.

Until we met Don and Carol we had never had sex outside of our marriage. They were the same age as us, late twenties, and lived directly across the street from our first home. Jean and Carol went shopping together and Don and I helped each other with home projects and we became close friends. They seemed an odd-matched couple at first; Don is about 5' 6" while Carol is 5' 11" and towers over him, especially when wearing heels, but they compliment each other very well.

Don told me during one of our guy-talk sessions that Carol liked to dress up in sexy lingerie and erotic clothing and, like me, found it highly arousing. He had a secret desire to watch Carol with another man and I confessed to the same fantasy about Jean and had discussed it with her. She never rejected the idea outright although her answer gave me no carte blanche to pursue it either. Don thought perhaps he should discuss it with Carol, maybe she would be for it. Later that evening I mentioned the chat to Jean and she said all men probably have the same feelings and Don might get his wish one day and she disappeared into the utility room to finish the laundry.

Two weeks later we had just finished dinner at our friends when Jean said she had something to show Carol back at our house and they would be back shortly. They went off leaving Don and I to clear the table. The chore was soon done and we sat at the kitchen table and cracked open a beer. We heard our wives come back and go directly upstairs; we didn't pay much attention and carried on discussing if the Leafs would ever win the Stanley Cup in our lifetime.

Fifteen minutes later the gals came into the kitchen wearing just stockings, heels, garter belts and half-cup bras and stood in front of us with their legs spread apart and hands on hips. Carol looked great; she was all in red, her large tits bulging out over the top of her bra and I saw a neat patch of dark brown hair above her pussy. Jean's outfit was black contrasting her light skin; her slim, athletic body, lovely tits, long shapely legs and blonde pubic hair exposed for Don to see. They knelt in front of us, unzipped our pants and sucked our cocks. I looked over and was surprised by the size of Don's cock. Although he is small in stature, his cock was anything but. As Carol brought him to a full erection I was amazed by its thickness and length. Jean eyes widened as she saw how big it was and my cock stiffened at the thought of it in my wife's mouth, hands and pussy.

After a few minutes Carol said, 'Let's change.'

Carol knew what to do with a cock; she licked, mouthed and fondled me while never letting me get close to ejaculation. Jean was enjoying Don; she seemed intrigued by the size of him and jerked his big cock in front of her face then devoured it again and again with loud slurping noises. He helped Jean to her feet, his huge cock rock hard and twitching up and down, and sat her back on the kitchen table. I stood beside them and my wife opened her legs. I played with her clitoris while Don rubbed his dick around her labia before pushing inside her. This was so erotic for me that I shot my load down Carol's throat almost immediately. Don fucked my wife on the table while I watched and fondled Carol until he sent a heavy load of sperm squirting all over Jean's tummy and tits.

In bed that night Jean told me that she had discussed Don's desires with Carol, explaining that I felt the same. Carol was excited by this and told Jean that she had fantasies about having sex with me and their plans to seduce us began. Jean found the evening extremely arousing and Don's big dick had filled and stretched her pussy as never before. I told her how horny I felt when I saw her with another man and that I would like to just watch next time and masturbate. She said that was so erotic and grabbed my hard cock. I rolled on top of her and slipped into her very wet pussy.

The next morning we invited Don and Carol over for coffee and a chat. It was agreed that everyone had fun and we should do it again. Jean mentioned my wish to watch her and masturbate and our friends seemed excited by the idea and plans were made for Friday night at our place.

Jean wore in a little blue dress with a cincher and nylons underneath. Stiletto heels showed off her legs and she looked spectacular. I became hard thinking that in a few minutes I would be watching her with Don. Our friends arrived and when Carol removed her coat she was only wearing stockings and heels. She kissed me, rubbed my crotch and smiled, 'Boy, are you ever ready!' she laughed.

I could see the bulge in Don's slacks as Jean took him by the hand and headed for the bedroom. I followed Carol up the stairs and enjoyed the beautiful view. Jean and Don embraced at the foot of the bed and kissed while Don's hands mauled her ass. I stripped off and stood beside the bed while Carol lay back in a chair. Don lifted the little blue dress and fondled Jean's bare behind as they continued to kiss passionately. Don's peeled off his clothes and his big cock bounced into view. He removed Jean's dress while she played with his big erection. They lay side by side on the bed and fondled each other as I watched and masturbated. Carol lay back in the chair, spread her legs over the arms and teased her clit. Jean and Don moved into a sixty-nine and I saw how Don's tongue excited Jean's pussy until it soaked his face. I then watched my wife skilfully work on his dick, balls and anus with fingers, tongue and mouth. He positioned her at the edge of the bed and stood between her legs. She was ready for him and he slid into her easily. I lay on the floor with my head between Don's feet and looked up his big dick punished my wife's willing pussy. I encouraged him by saying, 'Fuck her Don, give her that big cock, slam it into her, she loves it.'

Carol gave encouragement from her chair as she hand-fucked herself ever more vigorously, 'Oh yes, fuck her Don, fuck the slut with your big hard cock, stretch that little blonde pussy, she wants more, give it to her harder, she wants it harder.' Carol came out of the chair and crawled over to me on all fours positioning her face a few inches above my cock. 'Give me your cum, splash it all over my face, look at your wife being fucked, she can't get enough of a big, thick dick. Squirt it all over me!'

Her words and the horny way she said them were too much and I splashed a massive load of cum all over her face. Jean moaned as Don's pace quickened and he ejaculated powerfully and collapsed beside her. I looked up and saw Jean's pussy, wet and wide, cum dribbling out and I couldn't resist getting up and tonguing her to another climax finding the mixture of pussy juice and another man's sperm very erotic.

Several weeks later Carol had to rush off to Edmonton due to a family emergency. She'd been gone for three weeks and was expected to be away for at least another two. Don and I spent more time together during het absence, usually at his place or the local watering hole. Jean suggested I invite him for a home-cooked meal on Saturday night since he was living on fast food. He arrived with a bottle of wine in tow and we enjoyed an excellent dinner together. Jean said she needed to finish a report for and would join us in the den if it didn't take too long to finish. Don and I decamped to the den and I turned on the game. As we watched with not much interest Don said how much he missed Carol and how horny he was. He had been leering at Jean's ass all night as she moved about the kitchen and dining room and I guessed he was hoping for a little action. I could sympathize with him but said Jean had a lot work to do and may not be able to join us. He seemed disappointed but resigned and slumped in his chair and nursed his beer.

About forty-five minutes later Jean sashayed into the den wearing a naughty, sexy schoolgirl outfit and fresh make-up.

'I lied,' she said, 'I finished the report yesterday. 'I thought I'd surprise you both.' It certainly buoyed Don's spirits and he placed his beer on the end table and sat up in his chair. I had no idea she had the outfit and she certainly looked sexy...and naughty! She turned on the stereo, began a striptease and told us to strip. Don and I masturbated slowly while watching her dance in front of us. She bent over and played with herself then faced us and put a finger in her mouth. She said she had been a naughty girl and turned around, bent over slightly and caressing her ass. 'Spank me,' she cooed, 'I need to be spanked for being naughty.'

I took her by the hand and led her to the couch and put her across my lap, my erection throbbed powerfully against her. As I spanked my wife Don grabbed her hair, lifted her head and pushed his cock into her mouth. Between spanks I fondled her pussy and watched as her behind began to redden. We changed positions and Don spanked our naughty schoolgirl while she sucked my cock. Her ass had a nice pink blush when she stood and crossed the room to sit in a chair. We were about to join her but she held up a hand and said firmly, 'No, stay where you are!'

What she said next came as a total surprise. "I want you to jerk each other.'

Don and I looked at her in stunned silence and then at each other.

'Go on, they won't bite,' she demanded then added, 'you should know what to do... you've played with our own cocks enough.

We tentatively reached over and held each others cock. I felt Don's fingers and thumb gently caress my erection and did the same to his big cock. His shaft pulsed in my hand and I found it very exciting, my cock became so hard it almost hurt. We began to jerk each other as Jean watched and masturbated.

'Umm, look how big and hard Don's cock is. Wouldn't you like tease the head with your tongue and taste his pre-cum? Take him into your mouth and feel it throb? Suck Don's dick, you know you want to,' Jean gasped as her fingers crammed into her pussy.

I was so aroused I couldn't think of any reason not to do as she said. I leaned over and licked his swollen knob while my hand continued to stroke his shaft. The feeling and taste were incredible and I wrapped my lips around his dick and sucked him as I had seen Jean do.

'Your turn, Don,' she said a few minutes later and my cock found his mouth. He tickled the underside of my knob with his tongue and caressed my balls. Jean came over and sucked his cock then pulled me onto the floor in a sixty-nine. I gazed at her lovely ass above me and spread her pussy lips apart with my thumbs. Don's hefty cock came into view and moved towards my wife's pussy. I watched his cock nudge against her vagina and disappear inside. He moved slowly at first and I tongued his cock and balls while teasing Jean's clit with my thumb. He pulled out and I played with his super hard dick then guided it back inside my wife. His speed increased and he fucked Jean with deep, forceful strokes, her pussy lips spreading apart each time he sank in to his balls. Don filled her pussy, splashing some onto me and my load erupted into her mouth. She turned around and alternated between licking cum from my face and sucking on Don's cock.

Carol arrived home the following Tuesday and we arranged a get together for Saturday. By then she knew all about our 'naughty evening' and couldn't wait to go upstairs and change into her schoolgirl outfit so it could be repeated as a foursome.

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