tagSci-Fi & FantasyGood To Be Undead Ch. 02

Good To Be Undead Ch. 02


The plan was so simple. We were supposed to meet at a certain time, get something done and then move on. Unfortunately, some people always show up late for everything. Hello, there. My name is Lamia Grey, formerly Lamia Le Gris, and I'll be your vampire for the evening. Anyone looking at me would see a tall, large black woman clad in black leather. I am so much more than that. I am a vampire and currently hold the rank of Regent of the House of Blight. This makes me one of the rulers of the House of Blight. One of the most powerful Houses in modern history.

The House of Blight is a gathering of powerful vampires from around the world. We're quite numerous and financially wealthy. We also control much of New York City and part of Long Island. Vampire society is quite well-organized and not the random jumble you see on television. A vampire is sired and joins a clan. A clan is a group of vampires with similar beliefs who stick together and run a certain territory. Numerous clans form a House. A great House can rule a large territory. We run our territory and defend it against other vampires. The House of Blight has about five thousand members spread all over the state of New York. The only rival we have in this part of the world is the House of Twilight.

The House of Twilight is made up of ancient, powerful vampires. They're quite ruthless and survived through the inter clan wars. They're big in the worlds of finance, business, sports and politics. Like all vampires, they look exactly like humans. What humans don't know is that vampires walk among them. Even in the daylight. Sunlight makes us sleepy and groggy. But we can function in it. Nothing some suntan lotion can't fix. We don't burst into flames in the sun. That's a myth. Also, crosses and holy water don't do anything to us. We look and act like normal people. We go to work and then come home. Unlike normal people, we live forever. A vampire can live forever unless he or she gets themselves killed. We're not invincible. While five times stronger and four times faster than an average human being of our size and sex, we're far from the lethally indestructible machines of terror human cinema makes us out to be. Our bodies can regenerate. Unless we're beheaded or staked in the heart, then it's all over. End of story.

Myself, I was born in 1808 on the Island of Haiti. I lived as a Haitian woman, a normal person, until 1858. I had gotten married and all that jazz. My husband's name was Jean-Pierre and he lived in Cap Haitian, in Northern Haiti. We had two sons, Phillip and Remy, and a daughter, Isabel. Life was good. Haiti was the first sovereign Black nation in the new world. We were free at a time when African-Americans were still in chains. I lived for fifty years as a normal human being. Then a vampire named Henry Guillaume came to town. And he changed me. He was killed by the Island soldiers. They don't like vampires down there and they know of the supernatural. I moved to America in 1878. Twenty years later I would meet Jason Blight, a handsome young black man who had been around since 1700 A.D. He was actually a master vampire and the Founder of the House of Blight. The first all-black vampire clan in America.

I watched the House of Blight grow in America. We sought out young black men and black women of great intellect and beauty. We turned them into vampires. The House of Blight became a powerful force in both vampire and human worlds. We were avid supporters of the civil rights movement back in the day. I was a supporter of women's rights too, but many of today's feminists disappoint me. You don't need to hate men in order to prove your strength as a woman. I respect the men in my life and they respect me. That's the way the world should be. Tell that to the politically correct harpies out there. Never mind.

My duties as Regent of the House of Blight keep me quite busy. Jason Blight is the Master and Founder of the House. He approves or disapproves of newcomers. He makes all the big decisions. I am his second in command. I keep the House running. I make sure our businesses run smoothly, and that our members, especially the new ones, stay out of the press. I put out fires, so to speak. Just call me the black female vampire firefighter. Running an organization with five thousand immortals isn't all that different from running one with humans. People are people, whether they live forever or not. I handle the civil branch of our affairs. The Enforcer handles the other stuff.

The Enforcer is a tall, good-looking black man named Stephen Volley. A hefty and handsome black stud. He is of Haitian origin, just like me. He is not a vampire, though. I convinced the Master to hire him as an Enforcer during the House of Blight's internecine wars. Stephen is not a vampire but he's also not human. You see, he is a werewolf. He can transform himself into a wolf-like creature of titanic proportions in the blink of an eye. Werewolves are a strong, violent and powerful breed. Vampires don't usually care much for them. The average werewolf is a lot stronger than even ancient and well-trained vampires. Simply because werewolves tap into their animalistic rage and intensity a lot more than vampires do.

When I first met Stephen, he was living with a handsome gay Irishman named Lucas Jenkins on his college campus. Stephen the werewolf is bisexual. He had left his Pack, the Lupercus, and was living in human society. At the time, he attended Magnus Tech, a four-year technical college. A small school located in Long Island. It had one campus and only twelve hundred students. The school did have a decent sports program, though. Magnus Tech's Department of Athletics sponsored Men's Basketball, Baseball, Volleyball, Cross Country, Ice Hockey, Wrestling, Lacrosse, Football and Swimming along with Women's Basketball, Softball, Volleyball, Cross Country, Ice Hockey, Lacrosse, Field Hockey, Rugby and Swimming. Stephen was a running back on the Football team. He was also having an affair with a swimmer Lucas during that fateful year. Some homophobes killed Lucas after spotting them together. A vengeful Stephen unleashed hell upon them, werewolf style. He became sort of an avenging angel that night. I saw him in action. I was visiting Long Island that week, to take care of some business acquisitions we had in the area. Stephen had been vengeful but careful in punishing the humans who killed his lover. I admired that about him. I approached him. He told me to go away. I knew that he needed some grieving time. So I made the offer a few months later. Stephen said he'd consider it. Then, he came to work for us.

Vampires are immortal bureaucrats. They live forever, so they get stagnant sometimes. Although a House is dominated by its Founder or the descendants of said Founder, Houses tend to be democratic. To an extent, of course. Not so in the werewolf world. Werewolves live in Packs. An Alpha Male runs the Pack, along with his Alpha Female. Anyone who challenges either of the Alphas is swiftly removed. In an unpleasant way. Werewolf fights tend to be astonishingly brutal. A male werewolf must fight to become leader of his Pack. Those who lose battles tend to die. Werewolf Packs tend to have between four to twenty members. They tend to be nomadic. Many werewolves are members of biker gangs.

There's a lot of mythology about werewolves. They're not human beings transformed into animalistic creatures by the light of the moon. They're wolf-like creatures disguised as human beings. All vampires were once human. It took another vampire to sire them and bring them into the vampire life. Werewolves aren't like that. A male werewolf and a female werewolf get together and create a whole bunch of them. That's the way it works. The sexual unions of vampires never produce fruit. We're all sterile the moment we become vampires. Werewolves aren't like us. They're deeply in touch with their animal instincts. They're also stronger and faster than we are. They can live for thousands of years, aging much slower than humans. However, they don't live forever. They've got extreme longevity.

Lupus, a werewolf of Latin origin is an extremely famous member of their species. He was born around 200 B.C. in Italy. He was once worshiped as the Wolf God by primitive people in the Italian mountains. He was the Alpha of the most numerous and long-lived Pack, Pack Lobo. Lupus died in 1990. He was two thousand and ninety years old. Most vampires don't live that long because they perish in clan wars. The Wolf-Man was truly remarkable. I respect the werewolves. There are hundreds of thousands of vampires walking the earth. Posing as lawyers, doctors, scientists, soldiers, etc. Werewolves outnumber us because they reproduce really fast. Their sexual prowess is legendary.

Speaking of sexual prowess. I was supposed to meet Stephen here. Where is that masculine werewolf stud? I was standing on the rooftop and didn't hear anything come up behind me in the night. Suddenly, I found myself caught by two very strong and hairy arms. I turned around and saw that it was Stephen. The sexy wolf-man. I smiled and kissed him. He kissed me back. No one knows this but we're lovers. In my time, I've had male and female lovers, both human and vampire. However, only when I experienced the love of a masculine werewolf in heat did I find out what true passion was. That's when I fell in love with Stephen.

Even though he is a werewolf, Stephen is first and foremost a black man. He likes a thick black female with a cute face, large breasts, wide hips and a big bubble butt. That's me. To him, it doesn't matter that I am a vampire. As he kissed and caressed me, I felt his manliness harden. So I got down to please the werewolf stud I loved. I unzipped his pants and freed his cock. Out came his twelve-inch long, uncut black super cock. I gasped when I saw it. I slowly began sucking on it. He grabbed the back of my head and drove me downward. I almost gagged on his cock. It's a good thing that as a vampire, I don't need to breathe. The werewolf stud thrust his cock down my throat. I sucked his dick and licked his balls. Stephen groaned as I sucked him. He clearly liked what I was doing. What did I tell you? I've got skills. I fingered my pussy while sucking him off, and was surprised at how wet I was.

When Stephen came, I drank his manly seed. Licked him dry. He smiled at me and nodded. I knew the jig was up. So I got down on all fours and shook my big ass at him. Laughing, he got behind me and felt up my booty. Yeah, he loves a big butt. I know his big cock has been known to tame both male and female bottoms. And I want some of that. Like a true wolf-man, he was authoritarian and macho. He told me to spread my cheeks and I did. I felt his rough hands grab my hips as his cock pressed against my backdoor. With a swift thrust, he entered me. I'd like to say that I didn't scream or so much grunt when his long and thick cock entered me. But that would be a lie. I howled like one of the damned.

Stephen held my hips and began sliding his cock deeper inside me. Now, I'm no dainty dame or anything like that. I'm no fragile porcelain doll. When it comes to rough sex, I can roll with the toughest of them. However, Stephen operated at a whole other level. He was fucking me like anal sex was going out of style. Every thrust of his big black cock inside me felt like I was being torn in half. And I was loving it. It hurt at first, and hurts still, but it's beginning to feel oddly good right now. Stephen really let me have it. He didn't hold anything back. His clawed hands dug into my inhuman flesh. He grabbed a handful of my long hair and yanked my head back while slamming his cock even deeper inside me. I yelped. Damn, that frigging hurt. Ouch. I liked it. Laughing, he continued to fuck me, his cock stretching my ass to a previously unimaginable extent. We romped the rump way until he finally came, sending his seed deep inside me. I squealed in sheer delight. This was an incredibly intense experience.

Afterwards, Stephen squeezed himself out of me. I readjusted my clothes and sat down, trying to recover. His six foot seven inches dwarfed my foot-foot-ten frame. Like all werewolves, he was physically imposing. Male and female werewolves were distinguished from ordinary humans in many ways. They were taller, and much better-looking. A superb race. One day, they might give us vampires a run for our money. I rose, and simply hugged him. He bent down and kissed me. Stephen Volley. Bisexual black man. College football player. Werewolf of Alpha Class with strong DNA. My lover. What a pair we'd make. Werewolves and vampires don't care for each other's company, but we are civil with one another. Anything to prevent a war. I wonder how the members of the House of Blight, the elite of vampire clans, would feel if they knew their Regent was in love with a werewolf. Doubtless, I'd be banned from the House. I am risking a lot. But I don't care. I love Stephen and he's worth it in my eyes.

I look at him and smile. He smiles back, then suddenly leaps from the roof. He launches himself to the top of another building, three hundred feet away. Wow. Look at that agility. I leap after him. We chase each other across the city, leaping from rooftop to rooftop. It's a fun game we like to play. I run and run. Until dawn threatens. I must return to my loft in Manhattan. Stephen will return to his apartment. We never meet in daylight, except for business. I blink back tears as I watch him leave. The next time we meet, I will be the Regent, that cold businesswoman who runs the House of Blight in the name of its legendary Founder. And he will be the taciturn, lethally effective yet ever-silent Enforcer. You see, we're always together but eternally apart. Until night comes. That's when the fun begins.

As I head into my office, my assistant Natalie informs me of some dire news. It seems that Theresa, a vampire who left the House of Blight and went rogue has been spotted in Massachusetts. Theresa is bad news. Think of a gorgeous heifer who thinks she's all that and lives forever. Oh, and give her an ego the size of Montana and the kind of vampire powers that even ancients like myself would envy. Then let her loose in the world. Theresa was once my apprentice. I wanted her to succeed me as Regent someday. If and when the time came. She couldn't wait and instead went after me. She led an uprising of vampires against the Founder and myself. We put down the uprising and killed the rebels. Theresa escaped. I know she will be back, after she's built herself a new army. Her being in Massachusetts unsupervised means that she's transforming humans left and right into members of the undead.

I was quite worried, as you can imagine. My worries multiplied when Natalie showed me a video. A vampire in Cape Cod, Massachusetts, had made this video. A video of a young black vampire attacking a trio of werewolves by himself. This vampire was a newly turned human named Raphael Hughes, a student at Heracles Tech, a college in the area. I looked at the video. This young man was displaying vampire powers that rivaled my own. Werewolves are savage creatures, except for my Stephen, of course. They're virtually unstoppable. Yet this fledgling vampire had dispatched three of them! He took down an Alpha Female and her mate! What level of power was I dealing with here? What the hell was going on?

I summoned the Enforcer. He came into my office. There he was, my Stephen. All businesslike. I showed him the tape. He watched it without emotion. Then, I told him that we were heading to Massachusetts by private jet. We were going to find Theresa and most importantly, Raphael Hughes, the black college man turned vampire. I would get to the bottom of this, and eradicate any threat to the House of Blight. So must it be.

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