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Note: This is a conversation I had with my friend, Marie, a few days ago. We talk like this often, so I skipped to the good part. Enjoy!

JARED:      Hi.

MARIE:      Hi, hon. I'm in class now.

J:      What class? Am I distracting you?

M:      I'm in Adulthood and Aging. It's good ;)

J:      Good. I don't have class until 12:30 today      So I'm at home.      Thinking about all the fun we'd have if you came visit me.

M:      Ooh?

J:     Oh yes.      I'm glad I'm not in class, because I would have the most obvious boner ever.

M:     Ooh?      Just for me?

J:     Yep      Too bad you aren't here to play with it      Guess I'll have to do that myself.

M:     Mmm. I wish I could

J:     I just slid it out of my boxers      I'm so hot for you. I'm rigid.            There's a little drop of pre-cum on the tip.

M:      God. I love that.

J:     I rubbed it onto the head, using it as lube while I slowly start to stroke my cock.      I'm imagining that it's your hands doing this to me.

M:     I would be able to fit as much in my hands as you can with your big, strong hands.

J:     That would make it hotter.      I'd love the contrast of your petite hands and pretty little face against my hard, bulging cock.            If I'm slow at typing, it's just because I'm also playing with my balls      The way that you would as you slid your lips down my shaft Playfully trailing kisses down my entire length before suddenly taking all of me into your cute mouth.

MARIE:     Fuck. Keep going...

JARED:     You'd bob your head slowly.      Rhythmically.      Bringing your parted lips as close as you could to the base and then slowly back up      All the way to the top, where you would keep only the very tip between your lips. You would slide your tongue out of your mouth (maybe after a playful bite of your lips at the thought of how good you're making me feel) and then you would lick my head.

You'd lick the big sensitive ridge of my head and you'd do it where I could see you. Looking up at me, smiling, wanting me to see what a wanton slut you can be.      You'd trail your tongue slowly down the underside      Until you reached my balls. Holding them gently but firmly in your hands, you'd take first one, and then the other into your mouth

     My cock jutting across your face as you do so      You worship my balls; sucking them, licking them, humming.      I feel like I can't take anymore and you are not even touching my dick any more.

     And then you do.      With your mouth still pleasing my balls, you begin to stroke my shaft.      I tilt my head back and let out a ragged breath, breaking our eye contact.      "Fuck, you're so good. I'm going to cum," I say softly.

MARIE:     I look at you and just smile, loving hearing you give into me—this disciplined paratrooper breaking down in my hands.

JARED:     You slide your panties off from under your skirt and wrap then around the end of my cock, still stroking me with one hand.

     I can't take it anymore and I start to cum. Gushing explosions of cum, all caught by your panties. I lean against a bookshelf as my orgasm makes me go shaky.

     "That was great. I hope the librarian didn't hear us."

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