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Goth Slave on the Bus


Today on the bus ride home, this couple of "kids" got on the bus and sat in the back near me. I was in the forward-facing seat about one foot away from them in the sideways-facing seat. They were not 'kids' as in school-age, but probably early twenties. Obviously living off of a rich mommy-and-daddy situation, but acting goth since it looks cool. Or something. Not like it matters though.

They looked like they were in the cutesey lovey-dovey stage. Probably just moved out of mom and dad's house, or maybe just getting out of the basement for a while. They also had that "scared" look kids get when they are first released into the wild.

Anyhow, they were kind of in the habit of dressing goth, but he didn't seem to comfortable with it, but she was immersed in it. She really looked the part. But she had a weakness for him, and she was also his slave. Maybe it was the 'SLAVE' tattoo marks on the bottom joint of her fingers. Or the dog collar. And the way she said 'Yes, Master' whenever he told her something.

Her clothes were a bit bulky, and she had a very small build, so the clothes hid a lot from the eyes. I'm guessing she couldn't have been wearing much under the sweatshirt though. I heard him whisper to her that she should unzip it a little. She did, and then said "Look here master" very quietly.

She held onto the zipper part just below her collar, and held it away from her as he looked down to check. Smiling, he said "good girl, keep it there for now."

He patted her head, and she smiled, seemingly happy that he approved. She leaned on him, putting her face into the side of his neck, and appeared to be going to sleep. I guess his motive wasn't just a quick glance though. A few bus stops later, he moved one hand up and slowly slipped it down the front of her jacket.

I couldn't see anything, but it didn't take any imagination to know what he got ahold of. Well, maybe she's not sleeping. Once his hand stopped moving, I saw a slight grin on her face. So they were both enjoying this little act. I was wearing mirrored sunglasses, so I was hoping they couldn't see my eyes.

As they were acting out in front of me, I started writing all this down on my laptop. Hopefully this would keep them from thinking that I was very closely watching what they were doing. Since this is an express bus, our next stop was quite a ways off, and we got on the freeway.

With many people starting to sleep, maybe they thought this was a good time for some fun and games. Maybe they have some exhibition act they like to put on. Who knows. Whatever works for them, I guess. It suits me just fine though!

He must have got tired of the grip he had since he started moving his hand around. I saw her grin again, so I knew she was still awake. As his hand moved around, I noticed that her jacket zipper was slowly moving down. I really don't know if either of them realized it. He moved his hand up to tug on her collar a little, and I saw a lot more than I had bargained for. Not complaining, mind you, just more -- just more than I thought I would.

She didn't have very big boobs, but they fit her frame perfectly. Just under a full handful, firm, perky, and no marks on them, and her nipples looked like she was really getting in to this. She must have just realized what was going on with her wardrobe malfunction, because she gasped a bit and made a move to cover herself up, but he stopped her.

I could not believe this! He was not just playing, he was showing her off! To random strangers. Anyone in the bus could have got a peek, as well as people driving by on the freeway. This was awesome! Crap. I think my laptop just got a bit warmer. And an inch higher.

Mr. Showoff reached down for another quick fondle, then whispered something to her. She then zipped her jacket up a bit, getting some modesty back. I think she was relieved. Then her head came out of his neck a little bit, and I saw that her cheeks were very red. But then I saw her stare straight at me. Even though she couldn't see my eyes, she must have known I was staring at her. Then she grinned a bit, bit her bottom lip, and pushed the zipper back down a bit. Not showing off much, but enough for a nice view. All while staring right into my (hidden) eyes.

Then her head went back to where it started. Maybe she really did want me to see. The bouncing of the bus on the rough spots of the freeway caused a nice titillating response from her. Taking their game a bit further, I saw him whisper something to her again. She shook her head, and whispered back to him, just loud enough for me to hear "But I will if you want me to, master."

I kept typing, trying like hell to get all this written down before I forgot anything. I was hoping they would think I was oblivious. I would be sad if they stopped just because they thought I was paying too much attention. Well, he did want her to be a show-off right now. Hopefully I was just part of their game. He tugged on her collar, and I saw her head nod to say 'yes' to his command.

Moving one leg over a big, she undid the bottom five inches of snaps on the front of her leather skirt. Still covering everything, but very eye-catching. Slowly sliding a hand down, she put it to the opening of the bottom of her skirt and pushed up, and I saw it didn't have to go far to get to the black lace panties. Slowly moving her hand into position, she started stroking herself through her panties.

Not much, but enough for her to feel it. And to be seen by her master. Apparently as part of their game, to be also seen by me. Between seeing her rub her pussy, and seeing more of her boobs as she moved, I couldn't believe this was happening. It even looked like her almost-visible nipple had gotten harder. I couldn't actually see it yet, but I could see the impression it made in her jacket. But Master could see it though. His aim was true, and that was the only thing he got when he reached out to pinch it.

One pinch wasn't good enough, so he moved her jacket out of the way, exposing one whole breast, and stroked and pinched her nipple. Letting go, he reached up to shove his finger in her mouth and she attacked it, sucking on it. He immediately told her to stop. Her mouth chased his hand as he pulled away. He quickly again got to the point of rubbing her nipple with his wet fingers.

By this time, we were ready to take the exit off the freeway, I heard him say "Enough for now. You can finish on the next bus."

From the look on her face, she was really getting in to it now! Her neck was turning red, and under the black make up on her cheeks was a faint blush of red. Breathing quickly and deeply, I think she could have cum right there if he had let her.

He pulled her hand out from between her legs and made her rub his cock through his jeans. Not that I was looking at him much, but it was obvious how much he was enjoying this too. But her hand leaving gave me another quick view of her pussy. Her glistening puffy red pussy lips were lips shaved bare, and I couldn't tear my eyes away until she closed her legs.

In an almost normal-volume voice, he told her it was time to get off the bus. She started to fix her clothes, but he said "No, leave it like that. I want to see you walking that way." Standing up, she bowed her head and said "Yes master, I will." He took a chain from his pocket and clasped it to her collar and started to lead her down the aisle to get off.

As she passed me, I finally stopped pretending to not notice. I actually looked straight at her. She gave me a quick grin, then blew a kiss at me. With both her hands free, and still facing me, pulled open her jacket and gave me a full-chest view for a half second. I was caught, she knew I had been watching the whole damn time. As she was turning away, I mouthed "thank you" to her.

She spun on her heel, and walked out past her master. Without a further glance, they walked off the bus, and I have never seen them again. I don't really think I will either. Now that I'm finishing this, I know it was all a setup for them to enjoy being exhibitionists.

That was the coolest thing to happen to me all year. It was a glorified tease, but it was fun for them, and maybe a bit for anyone watching.

Goth girl and master: where ever you are, and whoever you are -- thank you.

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