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Gotham Girls Pt. 07


All characters appearing in the following narrative are fictional. Any resemblance to any real persons - either living or deceased - is entirely coincidental on the part of the Author. Unless otherwise noted all persons appearing in the narrative are written as being of the majority age of eighteen years owing to depictions of graphic sexual activity contained throughout the body of this work.


The Car rolled to a halt and the flip of a switch the turbines powered down until the only thing disturbing the calm of the damp air was the rustling of the bats as they returned to their roosts for the day. Penguin had been stopped from bringing in and selling a shipment of automatic weapons - not that there was any evidence directly linking him to the gun smuggling operation - but Batman had busted his thugs before and knew one of his 'crews' when he came across them. He sat in the driver's seat of the 'Batmobile' and focused on relaxing for a few moments. Alfred would be waiting upstairs for him and he really needed a few hours of sleep before putting in a token appearance at Wayne Enterprises. The message from Lucius Fox had mentioned something about new developments in Applied Sciences. That could only mean some new tech to aide in the Batman's war on crime. . .

Barbara Gordon, college sophomore and daughter to the Gotham City Police Commissioner, had accomplished the impossible! Finishing the fall and winter terms with passing grades? Hardly. She had infiltrated Wayne Manor right under the nose of one Mr. Alfred Pennyworth. Knowing that Bruce was going to be arriving home soon she had chosen her time when she knew that the butler/confidante was going to be busiest. Avoiding Bruce's ever tightening security net had been the tricky part. However, using a few of the toys from her utility belt - to say nothing of some tricks she had learned in her computer sciences class - she had entered the mansion and even now was toweling off from the private shower in Bruce Wayne's bedroom. She was planning a surprise for Gotham's favorite billionaire/playboy/philanthropist. Reaching for her duffle bag even as she dropped her towel, Barbara made a beeline for the full-length mirror. . .

The ride up from the Cave in the elevator seemed to be taking forever. It had to be fatigue from the string of long days and even longer nights that he had been pulling lately. With both Barbara and Dick away at college he was running a little short handed in the sidekick department. On a few of his more recent cases he had even been tempted, even if only for a moment, to see if any members of the Justice League would be willing to help out. The only time that was going to actually happen though would be sometime close to Hell freezing over. Green Arrow - Oliver Queen - was about the only JLA member that he did not mind pairing up with. Probably because they were from similar backgrounds and neither one of them had 'powers' aside from bottomless bank accounts and a need to see justice done. The elevator finally slowed to a stop and the door concealed behind the grandfather clock opened to reveal Alfred waiting for him with a steaming tray of breakfast and a printed itinerary for his day.

"If the second item on that list is not sleep Alfred then we are going to have a talk about priorities." Bruce said as he leveled an accusing finger toward the butler's list even as he took the tray and sat down to begin eating.

"Then one can only assume that the shipment of arms belonging to one Mr. Oswald Chesterfield Cobblepot will not be making an appearance on the streets of Gotham City," asked Alfred? Knowing full well that if even the slightest chance of those guns reaching the streets still existed that 'Bruce Wayne' would not have emerged from below and that the 'Batman' would have still been on duty.

Bruce only smiled around mouths full of Alfred's excellent cooking and moved down the list. Pleased to see that he was not expected at Wayne Enterprises until this afternoon. That meant that he had time for a shower AND some sleep. Bolting down what remained of the meal he asked Alfred to leave him until the last possible moment. With assurances for not being disturbed, Bruce pushed away the, now empty, tray and made a hasty exit toward his private suite of rooms. . .

The mirror did not lie. The lingerie looked stellar on her. A tight stretch of lace fabric, sheer to the point of not being there, formed the panel dipping between her shapely legs and then emerging to cover the nice rounds of her buttocks. The bra was a match and lifted her modest breasts into something that might be appealing to a man that normally filled his bed with super models and debutantes. Sure. Barbara knew it was all part of the 'act'. The one that deflected suspicion from Bruce Wayne ever being the Batman, but it had always made her feel somehow inadequate as a woman and she would have been lying to herself if she tried saying that she had not envisioned something like this happening since Batman and Robin had first accepted her and welcomed her into the 'family'. Of course Robin - Dick Grayson - had been making eyes at her since arriving on the campus of Gotham University earlier in the year. He was a year younger than she was but was already a sophomore owing to having done a year of private schooling abroad. Barbara thought it was 'cute' that he was crushing on her but she had only ever had eyes for the dark and brooding leader of their little crime fighting clan. Hearing footsteps she quickly ducked behind the ornate dressing screen and made herself as small as possible. . .

Steam was still curling off of his body as he dropped the towel on the bathroom floor and padded, bare foot and naked, into his bedroom and collapsed across the bottom of his bed. The door was locked and Alfred would never dare think of intruding on his privacy without at least knocking first. Sleep was just beginning to pull him under when he sensed weight on the bed and felt light hands begin massaging the knots out of his shoulders! His reaction was immediate as he rolled over and lashed out blindly with a kick that would have shattered masonry. The lithe form of his unlooked for companion was already rolling past the kick and came to a rest against his headboard.

"Shit Bruce," said Barbara Gordon. "Is this the way you greet all your would-be lovers?"

"Barbara? What are you doing here?" He asked as all thought of sleep vanished once his brain processed what his young partner was wearing. His physical reaction was almost immediate as he stiffened at the sight of her.

"Well," she teased, "If I am not welcome then I guess I can drive back to the campus and see if Mr. Grayson would be a little more welcoming to me in this get up?" Barbara motioned down the length of her body to the lingerie. Over which she had artfully draped her utility belt. Her face was hidden behind her Batgirl cowl and she was even wearing the scalloped cape.

"You . . . and Dick," asked Bruce?

"He only wishes", quipped Barbara as she straightened the belt across her shapely hips. "But it is not outside the realm of possibility if you don't want me here." She stuck out her bottom lip in a practiced pout even as she spread her legs a fraction of an inch as an 'invitation'. . .

The panties were still on but Barbara Gordon arched her back and sucked in a sharp breath as Bruce Wayne buried his face between her parted legs and breathed in her scent even as he crushed her pelvis against his face. Planting soft kisses across that lace panel in an effort to excite her. With one hand he pushed the utility belt above the waistband and hooked his fingers into the material, yanking down until the flimsy cloth ripped, and then releasing her to allow Barbara to fall back across the bed. Flat on her back, with legs now spread, her red pubic hair on display for the whole world, she watched as Bruce held aloft the fabric which had only second before been her only shield protecting her. He held them up and sniffed at them. Savoring the slight wetness in the crotch before casting them away. No longer distracted, he then turned his full attention to her.

She was no novice, but this was Bruce Wayne - the Batman - that she was with, and the realization of that only made Barbara wish that she had tried to gain a little more experience before climbing into his bed. Still, once the panties were out of the way she had done her best to match his intensity and taken the initiative as she had dived between his legs and engulfed his fast hardening penis in her mouth. The warmth and hardness were more wonderful than she might have ever dreamed possible. The fact that she was now living out a fantasy that had sent her home from patrol to masturbate on multiple occasions was only increasing her own wetness and one of her free hands dipped between her thighs to plunge a finger into her, near-virgin, pussy. There had only been two other men. Boys really. The one that had first initiated her during high school and then the dorm advisor at GSU. Neither of them had come close to arousing her, let alone bring her to a climax, but it had been the experience she had been after and therefore had not expected much from either of them. After all, neither of them had been Batman.

"Mmm . . . Mph . . . Mmm . . . Mph . . . Mmm," she groaned around the shaft as it rested heavy on her tongue. Her one free hand came up and cupped Bruce's ponderous balls and rolled them in his scrotum!

"Oh shit," he groaned even as he allowed his head to roll back across his shoulders.

She continued working him thus. Keeping her jaw loose and her hand working on his balls and alternating between them and stroking along the length of his shaft that would not fit into her mouth. Barbara had read about women that could swallow the whole thing to the root, but nerves coupled with inexperience were making her cautious. There was also her own pleasure to be considered and her other hand had her fingers dancing between her swollen clitoris and her sweltering opening as it wetted her fingers and palm. Barbara did not want to slide her finger inside herself. Saving the first penetration for the glorious machine that was presently in her mouth. She bobbed her head rapidly. Trying to immolate the thrusting motion of intercourse and Bruce responded by sighing deep in his chest and pushing his hips forward as a means of encouraging her to continue. . .

Bruce fell away from Barbara's eager mouth with a satisfying and wet 'pop' as he collapsed backward onto the bed. Barbara was still swallowing the load of cum he had shot between her lips and was smiling between gulps. One of her hands was busy at her slit but she had not inserted a finger inside of herself. Even without that, the smell of her musk was heavy in the still air of the bedroom and even though he had reached one finish, Bruce was happy to note that despite a slight wilting he was still more than ready to go again.

"My turn," he said even as with one hand he lightly pushed her onto her back and easily parted her thighs enough to allow him between them again.

Not waiting for permission he buried his face into the steaming mound of Barbara's sex and with only the tip of his tongue took the first taste of her! Barbara sucked in a sharp breath when the tip of his tongue found the head of her clitoris peeking out from beneath its protective hood and pressed against it for a few seconds before continuing on to pass between her outer lips in order to taste the inner folds of her pussy. He considered himself skilled in the arts of cunnilingus. Having devoted some study to it in order to pass off his cover as billionaire/playboy Bruce Wayne. There would not have been much of a cover if the models and debutantes that he was seen escorting all over Gotham City were only heard to bitch about his skills in the bedroom. He did not allow many of them into his bedroom but those that did get this far usually left the morning after with memories worth talking about.

"Ohhh," gasped Barbara. "Ughn . . . just right . . . Mmm . . . there . . ." Whatever else she might have been trying to say ended in a guttural exclamation as Bruce's tongue - again - teased her clit before parting the folds and taking the plunge into her vaginal canal."

Her legs came up over his shoulders and Bruce became aware of her ankles crossing and then her heels pressing into the muscles of his shoulders as she tried to keep the contact of his tongue on her cunt, even as it washed his face with a wave of heat and he tasted her juices on his lips, tongue, and then felt them running down his chin. Barbara was too tight for more than an inch, perhaps two, of his tongue from gaining entry into her, but it was obvious that at least she was not a virgin. That knowledge allowed Bruce to relax just a little bit and begin to thoroughly enjoy eating her out. It also meant that while he could teach her a few things in the bedroom that the two of them would not have to start from scratch. He was not one to take a slut into his bed, but he much preferred someone with some knowledge and skills than a complete novice. Barbara's hips raised off of the bed to meet his tongue and searching fingers and her own hands were eagerly pawing at her heaving breasts and pinching her nipples as her excitement mounted. Where her bra had gone Bruce could not say and probably doubted that his young and wanton partner remembered even stripping it off. Her utility belt had also come off as the two of them wrestled across the expanse of his bed - a piece of furniture that could easily sleep a dozen - leaving her naked except for the cowl and cape she was still wearing. . .

Her body arched, with mouth hanging open in silent pleasure and her head falling backward, Batgirl rode the waves of indescribable pleasure that seemed to build ceaselessly in her womb before spreading through her sex and then rising into her brain to render her incapable of speech as her muscles contracted and Bruce continued the exquisite dance of tongue, lips, and fingers between her legs which had finally delivered her a first orgasm that was not the result of hormones and an over-active teenage imagination. Compared to those releases, this orgasm was a raging flood tearing through her, while those had been diffuse sprinkles. Bruce rode the waves until they subsided and Barbara scooted away from him until she was able to prop her body up against the headboard of the bed.

"Holy Crap," she exclaimed.

"A bit of an understatement," offered Bruce as he closed the distance between them. Wiping off her juices from his chin and lips with the back of one hand.

Barbara took note that he was fully prepared to finish what the two of them had started and she took in a cautious breath at the sight of the hard rod and mushroomed head rising from between his legs and ready to assail her own sex. Bruce was, easily, twice as large as either of her previous two lovers. Not that they could even compare themselves to that massive penis. Still, setting eyes on the goal of today's little endeavor made her wince inwardly at the thought of taking that monster between her legs. . .

'Hurts so good,' barely began to describe the feelings evoked as Bruce Wayne fully parted her legs and settled himself between them, resting his weight on his thighs and calves. The head of his cock combed through the tangled mess of her sweat slicked, red, pubic hair and lightly touched off against her engorged clitoris. Once he parted her outer lips to touch her inner folds Barbara felt like crying out but held it together. When he pushed against her opening though her gasp was involuntary as he parted her completely and pressed through into the warm, confining, tightness that was her near-virgin pussy!

"Ohhh . . ." she breathed softly.

Her muscles cinched around that surging shaft and of their own accord pulled him deeper inside of her. She wrapped herself around Bruce even as his hands found her hips and began guiding her movements. With her sitting astride him it was easier on the both of them if she moved and set a pace that was comfortable for her. Incapable of speech she made indistinct animal noises as he pressed into her and moved her hips with his hands in tight circles even as she managed to move enough to make small thrusts against her mound and create enough friction between the two of them that Bruce would be able to cum again. Her own body was proving itself to be quite a traitor and Barbara was aware of a second orgasm of her own beginning to build from somewhere deep inside of herself.

Bruce busied himself by combing his fingertips through the nest of Barbara's pubic hair. Delighting in the flaming red coloration and the contrast it made against his pale skin and his own black pubic hair. With his help he was pressing the head of his cock against her g-spot while moving her hips enough to create some pressure - no matter how fleeting - against her clitoris. He was conscientious enough that if more than three thrusts did not illicit some form of contact against her 'bud' that he worked two fingers between their bodies and rubbed over it gently. Whenever he did this she would thrash and press herself against him, driving him as deep inside of herself as this rather limiting position was going to allow. Still, for all of its limitations, Barbara's lithe young body was responding nicely and he was certain that another orgasm was imminent. Especially since she was breathing more heavily and the warmth and wetness between her legs was slowly growing.

IF having an orgasm via oral sex was better than one from masturbation, then one from penetration was mind-blowing! Barbara slammed down onto Bruce and ground herself against him as the most intense pleasure built inside of her and then washed through her body in waves which were echoed by the muscular contractions from her cunt. Slick with sweat she could barely register the sound of their bodies coming together as these feelings assailed her and left her incapable of breathing, speaking, or moving beyond the involuntary twitching of her muscles. A warm and wet discharge poured out of her and at that moment Batgirl found her voice and moaned toward the ceiling of the bedroom even as Bruce's hands kept her hips moving on him.

Bruce lifted Barbara off of him and laid her out across the bed and enjoyed watching her as she came down from her climax. If he were any sort of judge he would have ventured that today had been the first time she had experienced orgasm beyond whatever masturbation she had done when she was younger. His thighs and groin were slick with her juices but that was of little consequence to him. Through it all she had even managed to keep her cape and cowl on and he found himself in the unusual position of being highly aroused with the idea; "I am fucking Batgirl." As her body stopped twitching and settled back into the mountain of pillows upon which he had laid her out, Bruce chanced upon the perfect way in which to finish this welcome, albeit unlooked for, encounter. . .

On hands and knees Barbara grunted at each intense thrust as Bruce took her from behind. Not a position with which she was familiar - her previous two times having been missionary only - she had almost thought to resist when he had suggested it to her. Now she heard and felt every slap of his balls against her slit and when they tapped her clitoris she made mewling noises and pressed back to meet him! In order to keep control of her Bruce had her cape wrapped around one of his arms and one hand grabbing onto the hardened ear pieces of her costume's cowl. He was only half kneeling and the position allowed him a lot of power for thrusting against her. This was the most intense and pleasurable sex she had ever had and, at last, cried out.

"Yes . . . Yes . . . Fuck me Bruce, fuck my tight pussy . . . Ahhh!" Taking her at her word he redoubled his efforts and brought fresh tears of pleasure to her eyes and coursing down her cheeks.

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