Gotham Knights

byExtreme Bohunk©

A non stop string of unintelligible sounds poured from her. She reached plateau after plateau where she should have climaxed, but each was only a stairstep to the next. Her entire being was focused only on her desperate need for release. She began to build yet again, closer, closer, ever closer to the the brink, one more would push her over. Her body tensed and locked.

She felt a sharp pinch high on her clit, way past where the hood covered it. She gave a yelp, shocked back to reality by the pain. Her eyes popped open. The nurse had used her free hand to squeeze her tortured bud, forcing even more blood into the already engorged nub. She could feel it swell with each beat of her racing heart.

She teetered on the edge, her ears roared, her body shook, straining for release. The pinch held as the fingers pulled out.

The nurse reached, and picked up a small mirror. She held it so Selina was forced to look at her own gaping, twitching cunt. It was shades of red, pink, and purple. Her inner lips had nearly covered the outer. Drops of her own juice flowed from them, and from inside her. It pulsed with a life of it's own. Her clit was swollen to nearly 3 times it normal size.

The mirror moved away, the nurse spoke "I can keep this up for hours bitch. And right now, your clit is so sensitive, the slightest touch would send you screaming" She raked a fingertip across it, to illustrate her point. Selina did.

She continued "But; as long as I hold here...." and she squeezed even harder. "You can't cum"

The gloved fingers slid back inside her, picking up where they had left off. Her thumb rubbed circles on the tip of her clit, where it was most sensitive.

Selina screamed again. And again and again. Her body jerked and spasmed with each circle. Jolt after jolt ran through her body. She was poised on the verge of a massive orgasm, but couldn't jump. All she could do was scream.

After what seemed an eternity, the merciless stimulation stopped, but the pinched grip on her clit remained. Her breath came in shudders.

"That's all for now" the nurse said.

"NO!" Selina cried, and then begged "You can't leave me like this, you can't! "

The nurse laughed "I can do anything I want. Your Bat-pal is going to be gone for awhile. Quite awhile. I'm sure I'll find lots of ways for us to pass the time."

With that, she released her stranglehold on Selina's tortured bud. It had gone nearly purple, the sudden outflow of circulation was excruciating.

She quickly changed the sheets, and lowered Selina back to the gurney. Her body still twitched from it's ordeal, and pent up need. The harness was pulled free, the nurse threw a gown over Selina, but left her shaved, throbbing pussy exposed. The nurse gave it a soft squeeze, and whispered "I'll see you later".

She leaned and kissed Selina roughly, tweaking a nipple through the gown. She stood, turned on her heel, and walked briskly to the elevator. The doors opened. She blew Selina a kiss, and was gone.

Selina was in agony, her body screamed for release. She could only weep in frustration, bound, and unable to bring herself to orgasm.

She tried to think of anything else, to recall memories, but her thoughts kept returning to the fire between her thighs. She tried squeezing her inner muscles. It only frustrated her further.

She looked up at the network of cables and the framework supporting them, no help there. Her gaze moved down, across her toned stomach.

She could see her Venus mound, swollen high enough to show above the curve of her lower abdomen. The fleshy hood covering her clit, still engorged, was visible. Peeking out from beneath, was the nub itself.

"That Bitch! " she fumed "What did I ever do to deserve this?" She let out a yell of frustration. It went unanswered by the walls of the Batcave.

She tried to doze, to escape the pain of healing, and the deep need burning unchecked in her pussy. She became aware of a low humming sound. The light on the elevator was pointing down. It was returning.

-----the Butler-----

Rage coursed through her. 'That bitch can come & go as she pleases and leaves me here like this? She's gonna pay!' Her rage turned to fear. She wondered what Nurse Brandt had planned for her next. Her hands had curled into cat-like claws. The hum stopped. There was a pause, Selina held her breath. The doors slid open.

To her surprise, it was not the nurse. It was an older man in his 60's. He was dressed very neatly. He was turned to a small cart still in the elevator, he didn't see Selina, exposed to the world. He stepped from the elevator, pulling the cart with him.

He turned, his back was now to her, and began tidying up. In one hand, he held a feather duster. He hummed softly to himself.

Selina's mind raced. On one hand, she wanted to tell this person about what had been going on, but on the other, didn't want to be seen like this.

And what if he was working with the nurse? She didn't know what to do, but knew she had to do something.

The choice was made for her. He asked "How are you feeling, Miss Kyle?" He had a distinguished, clipped accent. British, or English.

"Not so good" she replied

With his back was still turned to her, he questioned "I trust Nurse Brandt is seeing to your comfort? We had to hire her on quickly, the other nurse we had caring for you vanished yesterday."

Selina decided to gamble that the Butler, or whatever he was, wasn't working with the nurse. "Well-uhhhmm...actually, she left me in quite a mess here......"

He stopped his dusting, and turned to face her. As he did, he was given a full-on view of her still wet and swollen crotch. His eyes widened and he colored deeply.

For a moment, his mouth was agape, however, he quickly recovered his composure. Looking away, he moved the gown to cover her exposed flesh. He exclaimed "Good Heavens! What on Earth happened here?!?"

The story spilled out of her as to how she arrived in her current state. He frowned, and shook his head "Awful, simply awful; you poor woman. You must be in agony".

A twinkle came into his eyes. "I can ease your predicament, but I must have your word that it will remain in the strictest of confidence. Do I have your word, Miss Kyle?"

"Yes, anything " she breathed. At that moment, she would have fucked a goat if he asked.

"Close your eyes, Miss Kyle" He plucked a single feather from his duster, and lifted the gown from her body. His eyes took in the rest of her. Even with the injuries, she was exquisite. He cupped a hand over her mound, and gently massaged it.

His touch was firm and knowing. Her body responded instantly. "mmmmmmmhmhmhmhmhmhhhmhmm" She felt his fingers part her outer lips, and he ran the feather along the inner. A long, slow gasp escaped her mouth.

The feather was drawn in a slow pattern up one side of her slit, and down the other. Her pussy moved with each stroke. She tensed in her bonds, and licked her lips.

The pattern reversed, she could only whisper 'oh' over and over again. Though it was soft, the feather had a mild scratching sensation to it, almost like a cat's tongue. Her mind clouded with bliss.

He spoke softly "This may be a bit of a shock at first" The feather touched the tip of her tumid pearl. It ran through her like an electric shock. She drew a sharp breath through clenched teeth.

He placed a finger along each side of the fleshy hood. There was a gentle squeeze. She moaned until she ran out of air. He began rolling the shaft of her clit between the two fingers. Fireworks went off behind her eyelids. His fingers pulled back on the skin, exposing more of her pleasure nub.

The feather touched again.

This time it was ecstasy.

It moved all about her swollen bud, in circles and figure 8's. Her breathing and sounds became ragged, it was almost too much, at times it was. She begged him not to stop.

At this, he began running the edge of the feather, from base to tip directly on the end of her delighted clit. First down,and then up. He increased the speed and pressure of his rolling fingers, coordinating with each stroke of the feather. "OH! Ohhh oh oh oh oh oh!"

She felt it begin to build from deep within her, so big. At first, she was unable to give herself to it. Another pass of the feather removed the option.

The rolling fingers nudged her closer. "Auughhhmmm mmoohmmm" Another stroke moved her past the point of no return. The next set her on the edge, poised for the dive into ecstasy. There was a frozen moment as her body locked. The feather was brought down once more.

Her world exploded, as her pussy spasmed again and again. The feather rose, causing another mind bending release. She felt as if her entire being was pulsing outward with each contraction. It began to ebb, and then passed. She floated back to reality, breathing heavily.

As she regained her composure, he spoke. "I had to be easy with the first two. You were so overstimulated, your body couldn't let go. This one should ease any remaining...discomfort." She felt him pull back the folds around her bud, exposing it fully.

The feather returned, in swirls & spirals. Drawn along one side and raked along the other, against the grain of the feather, in a non-stop ride of stimulation. She gave a series of primal moans, more animal than human.

Where the first two climaxes has approached in waves, this one was arriving like a hurricane. It built constantly, all of her muscles clenched. Her stomach rose & fell as she panted. The rest of her strained against the wires holding her in traction. She felt her pussy opening, closing, and then clamping down hard. "Nnnnnnggaaaa AAHHAHHHAHHHHHHHHHHHHhhhhhhhh." And she was adrift in the eye of the storm, aware only of the pumping of her pussy as every bit of pent up tension flooded from her in a gigantic release. "Uh-Uh-Uh-Uh-UH! - uh- uh- uh.".

She was a prisoner of the storm, unable to stop cumming. She didn't try to count the number of peaks & valleys. Every rake of the feather caused another chain reaction until her body locked again. There was one more stroke.

She exploded violently, her hips jerking while her pussy pumped again, and again, and again. "Ee-Ee-Ee- Eeeyaaa AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!" ripped from her throat as the orgasm tore through her. She had achieved total release.

Gradually, the storm passed. She became aware of her own sounds "mmm-mmm-mmmmm" She felt herself sliding to a gentle stop. "Ohhhh thank you" she was finally able to whisper. It sounded like a purr. Slowly, she was drifting back to reality.

She felt cool air on her sweat glazed skin, her breathing was returning to normal. She felt soooo good, so relaxed. "Mmmm"

His voice brought her out of dream land. "I take it that your discomfort is relieved?"

She giggled, embarrassed by her own reaction. "Oooh yes, thank you. Thank you so much-" She realized she didn't know his name.

"Alfred" he supplied.

"Thank you Alfred" she finished.

Her eyes slowly opened and focused, she was surprised to see his butler's uniform was a mess. There were large wet area on his sleeve and chest. His face and glasses were spattered with a thin milky liquid. A drop was dangling off one side of his moustache.

"What happened to you?" she asked, laughing.

He replied "Occupational hazard."

He pulled out a handkerchief, cleaned his glasses and wiped his face. She blushed to the roots of her dark, curly hair, and burst out laughing. "Did I-oh ho hee- I'm sor-ha ha-sorry Alfred."

There was a jolly twinkle in his blue eyes as he told her, "No need for apologies Miss Kyle, merely the proof of a job well done."

"You can call me Selina, Alfred"

He thought a moment, and replied "Thank you Miss Kyle, but I'm afraid that wouldn't be proper."

She thought 'Wouldn't be proper?!? You're standing there, soaked in my woman juices, and you're talking about proper?'

She laughed again, but stopped short when she noticed his stern look. He wasn't joking. She apologized, "I'm sorry Alfred, I didn't mean to offend you."

He smiled politely "Accepted Miss Kyle. Is there anything I can get you?"

She suddenly realized she was ravenous, and thirsty. "Something to eat, perhaps? And some water, lots of it."

He bowed "Very good Miss, I shall return."

He turned and walked into the waiting elevator. He pushed a button, and was gone. She lay for a moment, still feeling random twitches from her cooling femininity. Without thinking, she tried to stretch. A combination of pain & restraint changed her mind.

She looked around some more, trying to figure out how she got here, and more importantly, who she was. 'That nurse really hates me. What does she have against me?'

She tried to place in her mind who she was. Fleeting images came to her, herself, yet someone, something else. She tried to focus them, they were like smoke in the air. Purple leather, a whip, the guy with the bat costume, running, a grip of gloves, falling, and then nothing. None of it made any sense.

The sound of the elevator interrupted her thoughts. Fear rose in her as Nurse Brandt stepped out. Her face was a mask of anger. She spat "Alfred sent me down to clean you up- again."

Selina erupted "What's your problem, Bitch? How the fuck could you do that to me?" Her hands had curled into claws, her lips pulled back from her teeth. The nurse, startled, took a step back. Their eyes locked in an icy standoff.

Nurse Brandt spoke "Because of you, my boyfriend is in jail for a long, long time."

Confusion crossed Selina's face "I don't know your boyfriend! I don't know anything! Who I am, why or how I got here, nothing!! Do you understand that?"

It was the nurse's turn to look surprised, then bemused. "So, it's really not an act. You honestly don't know who you are! "

Tears of frustration ran from Selina's eyes. She sobbed "All I know is I'm here, my name is Selina, and I CAN'T MOVE!" The nurse seemed to soften for a moment, but then turned cold again.

She leaned in close and whispered "Believe me, you better never remember bitch." She spun and retrieved the wash bowl & sponge. She jammed the sponge into the water, gone cold and roughly began scrubbing Selina. "OW! Hey!" she protested.

The nurse scrubbed even harder, bringing howls of pain. Selina's green eyes had narrowed to slits, she bared her teeth. She hissed through them "I will remember this, you better pray I never get off this gurney." She clenched her teeth again the pain, refusing to give this bitch the satisfaction of the hurt she was causing.

She looked down, and noticed she could now move her toes. She focused on them, blocking out all else. Curl, uncurl, curl, uncurl.

She looked back into the nurse's eyes and thought. 'Your day is gonna come.' In her mind was the vision of a cat, ready to pounce. The nurse stopped.

An unexplained chill went through her when she saw the look on Selina's face. It was one of vicious amusement. Suddenly she knew how a mouse must feel when it looks into the eyes of a cat.

The moment was broken by Alfred returning in the elevator. He was pushing a small cart with several dishes on it. He looked away from Selina's nudity. "If you're quite finished Nurse Brandt, would you be so good as to cover Miss Kyle?" The nurse, grateful for the chance to escape Selina's gaze, was quick to comply.

She turned to leave, only to have Alfred grab her arm. She was surprised at the strength of his grip. He spun her so she faced Selina. "Miss Brandt, your conduct toward your patient has not only been unprofessional, it borders on criminal. Your services are no longer required."

She stared daggers at Selina, who returned her stare calmy & evenly. Selina smiled. "No Alfred, let her stay" Her eyes danced. "I insist."

Alfred gave a surprised & then confused look. "Very well Miss Kyle, if you insist."

Her smile was predatory, she stage-whispered "Oh, I do."

He turned to the nurse and spoke brusquely "You may return to your quarters now, I will be along later to speak with you about this." He released her arm, she made a beeline to the elevator.

Alfred pulled a stool next to the gurney and began feeding Selina. He had put together an assortment of sandwiches & fruit. They smelled delicious, her stomach growled. He fed her bites of each as she chose them. He began telling her stories as she chewed. In the 50's, he had been an agent for British Intelligence during the Cold War. He was one of their top interrogators. Between bites, she asked him with a blush, where he had learned to use a feather like that.

A faraway smile came to his face. He told her most of his best sources for information had been women. He had learned about the feather technique from a Chinese double agent. There were a lot of female spies during that time.

He had tried many different tactics, sleep deprivation, truth serum, psychological ploys, hypnotism, and so forth. Then his Chinese friend had told him about the feather.

After a few short hours, the women would tell him anything. Many of them came to him with information, on the condition he would use the feather on them.

One woman, a Russian, had an appetite for it unlike anything he had ever seen. In spite of his training, he fell for her. And she for him. They spent every second they could together. They could not get enough of one another.

He had arranged a way out for her so they could be together always. He was going to tell her the news the next time they were able to meet. She never made it.

They found what was left of her in a hotel room. She had been brutally raped, and beaten to death. He used his connections, and eventually caught up with the responsible parties. It took them a long time to die. In the end, they were begging to.


After that, he left the Service and migrated to America. He took on a job as butler for a wealthy young couple and their son. One night, as they were returning from the theatre, they were gunned down in an alley. He took on the task of raising the boy, and overseeing his estate.

Selina realized the boy in the story was the dark figure in the costume, now grown. She asked "What's with the costume?"

He answered " He is known as Batman, he fights crime."

She pressed " And how do I figure in this?"

He took a breath, and told her, that she too, has an alter ego. "You are known as Catwoman."

It sounded too weird to her, but she knew he was speaking the truth. "So what, I go around with this Batman guy, fighting crime?"

He paused, and told her more. "You, Miss Kyle, are a criminal. Perhaps the best cat burglar in the world. Yet you have a good side. You were returning items stolen by others and they caught you. You tried to escape, but fell trying to jump between buildings."

He continued. "Batman was there, at first, to arrest you. He realized what the situation was, and tried to help you escape. You slipped, you were hanging from a ledge. He had your hand, but was hit from behind. That's when you fell. Batman arranged for your care here, away from the others who are still looking for you."

She was mute, stunned.

He went on. "You have information they want desperately. Apparently, you made off with quite a bit of their loot. They will stop at nothing to get it back. The Master has been busy trying to round them up, that's why he's away so much."

Selina slowly shook her head. "Wow." was all she could say.

Alfred spoke again "Nurse Brandt was able to slip through our screening process. We didn't connect her with her boyfriend, one of your former henchmen. He shot and killed a guard during one of your heists. You left him behind for the police to find. Throughout your criminal career, you've never killed anyone."

He stood, and brushed the crumbs from the sheet covering her. Her nipples stood for attention. She blushed a bit and looked to Alfred.

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