tagCelebrities & Fan FictionGotham Sirens: Arkham Sex Pt. 01

Gotham Sirens: Arkham Sex Pt. 01


DISCLAIMER: If you're not familiar with the "Batman: Arkham" series of video games, go back now; I explain nothing.



The Batwing headed toward the mainland. Two-Face was committing a robbery in progress and Batman was heading out to stop him, having already tapped into the police channels to determine Dent's exact location. As he flew away from Arkham Island, his thoughts drifted back to the events that were still fresh in his mind. His hand was sore from the punch he administered that took out the Joker, his glove partially damaged. His fight with Poison Ivy left his chest feeling slightly crushed since he had inadvertently got caught in one of her tentacle traps. The rest of his body ached from the fight he had with Bane. This had been one of the busiest nights of his life. The only person he took no injury from at all was Harley Quinn, since he was able to dodge the elevator she tried to drop on him.

Batman's thoughts lingered on Harley. She was currently sitting all alone and crying in the Extreme Incarceration cell he placed her in at the Penitentiary, probably still lamenting away at the delusion that the Joker was going to break her out. Even in the extremely unlikely event that the Joker cared, he had a long road to recovery ahead of him; he wasn't going anywhere any time soon.

Batman felt his body temperature raise and his breath quicken. He couldn't get the thought of Harley sobbing into her hands behind bars out of his head. Without thinking, he turned the Batwing around and activated its comms system.

"Oracle, Harvey is robbing the Gotham Bank on Founder's Island. Send Nightwing to handle him; I still have some unfinished business to take care of."

Barbara replied, "How did you even know he was here? I didn't find out until half an hour ago. You know what? Never mind. Is there anything I can do?"

"No. I'll be going into a communications black out shortly; I don't need any interruptions. I'll let you know if anything of interest happens."

He killed the link before Oracle could respond; Batman was many things, but a nice person wasn't one of them. He raised the Batwing to a higher altitude, placing himself above the clouds. The GCPD were still on the ground and he didn't want them, or anyone else, to know he was returning.

When he was in position, he placed the Batwing on autopilot and ejected himself from the aircraft. As he fell, he assumed a diving position and angled himself to approach the west end of the asylum and eventually opened his cape in order to glide to his destination: the Penitentiary. There were some cops hovering around the main entrance, so he landed softly on the upper scaffold where Zsasz had killed a few guards earlier in the night before he had arrived with the Joker in tow.

There were two policemen standing by the building's main entrance awaiting further orders. Batman peered over the concrete railing and stared at them. A couple of minutes passed by with them making small talk with each other before one of them offered a cigarette to the other. Out of habit more than anything else, they moved away from the entrance, headed down the flight of stairs, and placed themselves on the other side of the upturned ambulance. With their view of the door now blocked, Batman landed softly on the ground below and quietly slipped in.

He then quickly moved into the grating system set in the floor. There were three more cops in the lobby. He moved forward as far as he could. When the grating ended, he considered his options. With no smoke pellets to hide his presence (he wouldn't have used one anyway; he didn't want to alert anyone with suspicious activity), he decided to go with using a remote batarang to distract them. Lifting up on the grate access, he tossed the batarang and guided it to strike the floor behind the desk near the entrance. It caught their attention and one of the guards moved to check out the noise.

Batman felt himself getting impatient, though he didn't understand why. The heat and his pulse were getting worse; that noise should have attracted them all so he could make his move already! He put the thought aside for now and used his training to maintain his composure; he would figure out what was going on with himself later.

"Hey guys, check this out!" the policeman said. The other two finally made their way over to the desk and when he was sure none of them were looking, he exited the grate and continued on his path.

"Whoa! Is that what I think it is?" one cop asked.

Another replied, "Wow, we should keep it as a souvenir!"

The first cop responded, "Or sell it on ebay. Who knows how much money we could get off of this?"

The second cop said, "If it's cash you're after, sell it to Penguin; he'd pay top dollar for it!"

The third cop asked, "Where did it even come from?"

Batman counted the remote batarang as a loss; having used up the last of his explosive gel on the Joker, he had nothing to destroy it with. He made a mental note to start keeping homing beacons on his long range weapons.

Deftly making his way through the building, he entered the main cell block and moved along the left wall. He glanced down the first entryway, knowing who it lead him to. He then briefly thought about Poison Ivy, knowing that she would eventually be returned to her cell, having been found, somehow, by Gordon's men in the pit she and her plant monster had created earlier in the night. He gave her no further mind; the heat was intensifying. Instead, Batman made his way trough the entry and, with continued stealth (since there were two officers in Controlled Access), noiselessly slipped into Extreme Incarceration.

The first thing he noticed was how quiet it was. Harley had ceased crying, but as he moved to her cell, he noticed that she was still forlorn as she sat on her cot with her chin resting on her fists and her eyes staring blankly at the floor. It wasn't until he approached the bars that she acknowledged his existence.

"What do you want, B-man?" she asked in a defeated voice. "Come to rub it in? My Joker will free me; you'll see."

"Given his injuries, that could take a while."

Harley's demeanor changed rapidly. She shot over to the cell door and grabbed one of the horizontal bars. Her face was contorted in anger. "What did you do to him?" she asked in an accusing manner.

"What was necessary. Suffice it to say, he's not coming."

Using her arms, she pulled herself toward and pushed herself away from the bar she held while giving a growl. "You'll pay for what you've done!"

"I've already told you, Quinn: he doesn't love you. The Joker had you pegged for hired help since Day One. He wouldn't assist your escape regardless."

Harley closed her eyes, tilted her head down and to the right, and took a deep breath. "Says you, bat-breath." She began to sound defeated again. "I know him. My Puddin' would never abandon me."

This was going nowhere, though Batman had no idea where it was headed in the first place. Another oddity about his behavior, but again pushed to the side until later. He decided to change his tactics. "You used to roam these halls freely."

"Yeah, well, in case ya've forgotten, I was doing that tonight."

He stepped closer to the door. "Wouldn't you like to do it again?"

'You makin' me an offer, bat-brain?"

Batman removed the cryptographic sequencer from his utility belt and used it to open Harley's cell. The bars opened in the middle and the door halves parted slightly. Before Harley could make her move, though, Batman entered the cell—Harley backing away to give him room—and the door closed behind him. Quinn eyed him suspiciously, unsure of what his next move was.

Instead of speaking, Batman removed his gloves. Harley's stare intensified and her pulse quickened; she had never seen him do that before. For Batman, the heat within deepened more and he felt his cock start to get hard in his trunks. Something was definitely coming over him, but he still didn't dwell on it. Rather, he tossed his gloves aside, embraced the clown before him with one arm, and kissed her passionately on the lips while his other hand ran up her fishnet stocking, underneath her skirt, and grabbed her ass cheek.

Harley gave a little squeak and froze. When Batman broke the kiss, she looked into his eyes and saw him staring at her with lustful passion. She took a quick breath and said, "You know, when I said I always thought there was a spark between us, I was only joking."

"I know."

A sob got caught in her throat; slight fear coursed through her body. "I always suspected this day would come. Whatever you do, don't tell Mista Jay; it would break him."

"No it wouldn't."

"Just get it over with already, B-man; treat me how I deserve."

"No." He swung her around and threw her against the wall. Harley turned her head and squinted her eyes shut. "I'm going to treat you how you need to be."

She expected to hear him say many things; that wasn't one of them. She opened her eyes and faced him only to find that Batman was leaning in for another kiss. As his tongue made its way into her mouth, the hand grabbing her ass tightened and brought her pelvis forward. She felt Batman's boner growing stiffer against her body. Harley couldn't figure out what was going on, but she decided not to fight it. Batman may not do much damage to her when they're fighting, but she knew all too well that attitudes can change when fucking.

When he broke the kiss again, he backed away a little and started to remove her clothes. First he undid her belt and used the hidden zipper in the back to remove her skirt. He tossed them aside, exposing her black lace panties, and rubbed her pussy a little. Harley didn't like it; lace may look sexy, but it certainly didn't feel it. Next Batman ran his hands down the front of her body, lightly caressing her ample cleavage before undoing the belts of her corset and removing it. It found its way to the skirt as Batman then unbuttoned her shirt and threw it open to expose her red and purple lace bra. The bra unhooked from the front, which Batman took immediate action with, exposing her hefty chest to his hungry eyes.

He cupped both tits and kissed the cleavage line. Her heart raced as he began squeezing her breasts before taking a nipple into his mouth. He used his fingers to play with the other and Harley felt herself become a little excited. She had never admitted it to anyone, but Batman had always been one of the few sexual fantasies she had. There were times when she was sucking off the Joker that she pretended it was the Dork Night instead, imagining his commanding presence guiding her every move instead of Joker's slut-shaming trash talk and handlebar tugging. Now that her fantasy was becoming reality, she didn't know how to handle herself. Was there a different angle to this? Was Batman distracting her so she wouldn't learn something? Was he manipulating her, this being his first step in getting her to switch teams? Or was it blackmail so he could get her to spy on her Puddin' for him? Well, whatever the outcome, she decided she wasn't going to play ball! Batman could have all the fun he wanted; her heart and soul were already spoken for.

Harley felt her nipples stiffen under Batman's fondling. When they were as hard as bullets, he stopped what he was doing and ripped her underwear right off. He smiled, which frightened her; she had never seen him do that either. "You won't need these any more." They made their way to the pile of clothes by the back wall.

He grabbed her ass with both hands and kissed her again, starting at the base of her neck and working his way up one side, on her chin, skipping her lips for her cheek instead, and ended behind her ear, where he wiggled his tongue along the back of her auditory organ. Harley gasped. Only one person knew how sensitive she was there, and that bit of information wasn't something anyone, even the great Batman, could automatically know. With realization numbing her fears, she hugged Batman to her body and gave in to his advances.

Harley moaned as her ear was manipulated by Batman's expert tongue before being enveloped by his mouth. The fire began growing between her legs and the pit of her stomach started to feel weird. After a few minutes he stopped playing with her ear and crouched before her. Harley willingly parted her legs to him so he could get a good look. Her pubic hair was full, yet trim, with her right side dyed red and her left side dyed purple. He leaned in and took a long whiff of her scent; Harley felt the heat emanating from her pussy grow as she felt herself drip.

Batman moved to her thighs and began to kiss and lick them, starting from the top of her stockings and making his way back to her nether region, but leaving her pussy completely untouched. He did this several times until she was driven insane before finally taking the plunge. As his tongue churned up her insides, Harley grabbed him by his bat ears and began moaning like a bitch in heat. He knew exactly where to go, as she knew he would, and she rode his face toward orgasmic oblivion. A finger soon joined his tongue and started manipulating her G-spot, and before she knew it the pit of her stomach knotted up, she leaned forward only to throw herself back against the wall, and she squeakily screamed her way through a very nice cum.

When her adversary stood up, his mouth was covered in her juices. Batman made no attempt to clean himself up. Harley smirked and said, "That was pretty good, B-man, but it's time you were stripped, too."

He pressed a button on each gauntlet and they loosened up from his arms, allowing him to slip out of them. He discarded them by the door and his boots quickly followed. He then removed his utility belt and dropped it on the floor beside him so he could quickly remove his trunks.

Harley's eyes widened when she saw the bulge in his skin tight leggings. Batman had felt a little big when he was pressed her up against him, but it now appeared that he was even bigger. She licked her teeth, anticipating the monster that was about to be unleashed. Then she was surprised by two things. The first was how instantaneously Batman was able to remove his leggings. They were molded to his body, yet there was a seam path that acted as some sort of zipper, allowing him to remove the leggings with a single tug. The second was just how big and hard Batman already was. He was half erect already and his cock was thick.

Harley attacked his groin as he removed his top via a similar seam path. Holding his dick in both hands, she licked along his shaft several times, getting him rock hard in the matter of a few seconds. She then cupped his balls with one hand, feeling how tight they were. "Wow, bat-brain. It's been a while for ya, hasn't it?" He said nothing, instead just scowling down at her. "Well don't cha worry about it; one ride on the Harley and you'll feel like a million bucks."

She rubbed her face all over his dick, maintaining eye contact with him. "Vroom vroom," she teased and then kissed the sensitive area below his cock head. The shaft pulsed in her hands. It was a good nine inches, thick, and surrounded by black pubic and ball hair. Unlike Harley, who liked to keep her nether region kempt, Batman apparently spent more time on crime fighting than keeping himself groomed. It was just a shame he didn't keep a maxi pad in his pants; the salty sweat that covered his penis didn't taste very good, but she worked him over as fast as she could in order to replace the sweat with her saliva.

"Mmmm," she moaned. "I think you and Joker are the same size."

Before she knew what happened, Batman grabbed her by the pigtails and shoved his cock down her throat all the way to the hilt. She choked slightly and her eyes bulged; Harley worked her throat so she could start breathing again. As she did so, Batman growled, "Never mention him again." Harley's response was an inaudible mumble.

Thankfully she was able to remove herself immediately afterward and start gasping for air. While she could normally take a cock this size, she needed to prepare for it first. "Sorry, bat-breath," she said hoarsely. "Didn't realize you suffered from penis envy."

"Says the one suffering from delusional transference."

Harely squinted one eye and cocked her head. "Do you really want to get psychoanalytical on me? Because we can always talk about how you're a classic martyr case with delusions of grandeur." She swirled the tip of her tongue around his dickhead several times before taking part of him inside her mouth, pulling away, and sucking him up while licking.

"Jesus!" he shouted. "No more talk!"

"Best idea you had all night!" She stood up and pushed on his chest. "Lie down."

Batman eyed the cot. The three large belts and buckles looked uncomfortable, but he knew his cape would pad him from their protrusions. He brushed past Harley, bumping her out of the way, and took his position on the cot. As he did, Harley removed her boots and mounted the cot, standing with her feet on either side of his thighs. Batman ran his eyes along Harley's legs; she looked incredible in fishnet stockings—he especially liked the look of the reinforced toes and heels. He ran his hands along her legs, caressing her calves and squeezing her thighs. Harley giggled and got to her knees, positioning her pussy just above Batman's cock. She ran her lips over his head, getting herself wetter until her hairs were soaked. The moment she had been fantasizing about was almost at hand.

Without warning Harley plunged herself onto Batman's cock all the way down to the hilt. Batman grunted and Harley yelled, "Yowza!" She sat there, adjusting to his girth. "You're thicker than I realized." After a few seconds she began to undulate her hips, alternating between rotating them in a circle and motioning them back and forth. A well began filling up in her stomach. When it became full to bursting, she looked into Batman's eyes, which were closed. "Look closely, Bats," she whispered sultrily. Batman opened his eyes and lifted his head to see where their sexes combined. Harley lifted herself halfway up his shaft and she began to cum. Grunting lightly, her thick white ooze crawled down his cock, which only made Batman more aroused.

She impaled herself the rest of the way and just sat there again, enjoying the moment. Batman, however, was becoming even more heated. His body burned with desire. He tried to let Harley recover, but the heat wouldn't wait forever. He therefore grabbed Harley's hips and began bouncing her on his dick.

Harley didn't like the interruption but she felt like she could go another round. "OK, OK," she said. "I got the idea." Placing her hands on top of Batman's, which mercifully meant that he stopped thrusting into her momentarily, she positioned herself onto the balls of her feet and began bouncing on his cock again. He felt good. With each plunge her eyes widened and she panted, each breath sounding like a laugh. "Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!" she huffed, here eyes getting bigger with each plunge.

As good as Harley was, however, Batman's throbbing cock required more urgency. He grabbed her body and rolled the both of them off of the cot. Batman was quick enough to take the fall himself and finished the roll with Harley on the bottom. He then took her hands in his, interlacing their fingers, and he began to thrust deep and hard. Harley was in Heaven. Not even the Joker had ever gone so deep inside of her before. Her head started to spin and the pleasure was so intense that she stuck her tongue out.

Batman leaned down and sucked her tongue into his mouth and French kissed her again. She felt his desperation and wrapped her stockinged legs around his body, taking even more of him in. Soon his kisses made their way to her neck, which was being kissed with a passion she hadn't felt in a long time. When his mouth returned to her tits, he released one of her hands and proceeded to stimulate her clit with his thumb. Harley embraced him with her free hand and just lied there as Batman took her to town on the metal floor.

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