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Gothic Man


I met him in the bar, right away I knew, I knew this one was special and that he was what I was looking for, which is strange because until that moment I had no idea I was looking.

The music was blasting but at that moment I couldn't have told you if it was The Cruxshadows or Rammstein, every bit of my attention was on him. He was tall, I could tell he was a good deal taller then my 5'8 and slender but even from across the room I could tell he was strong, something about the way he moved. He had short dark hair and an eyebrow ring as well as a pointed labret below his lip and all I could wonder was how would it feel to kiss him with that small spike in the way.

He was wearing black like most of the people in the place but his outfit was simple, black jeans and a black t-shirt, simple boots and a belt where the only leather on him and he had no frills or make up on like so many of the others. I probably couldn't tell you what it was that was so special about him but I couldn't take my eyes off of him long enough to pay attention to my drink and nearly spilled it.

I figured there was no way with all the dainty, scantily clad girls in the room he would look at me, a BBW in a long dress, huge tits or not. I am pretty comfortable with who I am, I know a lot of men out there find me sexy, unfortunately they are all Out There and never Here. I looked at myself in the mirror, the smoky glass showed my image back at me, round and soft everywhere, curves upon curves and cleavage to die for. Dark red hair thanks to Manic Panic and dark brown eyes thanks to my dad. I was easily twice the size most of the girls in the club, 400 pounds to be exact, all hips and tits and ass.

So you could have knocked me over with a feather when a deep voice asked me if I wanted a drink and looking up I saw it was him. Even over the smoke I could smell him as he stood close to me a mixture of some good quality cologne and warm skin. I was almost too stunned to speak but managed to stutter out a "yes please."

"What can I get you?" he asked, his voice going through me like fire.

I found my voice, "A rum and coke please."

He came back with a double rum and coke for me and a glass of Guinness for himself and we started talking, if you tried to ask me now what we had talked about I probably couldn't tell you, but after an hour I felt like he knew everything about me and I only knew he was a Goth dream.

When he suggested we go up to the roof of the parking garage next to the building we are in I said yes without even thinking about it, I barely thought to grab my purse. He held my hand in his, lacing his fingers with mine and guided me to the elevator. As soon as the doors closed he pulled me close and kissed me, I was sure the labret was going to poke me but it just grazed my skin. I felt the long thick barbell in his tongue and wondered if the stories I had heard about them was true.

When the elevator reached the top floor he pulled me out and drew me to the railing that looked down over the street and pressed me against it, standing behind me. I felt his hands on my hips as he leaned forward and nuzzled the back of my neck and whispered in my ear, "Do you want me?"

"Oh god yes." I moaned as his breath teased my ears.

He pushed himself against me and I could feel how much he wanted me. "But do you really want me, would you do anything for me? With me?"

I could only imagine what he meant, I had done a lot of things in my life but what did he have in mind? The logical grown up part of me said I should ask, but the wild part of me was in control and I couldn't have stopped myself from saying "Anything you want." if my life had depended on it.

"Will you give yourself over to me and trust me?" His hands had moved from my hips to my chest and they began to tease my nipples through my bra. I would gladly have done just about anything at that moment to feel his fingers, his mouth, on my bare nipples.

"Yes, anything you say."

He leaned forward and bit my neck, hard and as I was gasping he said, "Be damn sure you mean that girl, cause there is no turning back if you come with me."

I arched my back and sighed, "Harder, bite me harder."

His teeth sunk into my neck, bruising the tender skin and through the pain I felt a release of pleasure and started to squirm against him.

"Follow me." he said and lead the way to the only car on the roof of the garage, a large fast looking black muscle car with tinted windows. I followed him and suddenly remembered how I had got to the club.

"I came with friends, they will worry about me." I stammered, never stopping as I followed him.

"Let them," he said, "They will figure out that you are alright, if you plan to be with me you have to learn not to worry about other people." Doing something selfish as that was so unlike me, I never kept people waiting or failed to show up, I never left my friends hanging and yet I couldn't have told him no if I had tried.

He opened the door for me then blocked it. "Take off your panties and put them in your purse." He ordered. "You are never to be in my car with underwear on."

"Yes Sir." The words slipped out.

"I like that, when ever we are alone you will call me that." he informed me.

I knew there were cameras all over the garage but I did what he said, I reached under my long skirt and drew it up past my knees and pulled off the black lace panties I was wearing and quickly stuffed them in my purse. I then sat in the front seat of his car waiting for him come around to his side but first he reached in and pulled my skirt up to my waist and told me to sit like that so that he could see my "luscious" thighs. I couldn't think of the last person who had called any part of me luscious.

I sat there, exposed, as he got in the drivers seat and pulled my hand to his crotch, I could feel the hardness there and a shiver ran through me. "You do that to me." was all he said. Somehow I knew not to say anything, not to break the moment. Not even music broke the silence, only the rumble of the powerful engine.

We drove through the winding streets of the foothills to a large dark old house and up to the attached garage, he pushed a button and the garage door opened and we pulled slowly inside.

"Stay put." he said and got out of the driver side. He came around to my side of the car and opened the door for me and helped me out. "Leave your purse in the car." I knew that meant leaving my cell phone as well and yet I found myself putting my purse down on the floor of the car. I felt as if he had enchanted me and only barely wondered if it was a dark enchantment or not.

I stood beside the car waiting for him to he shut the door. "Take off the rest of your clothes and leave them in the car." He ordered. I almost balked at this, the idea of walking into heaven only knows what naked was terrifying, and yet some part of me wanted to submit to him. So I stripped off my gown and then stood there in just my bra.

"Take it all off or get dressed and I will take you back to the club." he said in the calmest of voices as if it really didn't matter to him either way.

My tits are huge and no where near firm, I had always had a moment of embarrassment when men saw them even though no man I had ever been with had ever made me feel bad about them, I just hoped he would be the same. I lifted my black lace bra over my shoulders and felt my tits tumble out.

"Beautiful." was all he said as he locked my clothes in the car and turned away. I followed him as he lead me towards the back of the car, wondering why we were walking away from the door at the front of the garage. He stopped behind the powerful car and told me to put my hands on the trunk and spread my legs. By this point it didn't even occur to me to say no or question what was next, I just said, "Yes Sir." and did as I was told. I had never really been submissive in my life and yet I couldn't stop myself from getting wetter and wetter the more he took control.

"You will do as you are told." he said as his hand came down on my ass, hard. I yelped and he said, "You will not make a sound unless I tell you to and you do not have permission to make a noise." His hand landed on my other cheek even harder and yet I managed to keep myself quite by biting my lip.

"You will only speak when spoken to." SLAP, his hand landed exactly where the first one had, stinging even worse. Again I bit my lip.

"If at anytime you can't take it anymore you have only to say I QUIT, and we will stop, I will put you in the car and drive you to yours and never see you again." He slapped my ass twice this time.

"Do you understand me?" He demanded.

I nodded.

"Tell me you understand." He said.

"Yes Sir, I understand." I murmured. I felt his hand land on my ass as he demanded I speak up. "Yes Sir I understand!" I proclaimed, knowing that that statement was going to change things for me forever.

After spanking my ass another ten times he told me to follow him and of course I did, at that moment I would have followed him into hell.

He lead me up the stairs into his house and in the darkness I could barely see anything, only a large couch as we passed it and rows upon rows of bookcases in the hall. He lead me by the hand up another flight of stairs and stopped before a door which I could barely see in the dark hallway.

"Stand there and don't move." He said and I heard him walking around me and stopping behind me. I felt him reach over my head and place a blindfold across my eyes. I heard him open the door and felt his hand on my back leading me forward, whispering in my ear, "You have the most amazing, big ass I have ever seen, I plan to train you to take pleasure from being spanked." He guided me forward and I felt myself brush up against a padded form that felt like the arm of a chair or sofa. "Lean forward and put your hands behind your back."

I did as I was told, my face laying against soft velvet material, my hands behind me. I felt him grab my wrists and start to secure them in what felt like leather straps, I gave a tiny tug and realized from the sound that the wrist cuffs were held together by a very short length of chain.

Then he said the words that made my knees go weak and my heart beat faster, the words I always got hot for. "Have you been a bad girl?" He asked. I will never know why the words Bad Girl made me melt but nothing else has ever worked the same way and he seemed to know it.

"Yes Sir." I answered.

"Yes Sir what?" He asked.

"Yes Sir I have been a very, very bad girl, Sir." I answered without hesitation.

SLAP, SLAP, his hand came down on my ass over and over.

"Good cause I love bad girls." He answered, never stopping the rain of blows to my ass. I had always loved to be spanked but this was so much more intense. I knew if I complained, if I said to stop, if I said I quit it would all be over totally and nothing was going to get me to say it.

"You have been a very naughty girl letting a strange man pick you up." he said as his hand landed all over my ass. "You are a Very bad girl." My ass was flaming hot and I wished more then anything I could see him behind me, see the look on his face as he turned my ass red. I was so hot for him I prayed that he would fuck me right there and then.

Finally when I thought I could not take it any longer, when I realized tears were filling my eyes he suddenly stopped and I found myself missing his touch.

He undid the chain between the cuffs and told me to stand, I could barely make myself obey, my knees were so weak. He lead me to the center of the room and took off my blindfold.

I looked around to see a room lit entirely by dozens of candles, I could see the large black couch which I had been leaned over and in front of me a huge iron bed with thick solid legs. Beside the bed were a set of drawers about 3 feet tall and 2 feet deep. He told me to stand beside the bed and not to move as he reached into the bottom drawer and pulled out a length of rope expertly tied into a snake like shape. He untied one end and shook the rest loose until at least 40 or 50 feet of thick white rope laid on the floor.

"Have you ever had your breast bound?" He asked.

"No Sir." I said and this seemed to please him.

"You have amazing breasts, you should not be ashamed of them, but I want to see them bound up in ropes, I want to see them swollen to bursting." He told me as he had me lift my breasts up. He began to wrap the ropes around and over and under my breasts, pulling the rope tighter and tighter. I felt my breast harden as the ropes pushed all of their weight forward and my nipples swelled. Over and around the ropes went, tighter and tighter, the sight of my breasts, swollen and bulging over the ropes had me so aroused I thought for sure I would fall.

Finally he was done and my breasts felt amazing, constricted and bound but sensitive as hell. He told me to lay on the bed and put my hands together against the head of the iron bed and then he secured the small chain around the rail of the bed and I was bound there, unable to do much more then squirm.

He reached into the top drawer and pulled out a small silver egg shape attached to a wire and a remote and reached between my legs. "Oh my you are a bad girl to get so wet." he said as he slipped the small vibrator into me. His fingers lingered and teased my clit for just a second.

Finally he reached into the middle drawer and pulled out a flail, maybe 18 inches long and 2 inches thick of dozens of thin strands of soft leather.

I shivered as he touched the remote and the egg in my pussy began to vibrate softly.

My breasts felt so full and aroused and even looking at the flail I was not ready for the feel of it impacting my chest. Again and again he struck at my bound breasts and the feeling was amazing.

Part of my mind told me I should hate this, should say stop, but my pleasure center was over-riding everything else and each blow felt amazing. Every so often he would turn the vibrator up until it was at max and I was thrashing around, pulling at my bonds. The strikes across my swollen breasts should have hurt but instead they just made me hotter and hotter.

I felt my first orgasm building in me and I began to shake uncontrollably, pulling at my bonds and arching my back. I tried to stay silent but I knew I would fail.

"Let it out baby, howl for me." He encouraged.

The moans and groans that erupted from me sent me over the edge and I came the hardest I ever had. He reached down and twisted my nipples and I shook and moaned and wondered if it would stop as the vibe and his merciless fingers on my nipples drove me over the edge once more.

Finally he took pity on me and turned off the vibe and allowed me a second to relax before reaching between my knees to remove the egg shaped vibrator that had tormented me. His fingers grazed my clit and I felt myself start again as he began to pull the vibe out of my pussy, My orgasm was smaller this time but still I shook like a leaf.

"Oh yes bad girl you love that don't you, I knew when I saw you at the club you were wilder then all those little things put together." He whispered in my ear as he undid the chain to my bonds.

"Get on your hands and knees" he told me.

I did as I was told and waited there for him as he stripped off his clothes and climbed up behind me.

He wrapped his arms around me and began to pinch my swollen nipples again as he sunk his teeth into my shoulder and then my neck, over and over until my upper back was sore and yet I was as turned on as I had ever been. I could feel his large hard cock pressing against my back and while I had never been a size queen I was thrilled at the feel of it and knowing it would fill me as full as I had ever been.

Finally he pushed me onto my hands and knees with my still bound breasts rubbing against the soft black bedspread. I felt him grab my hips and guide himself into my soaking wet pussy and the feel of his cock spreading me wide as he began to pound into me started to drive me over the edge again.

His hand found my hair and he pulled my head back and kissed me for the first time since the roof of the garage, which felt as if it was a lifetime away. It was his kiss that drove me over the edge finally and I cried out as my orgasm hit me. He could feel my pussy contract around his swollen cock as he came, filling me full.

I collapsed on the bed and lay there with him on my back slowly getting soft inside of me. He rolled me over and began to release my breasts, the only thing that felt better then having them bound was the feeling as the blood began to flow freely again. I sighed and lay there as still as could until he gathered me close to him and began to kiss me, this time tender and soft.

"You were amazing, just like I knew you would be." He said. "It will be even more amazing in the future."

I don't know how but I knew he was speaking the truth, my Gothic man was going to show me things I could barely even imagine at the moment and I was going to love every one of them.

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