tagBDSMGothic Weekend with My Master

Gothic Weekend with My Master


Standing in the shower, watering cascading down her back as she rinses the shampoo from her hair, the anticipation of what's ahead makes the butterflies in her stomach wrench up a notch and the throbbing between her legs increase from the gentle rhythm it has sat at all day to the next level.

Pouring gel onto the sponge she slowly sponges her body, her mind is nowhere near, looking into what she hopes will happen soon. Pulling herself back to reality she realises that she needs to concentrate to ensure the "finish" that is required of her tonight.

Pulling a fresh blade from the packet, she concentrates as the shaving foam covers her and she slides a clean smooth finish across the sensitive skin between her legs, carefully, not wanting any marks to mar it. Once finished she gently rubs a hand across to check she's as smooth as she'll be required to be. Biting her lip to stop her fingers dipping into the cleft, not wanting to waste any feeling building up, she steps from the shower turning it off whilst wrapping herself in a towel.

Looking in the mirror, she brushes her hair, pulling it back into bunches, securing them with hair bands and reaching for the makeup. Circling her eyes with a thick line of black Kohl, smudging in dark shadow and brushing her long lashes with mascara. Face complete, she walks in to the bedroom, noting the suitcase, she picks up the next item she's been told to prepare with.

As always hesitation and anticipation make her take a breath before she relaxes and lies herself on the bed. After preparing herself in the shower, she removes the spade from its velvet bag laying it next to her on the bed. Placing a pillow under her hips, she once again resists the urge to run her fingers across her already aching clit. Lifting the lube she tips it onto her fingers, first running over the spade then arching her back, slides it across her ass, gasping gently with the coldness. Lifting the spade, pushing the end against her arse, relaxing back into it, she feels its creep inside her. Fully inside her she relaxes back into the pillows, enjoying the feeling, knowing she has to move soon, to feel it moving inside her, knowing it will make her even more excited during the evening before she gets the full experience.

After a few minutes getting used to the feeling she gets up from the bed and gets dressed in the outfit carefully picked for the evening. Pulling on suspender belt and then the lace panties she feeds the suspenders carefully under the panties, sitting down and jolting slightly as the spade makes itself known, she leans down and slowly pulls the nylons up her legs. Careful not to snag them and checking the seams are straight, knowing she'll pay if they aren't (yet part of her wanting to leave one a little crooked) she pulls them up her long thighs hooking them to the suspenders at all three points for either leg.

Pulling a corner of the curtain back she sees the shadow of the abbey on the cliff top across from the hotel. Never believing she'd be here for this weekend she looks back across the room at the corset and full skirt she's been told to bring with her. Her curls sitting across her shoulders she picks up the corset and fastens it at her front, her breasts pushing up and out, almost escaping the top but just restrained. Glancing at the clock she realises she needs to finish soon or she will be out of time before her "escort" comes to collect her. Pulling on her floor length skirt, zipping it to the rear, she is sliding her feet into her 6 inch heels when the knock comes at the door.

He has been waiting in the bar for her to prepare herself and has waited long enough, opening the door she looks at him. Stood in his shirt and tie with his floor length jacket, that look in his eye tells her she will have a night of interest ahead. Picking up her bag and a shawl for her shoulders, she pauses long enough to check her fangs are correct and with that she is swept on to the streets of Whitby.

Her arm linked through his, she notices the admiring glances as they walk their way through the throngs of other vampires out for a night when they can all relax, choosing somewhere they sit outside a bar, ordering drinks and watching people walk past they converse politely. Her escort stands up and excuses himself, she sits and continues to sip her drink. A few minutes later she feels his hands on her shoulders, creeping slowly towards her neck, a thrill of anticipation runs through her but she trusts him completely. Next thing she feels is one hand snaking a collar around her neck and whilst he is stood behind her he fastens it. Leaning to her ear he whispers "Now, don't forget you are mine and you will do as I say, I won't make you walk with a chain unless you make me. But forget who you belong to and the chain is in my pocket".

Sitting back down his eyes look straight into hers and she is the first to drop her gaze.

Finishing his drink, he stood up and looked down at her, taking his cue she stood and walked to his side. Walking away from the bar he appeared to casually drape his arm around her waist, in this process he pushed gently on her ass cheeks, a sly grin on his face as she gasped with the sensation on the spade pushing further into her.

"I think we need to talk a walk" he says to her with a glint and a smile, she knows where this is leading and lets him lead. Across the harbour they walk and she wonders what his plans are as they walk away from the hotel rather than towards it as she expected. Reaching the bottom of the 199 steps she looks at him with a look of question on her face. Laughing he pulls her forward and they start to ascend. Half way up he stops and looks out at the view, standing behind her he pushes up against her, his hands round her, reaching into her corset. She shivers with the feel of cold flesh and gasps as he pulls sharply on her nipples. She can feel the heat rising between her legs and the dampness spread. Again laughing at her response he pulls her onwards and up the remaining steps.

Walking to the abbey ruins, he pushes her up against the walls and presses his mouth to hers crushing her with his lips their tongues entwine, with his pressure she can feel his hardness pressing into her groin, pushing in on her clit. The cold wall pushing the spade, the feelings making her pant with pleasure. Suddenly he shifts, pulling her round so he is against the wall, pushing her to her knees on the cold stone flags. Her face looking up at him, he unzips his fly. Knowing what is required she opens his pants and pulls his already stiff cock out. Still with her eyes on his face she surrounds him with her warm moist mouth, slowly sliding him in till she has taken the whole length as he lifts his face to the sky grimacing with pleasure. Taking her head in his hands he begins to slowly fuck her face, revelling in the feeling. Suddenly with no warning he rams himself to the hilt in her mouth making her gag and retch, she grabs his thighs to steady herself and moans with the feeling. Moving a hand from his thigh she cups his balls, stroking and pulling at them, making him moan more and thrust deeper into her. Gagging the drool coats his cock and her face, tears leak from her eyes, her makeup running down her cheeks. Looking down at her he pushed harder into her mouth "Don't try and pretend you don't like it, I know how much you love gagging on my cock", pulling out of her mouth she gasped "Fuck my mouth, I want to taste your cum". With a groan he shoved his cock back into her mouth and holding tight fucked the hot wet hole grunting as he went until with a final thrust he came deep down her throat, making her gag and swallow fast, cum escaping from the side of her mouth, running down her chin.

Stepping to the side he buttoned himself up, looking at her kneeling on the floor one hand on the wall he told her to clean herself up "You may be my slut, but I can't walk in public with you looking like that". Dipping into her bag she pulled out a wipe and cleaned her face, tidying her make-up.

"Come on, that's only the start to the evening for you" he said as he walked away back towards the town with her following him.

Back into the centre of the town, the buzz is about. People are strolling and chatting, sitting to drink, meeting new people and generally relaxing in common company.

They find another bar and sit at a table outside, watching the crowd, commenting now and again on certain people. A tall dark male that has caught her eye a couple of times already that night, walks past and looks towards her. Blushing she lifts and takes a mouthful of the deep ruby red wine from her glass. From the corner of her eye she sees her escort looking at her over his own glass, is that a smile on his lips or something else, she cannot read him from this angle. Deciding to brazen it out she returns her glass to the table and stands to leave him for a moment.

Looking in the mirror of the ladies, she corrects her makeup after their earlier episode, ensuring she is back to her best. Studying herself, she repacks her bag and turns to return to the table. Returning to her seat he leans over "I do hope, my dear, that you aren't feasting your eyes on too many tonight. I don't want to be considered ...... second best shall we say".

Looking at him she, for the first time that night, holds his gaze "How could anyone be considered better than you.... Sir" she says and looks as a satisfied smile appears on his face, a certain smugness making it all the more appealing.

Whilst he is ordering the next round of drinks another of the weekend visitors stops by their table, kneeling down he lifts her hand and gently kisses the back of it, a small nip included in the middle barely tangible in its presence. Not saying a word the man gets up and walks away, blushing she looks round. Clearly it has all been noticed by her escort and there is a clouded look to his eyes.

Leaning over he puts and arm to her neck and pulls her ear to his lips .... "Did I give him permission? Did I allow him to kiss you?" looking back at him she realises the error she has allowed to be committed. A hand snakes to her neck and the chain is affixed to her collar. "He should have known never to touch someone so clearly owned without their owner's permission, let's hope he sees you now". With that he tells her to finish her drink and quickly empties his own glass, pulling her up sharply, leaving red drops of wine to stain her nearly bare chest he pulls her away. Leading from the front she obediently follows behind, not making a sound, looking to the ground likes she knows she should.

Leading her back to the hotel through the town, she sees from the corners of her eyes people looking at her being lead along. Some have a look of confusion, whilst others that have already been partial to the lifestyle smile smugly at the situation. Through the throng she is taken. Back to the hotel, through the reception, with the reddening young clerk not knowing where to put his eyes they ascend the stairs to the room.

Opening the door he pushes her in abruptly in front of him, but due to the chain she can't go far. He closes the door behind them, holding her in the same place.

"So you like the attention of others, do I not give what you want me to give" he says from behind her. Next she can feel him closing in closer to her, pushing up against her she feels his hand along her waist and her ass, "So if I do this, tell me who you want right now" he says leading his hand down, finding the end of the spade that has tormented her all evening, he slowly circles his hand on its base. Making it move in circles she can feel his breath in her ears as her head falls back and the moans escape her. "Tell me slut, who does this to you? Is it the young man on the street that has probably never mastered in his life?"

"No... never" she gasps with the feeling, her legs shaking "Only you can make me feel like this"

"Only you who slut!" he barks

"Only you sir" she responds sharply, not wanting him to stop. Not wanting to there to be a chance that he will leave her unfulfilled as he has done before when she has displeased him.

"He was a mere boy that surprised me, there is no one that can make me feel what I feel, do what I do and want to please as you do sir"

"We will see, you will have to please me more than you have ever done now, do you realise that?" he whispers again in her ear, pulling his hands away from her, he pulls her to the bed. Going to the suitcase he pulls a set of leather cuffs from it, pulling her arms behind her back he cuffs them together. The chain from her collar hooked up to them so her head is pulled back as she kneels, her skirt around her knees.

Unzipping the skirt he roughly drags it from her, making her at one point fall on her face before lifting her knees so she is still face first against the bed.

"What a view, your sweet ass filled by a spade, I can imagine you have been enjoying that feeling all evening, waiting for me to replace it" she whimpers at his comments, knowing he knows he is right. Knowing he is aware of her craving to be filled whenever she is filled by the spade.

"But tonight, should I?" He says, apparently questioning himself. "Or should I just do this"?

Not knowing how he does it, she feels his rock hard unclothed cock pushing against her hot wet pussy, knowing there will be no resistance he pushes it all the way in filling her completely, making her groan into the bed sheets. Pushing the spade even deeper into her he pulls out completely before pumping himself into her totally again knowing he is in as deep as he can go. An urgent burst makes him pull out and pump in and out again hard and fast, knowing she enjoys it, wanting to pound at her making her whimper. This she does, loving the feeling of him deep inside her, the feeling as he pulls out and pushes in against her. A sudden thrust making her gasp with the feeling.

Before she can come he stops, pulling out leaving her panting on the bed, her arse still raised in the air.

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