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She was stunned how willing students were to get grades.
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This story depicts lesbian and interracial anal sex and Lecturer/student sex, if this not to your liking, please visit some of my other submissions, otherwise I hope you enjoy.


As a student Laura didn't have a career path as such but a stray conversation with a lecturer made her look at Teaching as a prospective career choice. Once she had decided to go down that path, she held lofty ideas of educating the next generations to equal if not better her standards. The next choice was to decide what age group to focus on, people that had decided to focus on certain grades told her that they liked to be able to shape young minds, others talked about taking those young minds and planting seeds that would direct them down their eventual career paths. She had done the hard graft of sampling different age groups before deciding to focus on degree education. She herself had enjoyed her time at Uni and hoped to instill the same enthusiasm in others.

It was in her first year proper that she knew she had made the correct decision. The buzz of motivating interested minds had far outweighed the longer hours, average pay and the few individuals that needed chivying along. The 5 7 tall brunette had always thought of herself as sporty and so when a colleague asked if anyone wanted to volunteer coach the cheer squad, Laura took little persuading. It was a way of reaching out to those less academically able to show she wasn't the prissy schoolteacher she suspected they saw in her. The shorter skirts allowed her to showcase the long legs she treasured and it was pleasing to catch the gaze of the odd sportsman who happened to be out on the field as she and the other two coaches put the cheers through their paces.

Bethany was one of those that struggled in a classroom environment but Laura saw firsthand a different person when Bethany was with her cheer squad. The natural, smiley person came to the fore in the bubbly blonde; of course, it helped that her boyfriend was a member of the team that Bethany was encouraging. Laura could tell that the Bethany she encountered in the classroom was reticent and retreated in on herself and so she asked her to stay back at the end of the final lesson of the day. Ushering the young blonde to sit at the desk opposite Laura's she asked "I can't help noticing your usual self out on the sidelines is a very different prospect to that in the classroom. I've seen the natural you on the field and need you to know that I'm here to support you anyway I can. It wasn't that long ago that I was in your shoes and have an inkling in to the types of pressure you're under."

Bethany looked down at her hands as she wrung them together and mumbled "I'm afraid I am struggling, I used to be so good at the subject. Away from the class I'm the happiest I've ever been, JonJo made the team, I made the cheer squad and the rest of my subjects I have under control, but this, well it's like you're speaking a different language."

This last comment made Laura question herself "Has anyone else mentioned they're struggling? I wonder if I need to change how I express things?"

Bethany was quick to look up and wave her hands as she quickly spat out "Oh no, no, no everyone else seems to be doing fine." She then clutched her hands together and assumed her previous indecision as she mumbled "I get the distinct impression that it's just me."

This seemed to spur the older woman on as she stood and came around to sit on the next desk to Bethany. Reaching over with her hands Laura waited until Bethany looked up so that she could stare directly into the bright blue eyes "This is not something that we can't beat between us." Bethany looked slightly confused and so Laura continued "I've seen first hand how much effort you put into driving the cheer squad and so if you can spare some time for me, I will do the same for you. I will provide you with some additional coaching so that you don't feel overawed. It doesn't have to be that way, you'll see. Can you put some time aside we can do some one to one?"

A look of relief was evident in a second "Oh, would you?" just then Bethany looked unsure again, "I'm afraid my parents don't have much money to pay you though."

Laura patted Bethany's hand "No, this isn't about money. It will be free as long as you put the effort in and continue to progress the cheer squad as you have so far."

Bethany was almost bouncing in her seat from excitement "Oh yes. I just need that step up." The first session held at a coffee shop near Bethany's parents home had been a really good start the young woman needed and the next two sessions proved similarly fruitful and Bethany's work had changed markedly.

The next session was a very different prospect when Bethany seemed to have resumed her previous distracted stance. "Come on, tell me what's wrong. I think you know me well enough to know that anything you say won't go any further."

"It..." Bethany stalled "...well it's... it's my boyfriend, JonJo" and then she stopped. Her screwed up face spoke of the inner turmoil she was going through. "He... He wants me to... well, you know... he wants to... Oh I don't know how I can say this." She huffed and then said "You see we have sex, regularly, but now he wants..." after a long pause that Laura was determined not to interrupt the young blonde blurted out "fuck me in the ass." Bethany's body language crumpled after delivering the fateful line as she thought 'Oh god, what is Laura going to think of me now.'

Thankfully Laura reached over a comforting hand and replied in a low whisper "Well this is the twenty first century. Gone are the days when a man gets to shout the odds, especially if its against your will. It is against your will, isn't it?"

"Well..." Bethany began but then faltered "... I love him very much and... and I want to make him happy but... I've heard some of the girls who have tried it say that it's... well, painful." Bethany looked up into Laura's face in the hope that she had some magic answer to make this go away.

This changed the course of the conversation for Laura, Bethany hadn't said outright that she didn't want it to happen and so she pondered her response before answering "Yes it can be very painful for the recipient, especially the first time around, afterwards it gets easier but the important aspect is that the two of you do a lot of preparation. First and foremost, I want you to convince me that you want it as well. You've said you love him but you haven't convinced me that this isn't just you caving to his pressure. If it is I'd argue that he doesn't love you as much as you think if all he's out for is his own agenda and not yours."

"I do want it because of what he means to me" Bethany pleaded.

Laura shook her head "Not good enough. Is this something that will cement your relationship? I've seen how it destroys relationships when it's done wrong."

Bethany became suddenly curious "You sound like you know a lot about it, do you know someone who had their relationship destroyed..." there was a short pause before she asked "... or was it you?"

Laura's face drained of all colour at the realisation that the young woman had worked out her secret, 'but how do I handle this now?' she pondered.

Bethany seized on her tutor's hesitation when she bounced around in her seat excitedly "It was you wasn't it, oh wow. While most girls are experimenting with other girls, you're trying a guys dick up your ass..." after a short pause the young blonde added "... unless of course you did both." Laura's face was a picture of stunned surprise and so Bethany pressed on "On my gosh, you did, didn't you. Do you mind me asking, what's it like with a girl instead of a man. JonJo and I have had normal sex but I've never actually done it with a girl before, I'm curious, I've just never done anything."

Laura was gaping like a fish out of water "I... I... I..."

Bethany became even more animated as she pleaded "Oh please, I'm desperate to know but don't dare ask any of my friends, whereas you I can trust implicitly. I can tell you've done it; did you enjoy it? Is it as much fun as they say it is? What's the saying? 'No one knows a woman's body better than another woman'."

All Laura could think about was 'Please don't let my secret get out.' She screwed her face up as she agonised over what she should say next. She tried deflecting Bethany when she replied, "I really don't feel comfortable having this conversation with someone as young as you. There are counselors here who are better qualified than I am."

Bethany raised her hands in exasperation "Sure, if I wanted a sanctimonious sermon by someone who doesn't have a clue about the subject, I could already have gone down that route. No, I need someone who has lived the life that can give me a true evaluation of the topic and you are the best qualified I know. Are you still into women or was it a thing from the past? Please you've got to help me." With this Bethany flutter her eyelashes and reached over to place her hand on Laura's.

The brunette sighed heavily. The touch of the young woman's hand was soft and warm and yet she felt nervous exposing this part of her past, having said that she had seen first hand how Bethany responded to her help in the past. "Well... " she faltered, drew in a deep breath and then blurted out "... we were both your age and had no idea what to do." Bethany remained quiet not wanting to disturb Laura's trance. Eventually she said "We explored - a lot - and it just came natural" after a further agonising (for Bethany) pause Laura added "And yes, it is as soft as you'd expect. There's something very special about the female body that you'll come to appreciate as you grow older and experiment yourself."

Bethany was back to bouncing in her seat responding immediately with "And are you still in a relationship with a woman?"

"No" was Laura's immediate response, in truth the only relationship she had was with her plastic vibrating toy.

Bethany sat back in her seat deflated "Oh" but she than added "I had hopes that you might have been able to give me some tips."

This once again flustered Laura "Yes, well... I... I... the best I can do is point you at the internet. There must be millions of items on there about lesbian sex."

Bethany's face contorted as she considered her words, eventually saying "Yes there is but most of it is porn and you can't tell me that is real."

"I'm sure" Laura began to answer, "I'd really like to help you, I really would but it was so long ago I'm not sure I can how much help it will be."

Bethany wasn't letting her get off the hook that easily. "It must have been within the last ten years?" Laura slowly nodded in response and so the young blonde added "It's still relevant then, it's a ready resource and you can speak firsthand about things."

Laura gave a vague, non-committal "Errr, I guess so." Bethany's hand hadn't relented holding Laura's but now the touch changed suitably.

The fingers tenderly stroked Laura's soft wrist and then progressed higher, all the while Bethany watched the older woman's reaction. Laura stared at the long thin digits as they left a trail of goosebumps in their wake, her mouth gaping in amazement. Laura smiled briefly before breaking the silence "You have lovely soft skin, is this what you meant when you said the female form is very special?" Laura said nothing, her reply instead was a slow shaky nod of her head. Bethany couldn't tell but the older woman's heart was racing, almost deafening in her ears.

The fingers stroked higher; Bethany was conscious not to break the spell by pushing things too far, too fast. The goosebumps had been a good sign but the brunettes nipples had pinged to prominence and could never by missed. In a low soft voice, the blonde whispered "I've always been attracted to girls but older women make me so damp. Are you as damp down there as I am?"

Laura looked up to Bethany's pretty face and simply nodded. In her own head time seemed to have stopped, her world was reduced to the desk they shared, the outside world was out of focus on her peripheral vision; a voice was screaming 'You can't do this, it's wrong' and yet those words were being overpowered by the repeating mantra 'Her touch feels so nice.' Laura repeatedly looked from the angelic face down to her delicate fingers that teased and tantalised.

Laura was vaguely aware of the younger girl saying "I'm pleased to hear it. I want to kiss you, is that okay with you?"

The words sounded blurred, all Laura could differentiate were the words 'kiss you' and 'okay?' to which she slowly nodded her head trying desperately to clear the fog in her brain. In slow motion she saw Bethany stand up, lean over the desk without losing contact with her hand and then suddenly the face came nearer and nearer with the lips pursed. The lips landed on Laura's were a deep shade of red, her nostrils registered a strange perfume but above all her brain was registering the soft lips pressed against hers. On instinct she kissed back but then was slightly shocked when the young woman's lips parted slightly to make way for the tantalising tongue that probed and danced on Laura's lips.

Bethany felt the older women relent and she inquired her tongue deeper until it was engaged with Laura's trying to repeat the dance. The blonde now moved her hand from Laura's lower arm; the older woman furrowing her brow in a silent question as she didn't want it to move. However, she did like the next sensation as Bethany reached up and ran her thumb over the bump in the older woman's top where her nipple was poked up. Laura gave a slight gasp without losing contact with her lips, this was followed by an approving moan as she luxuriated in the sensations that were shooting around inside her, bombarding her nerves at every extremity.

The fact that the older woman had not tried to pull away or even flinch assured Bethany that she had struck gold and should press on, albeit slowly and steadily. The next sensation Laura registered was Bethany touched her other nipple, only now it wasn't just a thumb working back and forth that had turned her pussy into a mushy mess. No, this time the sensation was both nipples being tweaked determinedly between thumb and forefinger. The brunette had lost control of any logical thought and just relaxed back in her seat while her lips and tongue danced on the other woman's; the same woman that was torturing her nipples making Laura want to scream as a direct response.

Just as suddenly as it began, out of nowhere Bethany leant back up and removed her hands; the look on Laura's face was a mixture of confusion and profound disappointment. Thankfully this was just an interlude while Bethany stepped around the desk, sank to her knees before the brunette and prised the older woman's legs apart. Laura gasped at the sudden change but did nothing to stop Bethany reaching under her skirt, along her toned legs and then grasping her panties at her leg and yanking the flimsy material aside to give the younger girl an unrestricted view of her very aroused pussy. Bethany wasted no time in leaning forward, extending her tongue and raking it along Laura's splayed labia.

Bethany discovered that Laura hadn't been lying about being damp, everywhere seemed covered in a sheen of her own juices; a very tasty sheen she might add. Laura couldn't help herself as she humped her hips up and down trying to intensify the contact area of Bethany's tongue by using her hand on the back of the blondes locks to press her face further into her hungry pussy. Bethany worked her flickering tongue along the older woman's splayed labia, taking the opportunity to absorb the delicious flavour. Bethany wormed her tongue inside of Laura, constantly swirling and lunging her tongue to reach even greater depths. Laura humped her crotch determinedly gasping her shock as she went. "Oh god you're really good at that. You must be a natural."

Little did Laura know but Bethany wasn't so inexperienced with a woman's body as she had originally made out; the truth was that she had four girls her age that she could call on -- regularly -- so that she could pleasure them but who were just as content to do the same with the blonde currently knelt down before her tutor; it was after all how Bethany had firstly secured her place in the cheer squad before rising through its ranks.

Bethany was working the older woman in much the same way as a conductor steers an orchestra and it was with a huge sense of relief that Laura gave one last thrust and then gave a muffled cry of anguish when she came on the younger woman's tongue. While the brunette slumped back in her seat Bethany pressed on, lifting the brunette's top clear of her bra and all it took was to hook her thumbs under the elastic to lift that clear as well, just enough to clear her nipples so that she could latch her mouth on to the firm rubbery nub and suckle on them as though her life depended on it.

Laura reached up and cradled the younger woman's head to her breast, stroking her soft silky hair in a tender show of affection. Her climax had provided a rare moment of clarity but the moment that Bethany had attached her mouth to Laura's nipples the fog in the older woman's head had returned. Bethany remained in complete charge as she leant back from her tutors chest to climb up on the desk behind her. In one swift movement she sat down, spread her long toned legs apart and hitched her panties aside.

Laura was given an unrestricted view of the young blonde's cleanly shaved pussy. The next sensation she felt was Bethany reaching for the back of Laura's head and unceremoniously pulling her face forward until it was mashed at the sexed up pussy before. Bethany had been so tender and gentle up until this point but all the pretense was done away with as the younger woman ground her pussy into Laura's face until she felt the brunettes tongue start to tease and taste the sweet labia before her. The grip on Laura's hair had lessened slightly but still left the older woman in no uncertain terms that her young student needed her to return the favour she had so recently been doing. "Oh yes" cooed Bethany, "You really have not lost any of your talent" as the tongue continued to work over and over each fold that her tongue encountered.

Laura had lost all sense of time and might have otherwise been concerned about being discovered. Bethany had no such worries as she had a sentry posted in the hallway, a colleague from the cheer squad that had already fallen under the blonde cheerleader's spell, someone who had been promised a go at the athletic brunette tutor in the fullness of time. As it was Laura didn't let up until she had rung a climax out of her young student. Bethany steered Laura's head up so that she could lean forward and lick at her juices surrounding her tutor's lips. She then lifted her own top and steered Laura's mouth to her nearest nipple and while Laura was making loud suckling noises Bethany instructed "My parents go away every other weekend promoting their business and I'm home alone this weekend. You're coming around so that we can explore further. Is that understood?"

Bethany held Laura's head back by her hair so that the tutor could stare into her angelic features; in reply Laura simply nodded so that she could take Bethany's rubbery nipple between her lips once more. Bethany wasn't in any of Laura's classes the next day but she wasn't surprised to find the young blonde waiting outside her door as the final class filed out. Laura looked anxious as Bethany closed the door behind her, guessing what was the problem Bethany stated, "I hope you aren't having second thoughts?"

Laura was looking down at her feet as she mumbled "But what if someone finds out?"

Bethany saw this coming and stood with her hands on her hips in a defiant pose, determined to take control, as she stated, "No one will find out until I have had my way with you." She handed Laura a card and added "Here's my address, I expect you there at 2pm sharp on Saturday dressed in your cheer uniform. If anyone asks you are providing me with some addition tutoring and some new cheer moves." The blonde turned on her heels and promptly left the room, she had a date with JonJo and didn't like to keep him waiting - she needed some cock and didn't want to wait.