tagBDSMGraduate Life Ch. 01

Graduate Life Ch. 01


After leaving University Tom got his first graduate job. He was living in a shred house, it was a great place to live, not too expensive and near where he worked. He shared the house with another recent graduate - James; not a bad guy to live with, he was a classical geek who was on the whole quiet and kept himself to himself.

Tom's girlfriend, Becky, had also recently graduated from University and got a job in the same town. She lived nearby but was spending an increasing amount of time at his place. This, while great for Tom wasn't exactly to James' liking. Tom thought he clearly had difficulty with women and wasn't happy with the arrangement. One day after Becky left for work James asked to speak with Tom. He said that the rental agreement did not include Becky and if they wanted to live together they should move in together, somewhere else. To add more gravitas to his argument he pointed out that his uncle was the landlord. He didn't mind if Becky stayed the occasional night but it was getting too much.

Tom liked the house, it was close to work and he'd settled in, he feared that, having looked at the local property market, all he would be able to find would be some pokey, overpriced, hole miles away. Tom placated James and said I would speak with Becky - they would have to spend more time at her place. She lived further away from the both their places of work and with three other people - which is why she'd come to spend so much time at Tom's. One of the better things about Tom and James' house was that the landlord had only recently bought it - he hadn't renovated it and they were the only two people living there.

Becky laughed when Tom told her what James had said. Becky likes to take charge, she's always trying to dominate Tom in one way or another; a pretty adventurous girl in most respects including when it came to sex, she particularly enjoyed taking charge in bed.

She said she would talk with James, but Tom was nervous about pushing him too far and loosing the house. Becky promised that she would placate him. She went to James' room, knocked and went in; she was in there for nearly an hour. Tom was on tenter-hooks by the time she returned to his room. A feeling made worse by the rye grin on her face.

'I own him'.

Was all she said. Seeing the excitement in Tom's eye, she revelled in telling him what had happened. James answered the door and was surprised to see Becky. She not so much invited herself in as just marched past James is if it were her room, before James had chance to react confronted him with his threat to use his Uncle to have Tom thrown out. He was visibly nervous and the domineering streak in Becky took over and she thought she'd see how far she could take it.

She said that if he were to go to his Uncle she would tell his Uncle that James had been peeping on her in the shower, that he tried peeping on her and her boyfriend. James' reaction was instant, anger but more fear. Becky sensed this, sensed that he thought his Uncle may believe her over him, that true or not, he was perceived by his Uncle as a bit of a pervert. She decided to use this fear.

'James, I like it here. I don't mind if you peep occasionally.'

He was in her grasp now. It was as if it was a given that James was a peeper. That somehow this was a fact.

'You don't.'

'Not exactly, but on my terms. Is that clear.'


'Okay, here's the deal - take it or leave it. I get to stay here as often as I like. I will wear as little clothing as I feel like. You will perform certain tasks for me that I think you will enjoy.'

'What tasks?'

'Lets see - you will bathe me if I feel like it, you will hand wash my underwear; oh, and most importantly you will prepare me for sex.'


'You will go down on me before my boyfriend and I fuck.'

'But, but...'

'No buts. Have you ever gone down on a woman?'

James was silent and turning bright red.

'That's okay I will teach you.'

'One thing that I will make clear now is that you and I will never fuck. Is that understood?'


'Also, we need to put our relationship on a more formal footing. I'm in charge, I don't want you peeping on me like some creepy pervert, is that understood.'


'Just to make it clear, when we're alone you will call me Mistress. If I'm with my boyfriend you will address me as Miss Becky. This relationship is private, and I think you'd rather keep it that way. Is all that acceptable?'

'Yes Mistress.'

'Good. Now why don't we start the first lesson now.'

She removed her jeans and her panties and sat on James' bed. He couldn't take his eyes off her neatly trimmed pussy. She guided his head between her legs and gave him a lesson in pussy eating. He was a keen learner. She had him licking and sucking her to an intense orgasm. When she was done she leaned back on her elbows and looked at him - his face covered in her pussy juice.

He still couldn't keep his eyes off her now engorged pussy. As he went to wipe her juices of his face she stopped him, asking.

'James, was that your first time?'

'Yes Mistress.'

'Thank you for being honest. Would you like to have a wank now.'

'Yes Mistress.'

'Good, then I want you to strip naked and wank for me.'

James' face went a deep crimson, but he didn't refuse. After a slight hesitation he began to remove his clothes. Once naked he stood there with the hardest erection of his life. Becky new he was waiting for her command, that he was virtually paralysed at this moment and it was her he was waiting for.

'James, take hold of your cock and wank for me.'

She knew he would pick up on the 'for me'. Without taking his eyes off her pussy he slowly started to wank. So excited by the afternoon's events the he lasted but a moment. Becky had to move as the ropes of cum shot from his cock across the room and missed her by inches. Entertained by the sight, she had a grin on her face as she noticed James deflate in sync with his cock. Almost embarrassed by his state, he reached for his clothes.

'No James,'

Becky pulled up her jeans.

'Don't get dressed. Not until I have left.'

'Yes Mistress.'

'Good. I am pleased with you, that was a good start.'

'Do you think I you will come to like our little arrangement?'

'Yes Mistress.'

'You will have to trust me James. I am going to expand your horizons and experiences - but I demand absolute obedience. You will do what I say when I say and we will both enjoy it. I will be honest with you, there will be times when you don't want to, or don't think you can do the things I ask. However, I promise you I will never ask of you anything that I think is beyond you.'

At that point Becky then left James' room and returned to Tom. They were both so excited by her telling of what she had just done. Pointing out that she'd already been warmed up by James going down on her she picked up Tom's hint and sank to her knees to give him one of the best blow-jobs of his life. They fucked for the rest of the day - both excited by James' subservience to Becky.

Lying in bed she told Tom of some of the things she had planned for James. She said she was going to start pushing his boundaries - and she would start that weekend. She wanted to explore the dominant side of her personality. Tom was also excited, Becky became more intense when she talked about this and the first and most tangible benefit was that the sex was better. Tom, not fully realising what he was saying, told Becky he also wanted her to explore this side of her and asked her what she was going to do.

'Well, you know I had him go down on me.'


'And I told him part of his duties would be preparing me for sex.'


'Well, I was surprised that he didn't object, not a bit. It made me think and I'm going to extend his duties to cleaning me after sex.'

'What, how?.'

'It's simple, after you've fucked me and filled me with your cum, I'm going to go down to James in my naked fucked state and have him go down on me again. Have him lick your warm cum from my recently fucked pussy.'

'He'll never do it.'

'Oh he will. Wanna bet?'

'Yes, I'll bet, but what?'

Becky seeing this both as a challenge and of having it bit of fun with Tom thought for a moment.

'Okay, If this weekend I can get James to go down on me and lick me clean after we fuck I will fulfil on of your fantasies.'


'I will let you do me up the arse whenever you want - no more special occasions, anytime, anywhere.'

'And if he refuses.'

'You have to get my name tattooed on your abdomen just above your cock.'

'No way. Can't you pick something else.'

'Fine, no bet then.'

'Wait a minute, how will I know he's cleaned you out and you haven't nipped into his bathroom and washed yourself.'

'I'll have him do it in-front of you.'

'You're on, he'll never do it.'

Work dominated much of the rest of the week and Becky didn't see Tom until Friday afternoon, when all three of bumped into each other in the hallway. Becky had a cunning grin on her face as she greeted James.

'Hello James.'

'Hello Miss Becky.'

'Good James; were off out for a drink but when we return I would like to speak with you. Please be in at nine, okay.'

'Yes Miss Becky was all he said as we left.'

'What was all that about.'

'I'm conditioning him - when we're alone he calls me Mistress and when you are with me he calls me Miss Becky.'


'Getting nervous?'

'A bit - but it's a long way from calling you Miss Becky in-front of me to licking my cum from your pussy in front of me.'

They came in from the pub at about five to nine. Becky took Tom by the hand and led him to James' door.

'What are you doing?'

'Just go with it okay - I'll do all the talking.'

She knocked and James opened. He had a nervous look on his face, which deepened when he saw Tom stood next to her. Tom's first thought was that there's no way she'll win this bet by Sunday. Becky broke the silence.


'Yes Miss Becky.'

'Tom is about to go upstairs and I will come into your room. You will go down on me as you did the other day to prepare me for Tom. I'm then going to go upstairs and give him a blow-job before he fucks me. Is that okay with you?'

'Yes Miss Becky.'

'Good, afterwards I'm going to come back down, because there is something I have to talk to you about. Now, Tom you go upstairs and wait while James gives me my first orgasm of the evening.'

Noticing the embarrassed look on James' face Tom went up to his room. Becky went in with James.


'Yes Mistress.'

'Good you remembered. I'm going to take our relationship up a gear this weekend.'

A grin grew across James' face as Becky began to strip. Noticing it she acted quickly to re-assert her dominance of the situation.

'We're not going to fuck - that will never happen, remember our talk a few days ago.'

'Yes Mistress.'

'Good. Im simply fulfilling my end of the bargain, you don't have to peep - I will allow you to see me naked, and a lot more.'

She could see James was more at ease.

'Do you like my naked body?'

'Yes Mistress.'

'Would you like to see more of it?'

'Yes Mistress.'

'There's a good boy, now on you knees and to your duty.'

James eagerly repeated the scene from a few days ago. Giving his all in going down on Becky until she came to a shuddering climax all over his face. James sat as before, staring at her still pulsating pussy expecting her to command him to strip and wank for her. Which is why he was a little taken aback at what she then said.

'James, I'm now going to give Tom the blow-job he's been thinking about all day. I want you to remain here and NOT touch yourself until I return. Is that clear. If, when I return, I even think you've been playing with yourself our arrangement is off - understand?'

'Yes Mistress, but but...'

'No buts, when I come back down I want you full attention.'

Becky knew what she was doing. She knew the power of withholding the orgasm from a man - especially a man like James. She got up and left and went to Tom's room. He was naked and hard as she walked in. The dutiful girlfriend she dropped to her knees and took his hardness in her mouth until he came. As they lay in bed, she playing with his cock as it came back to life Becky explained her plan. She was going to get James to clean her that night in private then work up to having him do it in-front of Tom by end of the weekend.

They fucked for over an hour - Tom came in her three times. Becky then got up, and looking disheveled went down to James' room with Tom's hot, thick cum dripping from her.

It was clear by the look on his face and the straining of his trousers that James had obeyed her and not touched himself. Becky went in - now would come the first test of the weekend. Becky lay on the bed and beckoned James to her.

'James I want you to go down on me again. I want you to make me cum. I want you to clean my pussy, to lick out all of Tom's cum.'

'But Mistress.'

'I know it's a big step, the first of many. I can see that you have obeyed me and you didn't play with yourself. Because you have been a good boy and if you do this for me I will give you a special reward. James looked hesitant.'

'What reward Mistress?'

'One I know you'll love, something no one has ever done for you, but no more until after.'

James looked at her naked body lying on his bed, her pussy dripping cum, Tom's cum, onto his sheet and her pleading eyes. She knew exactly what she was doing. He slowly dropped to his knees in-front of her and placed his hands on her inner thighs. He began to lower his head and stopped as his nostrils caught the distinct aroma of cum, another man's cum.

'That's it, there's a good boy, you know what to do.'

Becky said as she placed her hand on the back of his head and gently guided it to her leaking pussy. James was slow at first as he took his first taste of another man's cum mixed with the now familiar taste of Becky's juices. He was gentle yet thorough, by the time he'd finished Becky had an orgasm rip through her and her pussy was clean. She lay back as James just lay slumped between her legs staring at her pussy.

'James, I'm so proud of you, you did so well. Would you like your reward now or would you prefer to lay there for a moment admiring my pussy.'

'My reward please Mistress.'

'Okay, James, strip for me.'

James did as she commanded and stood naked in the middle of his room with a raging hard-on, he couldn't lift his gave from her pussy. Becky was nervous that it would prove too much for him - to lick Tom's cum from her, knowing Tom was upstairs and aware of what he was doing. But he did and now she needed to maintain the momentum and motivate him to keep obeying her. She stood up and walked around James as he stood fixed to the spot, his hard-on as stiff as ever.

'James I want you to put your hands behind your back and not move them until we're done.'

'Yes Mistress.'

James did as she commanded without doubt or hesitation. Becky moved in behind him and pressed her body against his. Her freshly cleaned pussy brushed against his hand she reached round taking hold of his cock.

'Do you feel how clean I am?'

'Yes Mistress'

'You did that, you should be proud. I'm impressed with your obedience, my pussy is rubbing against your hands and you haven't moved a finger. You can it you want.'

James wasted no time and rubbed her pussy, easing a finger between her lips. As he did Becky strengthened her grip on his cock.

'Oh James, that's nice, you can keep doing that.'

James just moaned as Becky slowly wanked him. She knew he wouldn't take long. As she felt the vein at the base of his cock throb, his orgasm imminent, she stopped and gripped the base of the cock with all the strength she could muster. James let out a yelp.

'It's okay James, you were about to cum and I don't want that yet, do you?'

'No Mistress.'

Becky smiled to herself as he moved from behind James and knelt in front on him. With her head inches from his still rock-hard cock she resumed her steady rhythm of his reward wank. This time as he approached orgasm Becky again stopped and gripped his cock until the urge subsided. James, knowing what she was doing, said nothing. With his cock still in her hand she kissed the end. James was in heaven.


'Yes Mistress. Did you enjoy cleaning me today?'

'Yes. No. Well, a bit Mistress.'

'It will be a regular duty of yours from now on, are you okay with that?'

'Oh, yes Mistress.'

James was hesitant in his reply as Becky took his cock in her mouth - this time kissing the end before licking the entire length the sucking hard on it. Becky knew she had to be careful - she needed to introduce James to the idea of cleaning her in-front of Tom and extract a promise from him that he would do it this weekend, all before he came.

'James, this weekend we have one more step to take - do you think you are up to it?'

'I hope so Mistress.'

'On Sunday I will come down after Tom has fucked me, naked as I am now. I will knock on your door and you will come with me to Tom's room. There I will lie on the bed and you will clean me in-front of Tom. Do you think you can do that?'

'I don't know Mistress, aahh.'

As she waited for James' answer Becky took his balls in her mouth and continued the wank. She sensed he was close, very close to cuming. James wanting to cum would say almost anything at this moment.

'Can you do it James?'

'Yes Mistress.'

'Will you do it James?'

'Yes Mistress.'

'Will you promise me James, promise me that you won't back out. That you will lick Tom's cum from my freshly fucked pussy on Sunday in front of him.'

Becky thought the descriptive language would push him over the edge, and it did.

'Yes Mistress.'

Was all that James could say as Becky wanked him dry; rope after rope of his cum flew across the room. She knew she had to re-affirm his promise now he'd cum. She looked up at him as his deflated cock and took it once more in her mouth this time sucking a few drops of cum onto her tongue. She stood up and kissed him. Making sure he took some of his own cum into his mouth. James was all but in shock by all that had happened.

Becky sat on the bed and invited James to kneel between her legs, not to go down on her but simply to look at her pussy. She was training him to assume a lower position than her and knew he loved staring at her pussy. She wanted to firm in his mind what he would be doing on Sunday. Becky waited a while then left James to go back up to Tom.

They didn't see much of James on Sat. Becky heard him come in and, gambling he'd be alone went down naked.

'Hello James'.

'Hello Mistress.'

'I was just going to take a shower, would you like to watch?'

James, his throat dry could only nod. He was hard before they got halfway to the bathroom. A part of Becky liked the submissive attention James gave her. She had a taught, athletic body, with firm breasts and a tight bum. She was using it to fix in his mind why he would do as she says. She took her time with the shower making sure James got a good show. Stepping out he handed her a towel.

'James, I know your hard now and want to go back to your room for a wank, but I don't want that. That is to say, I don't want you to wank - not yet anyway.'

His nervous energy was palpable and Becky wanted to keep him excited, keep him thinking with his dick.

About an hour later she went to James' room. She no longer knocked, simply walked in. She was pleased it looked like he had obeyed her. Walking over to his bed she lay down and looked at James. All she said was...

'James, you know what to do.'

He did. He got on his knees between her legs and pleasured her. He was a keen learner and getting very good at eating pussy. Becky went upstairs to Tom and, after sucking him for a while, they fucked. Somehow her controlling of James had made Tom a more attentive lover. She was liking the arrangement. As with Friday, afterwards Becky went down to James. This time there was no real hesitation as he went down on her. She was expecting to have to coax him again, but to her surprise James went straight to it. Afterwards she had stood before her as she lay on the bed whilst he wanked for her.

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