tagFirst TimeGraduation...Maybe



"Wake up."

In a daze, I looked up and saw the teacher glaring down at me.

"You have fallen asleep in my class...again. That's at least once every week since semester. We have class three days a week."

"I take 4 hour and a half classes a day with 2 hours of homework for each class. I have to hang out with friends a total of fifteen hours a week to not become a social outcast, I hang out with my family all weekend every weekend. What do you expect?" I state bluntly.

Hi my name is Scarlett. I just turned 18 and am almost on my last week of high school. Thank god too cause my teachers absolutely despise me. I normally fall asleep in my classes. I try to take turns so I'm not always asleep in one class but some classes are just so boring, like history, which I sleep through every class. That's why I'm hated so much.

There's one teacher though, Mr. Anderson, the science teacher, that actually likes me, and I like him back..a lot. He's the one from above. He's my favorite teacher. Is it because he's passionate about the stuff he teaches? No. Is it because he's hot? Definitely. He's about 6'1", 200 pounds of pure muscle, beautiful blue eyes and brown hair.

I'm about to have a fun experience with him this week, or at least i hope so, and I want to tell you about it.

Let's get back to the conversational flashback though.

"I'm sorry, Scarlett, but high school sucks this time of year. It's the week before finals, so if you don't study now you never will. Trust me I know you," he said with a half pity-half suck it up kind of way.

"You know I'm never going to study on my own right," i said, purposefully sounding like a bitch.

"Come to the city library Saturday at nine. We have a lot to cover so we'll be there all day, most likely Sunday too. I'll be your tutor. If you don't come you will be held back," he said with a serious tone in his voice.

I was so excited when he said that. I didn't know how to react, part of me wanted to scream in cheer for two days alone with this guy, but the other part wanted to scream in agony cause I had to go to school on my weekend.

That was on Wednesday. Today is Friday and I'm still not sure if I want to go. I decide to sleep on it and think about the pros and cons. I'll graduate, but I'll lose my days off, but I'll gain back a whole year of my life by not being held back. Plus, 2 whole days with Mr. Anderson. It's settled, I'm going.

That night I had the weirdest dream though. I dreamed that I went to the library and was taught all this amazing stuff, and passed every test, but because my teachers knew I didn't pay attention, they accused me of cheating. I didn't let it discourage me.

I got up the next day at about 6 excited to be alone with Mr. Anderson. I took a long shower and made sure there was nothing on me that could be considered dirty. After I realized I was spotless, I decided to do a little practice. I'm a virgin, so I haven't had much practice. I washed long and hard, feeling the water pour down on me. I grabbed my tits and squished them against my body, after which I rubbed my body all over. I put the shower head to my vagina and felt the vibration and the water pouring down my legs. It felt so fantastic, it almost seemed like I was cumming from the pleasure I got from the shower head. If you could have seen me, you might be wondering if I was shooting a sexy porno.

I get out of the shower and do my makeup to perfection. Mascara, blush, his favorite color lipstick, red (that's right, I do research, just not for school), everything you need for a perfect date. After I get done with my makeup I put on the hottest outfit I have that doesn't make me look to desperate, a black tank top belly shirt with straps around the tits with one of my long bras underneath and white pants that show off every curve of my thighs. It's nice showing off my belly button piercing and my tattoo of an angel on my arm. They look so hot.

I head out for a nice walk to the library a couple blocks from my house. Its not to hot and not to cold, about 70 degrees, and the breeze is nice that day, blowing my hair back.

Before I get to the library, I stop at the store next door and purchase a few condoms and some lube hoping something will happen. Afterwards I just head next door.

I see Mr. Anderson in the back with a lot of books, papers, and flashcards. I go back there to see what's up.

"Hey Scarlett, looking very cute today." he says, surprised that I showed up.

"Thank you Mr. Anderson. Is this everything we're doing today?" I ask with a sad expression on my face.

"This is everything from this semester in all your classes. I keep them in a file for people like you. I don't feel I should do this but obviously I need to. Now sit down," he said.

"Damn, that was cold," I said, but he didn't say anything else.

"First we are starting with history, than English, then math, and finally science. I don't know anything about your electives so those are up to you,"

I'm not going to explain myself about him teaching because you probably don't want to hear it, but it took me a few hours to understand the flash cards and then I took the tests and they were pretty easy, so we moved on.

In English we had to read a book, of course, and I didn't read any of it, understandable. Because of that, the flash cards took the rest of the day. I took the tests home with me and did them all before I went to bed.

The next morning I did the same routine and wore the same clothes to hopefully score him today instead.

Turns out I passed all the tests and we moved onto math. I'm pretty good at math so the flash cards took like ten minutes and the tests were really easy.

We got done at about noon and had the rest of the day for science, but because he was the science teacher, it took about 2 hours.

When we got ready to leave I asked one more question, "Do you know much about sex ed?"

"Yes ma'am. What do you need, the whole semester or just certain chapters or what?"

Me, trying to be smooth, "I just want part of your afternoon," as I pull out the condom in my pocket.

He comes and sits down with a smile on his face "I'm not allowed to do this until you graduate, but because you'll fail if I don't, I will. But don't tell anybody. I guess if I'm gonna teach you something, I might as well teach you everything. The best protection from STDs and pregnancy is abstinence, but since that clearly doesn't work, condoms are the next best option. Before you actually start having sex though, you gotta foreplay. Trust me, it makes it better. A good foreplay is kissing."

Before he can say another word, I grab his head and start kissing him, tongue and all. It was the best make out session I have ever had. It was so passionate. He was fantastic with his tongue, swishing it this way and that, massaging my tongue with his own. He would even use his teeth to nibble on my bottom lip, which was new to me but felt amazing.

After about a minute he pulled away and told me it was time to start undressing and grabbed the rim of my shirt and started pulling it up and we kissed some more as he unclipped my bra. It dropped and my d-cup tits were hanging free but very perky. I have always been a little self conscious about them because they were always bigger than all the other girls my age and it just seemed kind of weird. But Mr. Anderson loved them. He grasped one with one hand and kneaded it like pizza dough. It was very erotic.

I grab on to the bottom of his shirt and pull up. His toned, six-pack abs almost make me pass out, and I might've, too, if he wasn't breathing life into me with every kiss. I get my thoughts together and pull his shirt the rest of the way.

He breaks the kiss and squats down, kissing my body the whole way down. He feels up and down my legs before unbuttoning my pants. He pulls them down and feels all the way up my legs before pulling my panties down.

Finally, he comes back up and tries to kiss me again, but I put my fingers in front of his lips and squat down myself, rubbing my hands across his abs. I get down to unbutton his pants and pull them off, revealing a bulge in his underwear. I turn around and tease him by giving him a lap dance before taking off his underwear. I wiggle my ass in a figure 8 motion and he grabs onto my asscheeks with both hands, which kind of makes me jump as I wasn't expecting it. I turn around and pull down his underwear and his huge 7" dick pops out and I pull the underwear off his legs.

"Now's the time for the condom," he says, "To make sure it doesn't give me any burns or rashes, I need lube. I see you got some next door when you got that condom. Now," he says, squirting some onto his dick, "rub it in and-." Before he can say anything else, I start going to town on his dick rubbing up and down like a butter churn, slapping the sides hoping to elongate it like play dough, doing everything I can to please him. I hear him moan from above, which means I'm doing a good job.

"You must be experienced at this," he says

"No sir. First time," I say proudly. "I'm done with the lube. Now the condom,"

He rolls on the condom, telling me it has to go to the base of the penis. "To make sure it doesn't give you any burns or rashes, I need more lube," he says, squirting more on his dick. I go to town once again, doing what I did before, with some more moans that make me feel happy.

"Now it's time for sex," he says as he puts his dick in my pussy. "Don't think, just please me as I will do to you." We just go in and out for a little bit to get the hang of it. Then he stands up and lays on the table, his cock sticking straight up, and motions me over.

I walk over and sit on his dick, feeling pain as it impales me, but ecstacy when it's in. He told me this is called cowgirl. I face him so he can rub my clit as I jump and down. He rubs me with two of his fingers harder, faster, harder, faster, until the point where I'm moaning so loudly that I can barely hear him talk about how sexy I am. I'm just at the point of my climax when I suddenly feel a rush of adrenaline through my entire body. I feel my orgasm and cum all over his face. That has been my dream for years. During my orgasm, he picks me up by the asscheeks to the top of his penis and drops me. Because my blood pressure is running so fast, I can't feel his cock impale my ass, but I can hear him moan from the amazement and the squish of me falling on my cum, and it sounds wonderful. He does it a few more times, each time hearing a squeal of pain, but then the heavy breathing of enjoyment that he's heard many times before, the one that says "more, please more". When I finally catch my breath, I bend down to give him a kiss and then climb off, leaving him wanting more.

I ask him about oral sex and climb around so we're in a 69 position. "All you gotta do is put your mouth around me and suck up and down, maybe using a little tongue," i do what he says and started sucking his dick, going up and down like he said. I found out I bought a minty flavored lube. He told me it makes his penis tingle, and, with me sucking his dick, was the best feeling ever. I didn't think I could deep throat him, which I'm glad to say I'm wrong. It choked me a little bit but he said it was the best feeling ever. I loved that thought. I grasped his balls, one in each hand, and squeezed. Adding a little tongue to the mix increased his moan tenfold. I mainly licked the tip of his penis, but apparently that was enough, because he had a loud orgasm.

After he got done, he started licking my pussy, which made me stop sucking his dick and moan with pleasure. He would get his tongue deep inside me and lick every side of my pussy. He took his tongue out and started doing the ABC method, all the while rubbing my clit really hard and really fast. I don't if I have a thing for my clit being rubbed or what, but I cummed at the letter J and had an orgasm again at O. Even though he had cum all over his face, he finished the alphabet.

He got up and told to get on all fours like a dog. He kneeled behind me and put his dick back in my pussy as he was grabbing onto my hips. He pulled me back as hard as he could. It hurt so bad I almost cried, but I was moaning so much there wasn't a tear. He heard the pain and went a little slower. This felt like pure ecstasy. He leaned over my back and huddled over me he told me this is called doggy style. I told him how much I loved it. It felt like he was trying to hug and embrace me. He grabbed onto my tit and felt it around, rubbing the space between. I haven't had a massage there. It was pure gold

He got back up and sat on my belly and told me he was about to cum. He ripped of his condom and put his dick between my titties. I squeezed them together and rubbed them back and forth really fast until he blew his load right onto my face. I kept rubbing my tits together as i licked my face clean. He got off and laid next to me. We laid on the table for a few minutes, panting.

"I hope you get an A+ in that class. You deserve it," he said finally. He got up and put his clothes on and kissed me once more before he left, leaving me naked on the table.

"Library is closing in 5 minutes," I heard over the intercom.

I sat there dreaming for a minute before I got up. That was amazing. I lost my virginity 5 hours ago, and I loved it.


At graduation I heard him cheer as they said my name. I don't know how to thank him. Hopefully that sex was enough. Hopefully I can thank him again later.

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