tagIncest/TabooGram Came To Visit

Gram Came To Visit


Mother kissed my twin sister on the cheek and turned to her mother and said a few words about where she would be and a phone number to call if needed.

My mother had a date with Mr. Dooly again. It was there third and Mom seemed to be very happy with this man in her life. My Mom is really beautiful. I am twenty years old but I know beautiful when I see it and my Mom is beautiful.

Hazel Winter, my mother is tall near five ten. Slim, with smallish tits but they are very firm and have large thick nipples. Her waist is small and this fact sets off her broad hips making them look wider than they really are. I have seen my mother naked many times. Oh, not with her knowledge or consent. This old house has two master bedroom and they had adjoining bath. So when ever I hear mom in the shower I sneaked into the guest room and peek in on her without knowing it. Then I would run back to my room and jerk off. I love to see my spunk shoot wildly straight up as I lay on my back.

It has been pointed out to me that I have a long thick cock for a boy of my age or for a man of any age or so I have been told. But we will get back to that later.

I stood in the door until Mr. Dooly closed the door on his car making sure Mom was seated inside. I turned around closed and locked the door and ran into my Grams out stretched arms. Gram kissed me on the mouth and it was no Granny kiss. It was one of lust and need as we exchanged tongues. Sheri came over and wiggled between us. Sheri was a true beauty and just starting to bud out in all the right places. Granny held our hands was the three of us went up the stairs so Granny could put us kids to bed.

Two years ago Gram had come the ninety miles to join Sheri and I for our eighteenth birthday and had stayed. Grandpa had died and Gram was tired of being alone so now here we are one big happy family. Gram had been with us for about a year when this all started. Sheri's room is at the head of the stairs across from Mom's room. We, Sheri and I share a bath beyond my bedroom at the end of the hall.

I had taken my shower and was returning to my room with a towel around my waist. I came out into the hall where Sheri was waiting her turn. Gram was coming toward us with an arm full of clean towels. As a joke Sheri grabbed my towel jerking it off. Sheri laughed quickly dashing into the bathroom. I stood there ganging on the door and yelling at my sister in jest. I said "OK, you little shit I am going to beat your ass when you come out."

I turned back around to see my dear old Granny looking at me with a strange smile on her face. I did not know it then but Granny had not been with a man for four years every since Grandpa died. Granny was looking at my cock and I started to get hard. Somehow her looking at me got me excited. I forgot about my towel on the floor and just stood there.

"My Darling boy you'll catch cold standing there dripping wet." Gram took one of the fresh dry towels and started to rub me vigorously. She rubbed my back, chest then lowered her hands to my erection. She rubbed it with just her warm soft hands. "Oh my Waldo; you do have a man size erection and I must say it is lovely."

I was startled and surprised but it felt so good. I of course knew about sex and all that stuff but at age eighteen I had only jerked off a few times and a little more as you will learn. So I thought I would just let Gamma have a few laughs at my expense. However she surprised me when she said "Waldo come with Granny quickly before Sheri get out of her shower."

I followed Gram into my room where she set me on the bed and said "Waldo do you play with your self?"

"Well yes Gamma I have jerked off a few times. Why?" I asked

"Do you shot off, you know do you cum?" she asked. Her voice was tight and kind of squeaky.

"Aye, sure I can do that. I cum lots too." I told her proudly

"Oh, Lord I want to see you do that. Will you show me how you do that after your sister has gone to bed?" She said in the same strange deep voice.

"No need to wait for Sheri to go to bed. She has seen me jerk off many times. Sheri has played with me too and made me cum" I told her grinning from ear to ear.

Granny seemed surprised at this. She said "My little Sheri has played with your erection? Have you done anything else with your sister?" She paused and waited for me to speak.

"Well Granny what we did was. Well; you see we found some old video taps down in the basement of people fucking and sucking and stuff like that so Sheri and I had tried a few things to see how it feels." I liked this talking to my Grandmother like a full grown adult. My cock was still rock hard and Gram was still holding it as we sat side by side on the edge of my bed.

"Well you better tell your Granny just what all you did." She said as her fingers tightened around my cock.

"At first we saw the guy licking the lady between her legs and so I tried that on Sheri and she really liked that and she said she almost felt like she wanted to pee real bad but could not. So I told her I thought she was wanting to cum but she was not ready yet. Then we saw a lady take a man cock in her mouth and so Sheri did that to me and I did cum in her mouth after a while. Sheri liked that too. So we did that as we both liked doing it with our mouths."

Granny said "Stop Waldo, stop don't say another word. I am so steamed up my panties are wet. You got the most wonderful cock I have ever seen and now you are telling me my granddaughter has sucked you off and you cum in her mouth. I am shocked! I want to see her suck your cock. I can not believe she would do such a thing."

Then Gram bent down and lowered her mouth over the head of my cock. Her head moved up and down a few times. She pulled back and looked up at me. "Did Sheri do it like that?"

"Sure just like that. But your mouth is bigger and you took more of my cock in your mouth than Sheri does. Do it again Gram? Suck my cock and make it cum. I'll cum in your mouth just like I do for Sheri." I said.

Grams mouth was going down my cock before I got all the words out. Sheri came in and stood there watching us. I was sure Gram had forgotten about her Granddaughter. Sheri came over and got up on the bed next to me. Gram had her eyes closed and never knew Sheri was there watching until I shot off sending several spurts filling Grams mouth. My cock was still hard but I had stopped cumming when Gram looked up to see Sheri next to me.

Sheri said "Wow Gram you're a fucking cock sucker just like me."

Gram was still so hot she was breathing heavy and rubbing her self. Her eyes were kind of not looking at any thing just kind of out into space. I pushed Gram over on the bed and pulled up her skirt. Sheri helped me pull down her panties.

Sheri said "Golly, would you look at all the hair. Granny got a lot of hair around her pussy Waldo, are you going to lick her like you do me?"

"I guess I better before she burst open." Sheri helped me pull her heavy puffy fat pussy open so I could get my mouth well into it. It was pungent and kind of strong smelling but I went ahead and licked it any way. I rubbed her fat little mound like I saw the guys in the video do as I liked Granny wet pussy. Granny wiggled and squirmed under my tongue. Then she let out a howl like a wounded animal. Then I tasted the sweetest milky fluid I had ever tasted in my short life. Granny was cumming. She was cumming like I do. It was spurting out like a thick stream of piss. But it was ever so sweet. I would learn later that this is rare and it was called "Nectar of the Gods" I also learned very few women can cum this great to make it taste sweet. But Gram sure was doing it and I loved it.

Later that night I fucked my Grandmother in the pussy and Sheri watched on. I licked Sheri later too and before Mom returned from her date we all had been satisfied. Well that was eight months ago and ever since we three have a wonderful time every time mother went out on a date.

Over the last eight months I have fucked Gram in the ass as well as the pussy. I took Sheri's cherry pussy and her virgin ass. We like to start with both of them sucking my cock taking turns seeing how much they can get down their throats while I lick Gram's fat old pussy and finger

Sheri's juicy tight little cunt. Gram has taught us all the words and all the things to do. Sheri seems to really get hot taking dirty and she has come to enjoy licking Gram's pussy while I fuck her doggie style in the ass or in the pussy.

This night we were well into it with Gram setting on me with her big old tits bouncing and swinging from side with my cock deep in her pussy. Sheri was finger fucking herself and shoving a finger up Gram's big ass hole at the same time. "Fuck her Waldo, fuck Gram; fuck the old cock sucker." Sheri was saying when all of a sudden we heard a car screech to a halt in the drive way. Sheri jumped up and ran to a window. "Holy fuck Mom's home early. " Then Sheri said "Shit she is fighting with Mr. Dooly and I think they are drunk. Mom is staggering around and can hardly stand up. Yes, Mom is so drunk she is really fucked up. "

Gram was ready to get off and did not want to stop. But Sheri said "Mr. Dooly is driving off and Mom is still standing there in the drive way. I don't think she can find her key."

Gram gave a shutter and cam all over me. She cums a lot and it is real wet. But I kept pumping up into her pussy until she was done. I grabbed my robe and headed for the door "I better go down and get her in before the neighbors see her." I said. Gram and Sheri were right behind me as I opened the side door and took Mom in my arms.

Her eyes were all fuzzy and she had no idea where she was. Mom pulled loose and stumbled across the kitchen coming to rest with her ass on the table, her skirt up around her waist and her legs spread wide apart.

She was looking at me but I was not sure she could see any thing. My robe had come open in the may-lay. I was looking at my mother's wet panties and seeing no shadow of hair. I said "Shit Mom's shaves her pussy."

My cock quickly rose to full hard and proudly stood out like a broom handle. Gram was just standing there looking. Sheri said "Wow I want to shave my pussy too. Gram needs to shave her cunt as well, the hairy old thing."

I don't know what I was thinking as I moved to the table pushed Mom back reached up under her skirt hooked her panties and pulled them down to her ankles. I grabbed her by the hips moved her around setting her ass right on the edge of the table. Without hesitation I aimed my cock as her gapping cunt and shoved. My cock went home easily right up to the hilt. Mom moaned and tried to set up but couldn't.

I slipped my hands under her ass and lifted her high and began to fuck her in long slow pulls driving deeper each time. Sheri came close and started to open Mom's blouse and free her tits. Gram was still standing there in a trance watching the whole thing but now she had her own robe open and was rubbing her clitoris.

Mom's pussy was tight and felt like a sleeve of warm hot meat around my cock. It turned me on now to see Sheri free Mom's tits and those large nipples. I said "Sheri suck on Mom's nipples."

Sheri said I got a better idea. With this she tossed her robe away and climbed up on the table to squat placing her dripping pussy right on Mom's face. It must have been a reflex because Mom lifted her hands up and held Sheri's ass in place as she started to lick Sheri's cunt.

I got so hot watching my mother lick her daughter's pussy while I fucked my loving mother I could not hold back. I shot off again and again. Cum came out of me like I had never cum before. Mom shook and cried out as she climaxed with me. Sheri also screamed and flooded Mothers face with a slimy fluid like a thick piss. Sheri nearly lost her balance and grabbed for me to help her. I reached out but it was too late. She went over backwards. Out of no where Gram seemed to save the day catching Sheri in her arms and easing her to the floor. Mom shook and sat up as I pulled free my still almost hard cock popped out of her making a sucking sound as we parted.

Mom eyes were trying to focus but she was turned now to see what was going on behind her. "Mom, why are you naked? Why are you holding my daughter? Why is Sheri naked? What the fuck is going on here? "Mom turned back around to focus on me but they just seemed to roll up in her head and she passed out.

I laid Mom on the bed. Sheri had removed all her clothing and Mom sure looked sexy naked. I stood back as Sheri spread Mom's legs and started to lick my cum out of her pretty shaved pussy. My cock grew hard as a rock again and I said "Gram bend over the bed I need to fuck a tight ass hole while a I watch Sheri lick Mom's fucking pussy.

Gram bent over resting her hands on the bed with her fat old ass in sight before me. I love my Gram and I love to fuck her fat ass. The feel of my cock up her ass seemed to always excite me more than just fucking her. However watching Sheri lick my cum out of Mom's pussy was so erotic and arousing it did not take long for me to cum again.

It was nearly four in the morning as I lay on my bed alone thinking how exciting it was to fuck my mother. I got up and walked back to her bedroom. Mom was still lying naked on the top of the sheets. One arm was above her head the other rested peacefully between her legs. She looked beautiful and as I have said I know beautiful.

I lay down next to her; I tilted forward and captured a nipple in my mouth. It was firm, thicker that those of Sheri or Grams. Mom sighed took in a deep breath and placed a hand on the back of my head. I lifted her leg until it was resting across my hip. Then I wiggled up close placing my cock at the opening to her wet pussy. Again as if by reflex she took my cock in her hand and aimed it at the target I so desired. I nudged her with the tip of my cock. Her wet pussy lips parted issuing me an invitation to proceed.

Twisting and pushing up close my cock slipped deeper into her. I felt my cock swell larger than it had ever been before. I pushed and wiggled up between her legs. She gasped and moaned loader. I whispered into her ear. "I am going to fuck you Hazel."

She said in a sleepy voice "Yes fuck me with your big cock. You cock feels so big. Fuck me, yes my darling fuck me." She bucked up with her ass lifting it nearly off the bed and my cock went to the very hilt. I hit bottom and the head was pressed firmly in her choice cunt. Mom cried out "Oh, God. What a marvelous cock. What a splendid tool. Oh my darling fuck me make me cum."

I knew she did not know it was her son with his cock in her pussy but she would soon learn that tad-bit of information when she wakes to fine my cock still in her.

Mom was a great fuck even in her sleep and her pussy was the smoothest, warmest most active pussy I had ever fucked. Of course at that time I had only fucked two others. Her pussy quivered and clutched at my working cock. Then when I could no longer restrain myself I let go and at that very moment Mom cried out and shuttered a climax joining me with a wondrous display of satisfying emotion. We lay still and my cock did not slip from her throbbing cunt. I felt it start to get hard again as I closed my eyes and went to sleep.

Mom's right leg was up over my right hip. I was on my side with her left leg between my legs and my hard cock was stuffed well up into her cunt. The head of my cock was pressing hard against the bottom of her divine cunt.

I felt Mom move as she was about to wake up. This was going to be it one way or another. For good or bad Mom was going to know her son had fucked her and fucked her good; hell he was still fucking her.

I lay still letting her awaken to discover me with my cock deep in her delightful pussy. "What, what the;" she murmured. I could feel her shift and then there was a shrill intake of breath. "Waldo." She gasped.

I felt her try to jerk free of me. But I clamped my legs together holding her leg tight between mine. She jerked and strained pulling away and me pushing hard to keep my cock in her. I jumped as if coming awake and not knowing where I was. I yelled "Mom" and held her leg locked between mine. My cock was ravishing her insides. My cock was ramming deeper in her with every movement she made to get way.

I reached up and grabbed a firm little tit squeezing the nipple between my fingers. She covered my hand with hers. She was bucking and bouncing her ass up off the bed. My cock was thrilled to death with all this movement. She placed both of her hands on my thigh and attempted to push me way. By I was now yelling at her "Mom! What are you doing to me? Mom, let me go. Mom for Gods sake. Oh, Mom Oh shit Mom."

I let my voice trail off and she started to slow down her forceful pushing. Then I heard her start to moan. A soft whiling at first and then a whining and deep throated Oh, Oh, Oh. Then came an "Oh, God."

"Mom, my God Mom this feels so good. Mom are you fucking me?" I said as I felt my cock start to throb.

"Waldo, Waldo what are we doing?" she questioned the room and not me. Mom was feeling the passion build in her and she could not stop it. Nor did she want to stop it now. Mom arched her back holding her ass well off the bed in a sudden show of strength and held my legs there for a full three or four second as she climaxed in a shuttering quivering body.

I felt my cock stiffen and shot a full load of sperm in her. She felt it too. I shot off twice more and each time she kind of crunched her belly and pulled her legs up as best she could in this position. Then we both relaxed and my cock throbbed a few more times and as I let her leg slip from between mine my cock slipped form her cunt. I wiggled loose and turned my back to her. Sitting on the edge of the bed.

I said "Mom what did you do?"

I was only planting the seed of guilt. She was so drunk the night before I was sure she would not know how we got together. I got up and walked a few steps turned back to face her. Mom's eyes were wide as a full moon. But then she looked at my cock. It was not fully limp but it was hanging down like a great bent pole. I could see in her eyes there was doubt as to what had happened and I was sure that she was surprised by her son's cock size.

As I reached the door Gram and Sheri came bursting in as if they had just heard the noise and came to see what had happened.

Gram said "Hazel, What have you done. What have you done to this poor boy?" Gram was naked as a Jay bird and looking good.

Gram had quickly picked up on what I had set in motion but Sheri had missed the point all together and started to laugh.

"Well I guess my wonderful Mom just fucked the shit out of her own son." Sheri turned to me and said "Well how does it feel to fuck your mother? Did Mom like that monster cock of yours? I bet she did. I bet Mom wants you to fuck her again. Waldo; so how was it? Is Mom a pretty good piece of ass?" Sheri laughed. She was also naked.

Gram went and sat on the bed next to Mom. Sheri stood by me and reached for my limp cock. I love my sister and I love her touch. My cock started to come alive again.

Mom was crying and in her mothers arms. I looked at my lovely sister and thought I have just fucked three generations of my family.

"Now you know it just don't get much better than that."

Mom did not come down for breakfast and Gram stayed up there for a long time. Sheri and I went out at Gram's suggestion and even though I was still horny I left Sheri and went to my room.

I went out for a ride and stopped my buddy's house. Denny was working on his car in the garage. He had his head under the hood and returned my "Hi" with a "What's up?"

We did the small talk for a few minutes and I knew Denny was interested in my sister. So I told him he should come over tonight for dinner. I knew Denny would come over and after dinner he would take Sheri out to the movie.

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