tagIncest/TabooGranddaughter's Treatment

Granddaughter's Treatment


"My granddaughter is a troubled young lady," Josiah explained, sighing heavily, and handing the gentleman a glass of port. "She's been nothing but heartache for me since she came to live here after the accident. I had told my daughter-in-law, Victoria, that sending Rachel to college would be a terrible mistake. It's tragic that she and my Henry died so young, but it has allowed me to intercede and prevent Rachel from going abroad as her mother had planned."

"It sounds like you have had a very difficult time with her," Conrad replied, gravely. "I appreciate you taking the time to warn me."

"Not at all. I couldn't in good conscience let a fine young gentleman like yourself be led astray. Oh, Rachel can be very charming, very demure when she tries, but it is not her nature. She must work very hard at being so, and I shudder to think how your good nature would be offended when you discovered what she is truly like."

"Forgive my boldness, but is it possible her behavior is a symptom of her age? My sister is also young, and quite precocious. It happens when these girls are given too much worldly experience and education. I blame their tutors, myself."

"Oh, it's possible, but I fear it isn't something that age will tame. Her misbehavior is of a sexual nature." Josiah scowled, "Her sex is always aroused and she can hardly refrain from touching it or rubbing it against things. She is oversexed, and prone to fits of hysteria."

"How are you treating her? I have a doctor friend I went to school with who's made great strides in treating hysteria and problems of this nature."

"I have developed a sufficient method myself, in an effort to retrain her to be more ladylike. I cannot lie, Conrad, I fear she may never recover. At this stage, she treats it more like a game, and the more I punish her, the more she seems to spoil for it."

Conrad sighed, setting down his glass, and sliding his finger around its rim, thoughtfully. "I sincerely appreciate your frankness, Josiah. Though I'm sure it need not be said, I assure you that I will not repeat a word of this to anyone. Troubled or not, the young lady's reputation must not suffer. She is already eighteen, and if she remains unmarried much longer..." He trailed off with a sigh. "If there is anything I can do to assist you, you need only send word."

"As you say, it need not be said. Yet, I am grateful for your doing so. You are a true friend, Conrad. I will certainly let you know if anything changes. She is, as you say, young still, and may blossom into a perfect lady." It was plain from his expression that Josiah had grave doubts.

"Nevertheless, old friend, I would appreciate word of her progress, or lack thereof. My doctor friend has made a study of these conditions, and would benefit from any news. Few people are willing to discuss these issues, as they are of such a sensitive nature. Naturally, we would keep her identity in strictest confidence."

"Naturally. I will keep that in mind. I have been documenting my methods so far, and I will continue to do so. In the interest of science and progress."

After Conrad had been shown out, Josiah poured himself another drink. He considered his own impotence a sign of success, rather than a sign of age. Though an older gentleman, Josiah stood rigidly straight, a full six feet. He believed in a strict diet and regular exercise to retain a good constitution, and he was not the kind of man to give in to his baser instincts. He believe wholeheartedly in the rational mind, the human intellect. He would not be reduced to low class inhibitions and over-sexing.

His granddaughter, Rachel, was entirely the opposite. During dinner, she would rock her hips along the raised contours of the wooden dining chairs, stimulating her genitals and sometimes bringing herself to orgasm. Her face would flush, and beads of sweat would break on her brow and at her breast. Josiah had no tolerance for such weaknesses of character. Her inability to control herself and her desires infuriated him. At first, he simply beat her, lashing the back of her legs and behind. He began researching her outbursts, and discovered that there were other therapies for her ailment.

He tried to prevent her from touching herself by fitting her with a chastity belt, but she was able to rub her clitoris against it and achieve orgasm. He constructed a special cage for her sex, one that permitted him to monitor it but prevented her from touching or stimulating himself. It enraged him that his inspection of her seemed to provoke arousal. She became moist, and squirmed, as if desperately trying to relieve herself. After a time, she sighed happily and relaxed - it seemed, against all logic, that she had somehow achieved climax without any physical stimulation at all.

He became obsessed with curing her of her affliction. She was bound at night, upon her back with her legs pulled apart, and her wrists bound above her head, restrained in an iron device that allowed for some movement, and did not impede the flow of blood to her hands or legs. In this way, she could not press her thighs together and stimulate herself, nor could she press her hips against the bed. As a result, she expressed great difficulty sleeping, and would often wake up, tormented, in the middle of the night, desperately writhing and thrashing in the bedclothes. Josiah considered this treatment successful, until one morning she roused with sticky fluid around her sex and on dripping onto the bed. She had somehow climaxed in her sleep. She confessed she had suffered dreams of a salacious nature.

Josiah conducted intimate examinations of her genitals in an effort to identify what caused her such distress. He had heard of barbaric procedures that removed the clitoris and ovaries, but he was morally opposed to such violations of the human body. He also believed that to allow such a practice was to suggest that human beings were incapable of controlling themselves and their urges. He found such a conclusion unacceptable and, in his own experience, false. He refused to harm his granddaughter's body, under any circumstances. If it meant that she would remain unmarried, restrained and punished for her inability to control her sexuality, he would ensure that a trust be created upon his death to maintain her care.

Though his methods were unusual, Rachel did not reproach him for them. Rather, she adored her grandfather, and found his attempts to curb her passions humorous and exciting. At times, when he expressed great despair at his inability to cure her, she would weep and throw herself at him, flinging her arms about his neck, and kissing his face, as she had done as a small child. He would sigh, defeated, and embrace her tightly. Though he blamed her mother for corrupting her and his son, he could not blame this girl, an innocent turned wicked by the primitive behavior of the woman who had borne her.

Now in her mid twenties, Rachel was still sexually insatiable. Her hunger was endless. Josiah had read that by stimulating a woman and bringing her to climax, he could calm her. It was a compromise, but one he felt he must make. Rachel had to be presentable, and if he prevented her from climaxing entirely, he realized that she could never be in polite company. He developed a treatment which involved several steps.

If Rachel tried to masturbate, she was stripped naked, and doused in icy cold water. Shivering and soaked, she would then be restrained on her bed, with her bottom in the air, her legs pulled apart. He would flog her without mercy, her back, her bottom and her sex. Her sex would be red and swollen by the end of it, but slicker than ever with arousal. He attributed this to fear, but later realized this treatment did not resolve anything for long, instead Rachel would be more uncomfortable and impossible than before.

Josiah was exasperated. After one particularly ugly tantrum in which she threw a dish, he took her by the arm, twisting it cruelly, into his study, where he tied her securely to his easy chair. He pulled up her skirts and revealed her soaked and swollen sex. She sobbed angrily as he got the flogger. He hit her thighs and sex, while arousal liquid pooled on the leather beneath her bottom. She was twisting against her binds, and thrusting her hips towards him. Winded by his efforts, he stopped, sitting defeatedly upon the foot rest between her legs. He stared silently at her sex, his opponent in this battle for Rachel's mind and maidenhood.

He reached out his fingers, long and thick with wiry gray hair between each knuckle. He experimentally touched the inner lips of her sex, and she jumped. He touched her clitoris, the little nub straining against his finger tip. Sticky fluid slicked his fingers. He ran his fingers slowly down to the tiny opening of her womb, then pushed his index finger inside. It was warm and soft, and he felt it grasping and pulling his finger. He quickly pulled his hand away, and trembling, reached for his handkerchief to scrub away the offending wetness that coated his fingers. Rachel sobbed softly, no longer straining against her bonds.

"Please," She whispered. "Please don't stop, I need it."

Josiah stared at her, and slowly reached a shaking hand forward again. He slide two fingers inside of her, and she arched, pushing against him as much as she could, her tunnel pulsing powerfully against his fingers, squeezing them tightly inside of her. He pushed them deeper inside, feeling inside her for whatever might be causing her an affliction. He felt a slightly raised spot at the top of her entrance, and pushed the pads of his fingertips along it, causing Rachel to inhale sharply, and moan between clenched teeth.

He rubbed faster, pushing firmly against it, and as whitish fluid gushed from her opening, a clear watery fluid spurted from near her clitoris. Amazed, Josiah moved his finger faster, pressing firmly then releasing, and over again. Again, the fluid from inside her came out, and again, a clear stream of fluid spurted from near her clitoris. Rachel was moaning and shaking. He pulled his fingers from her and stared at his shaking hand, sticky with her juices.

Rachel was flushed and exhausted. Her eyes fluttered, and her body relaxed. Josiah held his breath. Rachel, despite her bonds, fell into a deep sleep. He gently untied her and attempted to wake her, and she sleepily smiled at him, before once again falling asleep. He was amazed. He rearranged her skirts and lifted her gently from the chair, carrying her to her bed, where he sat, watching her sleep. She did not shift or wake. Her sleep was peaceful and long.

The next day, she was pleasant and kind, a considerate and empathetic young lady. He was amazed at her transformation. After he caught her attempting to touch herself again, he had her restrained once more at night. Within the week, she had thrown another tantrum, once of her worst, and he had once again pulled her into his study. He stared coldly at her as she pouted furiously, slumped down in his easy chair. He roughly restrained her, and pushed up her skirts, revealing her engorged sex, glistening with arousal. Without a word, he retrieved the flogger and beat her. This time, however, after he was done with her punishment, he turned the flogger around, the leather braided handle had given him an idea. He slid it along her opening, and up again. Her clitoris throbbed and she moaned wantonly. He pushed it inside of her and she gasped, arching, her entire body tensing. He thrust it in, angled against the upper wall of her tunnel, and out again. She emitted tiny moans, her body shaking and spasming.

When he stopped, she had once again fallen into a deep and contented sleep. Once again, she was of a charming and feminine disposition. The following days were full of pleasure for both of them. They discussed literature and strolled together in the garden.

"The female mind," he wrote in his diary, "is weakened by sexual need. It is insatiable, unable to think or reason unless it is sufficiently sated, and it is my opinion that no man can satisfy a woman for very long. She requires a superhuman constitution, capable of producing and maintaining an erection for so long as to bring her to climaxes so numerous, they cannot be quantified. How can such an unfortunate physical characteristic be explained? It is only for God to say. As a mortal man, I can only find treatments, no cure."

Rachel continued in her pattern - arousal and need followed by a temper so vile it offended even the most seasoned housemaid. It was only with regular treatments at Josiah's hands that calmed her. As time went on, he realized that her treatments were slowly growing more frequent, and his arthritis more painful. He wrote to his friend and Rachel's one-time suitor, Conrad. In his letter, Josiah explained the situation, his treatment, and his new obstacle. No letter of reply came. Instead, some weeks later, a large wooden crate arrived.

Josiah had the crate moved into his study, and locked the door to open it himself. Inside it was a reclining chair with iron restraints, similar to the type he used to keep Rachel immobile at night. In a smaller box was an odd object, not immediately identifiable. A letter was folded underneath it, and he detached it.

"My dear old friend," Conrad wrote, "It saddens me to hear of your continued struggles with sweet Rachel's affliction. I am intrigued by your ideas for treatment of what is clearly a hysteria, or a distemper of the mind. As you are aware, I have made this particular malady a special study of mine. Though my colleagues would no doubt recommend some sort of barbaric treatment, involving the removal of clitoris or ovaries, I have instead found great results, as have you, from vaginal massage. I have also discovered, as have you, that over time, it becomes increasingly difficult to sustain treatment manually. One of my colleagues has developed an ingenious tool that will no doubt improve such treatment. I have included a diagram for use, as well as a variety of attachments for you to try."

Josiah looked down, and saw a long, rectangular chest. He opened it and found several phalluses, all of which looked as if they could be fastened to something, neatly settled in their own places within the box. The second page of the letter contained a diagram on how to affix the phalluses to the tool and how to use the tool. Josiah fiddled with the machine until he got it working. It emitted a powerful vibration. When a phallus was attached to it, the vibration surged along it. He used a small phallus and had Rachel summoned to his study.

Rachel's eyes widened when she saw the chair, and she trembled with fear. Josiah turned towards her, sternly.

"Sit down, Rachel."

"I ... I would prefer not to."

"I will have to summon someone to assist me if you will not sit down willingly. I have received a letter from Conrad detailing an advanced treatment for your condition, and if you will please oblige me, we will see if it is effective."

Reluctantly, Rachel walked towards the chair, but then turned and fled. Josiah calmly placed the tool in the drawer of his desk, locking it inside, then summoned the housekeeper. Explaining that Rachel was being particularly difficult regarding her new treatment, he asked if she could send up her son. Her son was a rough, burly man, who shoveled coal in the cellar. He came into the study looking puzzled, wiping his sooty hands on a handkerchief.

"I apologize, but I do not recall your name."

"M'name's Luke, sir."

"Luke, thank you for agreeing to help me. My granddaughter is ill and I need to restrain her in order to administer treatment. Please assist me in securing her into this chair." He gestured to the horrible chair and its iron restraints that sat on the floor, still surrounded by packing material.

"Aye, sir."

Rachel had fled upstairs to the attic, and was hiding behind several locked trunks. A large, handsome man climbed up the ladder and peered compassionately at her.

"Are you Miss Rachel?" He asked softly.

"Who are you?" She demanded.

"I'm Luke. I shovel coal in the cellar. Me mam's Mrs. Emmett."

Rachel sniffed.

"Why don't you come down and have a cup o'tea? Me mam will fix you up some lunch to eat. Maybe a bit of bread and some cheese?"

Rachel stared, wide eyed. Such food was forbidden by her grandfather. He insisted on bland, cold food, convinced that her sexual appetite was directly related to hot foods.

"Come on, lass. I can see yer hungry. Ye look like ye haven't had a good meal in years." He held out a large hand, and she slowly crawled over towards him. He gently took her hand and helped her back down the ladder. When her foot missed a rung, he grabbed her waist firmly and waited until she was ready to continue.

When they reached the ground floor, Rachel turned toward the kitchen, but Luke paused, then grabbed her arm before she could flee. Her bosom heaved against the constraints of her corset, and she sobbed like a child against Luke's unflinching grasp.

"I'm sorry, Miss, but you need your treatment." He looked genuinely sorry.

Small fists flailed against his wide chest, and he easily secured them behind her, and half carried her to the study.

"Ah, thank you, Luke. Please help me secure her." Josiah stared coldly at his granddaughter.

Luke set the young woman into the chair, and helped Josiah secure the iron shackles around her wrists and feet. There were other shackles for her waist and thighs, but Josiah dismissed him with a curt nod.

"Rachel, you must trust me. You know I only want to help you."

Rachel flailed ineffectively against her bonds, sobbing quietly, knowing she was defeated. Josiah caressed her tear-stained cheek.

"Sweet girl, I just want to make you well again." He took a pair of large sheers, and began to cut away her clothing as her crying started anew. Naked, he affixed the remaining shackles to her waist and thighs. The chair permitted him to control how far apart her legs were by turning a wheel. He could also adjust their height. He positioned her legs so that her thighs were almost at a ninety degree angle, and let legs bend at the knee, her lower legs and feet supported by long metal slats. He turned the dial so that her legs were slowly spread apart.

"Conrad has sent me a new tool to use. It should assist in your treatment."

Grandpapa, no," Rachel whimpered. "Please,"

"You seemed to look forward to our previous treatments. Do not let this device frighten you, my dear, I have tested it, and it will not hurt you," he sighed, he didn't know if that was true. The vibrations didn't seem like they would harm her, but he proceeded on faith, not proof.

He took the tool from his desk, the small phallus attached to it. The phallus was entirely smooth and made of rubber. He slid the phallus slowly inside Rachel's wet, grasping tunnel. She moaned and twisted against her restraints. He pulled the phallus out, gently, then slid it in again. He kept doing this slowly, until Rachel was moaning loudly, and begging for release.

He pulled the device from her and turned it on, knowing to keep a firm grip at its base. It jumped and hummed, vibrating powerfully. The rubber phallus buzzed and he slid it inside of her. She screamed and jerked back. Alarmed, he pulled the device out of her, a torrent of moisture coming with it, clear liquid spurting from near her clitoris, soaking his lips and beard. Before realizing what he had done, he licked his lips and the smell of sex hit his nostrils. He felt his long dormant member twitch against his leg, and despite Rachel's pleas, he plunged the device inside of her again, to the hilt, holding it fast inside as she writhed wildly. Her back arched, her entire body went rigid, then relaxed, then went rigid again, as he kept the device firmly inside her sex. Wetness pooled below her, and his cock throbbed, harder than it had been in years.

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