tagIncest/TabooGrandma and the Sunshine Girls Club

Grandma and the Sunshine Girls Club


WARNING: This story contains incestuous sex between a Grandmother and her really big dicked Grandson, so if that's not your cup of tea then please select another story to read. This is also my entry into the 2018 Nude Day contest. As always I welcome your comments, good or bad.

We were seated at the table having dinner when my father, William Baxter the first ruined what I had hoped would be a very good summer break. I'm William Baxter the second, but I go by Billy.

"I need you to do me a favor," he said just as I put a fork full of roast beef into my mouth.

"What?" I asked, the question almost unintelligible due to the food I was chewing.

"Don't talk with your mouth full," my mother Maxine Baxter admonished me.

After chocking down the food I said "Sorry Mom."

"Anyway, as I was saying, I need you to do me a favor," dad reiterated before adding, "I want you to spend a couple of weeks with your Grandmother."

"What? Why?" I almost shouted.

"Because I asked you to," came his reply.

This was typical of dad, never really asking for a favor, but instead just telling me what he wanted and expecting me to do it. I knew I wouldn't be able to get out of it. All my plans to spend some time with my cousin, on my mother's side, Tucker Woodruff vanished into thin air.

"I had plans for my summer break Dad," I protested vainly.

"Change them. Since I'm paying your tuition I think this is the least you can do," he said, his tone leaving no doubt he wouldn't take no for an answer.

At nineteen years old and in college I would've thought I'd have more say so about how I spent my free time. But I guess I couldn't complain. I still lived at home, rent free, since my school was only a half hour drive away, and as dad pointed out he was paying for it. That left me with only one question.

"Which Grandmother are we talking about?" I asked, a silent prayer bouncing around my brain

Oh lord, please let it be grandma Millie my mind screamed as I waited for dad's answer. She was my dad's mother, and unlike my mother's mom, she was actually pretty cool for someone who was sixty-three. I haven't seen her for close to eight years because she had been living in the south of France until about three years ago, but what I remembered most about her was how she always appeared to be full of energy. She was like an old teenager, always taking risks and never worrying about the consequences. I suppose you could call her a free spirit.

"Grandma Mildred," dad's answer finally came.

I breathed a sigh of relief as my mind screamed, "Yes!"

On July 12th I boarded a flight from Omaha, Nebraska to the Dallas Fort Worth airport where I caught the connecting flight to Portland, Oregon. From there I had to catch a bus to Bend, Oregon where grandma was suppose to pick me up, with my ultimate destination being some place called Sun River about twenty miles further. By the time I arrived in Bend it was five forty-three on the morning of the 13th. Grabbing my one lone suitcase I stepped off the bus and headed into the terminal, the morning air a little brisk.

I really wasn't sure if grandma Millie would be there this early so I prepared myself for a wait by getting a cup of vending machine coffee and then made myself comfortable on one of the few benches scattered about the place. As I sipped the crappy coffee I gazed around the terminal at the dozen or so people, one in particular catching my eye. Near the ticket counter stood a petite woman with her back to me. What had caught my eye was how she was dressed. She had Birkenstock sandals on her feet and a tight red skirt that was so short I was sure I'd be able to see her ass if she bent over. Her blouse was a brilliant white silk number that looked very expensive even to my untrained eye. Underneath her blouse I could faintly make out a soft pink bra. I wasn't able to see her hair because of the bright red scarf covering it, but what I was able to see had my cock slowly inflating in appreciation. Her ass was round and jutted out slightly, perfect for cupping in ones hand, while her legs were very toned and tanned to a golden brown.

"William Baxter, please report to the ticket counter," came over the PA system breaking me out of the hypnotic trance the woman had on me.

Grabbing my suitcase and dropping the coffee in the nearest trashcan I sauntered over toward where the woman stood. I was hoping to impress her with my swagger, but when she turned to face me my swagger stopped dead in its tracks. The woman's sparkling blue eyes appraised me for a second before her lips parted into a huge smile revealing teeth just as white as her blouse. Her face was as golden as her legs.

"Billy Baxter, you get over here and give your Grandma a hug!" shouted the woman as she spread her arms wide.

Frozen in place I stuttered, "G-Grandma?"

With four quick steps she was against me, her arms wrapped tightly around my waist, her head pressed to my chest. Hesitantly I placed my arms around her shoulders and gently hugged her back; her perfume smelled like roses. After several seconds she stepped back and held me at arms length.

"My lord, you've sure grown," she huffed, her eyes roaming up and down my six-foot frame.

"And you look...stunning Grandma," I managed to croak out.

"Why thank you Billy. Now, lets get out of here," she said turning toward the front door and walking briskly away.

Snatching up my suitcase I followed, my eyes so mesmerized by her swinging ass that I almost ran into the doorjamb on the way out. She led me to a gunmetal gray Fiat 124 Spider sitting at the curb, the convertible top down even though it wasn't even seventy degrees outside. She had me load my suitcase into the trunk while she got in and fired up the car. As I climbed in I happened to glance over and noticed that the hem of her skirt had risen almost to her crotch, and each time she shifted gears her skirt rose even higher. By the time we made it out of Bend and hit the highway to Sun River I could see her pastel pink panties covering her mound. Unfortunately I was too petrified to enjoy the view; grandma drove like she believed she was Mario Andretti or something. Plus having the top down wasn't doing me any favors either; my nipples were hard enough to cut glass and I was sure my gonads were frozen solid.

As we zipped down the highway grandma talked incessantly, but due to the wind and my chattering teeth I couldn't hear a word she said. The only pleasant thing about the short ride was watching grandma's nipples get stiffer and stiffer from the cold air swirling around us. By the time we pulled up to the keypad to a gated community her headlights were on high beam and most of her panty-clad mound was in plain sight. When she had to stretch to reach the keypad I was afforded a wonderful view of her right butt cheek. Either her panties had slid into the crack of her ass, or she was wearing a thong. After putting in the code for the gate she settled in her seat and shot me a knowing smile before slowly driving forward. About half a mile in she turned into a cul-de-sac and hit a button on the dash. Looking around I noticed that all five of the homes here were high end and had high fences surrounding the backyards. As I watched I saw the garage door to the house directly in front of us open and grandma easily maneuvered the small car into the spacious garage. Before we got out grandma hit the button once more and the garage door slid quietly closed behind us.

Once she climbed out of the car she told me to follow so she could show me were my bedroom was. With my suitcase in hand I followed her into the house where we entered into what looked like a combination laundry room and pantry before ending up in the kitchen. She was walking too fast for me to take much in, but as she led me up the stairs to the upper floors I was able to take in the sight of her ass. Her skirt was short enough as she led the way I had a fantastic view of both cheeks. The question of what kind of panties she had on was answered, the strip of pink buried in her crack definitely belonged to a thong. Another thing I noticed was how both cheeks were just as brown as her legs. By the time I reached the top landing I had the makings of an erection that threatened to turn into a full blown hard-on.

When I caught up with her she pointed down the hall and said that was her room, then turned and opened the door to the room we were standing next to. The room was spacious, with a king-sized bed and its own bathroom; the large window let in a lot of light and overlooked the backyard. Laying my suitcase on the bed I excused myself and went into the bathroom to relieve my aching bladder, when I came back out grandma was looking at my suitcase with a frown on her face.

"You sure didn't bring much," she remarked.

"Didn't think I'd need much," I responded, walking over and opening the suitcase.

"Well, I see jeans, shirts, socks and underwear. Did you bring any shorts?" she enquired.

Rifling through my stuff I couldn't find any. Grandma shrugged then went over to the only dresser in the room and pulled open a drawer. After rummaging around she stood and came over holding a pair of lime-green shorts, telling me they were my late grandfather's tennis shorts. Holding them by the waistband she held them against my waist and said they should fit. Taking them from her outstretched hand I held them against me and noticed that they were way shorter than I would've liked. I definitely wouldn't be able to wear my boxers with them unless I wanted to look like a complete idiot. Of course the color was going to make me look like an idiot anyway, but there was no sense in compounding the situation by having my boxers sticking out. If I were to wear them the only option would be to go commando, which would present another problem entirely. Being rather large in the dick department I was worried that my cock would slip out and give my grandmother a heart attack or something. If they were tight enough I could probably make due with them, but I wouldn't bet on it. Grandma saw the look on my face and asked what was wrong. My face turned red as I tried in vain to figure out how to tell my grandmother that my dick was too big to stay hidden in the tiny shorts.

"There'll a little short," was all I could come up with.

"Nonsense, they'll be fine. Try them on and I'll tell you if they are too short," she said, her eyes looking at the shorts covering my crotch.

"If it's all the same to you Grandma, I'd rather hop into the shower and then lay down for a bit. I'm kinda beat from the trip," I told her.

"Oh my, where are my manners. You get some rest and when you get up I'll make you something to eat," grandma said.

"Sounds good, thanks Grandma," I said, and then leaned down and placed a kiss on her cheek.

After she left I took a quick shower then crawled into bed with just my boxers on. I don't think my head even hit the pillow before I was out. Three hours later I woke, unsure where I was at first. I lay there until I got my bearings then got up, stretched, scratched my balls and walked over to the window. Looking down into grandma's backyard I saw a kidney shaped pool with several lounge chairs on a patio next to it, and a small patch of grass next to the cinder block wall. Glancing to the right I noticed I could see over her neighbor's fence. The neighbor's yard was an exact replica of grandma's, with one very big difference. Near the back fence in the grassy area a bottled blonde with what had to be DD tits was slamming herself down on some guys cock. She was practically laying backwards on him with her hands on his chest, her feet planted on the ground as her ass rose and fell slamming roughly down on the guy. Her front was in plain view of my bulging eyes as she worked up and down on him. I could see his cock sliding in and out of her hairless pussy as she used her leg muscles to lift her ass before crashing back down. As I watched she began to speed up causing her large tits to bounce up and down on her chest, her stiff nipples just a shade darker than the all-over tan she sported. My jaw hung open and my cock grew harder as I took in the sight.

"Yeah, that's Elizabeth, our resident nympo. You'll meet her later," grandma whispered.

I almost pissed my pants when I heard her speak. I'd been so engrossed in watching the action I had no idea that she'd slipped in and was standing next to me. As we both stared out the window the blonde smiled and threw us a wave before redoubling her frantic pounding of the guy under her. Grandma waved back as if this was nothing new to her then stepped away from the window. Reluctantly I stepped away too, making sure to hold my hands over my bulge so grandma couldn't see it.

With another one of her knowing smiles she told me she came up to see if I wanted something to eat since it was almost noon. Unable to speak yet I just nodded. She smiled even bigger then told me to come down when I was ready. As soon as she left I went back to the window only to find the guy gone and the blonde picking up the large towel they'd been using. Before she slipped out of sight she glanced up and saw me staring at her. What she did next took me by surprise; she waved then blew me a kiss. Four minutes later I came out of the bathroom a whole lot more relaxed, got dressed and went downstairs.

The stairs led to the front room, where I stopped and took my first real look around. The room was large, with two couches, a couple of wing-backed chairs with ottomans and several end tables strategically placed near the couches and chairs. The furniture was situated in such a way that they formed a horseshoe in front of the fireplace, making it easy for a large group to visit without having to turn in any one direction to talk. What I didn't see was a television. Off to the left was the open kitchen, a huge marble topped island dividing the two rooms.

That was where grandma was. She had her back to me so I took some time to study her. Since my brain wasn't crowded with images of the lady next door I finally had a chance to notice what she wearing. I also got to see her hair without the scarf covering it. Just like the lady next door grandma's hair was bleached blonde but cut just a little shorter. She wasn't wearing the skirt and blouse anymore; instead she had on a pale blue full-length silk robe that completely covered her. From the back I could see a sash going around her waist, which I assumed was how she kept the robe closed. As I approached she turned and smiled at first, then a frown appeared on her face.

"I thought you were going to try on the shorts?" she asked, her eyes focused on my jeans.

"I forgot," I lied.

"Well, go try them on. I want to make sure they fit, otherwise we might have to go get you some," she said, sounding just like my father.

Back in my room I picked up the shorts and stared at them. Lime-green. Who in their right mind wore crap this color I wondered. Shrugging out of my jeans and boxers I tugged the shorts on, the elastic waistband stretching to fit my waist. As I suspected, they were short, my balls and cock barely hidden in them. Going into the bathroom I checked myself out in the mirror. "Geez, I look like a dofuss in these," I grumbled as I turned to take a look at the backside. That part didn't look too bad, but when I checked the front I became a little worried. When soft my cock is still almost six inches long so it makes a pretty good bulge; what I was seeing now looked like I had a woody in my pants. With no way to fix that I figured I could make due with these as long as I didn't do something stupid; like getting a real woody for one. The leg openings were pretty snug so I didn't think my cock was going to make an unexpected appearance at the wrong time. Swallowing my pride I went back downstairs for grandma's inspection, secretly wishing she'd find the shorts unacceptable.

Not all wishes come true. Not only did grandma think they looked good on me; she said she liked how short they were. Stepping behind she slipped her fingertips under the hem of the leg openings and tugged them down just a bit. When she did the same thing to the front her fingertips grazed my cock. With a startled look she jumped back.

"Oh god honey, I'm sorry, I-I didn't mean to touch you there," she stammered, red faced.

"That's okay grandma," I tried to reassure her.

"Uh, you're not wearing underwear?" she asked, her face bunched up in a frown.

"Can't Grandma. I wear boxers and they'd poke out the bottoms," I explained.

With her eyes glancing at my crotch she hesitantly asked, "Can I ask you something sweetheart?"

"Sure," I replied.

Grandma's face turned even redder as she asked, "Do you have an erection?"

"No," I timidly replied. Staring down at the floor I quietly added, "I'm just a little bigger than most guys."

"Oh...Um...Okay," she said, taking one last glance at my crotch before turning and heading back into the kitchen.

With her back to me she said, "I made you a ham sandwich. When you finish I'll give you the nickel tour of the place."

Sitting on the island was a saucer with a sandwich on it and a tall glass of milk. I sat in one of the barstools at the island and devoured the food, not realizing how hungry I was until now. Grandma busied herself at the sink keeping her back to me the whole time I was eating. When I walked over to rinse my dishes I noticed there wasn't anything in the sink; I did notice that grandma's face was slightly flushed however. Once my dishes were in the dishwasher she began to lead me on a tour of her home.

To my joy the first place she showed me was a room down a hallway off the front room. It turned out to be a media room, complete with six reclining leather chairs and one hell of a big ass television attached to the wall in front of the chairs. The next place she took me was back upstairs; it was a bathroom with the largest bathtub I'd ever seen in my life against the far wall under a window. She showed me her bedroom then another one next to mine before taking me back downstairs where we stepped through a set of French doors that led out into the backyard. As I'd already noticed, there was the pool and seven rather comfortable looking lounge chairs scattered around the patio area. When we went back inside grandma directed me to the front room where she had me sit on one of the couches while she sat in one of the wing-backed chairs.

"So what do you think of the place?" she asked proudly.

"It's beautiful Grandma, just like you," I answered, unsure why I threw in that last part.

"Why thank you kind sir. But on a serious note I'd like to ask you something that you might find a little weird," she said, clasping her hands in her lap and fixing me with a stare.

"Weird is my middle name Grandma," I chuckled.

"I'm sure you noticed there's five houses in this cul-de-sac. A widow owns every one, including me. Anyway, a while back we formed this little group and we call ourselves 'The Sunshine Girls Club.' We're all nudists." She stared at me as I digested what she'd said.

"You mean you guys run around naked?" I asked shakily.

"No, we're very discrete. As you saw, each house has tall fences around the backyards, so our get togethers are very private. It's not like we run up and down the street in our birthday suits. We just lay out back drinking and soaking up the sun," she explained.

"Okayyyy," was all I could think to say.

"Now tomorrow is national nude day, and each year one of us hosts our club; this year it's my turn to host. What I'm concerned with is whether or not it would bother you to see a bunch of old women laying around naked or not?" she sort of asked.

I had to think for a minute, my brain wouldn't stop picturing the lady next door.

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