tagIncest/TabooGrandma, Mom & Aunty Ch. 1

Grandma, Mom & Aunty Ch. 1


I was really bummed and pissed at the entire world as I tossed the last of my possessions into the cab of my pickup truck. Lisa, my wife of three years had finally succeeded in making my life so miserable that I had rounded up the few possessions that would fit into a single pickup load. All I managed to salvage from my twenty four year life on this planet was a small tool box, the only power tools I own, a skill type saw and a small electric drill. I did manage to hang on to a small box of photographs, most taken before I ever met Lisa, and a couple of shoe boxes of audio tapes as well as most of the clothing from my closet and the underwear, socks and handkerchiefs from the dresser.

I glanced dejectedly at the back of the truck and noted the available room for other stuff-if there were any other stuff to take. I was just about to get in and start the truck when I remembered my hunting gear and went back in the house to get that stuff, my favorite deer rifle, the rifle that had been dad's favorite for all the years we had hunted together and a couple of antique firearms that no one in my memory had ever dared to fire. I found the target pistols and reloading stuff and managed to get all of it stashed in the truck.

Again, I looked sadly at the meager collection of belongings, sighed and got going. Fortunately, Mom had hung onto the old place after dad died and had invited me to stay in the small guesthouse in the back yard for as long as I wanted. I knew that a divorce would take several months and had no immediate plan to get together with another woman anytime soon anyhow.

I smiled grimly and thought, 'One good thing about all this shit is that Mom's place is close enough to where I work that I can walk or jog to work and will not have to drive except on really nasty days.' Idly, I wondered if Mom had informed Grandma Hanna and Aunty Lin of my sorry plight then chided myself for being a dumb shit. Of course she told them, they live right there in the same house and if I knew Mom, the instant she knew for sure that I was going to move in, she would have gone out and given the guest house a thorough cleaning. There is no way her mother and sister could have missed the activity that has been taking place right there in the same household.

'Another good thing,' I thought, 'is the swimming pool and spa,' in the yard next to the house I would be living in. 'Won't be the same as when we were kids,' I thought as I neared the house, 'Ginny,' my older sister, and I sure did have some great times in that pool.' I grinned when I thought of the time when we sort of accidentally discovered what the other looked like without the protective cover of clothing. I had arrived home, late for me, and decided to go for a swim before going into the house. I slipped through the gate, being careful to not let the latch make a racket and removed all my clothing. Still not wanting to wake everyone, I entered the water by way of the tiled steps rather than create a noisy splash diving in. I swam silently for several minuets and was standing catching my breath in the shallow end of the pool when I heard the faint click the gate latch makes when closing.

I looked quickly, just in time to see Ginny remove a cover-up robe and pause for a Moment before walking toward the steps I had used. Ginny's naked beauty was revealed in the bright moonlight and I sucked in my breath sharply as I saw, for the first time, what I had been trying, unsuccessfully, to get a good look at for years. Ginny's head swiveled quickly when she heard my sudden intake of breath and she paused uncertainly. She said, "Who's there?"

Softly, I replied, "It's just me, Ken," and she breathed a relieved sigh and then remembered that she was naked and said, "Oh shit, I didn't think anyone would be out here. I don't have anything on."

I chuckled softly and said, "I know, neither do I. You might as well come on in and we can stay in deeper water if that will make you feel better about being naked."

I was tall enough and the water depth in the shallow end of the pool only came to just below my groin so that my cock and balls were exposed in the bright moonlight. I guess that I was so taken with the forbidden sight of my naked sister that I failed to note that my genitals were as exposed as were Ginny's. She came on down the steps into the water and took a single step to face me. She looked pointedly at my hanging dick and said, "My that looks nice. Big as it is hanging down like that, just how big does it get when you have a hard on?"

"Big enough I guess," I replied, "for all the good it has ever done it might as well be an inny."

Ginny giggled and said, "Oh don't fret it, you'll get to use it for its intended purpose sometime," she looked down toward her pubic bush and said, "Same as this---sometime, I suppose." I looked my sister in the eye and said, "You mean to say that as popular as you are, you haven't done it yet?" She giggled again and said, "Not because every asshole I ever get near hasn't tried." Then, seriously, she said, "And I find it hard to believe that you haven't given at least one girl a poke with that thing. You want, I'll put out the word that I sneaked a peek and I guarantee half the girls in school will pester you until you'll wish you didn't have one".

Our erotic conversation was doing its job and I could feel my cock begin to swell causing me no end of embarrassment. For whatever reason, I had thought that guys should somehow be able to control their dicks in a situation such as the one I had inadvertently found myself in. I started to step toward deeper water and Ginny said, "Where you going? I want to see that thing when it is hard." She sighed and said; "Actually, I guess I want to feel it when it is hard." Boldly, I said, "Well it is nearly as hard as it is ever likely to get, go ahead and touch it if that's what you want to do." Ginny giggled softly and said, "Dummy, when I say I want to feel it, I don't mean with my hand. I mean in me, although I guess in my hand would be a whole hell of a lot better than not at all."

I placed my hands on Ginny's shoulders and said, "Honey, you can't mean that. Damn it I'm your brother and brothers don't go around screwing there sisters. Leastwise not in this part of the country they don't." Ginny threw her arms around my chest and hugged me tight, placing her head on my shoulder as she did it. Naturally, standing that close, her bare tits were squashed hard against my chest and my cock poked forcefully into her tummy just above her pubis. I reached to find a more comfortable position but she beat me to it, grasped me and stood my dick vertically between us. We stood and rocked back and forth on our feet while we hugged. I would have sworn it impossible, but I became even harder as I could feel the heat of passion begin to build.

Ginny looked up at me a few Moments after we began to embrace and, whispering softly, said, "Ken, do you ever jerk off?" I looked down and, as softly, whispered, "More often than a couple of times a day?" Then I added, "Yeah, sometimes I do it three or four times a day if I am especially horny." Still hugging one another, she said, "And just what does it take to make you extra horny, Ken?"

I grinned and said, "You ever breathe a word of this, I'll throttle you, but you remember Sunday when Gram, Aunt Lin, Mom, you and I were swimming out here?" Ginny nodded and said, "Of course I remember, it was only two days ago. So what about it?" I said, "maybe I'm the only one that noticed, but one time when Mom dove in off the board, the force of the water tugged the top of her suit down and left both of her tits exposed. Only took her a Moment to get them tucked back in but that Moment was enough for me to get a raging hard on." Ginny grinned and giving my cock a quick squeeze, said, "Harder than it is now?"

I grinned and said, "Probably not but hard enough that I had to go in the house and jerk off so I could get the damn thing soft enough that it wouldn't show too much when I came back outside." Then I steered the conversation away from my cock and said, "So what about you Sis, do you ever play with your pussy and make yourself come?" Ginny grinned and said, "Not near as often as you do, but yes I do. Most times, I do it at night after I get into bed."

"So tell me," I asked, "if it's not too embarrassing, just how in hell does a girl go about getting herself off anyhow?" My sister glanced toward the house as if to make certain that we were still the only ones up and said, "Come on over to the steps and I will show you. Just one thing Ken, I do it and you had better keep your mouth shut about it. I don't want every son-of-a-bitch in school telling stories about how I play with my pussy."

We walked to the steps and sat down on the top step so that our genitals were out of the water and my sister began to rub first the outer lips of her pussy then she spread the lips slightly and ran her fingers up and down through the growing dampness of her pink gash. I noticed that she devoted a lot of time to massaging a tiny button of flesh that was just beneath the apex of her slit.

Curious, I asked, "Gin, what is that little button of flesh you are playing with at the top of your slit?" Ginny opened her eyes, looked to see what I was asking about and said, "Oh, that's my clitoris. It is awfully sensitive and if I play with it long enough, I will generally have an orgasm. Then she used her free hand to fondle, rub and pinch her breasts. Immediately, she leaned her head back, closed her eyes and began to sigh and murmur. I noticed also, that her hips began a gentle rocking, thrusting motion as if she had taken a large cock inside. As her excitement grew, the thrusting and bucking grew in intensity. She opened her eyes and looked directly into my eyes and whatever she saw caused her to nod and grin. Then, softly, she said, "Kenny, I'm going to come, oh God am I ever going to cum," then she went rigid, trembled a bit and began to relax. She looked at me and said, "Oh God damn Ken, that was good. Thank you for being here with your big hard cock. God, just seeing it was enough to give me the best orgasm ever."

Ginny's masturbatory exhibition finished, I began to stroke my erect cock and she was right, having an adoring audience enhanced the excitement. Then when she began to fondle her breasts and pussy again, I lost it and without warning, jet after jet of semen began to shoot from the tip of my cock until, exhausted and weak, I sat back and smiled.

Ginny giggled and said, "My God, do you always shoot that much sperm when you come?" I nodded silently and my sister said, "We ever do this again, I want you to do me and I want to do you, OK?" My answer was a question, "Got anything planned for tomorrow night about this time?"

I arrived at Mom's house and had to force my mind back to the present and tend to business. I drove around back and backed up to the old garage where I began to unload stuff. Grandma, Aunt Lin and Mom were seated near the pool on lounges and all called to see if I needed a hand. The vision of those three ladies as they sat there wearing their skimpy bikinis was all it took to elicit thoughts that no son/grandson/nephew should have. I grinned and called, "Oh, I think I can take care of everything all right, but hold those thoughts. Something may come up after all." 'Yeah, right. Something is coming up already, go away damn it.'

The tools and reloading stuff went into the garage while the guns and clothing went into the guesthouse. I didn't even try to put stuff away before going into the bathroom, unzipping and tugging my engorged cock out and giving myself all the sex I am likely to enjoy, at least for a very long time. I was still half hard when I emerged from the bathroom and knew better than to go near the ladies so I busied myself putting things away in the closets and bureau drawers. My shoes, both pair, except for the old running shoes I was wearing, went into the shoe holder fastened to the back of the closet door. Then I looked around to take stock of my new digs. The living area had a quite comfortable couch and what looked to be a new television set and a VCR. In addition, I spotted a large boom box that would play my tapes very nicely. I read quite a bit and saw that the bookcase had been cleared of stuff that I never, in my most desperate Moments, would read so there would be plenty of room for whatever books I might need to store.

I grinned and wondered where I would find a place to hide some of the books I assumed would send Mom or the other ladies into orbit. As much time as I had spent in the bedroom putting my clothing away, I had not taken much time to give the furnishings much thought. Now, I could see that Mom had got rid of the old bed and replaced it with what must have been a king size unit big enough for a small harem.

Dad's old laptop was on a small desk at one side of the room and there was a telephone and a footlocker that, when locked, would hold my stock of erotica very nicely. I smiled when I thought of my collection of floppy discs that contained erotic stories I had written as well as some of the more exotic stuff downloaded from some of the adult sites I sometimes visit. There was one disc in particular that really needed to be locked up. It contained a large series of erotic pictures I had taken of Lisa back when we were happier and things had been better at home. I wondered briefly if I was upset enough to post some of those images on the Red Clouds econtri page and decided that I would have to give that one some thought. I was upset with Lisa but wasn't sure that I was so upset as to post nude pictures of her doing all sorts of provocative things without her knowledge or permission. I grinned briefly and resolved to not leave incriminating stuff on the computer for curious eyes to discover.

Then I heard or sensed another presence and looked up to see Mom standing in the doorway. I grinned and said, "Mom you did wonders with this place but you need not have tried to do all this stuff by yourself." Mom laughed and said, "Oh I had plenty of help, I didn't do all this stuff alone." Then Grandma and Aunty Lin stepped into view and Grandma said, "Yeah Kenny, your old Grandma and Aunt helped Rose get this place in shape." Not one of them had bothered to don a cover-up so all three of them stood there in their bikinis that seemed to shrink each time I allowed my eyes to wander. Mom spotted the disc in my hand and appeared about ready to ask about it, but then thought better of the idea and did not ask. Grandma Hanna, on the other hand, did not hesitate to ask what I planned to do with the disc I was holding. Embarrassed and, I am sure, with my face turning red, I said, oh it just contains some stuff that needs to be safeguarded." Grandma grinned and asked, "Porn?" I grinned sheepishly and said, "Well sort of I guess." Smiling, Grandma said, "Good, maybe you will let us see it sometime when you are more comfortable living amongst us horny old broads." She nodded toward the computer and said, "Maybe you can teach us how to get into that damned thing so we can find some of the really good stuff I know is there on the Internet somewhere."

I tried to ignore the sexual innuendos, laughed and said, "My God where are my manners, come on in all of you and sit down if you can find room amongst all this shit. I haven't been shopping yet so don't have a thing to offer you but come along on in anyhow." Mom stepped to a kitchen cabinet, bent over, opened the door and removed a bottle of white Zinfandel and said, "Oh I put in a small supply of stuff to get you started. Hope you like this because it is all that I got. This and a six pack, that is." The crotch band of Mom's bikini bottom drew snugly into her pussy crack as she leaned over and I had to look sharply away, but not until after spotting the profusion of pubic hairs that appeared almost magically at each side of the fabric. After recovering a bit of my composure, I laughed and said, with three beautiful and thirsty guests, I will let you have the wine and I will have a beer, How's that?" Aunty Lin spoke for the group and said, "It will work for us." I took the bottle, opened a utensil drawer and found a corkscrew right in front and soon had a glass of wine in the hand of each lady. As I poured I found myself wondering just why the first item to appear in the drawer was a utensil used for no other purpose than opening wine bottles. I shrugged, opened the refrigerator, saw the number of cans of beer and said, "Six pack, indeed. Mom surely you know that it is not necessary to buy a whole case in order to get a few cans of this stuff?" Then with an opened beer in hand, I joined the ladies in the living room.

The three women sat in a row on the couch leaving me with a recliner facing them. I knew right away that my seat was positioned just so that I had an unobstructed view of fabric clad pussies. Sitting seemed to have tugged all three of the crotch bands well up into pussy cracks and I knew there was no way to avoid forming an embarrassing tent in my shorts. With absolutely nothing for it but to try and not stare at the enticing row of feminine wares, I did my best to maintain eye contact and even that did not work well either as the three racks of meagerly covered tits remained in the forefront of my viewing area.

We talked for a while about family and friends as my cock grew harder and harder. I regretted having the foresight to arrange myself so that my cock was either vertical or pointed down a pants leg. I tried casual and said, "So Mom, what do you hear from Ginny. She and Tom still trying to find something they can agree about?" Mom sat in silence for a Moment before saying, "Well, I guess they have agreed that there is no point in continuing to make a go of it. I guess that the only good thing about any of this is that none of you have kids of your own to complicate things. I was so hoping that one or the other of you would give me some grandchildren to spoil. Guess, at this point, I would have even been happy if you and Gin had miscued. I looked at my mother in shocked amazement and she giggled and said, "Oh you two thought you were being so careful about not getting caught. Hell, your dad and I knew, almost from the first time you did it what was going on."

I sat back and let the wind whoosh from me and said, "Shit." My reaction to the news that Mom and dad had been aware that Ginny and I were helping get each other off caused Grandma and Aunt Lin to burst into laughter. I guess my look was sheepish when I glanced at them because Aunt Lin said, "Hell having nosy parker relatives prying into everything you do isn't it?" Then I burst into laughter and said, "Christ, I had no idea we were providing illicit, erotic entertainment for the whole damn family." Grandma Hanna grinned and said, "You damn near had a chance to entertain these two old ladies right up close and personal but your Mom talked some sense into us. She said that, between herself, your aunt, your sister and me, we would most likely fuck you to death. I tried my best to leer when I said, "Be a hell of a way to die, wouldn't it?"

Thoughtfully, I said, "Surely if you three knew what was going on, dad must have known as well." Grinning, Aunt Lin said, "Only thing that saved your life stud, although I don't suppose that keeping the three of us satisfied did much good for his longevity." Mom scolded saying, "Damn it, how many times do I have to try to convince you that fucking the three of us had nothing to do with Pete's demise."

The wine bottle was drained by then and the three women stood up to return to their lounges. They were just through the doorway when Mom turned and asked, hopefully, I guess, if I would care to join them. I glanced at the bulge in my shorts and said, "You think that would be wise, the shape I'm in?" Grandma stuck her head back into the open doorway and said, "Only shape for a man to be in, far as I'm concerned. Limp, those things are not worth a whole hell of a lot." Then she grinned and said, "Except maybe for something to suck on," then the three of them were gone.

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