Grandma, Mom & Aunty Ch. 1


I shrugged and went into the bedroom to see if I could find something suitable to wear for swimming. The best I could come up with was a pair of Speedo trunks that were at least one size too small. I grinned and thought that if I could get into them, I might, at least, give the women a little prurient pleasure imagining what I would look like with no suit on at all.

I hastened to rid myself of my street clothes and, with only a small amount of difficulty, managed to get into my only swimming suit and went out to join the women at poolside. Of course the lounge area was vacant and I could see the three heads bobbing in the water.

I walked on over toward the steps leading down into the water and saw three neat piles of dry bikinis at poolside. I glanced toward the three and grinning, said, "So what's it to be, three naked sexy broads and one young, virile but scared shitless twenty something in a Speedo or what?" Mom laughed and said, "Oh take your damn trunks off and get in the water with us. Christ, anyone would think you have it in your head that we have never seen a naked hard cock before." Lin called, "Or that you have never seen three naked women before, either." I laughed and said, "I haven't, not all at the same time anyhow." With nearly as much difficulty as when I put the suit on, I peeled it off as the three ladies swam up close to the steps and stood. My cock had been hard for a long time, now it got even harder as I gazed down toward the three expectant faces. I started to descend into the water when Grandma stepped toward me and said, "Hey Ken, there is no need for you to get wet just yet, I think I will exercise my senior status and be the first to let you know how much we all appreciate having a virile young man around."

Grandma climbed on out of the pool and led me to the lounges where she placed one of the pads on the deck and said, "You do know that you are about to get lucky, don't you?" Speechless, I could only stare in wonder as my Grandmother arranged the pad. Then she asked, "You have any preferences how we do it this first time?" Amazed, I shook my head no and she said, "Well, I'm kind of partial to doggy style, so if you don't mind," got down onto hands and knees with her head on folded arms and her butt high in the air and said, "I have been waiting for this for ages. Please don't keep me waiting any longer." I didn't, although I did take a Moment to admire the swollen pussy lips I could glimpse peeking from between her closed thighs. Clearly, my Grandmother was very aroused as lubricating fluids had covered my Mother's Mothers' pussy that would soon receive my throbbing seven inch cock.

I knelt between her splayed thighs, then with rigid dick in one hand, I used the other to spread Grandma's labia so that I could brush the head of my cock up and down the length of her slick pussy slit. I had not even placed the head of my dick at the entrance to grandma's vagina when she began to tell me how nice it was to once again feel a hard cock poking away at her pussy. Then I inserted myself an inch or so and she really got vocal, pleading for me to quit teasing her and I completed penetrating her warm, wet vagina with the full length of my hard cock. Never in my limited experience, had I been with a woman so comfortable with herself and her surroundings that she could say the words of encouragement that flowed from my loving Grandmother's lips that afternoon. It may be that she just didn't give a damn if anyone in our admiring audience minded or not!

Grandma and I had not even established a comfortable fucking rhythm when Mom and Aunty Lin began making ribald comments. Mom was first and said, "Oh my God Lin, will you just look at my boy's cock poke Mom's cunt." Aunt Lin giggled and she said, "Jesus Rose, I'm looking. I'm looking." Then she said, "You be careful with that thing Kenny, I'm older than your mother and I want it in me next." Mom didn't even wait for her sister to finish speaking when she said, "Come on Kenny and fuck your Grandmother. Fuck her good." The rest of the encouragement those women provided turned into a jumbled cacophony of words as Grandma and I fucked.

I remember starting with my hands on Grandma's hips as I plunged in and out, then I recall leaning forward along her back so that I could grasp her swaying breasts. Even with the sounds Mom and Aunty Lin were making or maybe in spite of them, I recall hearing Grandma shout, "OH YES," as I continued to hammer my cock into my loving Grandmother's hot, wet cunt. I was glad that I had jerked off earlier because the enthusiasm with which my grandmother fucked would have drained my balls far more quickly than either of us wished.

Even with my limited experience, I knew that Grandma Hanna had multiple orgasms, at least three that I was aware of but probably even more than that. Much as I wanted to continue fucking, I knew that I was about to come and told Grandma so. Grandma said, Oh God Kenny, whitewash the inside of Grandma's cunt, please give me your cum, every drop of it. Oh God please fuck me harder. She was still going on about having her cunt filled with cum when her pleas were rewarded as sperm began to shoot from my dick. Surprisingly, I guess, Grandma had a lot of muscle tone in her pussy because she managed to grip and milk cum from me until I fell away, exhausted. I fell prone at her side and Grandma snuggled her tits tight against me and we began to kiss. I have fucked and kissed enough that I knew when I was being kissed by a seasoned veteran. Grandma pressed her tits ever more tightly against me as she kissed while grinding her pelvis against my hip and then against my rising cock. Once on board, she eased down onto my stiff dick and soon she began to fuck my supine form. I tried to thrust up at her but she whispered, "No Kenny, save some strength for Rose and Lin," so I relaxed and let her fuck me as she continued to grind her tits against my chest and fuck my mouth with her tongue.

I was hard into my third orgasm of the day when it occurred to me to wonder just how in hell I was ever going to be able to fuck all three of my horny female relatives. I knew that the way things were going, there was no way I could continue to pump cum into Lin and then into my Mom for a total of five times in such a short period of time.

Grandmother Hanna and I were stretched out alongside one another gasping for breath when I became aware of Aunt Lin standing spread legged over me. I looked up toward her grinning countenance as she said, "According to age priority, I should be next. I'm not certain that you are going to be up for it though." I grinned and said, "Hey Aunty Lin, give me a few minuets to recover and I think I will be able to give you the ride of your life." My aunt laughed and said, "OK stud, just don't try to overdo it the first day, OK? She added, "As long as you are going to be fucking all three of us, you may as well forget that Grandma, Aunt and Mom shit and call us by our given names. Just call me Lin, OK? Aunty Lin makes me feel older than dirt and I know that I still have quite a bit to offer to anyone man enough to want it." Mom grinned and said, "Yeah, I'll second that. I don't want some young stud fucking me and calling me 'Mom' while he is doing it, just call me Rose. At least whenever you have your hard cock stuffed in me." Grandma said, "Sounds about right for me, I have never had a lover call me Grandma before, and I sure as hell don't feel like a Grandmother when a big hard cock is spewing hot come into me. You better call me Hanna. I think my ass will bounce with much more vigor if I don't have to be made to feel like a Grandmother.

We all had a good laugh and Lin said, Kenny, how would like to have a blow job?" I laughed and said, "I'd love it but not if I am ever going to be able to fuck you today." Lin laughed and said, "I never intended to get you off with my mouth. I just thought having your dick in my mouth would help get it up." I grinned and said, "Guess we'll never know until you give it a try, now will we?"

I'm not certain whether her assuming a position to go down on me that left her pussy right next to my mouth was deliberate or not. I only know that the combination of having my dick sucked while licking Lin's sweet pussy was all that it took to get me as hard as ever. As soon as I knew that I was as hard as I was ever likely to get, I eased my Aunt, oops, Lin onto her back and positioned myself with my hard cock in position to enter her pussy. I was just beginning to let myself down and to push in when she gave a mighty thrust upward and impaled herself completely around my throbbing cock. I worked my hands around until I could grasp her tit mounds and leaned forward and placed my tongue well up inside Lin's eager open mouth. In no time at all, I was able to flex my hands on her tits, plunge my tongue into her mouth and my cock to the hilt in her pussy with a rhythm that soon satisfied our carnal need to come.

The Moment I felt the hot cum start to spurt, I lifted my head and yelled, "YEAH Lin, cum with me." Her response was to cry, "Oh yes Kenny fuck me, fuck me and fuck me. Give me all your hot cum." Even with cries of encouragement like that, my fucking thrusts came to a halt before the final spurts of cum left my dick. I simply did not have the energy to continue, hell, I didn't even have energy enough to roll off Lin and pull my wilting cock from her pussy. I barely had enough energy to hold myself off so that I wouldn't smother my her.

Rose and Hanna came to assist us then Rose sat cross-legged and cradled my head on her warm lap. The erotic scent of hot, aroused pussy wafting upward toward me was enough to draw my face toward my mother's groin in order that I might lick and suck from the wellspring of life. My efforts only managed to get me a mouth full of pubic hairs though and trying to pull them from between my teeth required more effort than I had available to expend. Rose laughed and said, "Honey, if licking my pubes gives you pleasure, I guess I will just have to see about clearing a spot so you can lick me without all that hair." She laughed and said, "Your dad never was very fond of hairs in his teeth either but God, did he ever love to lick my snatch." I looked up and said, "Yeah Mom, Lisa always complained about hair in her teeth whenever she went down on me. Maybe we could shave each other." Mom giggled and said, "Rose Honey, that's Rose, remember?"

The women went to the edge of the pool and retrieved their bikinis when the afternoon started to wane, then naked; they walked into the house to get dinner started. Before leaving, Rose said, "Kenny, I am expecting you to eat with us." I grimaced and said, "Ah Maw, isn't it enough that you are providing me with a place to live? You don't need to be feeding me as well." Mom said, "Rose damn it, Rose and I don't care, the shape you are in, I know full well you wouldn't bother fixing anything for yourself so you are going to eat with us and I don't want to hear another word about it." I laughed and said, "OK, OK, I give up, I think I will eat with you ladies if no one minds." The women left and I got into the water and onto an air mattress so that I could float around while trying to recover from an afternoon of vigorous fucking.

I drifted off into a light slumber as I languished in the pool and didn't really come fully awake until I heard my Grandmother say from poolside, "Better come on in Ken, dinner is about ready." I awakened, made my way to the steps and said, "God Gram, I need to go in and put some clothes on." Hanna laughed and said, "Not on my account you don't. I think the others will agree that there is no need for any of us to wear clothing whenever we are alone in the house or out here in the back yard." I grinned, shrugged and followed my fifty eight year old Grandmother into the house. I paid close attention to how her bare butt looked as she preceded me up the back steps and found not a single thing about her ass that I would have wished to be different. I chuckled and said, "Nice ass Gram, beautiful." Hanna turned, looked me in the eye and grinned.

Once dinner was finished, I stood and began to clear the table but Mom would have none of it. She told me to get out of the way and let the womenfolk take care of stuff. She grinned and told me, "You just go on out and try to get some rest." I left the house and detoured by the pool to retrieve my dry swimsuit on the way to my own bed. Once in the cottage, I went into the bedroom and without bothering to don skivvies or anything, flopped down on top of the bed and fell into a deep slumber.

Some time later, I awoke to the pleasant sensation of having my right nipple kissed and sucked and a pair of soft hands gently rubbing my chest and stomach. Before I even opened my eyes I knew that Mom was in bed with me, I would have know the pleasant aroma of her cologne anywhere. I opened my eyes and smiling, said, "Hi Mom, having fun?" Mom grinned and said, "That's Rose but I guess Mom will do just fine when we are alone, and, yes indeed, I am having a wonderful time playing with your nipples and feeling your muscles." I nodded toward my groin and said, "There is a muscle down there somewhere that I don't believe you have played with yet." Mom pulled her head back and looked me in the eye before saying, "You sure you want this?" I grinned and said, "Mom, of course I want it, always have, just never thought I had a chance before now." Mom was serious when she said; "You probably didn't have a chance when we all were younger. Hell I always believed it to be wrong for a mother to want to feel her son's cock plunging in and out of her pussy." Even if we had wanted to do it, I don't know when there would have been time." I pulled her up and kissed her before saying, "Mom, I guess if the times had been a little more like now, we most likely would have found a way to do it. I'll just bet that if Dad were still alive, he and Ginny would be right here on the bed with us." Mom said, "I guess it is alright to tell you now, "Once your Dad knew that you and Ginny were taking care of one another, he said several times how much he would have liked to get with her." She added, "I guess that is about the time that I began to fantasize about how nice your cock would feel inside me." We fell into a deep silence then and continued kissing and twining our tongues together. Mom stopped kissing for a time and let her lips drift down across my neck and upper chest and she returned to suckling my nipples before drifting softly and sensuously down across my stomach and abdomen and, finally, to the head of my aroused dick. She gave me a series of small kisses and licks before taking the swollen head into her mouth and alternately kissing and sucking until there were a few Moments when I thought she would suck life right out of me through my cock. Then she worked her way back up across my body and we resumed kissing and tongue fucking.

Sensing somehow that it was my turn to pleasure Mom with my mouth, I pulled away from her mouth and kissed a wet trail down her neck and across the rising swell of her breasts. Then, with a breast in each hand, I slipped first one nipple then the other into my mouth and turned the clock back twenty two years as I tried, unsuccessfully, to draw mother's milk from each of her breasts. I could tell from her breathing and body movements that Mom was nearing full arousal and left her tits to kiss down across her tummy and to the area that, earlier in the day had been covered with curly pubic hairs. It took a Moment for me to realize that now, there was only perfectly smooth skin all the way to the very top of her slit. My hands were still gripping Mom's breasts so she reached and spread her labia slightly and opened herself to further tongue exploration. I licked back and forth along the length of Mom's slit before allowing my lips to encircle her clit. With Mom's clit well inside my sucking mouth, I nipped at it with my teeth and gave Mom her first small orgasm. Then I sucked harder and harder until I was rewarded with another orgasm. Finally, I licked my way back down the length of her slit and with my tongue as rigid as I could make it, I plunged into the cavern of love and fucked Mom with my tongue.

Mom's writhing, twisting, pelvis pumping thrusts and bumps were approaching a near constant dance of love as I continued to plunge my tongue in and out of her vagina. Finally, panting with her exertion, Mom shouted, "Now Ken, now. Fuck me now. I quickly quit the tongue action and slid up across Mom's heaving torso. Mom's constant motion made it nearly impossible to find her hole with my cock but she was up to the task and grasped my throbbing cock and guided me to the entrance to her vagina. I made a couple of false, unproductive attempts to enter then we connected and I was in. I didn't want to be thrown off and slammed the entire length of my throbbing cock into my mother's hot, wet vagina and we began the age-old dance of love. The harder I thrust into her, the harder Mom bucked and our pubic bones met in a constant crash of passion as we fucked.

I knew when the first feelings of impending orgasm became apparent that there would be no way I could will away the inevitable and did not even try. I shouted, "Mom, I'm going to come oh God here it is. I gave one mighty lunge and began to fill Mom's love canal with spurt after spurt of sticky white come. The Moment Mom knew that I was there; she clasped me tightly in her arms and achieved her own release. I continued to buck and plunge and each thrust forced a small amount of sperm from Mom's pussy alongside my cock and finally down across our thighs and onto the sheet beneath us.

Given my way, I would have lifted my bulk from Mom's supine form and collapsed into a post coital somnolence but Mom leaped from the bed with all the energy of a woman half her age. Once on her feet, Mom tugged at my arm and said, come on Ken, we have to strip these sheets from the bed before the mess we made seeps through to the mattress. Shaking my head in awe at Mom's youthful vigor, I arose and helped tug the soiled linens from the bed. With the sheets that were to be laundered in a heap near the front entrance to the house, Mom went to a hall closet and retrieved freshly laundered bedding and, soon enough, the two of us had a freshly made up bed to lie down on.

Once back on the bed, I quickly assumed a position that enabled me to rest my head on Mom's breast. I hugged her close and took my mother's left breast into my mouth and began anew the languid search for milk that I knew was not going to be forthcoming. Mom murmured a lazy acceptance of my attentions.

I had just placed my open hand over Mom's pussy when she said, "Oh Kenny, I just remembered, Ginny called while I was preparing dinner. She and Tom are going to try a trial separation and she wants to come home. I lifted my head and said, "So what is it you haven't said Mom. It will be great to have her back home with us." Mom grinned and said, "In case you have forgotten, Hanna and Lin moved in after you kids left. The bedrooms are all in use and I guess I was trying to find a way to ask if it will be alright if she stays out here in the guesthouse with you." My reply was instant when I said, "Mom, of course Gin can stay out here with me." Then I paused and said, "Oh, oh, there is only one bedroom here." Mom grinned and said, "Well Ken, it is not as though you two haven't spent time pleasuring one another although I don't know that the two of you have actually slept together before." Smiling widely, she said, "It can't be much of a stretch to go from masturbating together to sleeping in the same bed." I grinned and said, "Sleeping together is about the only thing we haven't done together." Mom said, "Well just so that you know, it was not my idea for the two of you to share this bed. Your sister suggested that I bring it up and see how you react to the idea." I laughed and said, "Mom, I think my reaction is down between my legs." My cock had grown hard as we talked and, technically, was no longer between my legs. Rather, it was standing at attention and saluting the idea of having another female family member to take care of.

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