tagIncest/TabooGrandpa and Molly Pt. 02

Grandpa and Molly Pt. 02


This is a story about a fictional relationship between a man and his granddaughter. If this subject offends you, please read no further.

The initial story told of 61 year old Ed, whose 18 year old granddaughter was spending the summer with him and his wife. Somehow, things happened between the two of them, and they had made arrangements to consummate their relationship the next time Grandma went out to play bingo.

Bingo is Tuesday night, but this installment of their story takes place two nights before the big night.


Chapter 1. Restless night of frustration.

I could hear the clock in the hallway ticking, and the constant rhythm did not make sleep come any easier. The green glow of the clock radio on the other side of my wife Ethel told me it was 12:06, and it seemed like time was standing still.

My eyes were now accustomed to the darkness after lying here for the last two hours, and my gaze went Ethel's plump shoulder, and the huge breast that rose and fell with her breathing. How long had it been since we had made love? Three years? Four? Too fucking long to keep up this charade of a happy marriage as anything more than a cheap facade.

I reached my hand over and placed it on that big tit, and I squeezed the doughy flesh out of boredom. My cock began to stiffen despite the lack of desire I had for the woman, and I was just getting interested when Ethel snorted and rolled away from me and onto her side.

Her huge ass was peeking out from over the sheet which had come down to around our knees with all the tossing and turning, and I pulled my cock over while sliding over toward Ethel and the clump of hair sprouting from between those cheeks.

If I fucked her in the ass at least we wouldn't have to look at each other when we did it, I thought to myself as I poked the head of my dick between those fat ass cheeks. Not much chance of that happening, I figured, and after a few timid pokes of my cock produced nothing more than another snort from Ethel, I gave up.

I slipped out of bed as quietly as possible and went down the hall to the bathroom. After tapping the reluctant kidneys I headed out to the kitchen for a drink. At the end of the hall was the spare bedroom where our lovely granddaughter Molly was sleeping, the cute little thing who had turned my world upside down last Tuesday night, and had made me promise an even more interesting time this Tuesday night.

Molly always slept with the door closed, so I was shocked when I noticed the door was ajar when I went past it. I gave a glance inside as I went past and stopped dead in my tracks.

Molly had worked her sheet part of the way off on this humid summer night, and thanks to the light of the full moon that streamed in through the window I could see that Molly slept in the nude. Laying on her side I could see the side of her tiny breast and her pert left buttock.

No, no, no, I told myself as I kept walking after a long look, and went to fetch that drink in the kitchen. How much life had changed since Molly had moved in for the summer. Walking around with constant erections, looking for opportunities to brush up against my granddaughter, and just now actually wanting to fuck my wife. What the hell had Molly done to me?

Chapter 2. Just walk on by.

After getting a drink I wandered back upstairs, and tried not to look into Molly's room, failing miserably. Molly was no longer on her side, for she was now on her back, with arms and legs akimbo, and fully illuminated by that helpful full moon.

I pushed the door open a little bit wider, very thankful that this was one of the few doors in our old farmhouse whose hinges didn't squeak whenever you opened it. Silently I walked over to the side of the bed, the same side where last Tuesday I had been lured into shaving my little Molly's underarms, and she had reciprocated by masturbating me into an orgasm so intense that I still couldn't believe it.

Now here I was again, staring at this precious little woman; Molly's diminutive breasts disappearing with her on her back, those little pointy nipples standing up proudly, and now for the first time my eyes strayed below her waist.

Such beauty, I thought to myself as I gazed at her most intimate area, and without thinking my hand reached inside my pajamas and pulled out my stiffening cock. Molly's legs were spread a bit and her knees were bent, affording me an ideal view of the little tuft of light brown hair that guarded her tender opening. I couldn't have gotten a better view if Molly had been trying to provide me one, but her eyes were closed.

I intended to leave just then, as Molly stirred a bit, but as she did her knees raised up a bit and her thighs parted. The only sound in the room was my breathing, which sounded like a freight train going up an incline.

I found that wasn't walking out of the room - instead I was climbing onto the foot of the bed as gracefully as a man my size could, and crept up to where my head was between Molly's legs. From there, my head slowly bowed until her pussy was so close I could smell the sweet perfume that rose from it.

Then my cheeks were being gently carressed by the softest spray of pubic hair imaginable. Hair so soft it was more like down, and my tongue grazed the silky fur along Molly's labia before letting it slip inside of her.

Molly let out a little gasp, and I knew that she could not still be asleep, or even if she had ever actually been asleep to begin with. No matter, because once I had inhaled the aroma of Molly's sweet pussy. a combination of a vague floral scent with a musky, lusty overtone, I was long past stopping.

My tongue burrowed into Molly, lapping like a madman from top to bottom, and even letting my tongue dart down way between her thighs and licking her anus briefly. It all tasted sweet to me. My God, how long had it been since I had tasted flesh as sweet as Molly's?

My mouth found the shy pearl of her clitoris, and as I swirled my tongue around it, cupping her little ass chheks in my palms and trying to force more of her into my mouth, Molly began writhing and squirming beneath me.

Molly was whimpering and moaning, and I remembered that I had not closed the door behind me when I had entered, but I was way beyond caring by then. When she came, my mouth was drenched by a spray of sweet nectar, and my tongue kept splashing on through it as Molly's thighs clamped around my head while her orgasm raged.

Finally, Molly's thighs released my head as they parted wearily, and I rose up on my knees and looked up at Molly, whose eyes were still closed as if nothing had happened, but whose chest was rising and falling rapidly.

Wordlessly I backed down the foot of the bed, climbing off as inconspiciously as I could manage, and walked silently out of the room, pulling the door closed behind me.

I got back in my own bed and looked over at Ethel, who was sleeping as if nothing had happened. I pulled a sheet over her big butt, which no longer seemed particularly appetizing, and lay on my back. I considered masturbating, as I had gotten so wrapped up in Molly that I had forgotten about myself.

The smell of Molly's pussy permeated the air, as my face was coated with her cum, and I wondered whether it would be that obvious to Ethel if she woke. My hand strayed down to my cock, but after a few half-hearted tugs, I gave it up and closed my eyes, thinking about Tuesday night and what was going to happen.


Chapter 3. What a dream I had.

My dream was so realistic I never wanted to wake up. In my mind, I was putting my cock into Molly, and she was having orgasm after orgasm, and her moistness was gripping my cock as I felt her tight pussy convulse with pleasure.

I awoke with a start, and realized that I must have been snoring, like I occassionally do when I fall asleep on my back. The thing that really startled me was that my dream was continuing even though I was awake.

Molly. I jerked my head to the side and saw the hulking shape of my wife, still sound asleep with her back to me. Kneeling down toward the foot of the bed was Molly, and she had the shaft my cock in her hands and was sucking on the bulb furiously.

What if Ethel woke up and saw her granddaughter doing this? The thought both terrified me and excited me, and as my eyes adjusted to the surroundings I could see Molly looking up at me as she licked and sucked the crown while her hands twisted and jerked the rest of it.

The bed was moving ever so slightly with the motion of Molly's head and hands, and she seemed to be having trouble getting much more than the head of my cock into her petite mouth, but it felt so good that I was not going to complain.

The danger part began to weigh heavily on my mind, so much so that I put my hand down between my legs, underneath Molly's hands, and began rubbing hard on the area between the base of my cock and my balls.

This rarely failed to make me cum fast when I abused myself, and as I felt the cum surge through my loins I could only wonder whether Molly had expected to finish me off in her mouth. The question was moot seconds later as my cock began ejaculating, and my warm seed shot into Molly's mouth.

I felt Molly's tongue swabbing the tip of my dick as I came, so she was not only expecting it, but knew what to do with it when it arrived. I managed to make much less noise that I wanted to, but only by biting my lip and confining my sound to a few stifled snorts.

My cock began to grow limp, but Molly kept sucking, and as it shrunk to a more manageable size, Molly began to demonstrate some incredible cocksucking skills. Soon she had my limp tool all the way in her mouth, and she kept moving his lips up and down me, stretching and sucking it until I had to gently pull her off, longing for the days of my youth when it would have risen again in a matter of minutes from such affection.

Molly crept off the bed and ducked over to give me a kiss with her sticky mouth before whispering in my ear, "You taste yummy Grandpa," and making her way out the door.

"Quit rockin' the boat," Ethel said in a sleepy moan as she rolled over.

As Ethel rolled over, her meaty arm came around and fell across my stomach, her pudgy fingers just inches away from my flaccid cock which lay back on my gut contentedly.

Timing is everything.


Thanks for your encouragement on the first episode. Comments are always welcome, and thank you for reading.

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