tagIncest/TabooGrandpa was "The Assman" Ch. 05

Grandpa was "The Assman" Ch. 05


The further exploits of 67 year old Ted Patterson, as his vacation at his son's house takes another turn.


Chapter One: It's alright.

I felt like crawling into a hole instead of sitting down on the bed next to my daughter-in-law Beth, but instead I eased my aching body down onto the space where Beth had been patiently patting her hand.

Despite washing my cock and balls, I still smelled like somebody who had just had sex, and if that wasn't bad enough, I was sitting next to the mother of the girl I had just screwed. My heart was still racing from the initial shock of finding Beth in the guest room waiting for me as I sat.

"Look Beth," I began, trying to think of something to say that would fix it all. Maybe an offer to go to a retirement home or someplace where depraved old farts go off to die would suffice.

"Ssh. Let me talk, Dad," Beth said, resting her hand on my knee. "It's alright. What you did to Cathy, or what you did with each other, I mean."

"How?" was my stunned reply as I asked how she had found out, figuring that it was Cathy's yelps that gave us away.

"There's a secret little room up there off the inside of the hall closet that Cathy doesn't know about," Beth confessed. "I've been watching her from that hiding place for quite a while, since she started sneaking boys up there - and a girl once too, I might add. I get up in there and watch, living vicariously through my daughter. You think that's sick?"

"I dunno," I said, dumbfounded that this suburban mother who had always seemed so straight-laced would do something like that, but didn't feel I was in a position to take anything like a moral high road.

"Do you know what this smell is?" Beth said, and as she brought her hand up to my nose, I knew the aroma even before she had finished her question. "I had almost my whole hand up my cunt when Cathy was cumming that last time."

Chills were running up and down my spine as I listened to my son's wife speak, and although I had known the woman for over 20 years, this person beside me bore little resemblance to the daughter-in-law I was familiar with.

"I can't help it. I'd much rather be in there with my husband in my own bedroom, doing all the things Cathy does, believe me. Things between me and Brad - well - they aren't that good."

"Beth," I started to say, not wanting to hear, but there was no stopping Beth now.

"It's not that I don't love him, Dad," Beth explained. "And I don't care that he isn't very well-endowed. I knew that when I married him, but now it's just that he cums so fast. Almost as soon as he puts it in me it's over."

"Those things can be worked out," I said while cringing at the overload of unwanted information.

"What you did to Cathy," Beth said, ignoring me. "I'm not as judgemental about things like that as most people probably are. I didn't have a grandfather, but I had an uncle. I was younger than Cathy when he first started visiting my room at night, but they were the greatest nights of my life, so I know how good it can be with a older, experienced man."

"Especially with a man as well endowed as you are, Dad," Beth said, adding, "You remind me a lot of my uncle."

As she spoke her hand slipped inside the fly of my pajamas and snaked downward, not stopping until she found what she was looking for.

"Omigod," Beth moaned as she pulled on my very dead dick as it hung limply between my legs. "I think you're even bigger that my Uncle Dan was."

"Beth, I can't."

"You don't understand, Dad," Beth explained. "I need it bad. I haven't really been fucked in years. Not like you just gave it to Cathy. I felt like running into the room and pushing her off the bed so you could do me instead."

I had stopped trying to move my daughter-in-law's hand off of my cock, but it wouldn't matter how long she pulled on it because that spent dick would not be rising again tonight or any time soon, so I let her tug away. Besides, it felt good, and she knew her way around a foreskin as well.

"I'm - let's just just say that I'm a lot more experienced than Brad is," Beth said. "My needs are greater than his as well. I need a lot of sex, and while I've been able to resist the urge so far, there are times when I think I'm going to explode. I've never cheated on him - with another man."

"That's good," I said, and I felt Beth move her wrist upward, which caused the snap on my pajama bottoms to open up, and I didn't stop her when she nudged them down a bit.

"I have a woman friend," Beth said. "She's a lesbian, and she does me with a strap-on sometimes. I don't think that's cheating though. Do you, Dad?"

"I - I don't know," I managed to say as the sweat began running down from my brow and stinging my eyes.

"Your cock feels like it's beginning to get harder, Dad. Do you like me talking like this? Does it excite you? I'll tell you something else. A couple of weeks ago, I was so horny that my skin was crawling. I think I have a chemical imbalance or something like that, because sometimes I get so horny that I feel like letting a whole bunch of guys just fuck me until I pass out. Never have gone through with it, but I get that urge. You know what I did?"

Beth's hand kept pulling on my cock while she spoke, and while I was far from getting hard, I was definitely turned on.

"No. What did you do?"

"I slipped out of the house and drove into the city, down to a really rough part of town and drove by a bar that's got a reputation as a sleazy place that's had a bunch of crazy things happen in it. I went in and the place was full of black guys. I was one of the few women in the place, and the only white face there.

"I sat at the bar and guys started hitting on me right away. Do you believe that? Me, a 44 year old women with all these guys about half my age swarming all over me? Drinks started lining up in front of me, and while one guy was sweet talking me I felt somebody on the other side of me move his hand under the bar and he started squeezing my breast. I was scared, and knew that despite how horny I was I really didn't want to be there. I don't know what would have happened if I didn't catch somebody dropping something in one of the drinks. When I saw that I panicked and ran out the door."

"That's good," I wheezed.

"I'm making you excited, aren't I Dad?" Beth said, her hand milking away at me. "Is it my hand or my stories?"


"I want you so bad," Beth sighed. "I know I'm not 18 like Cathy, but I'm not in bad shape for a woman my age."

"You're a very attractive woman," I assured her.

"You really think so?" Beth said with relief. "I always thought you might have found me attractive for some reason. There were times I thought that I would catch you peeking at me, so maybe that was my imagination."

"No, you're right," I admitted, blushing at the realization that my occasional glances down the front of her blouse when she would bend over had not gone unnoticed.

"Cathy's got a cute body, doesn't she Dad?"


"Doesn't take after me very much though, does she?" Beth asked. "She didn't get my boobs, but then again she didn't get my hair problem. Don't know if you know it, but I'm kind of a hairy broad. Kinda took after my Italian mother that way."

I had noticed over the years that she had a lot of the traits that went along with that type of woman. Beth's forearms arms had a fine dusting of hair on them, and when we went on that boat ride I did notice that her underarms, although shaved, were coated with a dense 5 o'clock shadow that covered the entire area.

"Cathy doesn't have much hair between her legs," Beth said. "I do though. A lot. I know the younger generation wouldn't care for that, but maybe a man of your era might not mind that at all. Am I right?"

"Yes," I said in a voice that was barely audible.

"You want to feel how hairy my pussy is, Dad?" Beth asked, and not waiting for an answer, took her hand off of my cock and brought it under her nightgown and between her legs.

"See?" Beth gasped as my fingers raked through a bush that was as thick and dense as any I had ever experienced. Furthermore, there was something else about it that got my attention.

"Feel how wet I am, Dad?" Beth asked.

"Yes, but Beth. This is so wrong. I can't do this to my son."

"I don't want you to do anything to him. I want you to do it to me," Beth said. "You want me to beg, Dad? I will. I need cock."

"No Beth, that isn't it."

"Anything you want, Dad," Beth pleaded. "Like I said, I'm very experienced. There isn't much I haven't done before and there's absolutely nothing I wouldn't do for you. Name it."

"Please Beth."

"Your cock is so big," Beth whined. "Please. I haven't had one this size since college."

Beth dropped to her knees on the carpet, clawing at my pajamas, and to my shame I not only let her take them down but raised my hips to let her do it. In the dim light I saw Beth looking at my cock with a twinkle in her eye, giving it a couple of long pulls before lifting it up and dropping it on the top of her head so that she could suck on my low-hanging balls before I pulled her head out from under my cock.

"Beth, I really can't," I protested.

"Can't or won't?" she asked, sounding hurt. "I can smell Cathy's pussy still on you."

"I want to," I assured her. "Really. It's just that I can't get hard again just like that. If I was younger, believe me I would be all over you."

"Really?" Beth asked, and when I nodded she got up from the floor and stood in front of me.

Her full pendulous breasts, unsupported by a bra, hung down nearly to her waist in her plain white nightgown, and although the garment covered her down to mid-thigh, I could smell the feral scent pouring out of her pussy like it was covering my face instead of being a foot away.

"Of course I would," I told her, and that was the truth. "Can I - see your pussy?"


Chapter Two: Show and tell.

With my eyes now fully adjusted to the light, I could see just fine as Beth wordlessly lifted her nightie up to her waist. Her tummy was a little fleshy and thick, but not flabby, but what I really cared about was below her belly button, where a thin line of hairs blossomed into one of the most luxuriant bushes I had ever seen.

The thick, dark brown hair grew densely over a wild and untrimmed triangle that even spread out onto the insides of her thighs. The sight and scent made my heart race as the vision brought back sweet memories, and as I stared, Beth spoke like she was reading my mind.

"Remind you of Mom?" Beth asked, and indeed the sight of my daughter-in-law's hairy pussy had conjured up memories of my late wife Emma's magnificent pubic hair, but I was curious about how Beth would have known, and asked her about that.

"I remember we were changing into our bathing suits one time, and I noticed that Mom was really hairy down there," Beth explained. "I mentioned it to her, and then she said that I shouldn't talk. We had a laugh over it, even comparing each other's bushes to see which of us had more pussy hair."

"You do," I said, salivating at the sight.

"I know. It's terrible isn't it? Brad likes it though."

"Please don't mention Brad's name any more," I asked, my guilt already there without the constant reminders that she was my son's wife, and she was showing me her pussy down the hall from where he was sleeping. "But no, it isn't horrible to me at all."

"Okay Dad," Beth said. "Would you though? Fuck me, I mean?"

"Beth honey, I think that as sick as it sounds, I would," I admitted. "If I could, that is. I really can't."

"I could help you get hard," Beth offered. "I saw how your toy worked. Maybe we could."

I shook my head, but after staring at Beth's furry crotch all that time, I was willingly to help her out.

"I would like to do something to you," I said. "If you would let me."

I had Beth get onto the bed and go onto her back, with her nightie still hiked up, and my knees and back roared in protest as I knelt on the floor with my daughter-in-law's full but shapely legs spread wide in front of me.

Beth's pussy was not only wet, but the aroma was so strong that it made my head spin. The poor woman was in heat, and her feelings were contagious, so when my face dipped into her pubic hair and started licking I did so with as much enthusiasm as I had earlier in the evening to her daughter.

Beth was writhing and squirming on the bed from the start, her hands tearing at the bedding as she wiggled backwards on the bed away from me. I followed as best I could, exchanging my uncomfortable position on my knees to an even more painful one on the edge of the bed, but I was so consumed by lust that I didn't care.

Beth's dense pubic hair was rather coarse and kinky against my cheeks, a delightful contrast of her daughter's sparse and silky pubes, and as I licked my way between her much smaller labia and began to orally caress her pearl I had to remind her to be quiet.

Beth came hard, her muffled squeals of delight mostly contained by the blanket she had stuffed in her mouth, but the way she was carrying on it was clear that she wasn't done yet. I decided to take a chance and change my tactics, getting up and mounting Beth.

She might have thought that I was going to try and stick my mostly turgid cock into her, but instead I began to rub the tip of my cock into her clitoris, not retracting my foreskin so that the rough uneven edge of it could work on Beth better.

The result was amazing, as Beth was cumming again in about a minute, and her stifled noises as she punched the mattress violently had an effect on me. Despite my being pretty much flaccid, I felt a tingling sensation in my loins, and I was startled to feel myself ejaculate a little bit despite my being erect, coating her clitoris with a little of my seed.

It felt almost as good as a real orgasm to me, and Beth must have noticed as well, because when I straightened up on the bed Beth was smiling broadly.

"You came, didn't you Dad?"

"A little," I admitted. "Don't know how or why. Maybe because you looked so sexy when you came."

"Come up here," Beth said, motioning for me to move up towards her face, and as she directed me I found myself straddling her face, with my dangling nuts on her chin and my even deader than before cock near her face.

Beth's tongue came up and swiped around the end of my cock, dipping the tip of her tongue under the foreskin and circling it a few times before swabbing the tender opening.

"Ooh! More!" Beth whispered, apparently able to coax a little more seed out of my cock before I pulled it away from her and collapsed on the bed next to her.

"That was so good, Dad," Beth whispered, rolling onto her side and rubbing my chest. "No wonder Cathy was going nuts when you went down on her. You're really good. I was kinda disappointed though. I was hoping that you were going to rim me like you did Cathy. Is it because my asshole is hairy?"

"Huh? Uh - no," I told her, kicking myself for not checking it out. "I never got to notice. Guess I got carried away there."

"Do you want me to shave around my anus?" Beth offered. "If you want me to, I will. Or you could shave it for me if you would like to."

"No, honey," I assured her. "You're beautiful as you are."

"Tomorrow I'm going to come home for lunch," Beth explained. "I have to have you."

"I don't know," I said, feeling more like 97 than 67, but perhaps a miracle could occur.

"I can't wait, Dad. Get your rest," Beth said as she kissed me and rolled off the bed.

Rest? That was the sweetest idea imaginable, I thought to myself while drifting off to sleep. Tomorrow, or more accurately, later today, would come soon enough.


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