tagIncest/TabooGrandpa's Kitten

Grandpa's Kitten


"If I was a gentleman," I told my granddaughter as I moved behind her and looked down in the general direction of the sink she was doing dishes in, "I would offer to help."

I put my hands on Kitten's slender shoulders - Kitten's my nickname for Katherine, the 18 year old daughter of my wife's son - but I wasn't looking at the bowl she was scrubbing. What I was looking at was located down below her prominent collarbone, and when I squeezed Kitten's shoulders the top of her modestly cut scoop-necked blouse opened up like it had earlier.

"That's okay," Kitten answered, her voice reflecting more nervousness that it had when she was doing the lunch dishes, because that she didn't catch on to what I was doing until it was over and done with.

This time I was pretty sure Kitten knew what I was up to, likely having figured out I had been trying to look down her blouse at her breasts again. Looking for them would be a more apt description of what I was doing, since Kitten wasn't very well endowed up on top to say the least, but I was able to get a peek at the tops of her little treasures before I heard her mother coming towards the kitchen.

"I can at least help dry," I offered cheerfully as Kitten's mother appeared.

"What a good Grandpa you have there Katherine," her clueless mother clucked as she passed through before headed outside to water flowers.

"I try," I said with a chuckle.

I do try, I thought to myself. Right now I'm trying to check out your daughter's tits, and now I'm looking over at the sight of Kitten's nipples poking so hard into her padded bra that the outline was visible even through the multiple layers of fabric.

I knew her bra was padded because all of Kitten's bras are. I know because I checked all of them in her drawer. I don't know what size they are because the size tags were all ripped off, probably so no one in the house would know what size bra she wore.

Can't be more than a A cup, I mused while my eyes went from her mother out on the deck then down to her daughter's perky titties wiggling as she scrubbed a pot. Maybe even a double A, but that's okay because I love little titties. Give me a mouth full of tit and I'm happy.

My wife Betty used to have fairly little ones too, before having kids and wolfing down ring-dings turned those round apples into saggy eggplants. It wouldn't be so bad if she at least let me play with those eggplants, but noooo, as John Belushi used to say back in the days when my marriage was fun. Every time I make a move she shrugs me off and calls me silly.

"That's all you ever want," she had told me at home last night before we came out to visit.

Well of course it is, and if I ever got it maybe I wouldn't want it so bad all the time.

I wonder if Kitten gives it up yet, I mused while taking the pot from her to dry. Kids today fuck like rabbits, and then I kicked myself because Kitten's not a girl but a woman. 5'2" and probably not even 100 pounds of little lady. Little boobies and butt cheeks, and her black hair cut short in a boyish style.

Kitten had become a furry little thing too, I had noticed in recent years while glancing over at her fuzzy arms, the hair wet and plastered against her skin on her lower arms and fluffy on her upper arms that had stayed dry.

Kitten had a hairy pussy too, or least didn't shave it. I knew that because I had seen a long black hair tangled in the elastic of her panties when I went through the clothes hamper. Thank goodness she wasn't one of these girls who shave their pussies because that leaves me cold, as if I was ever going to experience either variety in me declining years.

"All done," Kitten announced, breaking me out of the titty trance I was in.

"Guess I fell behind," I said as I looked at the few dishes still wet.

"It's okay Grandpa," Kitten said. "I know where they go away better than you would."

"Right you are Kitten," I said as I continued toweling while watching Kitten put the dried stuff away.

I got a nice peek down her top when she bent over to put a pot away, and another nice view of Kitten when she leaned across me to put dishes up in the cupboard, with me cooperating just enough to allow my granddaughter to reach while making a little contact with her.

As she reached my eyes went reflexively to Kitten's exposed underarm, and I was surprised to see that the entire little hollow was coated with a faint stubble, the black seedlings standing right out against her pale skin. Kitten saw me staring and quickly lowered her arm, blushing a bit as she went over and wiped down the stove.

Hey, I felt like saying. Looked fine to me. Hell, you can even throw the razor away as far as I'm concerned. Maybe I'll show Kitten a picture I have of me and her Grandma Betty at a Grateful Dead concert probably 40 years ago. The woman had more hair under her arms back then than I did.

Of course, that was a long time ago. Times have changed, even if I haven't. My wife sure has, and I miss that fun and carefree woman who used to initiate affection as much as I did. Now? Forget it, and while I'm not the guy I was 40 years ago, I'm not bad. Certainly in better shape than most 63 year old guys, and in better shape than she is for sure.

So this is what my life has come to. Resorting to looking down the blouse of my granddaughter for cheap thrills. Golden years my ass.


I couldn't sleep. The snoring machine, after rebuffing my attempt to fool around, was in full blast, snorting and honking away while sleep alluded me. It really wasn't the snoring as much as me only being able to really sleep well in my own bed. Four more nights of this and I would sleep for a week when we got home.

Also tough to sleep with a hard-on, and my dearly beloved wouldn't ever jerk me off when I asked - begged her to do it while I reached over and grabbed her jugs, kneading them while nibbling on her neck.

"They'll hear!" Betty hissed.

"How can somebody hear a hand-job?" I protested

"Do it yourself," she hissed louder, and that was it.

After staring at the ceiling for way too long, I decided to get up and take a leak, and maybe get a drink. After peeing, I went out to the kitchen, and when I looked down the stairwell of the split level ranch and saw some flickering that suggested the TV was on.

I figured that it was probably my son-in-law, so I tiptoed down. Rick's alright in his way even if his new born-again ways are not my cup of tea, and maybe watching a game or something with him would make me drowsy, or maybe we could exchange marriage war stories because I don't think he's getting much either.

I turned the corner and from the entrance of the family room I saw that the TV was indeed on, but not only wasn't there a game on, but it was a movie. Furthermore, the person scrunched into the love seat wasn't my son-in-law but his daughter, Kitten, and the movie was - let's say adult.

Not porn. I could tell from the Showtime logo on the corner of the big screen that it wasn't the real thing but one of those very soft X movies where everybody fucks without erections or insertions. Lots of lesbian stuff between bored looking women waxed and packed with saline that don't usually do much for me either, but this was Kitten watching it.

"Room for one more?" I asked and slipped into the love seat before Kitten could answer, and my sudden appearance made her jump in shock. "Sorry, thought you heard me."

"Oh - um - is there something you want to watch, Grandpa?" Kitten mumbled and she ungracefully tried to hand me the remote.

"No, this is fine."

"Wasn't really watching it," Kitten replied. "Nothing on I really wanted to see."

"I know how you feel," I assured Kitten. "Seems like it was easier to find something good back when there were only three channels than it is now with hundreds of them. This looks a little interesting."

"Oh. This isn't - it's not a porn movie," Kitten started to explain as I looked at her pajamas, which were white and decorated with a bunch of cute cartoon puppies in various poses.

"I know, honey," I assured my granddaughter.

"Really, it isn't," Kitten assured me, thinking I didn't know what I was watching.

"I know. We had Showtime for a while," I explained. "These movies used to be my sleeping pill when I couldn't sleep, which is most all the time."

"I can't sleep a lot of nights too."

"So you don't mind me watching this movie with you?" I asked. "Good. This is as close as I'll come to a date. Your grandmother wouldn't watch a movie like this with me."

"You two don't seem very happy," Kitten opined out of the blue.

"You're as perceptive as you are pretty," I told her, putting my arm around Kitten's shoulder and giving her a little squeeze. "Let's just say we're playing out the string. Seeing who kicks first."

"I think my Mom and Dad are splitting up," Kitten said in a matter-of-fact manner, and while it was news to me, it wasn't a major shock.

"Really?" I asked.

"Yeah. I think they're just waiting for me to leave the nest so they don't feel like they are making my life traumatic by splitting with me around," Kitten suggested. "Like I can't figure out what's going on. Think I'm going to get an apartment and get a job instead of going to college."

"Hey, you could live with us," I suggested. "Even though we're even more out in the sticks than you are here, at least we have a dishwasher. We could watch movies every night."

"I think these women are pretending to be lesbian astronauts on a mission of some kind," Kitten said as a couple of bimbos began peeling off their spacesuits, her eyes on the screen while I looked in the darkness at her nightshirt, wishing my eyes adjusted faster to the darkness.


"You can change it."

"No, not the movies, the women," I said. "Do guys really find that attractive?"

"Well, yeah," Kitten said. "They are beautiful."

"Not to me," I complained. "Look at those implants. It looks like some quack doctor slammed a couple of coconuts inside her chest. And when did women stop growing hair down there? I miss women being women instead of Barbie doll wannabees that all look alike."

"I think I might get them after I get some money saved up," Kitten said. "Implants."


Kitten looked over at me and gave me a look that suggested I was either blind or out of my mind before saying, "I think I need them."

"How much do they cost?" I asked.

"A girl in school paid about 9 grand for hers."

"I'll give you nine thousand."

"You would?"

"Yes. If you don't get them, I'll give you the money," I offered. "Look, it's your own body and your own business, but you look beautiful as you are. And you're so young! Your body is still developing."

"My breasts haven't grown a bit since I was 13," Kitten declared.

"Sure they have," I said, and even in the semi-darkness I saw the reaction that comment got when Kitten realized I had been checking her out for a while.

"The padding just got thicker as I got older," Kitten mumbled. "I'm flat-chested."

"No you aren't, honey," I said. "I saw - I mean, I accidentally looked down your blouse before."

"I know," Kitten said. "I didn't know it was accidental though."

"It wasn't. That's was a bit of a lie," I sheepishly admitted. "I'm sorry. I was trying to look at your breasts. I can only imagine what you must be thinking of me."

"I let you look. Both times, at lunch and after dinner," Kitten said. "So what does that make me?"

"It makes you a young woman who knows she's cute and likes it when a man notices her beauty," I suggested.

"Ha! Not many boys notice me, that's for sure," Kitten said with a scrunched up face.

"I didn't say boys," I corrected. "I said men. Believe me when I tell you that you couldn't be any more attractive to me than you are now, especially not with sacks of saline embedded within you."

"They're really small though," Kitten purred while gesturing at the TV. "Look at how big that lady's are."

"Let me see yours," I said, and when Kitten did a double take and laughed like she thought I was kidding, I repeated myself. "Really. I would love to see your breasts, because I suspect you aren't seeing yourself as others see you."

Kitten said nothing as we looked at each other for the longest time, and all of a sudden a hand moved toward the top button of the pajama tops. The man whose hand it was couldn't believe what he was doing, but there I was.

Kitten's hand came up to my wrist, but while it held my wrist it didn't really try to pull my hand away, and after I managed to undo that button with only a little fumbling, Kitten's hand slid down to her lap.

The room was silent except for the barely audible dialogue coming from the lesbian astronauts on the TV and the raspy breathing of two people on the couch, one a old pervert who knew better but couldn't help himself, and a terrified teenager who was so devoid of self-confidence that she actually said in a quivering whisper, "Please don't laugh," when I got down to the last button and opened the top up.

"Laugh?" I croaked as I gently pulled the pajama top of her shoulders, and I actually felt my eyes start to well up, likely adding to poor Kitten's confusion.

I sniffled a bit and tried to compose myself while my heart threatened to explode out of my chest like some horror movie. I was overcome with emotion for a lot of reasons, one of them being upset at a society that puts chemically and surgically engineered imbeciles like the Kardashians on pedestals as examples of beauty, making lovely women like my Kitten feel inferior.

The main reason though was that I was Kitten's grandfather, someone she should be able to trust without question. Someone to consult when in need and console when needed. NOT an old man who stared at her tiny breasts like he had never seen a woman before.

Tiny they were, and although I was bit startled initially at how small they were, they were perfect. The little cones stuck straight out, and while the breasts themselves were not larger than limes, the aureoles were large, the plump cherry red buds like strawberries on the perky swells.

My hand went over, and Kitten shuddered when my hand made contact with the sensitive nipple, making it blossom even plumper, and her chest was heaving wildly while my fingers plucked at the bud.

Judging by the way Kitten was reacting, her breasts were extremely sensitive, so my touch remained gentle. Cupping the cone, I lightly massaged her breast, watching Kitten's reaction to my affection. Her eyes were closed and she was biting her lower lip, and I bent over and replaced my hand with my lips.

Kitten gasped when my mouth took in her plump aureole, and while I couldn't get her entire breast in my mouth, I came close. I suckled on her little teat like a starving baby while my hand kneaded the other bud, and Kitten's breathing sounded like a steam engine as her chest heaved.

"Please Grandpa," kitten whimpered when she felt my hand on her lap. "Don't. I can't. I'm a virgin."

"Don't apologize, Kitten" I said after taking her breast out of my mouth. "I just want to see you."

I went to my knees on the carpet and coaxed Kitten's puppy pajama bottoms down. The sight of her beautiful triangle of pubic hair was a joy, the thick womanly bush completely hiding her opening, and after I raked my fingers through the lush delta I felt the moistness around her sex.

"Beautiful," I whispered before parting her thighs and bowing my head down into the steamy forest while pulling her lower body towards the edge of th cushion.

Kitten moaned when she felt my tongue enter her sweet pussy, and then I felt her legs come up onto my shoulders as I inhaled her tart aroma. I hoped she couldn't hear me as I lapped away like an animal, snorting and grunting as I devoured her, and she came fast and hard, crushing my ears with her skinny thighs as she did her best to stifle herself while she came.

I'm never going to wash my face again. That was what I thought while I savored the flavor and aroma that had my mouth and the surrounding area wet with her juices. After I gave her pussy one last lick before climbing back on the love seat I saw Kitten looking at me, her glazed look changing when she noticed I had a bit of a wardrobe malfunction.

"Sorry," I said, while was a lie, because I had eased my pajama bottoms down to the my thighs, exposing my very erect cock to my startled granddaughter.

"Wow," Kitten sighed, swallowing hard but not taking her eyes off of my cock.

I supposed Kitten must have been impressed by the length of my cock, certainly not by the thickness because it's skinny - embarrassingly so - and because it's about 8 or so inches long erect that makes it look even skinnier, or maybe because she didn't think an old man like me could still get it up.

I made no effort to cover myself up, instead waiting in hopes that my granddaughter would take it upon herself to reach over and grab it, but when she didn't I took her wrist and brought it over to my stiff prong, practically wrapping her hand around the slender shaft and coaxing her hand down, sliding the foreskin down to expose the conical glans and then bringing it back up.

"That's it, Kitten," I whispered after I let go of my granddaughter's hand, and to my delight her fist started going up and down by itself.

She had done this before, or at least that was my guess because she was giving me a good job, and I put my hand around her bare shoulder, wondering whether I was pressing my luck by putting some gentle downward pressure on Kitten's neck.

My granddaughter knew what I was doing, and I felt pathetic when she looked at me with those doe-like eyes, the exact opposite of mine I'm sure. She started to allow me to coax her down there, but then stopped, although her little hand kept sliding slowly up and down the entire length of my manhood.

I didn't force the issue, but instead just rubbed her back while I leaned back into the cushion and looked at the ceiling. I couldn't look at Kitten's titties anymore because the sight of them made my orgasm approach, and I wanted this to last as long as possible.

Then I felt Kitten move, and not because I was pushing her down either. I kept my hand on her back as she bent over, and just when her face got near my cock she stopped and glanced up at me. I pretended I was still looking up to the ceiling, just in case she felt weird about me watching what I was praying she would do.

She did a series of false starts, her head moving a couple of inches before stopping, and I was about to give up hope when I felt first Kitten's breath on the head of my cock, and then felt the wet warmth of her mouth as she took me in.

Kitten's fist was wrapped around the bottom of the shaft, and she was spinning her hand as her mouth went about half way down before going back up. This wasn't the most skillful head I had ever gotten by a long-shot, but that was part of what was making it special, knowing that my little girl was not all that promiscuous.

I held back as long as I could, partly because the way things were going this might be the last time my cock was in a mouth, but when I could hold back no longer I warned Kitten that I was going to cum soon.

For a second I though that either Kitten didn't hear me or was going to swallow my load, but eventually her mouth came off of it. Using both hands, she jerked off my saliva slicked cock fast and hard, and while I didn't shoot like I used to, the semen came out of my cock like lava, all over the backs of Kitten's tiny paws.

My granddaughter kept milking me until I was drained and limp, and after she gave my now-flaccid hose a last hard pull I reached over and grabbed a couple of tissues out of the box on the table. I handed them to Kitten, who didn't look me in the eye as she took them and wiped the copious load of cum off of her fingers.

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