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Granny Smith


"Aah, finally high school is over, a summer of pool parties, days at the beach going to the bar and finding cute girls to have hot sex with."

Or so I thought. I was going to find out that some of the things that I had planned for the summer were not going to happen, but I was about to have some of the greatest sex that I had ever had.

That night at supper, my dad and mom wanted to have a talk with me. "Son I know you have a full ride scholarship to M.I.T., but we don't want you to have to work there for spending money, we want you to concentrate on your studies. So we have an offer for you. We will supply you with a $1000 dollars a month spending money, but you are going to have to earn it."

I jokingly asked my dad who I had to kill to get it. He said, "You don't have to kill anyone, just do some work around here. Your mom and I are going to be very busy with new projects at work all summer, and we won't have the time to keep up the yard and the pool. So that will be your job. Also, you have to help Ms. Smith next door with her yard."

I thought well there goes half the summer. Our yard was just over an acre, and Ms. Smiths' was even bigger, and she had some very intricate landscaping in her yard.

I, of course, agreed as that would give me all the freedom I needed to study hard and even party hard while I was away at college.

So the work started. Every Monday, I would cut the grass at our house and every second day I would clean the pool. I also made sure that the chemicals were kept up so that it was a nice pool to swim in.

Ms. Smiths' yard was different subject though. She had an old lawn mower and it would take the better part of six hours to cut her grass. Also making sure that all the flower beds and the garden were weed free took the better part of another day. So it ended up that I had about three days a week to myself, which I managed to make on the weekend so that I could spend time with my friends.

I had no trouble with the ladies, and I was getting enough to keep me happy. But I just wished that I could have more. The weekends kept me satisfied, but not completely sated.

It was about the middle of July that things changed for me. I was cutting Ms. Smiths' grass on a day that was incredibly hot. It was about 110 in the shade and the sweat was pouring off of me. I was looking forward to a long dip in the pool after to cool me down.

Just as I was finishing, Ms. Smith came out of the house and said, "When you are finished come in and get cooled off."

I finished up and put the equipment away and went to the back door. She was waiting for me with a long cold glass of ice water. It felt so good going down, but I got that headache from drinking it to fast. It went away fast, but I slowed down drinking the next one. After I had drank that one, she handed me a cold beer, "Now that was more like it," I thought.

She said, " Could you help me with something here in the house?"

I said, " Sure why not."

She said that would be great, and left the room for a minute. When she returned she had two facecloths and a towel. She told me to stand at the sink and I couldn't believe what happened next. She started to wash my back and toweling it dry. She had me turn around and she started to wash my face and my chest right down to my shorts. After she towelled me dry she looked at me and leaned in and started to suck on my nipple. I was in shock but I couldn't stop her as I was actually getting turned on. My cock was getting hard in my shorts and it felt real good as she sucked and licked at my nipples.

After a few minutes she knelt in front of me and pulled down my shorts working them around my cock. It sprung out and she just smiled, and said, "That is what I wanted to see."

She kissed it and started to lick it softly and slowly. Soon she opened up her mouth and started to take it in. She quickly had it all in and it was starting to go down her throat.

She was so good at giving head that it didn't take long, about three minutes, and I was ready to cum. She must of sensed it as she closed her lips tight around my cock and sucked hard. I started to shoot a huge load into her mouth and throat. I shot four huge shots and some more little ones. She kept my cock in her mouth until I started to soften.

When she finally let go it, she stood up and said, " I have wanted that for a while now, the taste of sweet young cum, and after I watched you fuck that blonde bimbo last week, when you left your blinds open, I knew that I had to have you."

She pulled up my shorts and took me by the hand. She led me to the bedroom and then pulled my shorts off again. She pushed me back on the bed and started to strip in front of me. Boy for a lady in her late 50's she had a great body. (At least I thought she was in her 50's.) Her tits were fairly perky and there were very few wrinkles on her body and face.

She crawled over me and kissed me, shoving her tongue down my throat. As she was kissing me, she reached down and started stroking me getting me hard again.

When I was rock hard again she wasted no time and straddled me, taking me into her hot pussy. God she was tight, as tight as any pussy I had ever had. She slowly started to rock and fuck me. Her pussy felt amazing, hot wet and velvety, and ready for a good fucking.

She continued to rock and soon was starting to moan as she brought herself to and amazing orgasm. She collapsed as she came and laid on my chest.

When she had finished Cumming, she got up on her arms and said, "Now it is your turn, time for you to fuck me as hard as you can and fill me with that sweet cum, make me scream big boy, take me hard and fill me full."

I rolled her over and started slowly to slide in and out of her. God she felt so hot and ready. I started to pound into her. She was telling me to give it to her hard, and deep. I was driving in as hard as I could. She started to moan and soon was quaking from another orgasm. I kept fucking her as she came, and soon she was moaning and kept saying, "Oh fuck, oh yes, oh God, fuck me, come on baby fill my cunt, make it cum, come on baby fill me, give that sweet juice. I want to feel you Cumming in me. I want it all."

That sent me over the top and I started to shoot into her. I couldn't believe that I came harder than I did when she sucked me off. Soon my cum was leaking around my cock as it came out of her. She smiled and said, "God that felt good, the feel of hard young cock reaming me and filling with hot juice. God I want more. But enough for today, there will be plenty of time for more."

That was the start of a summer of amazing sex. She kept me completely satisfied, and I tried my best to satisfied her. We tried so many different things including one session that was the hottest oral session I have ever had, and one that she had me fuck her ass over and over one day.

I knew that college wouldn't ever compete with the sex that I had that summer, and I have to thank a sweet older lady for the best sex I have ever had or ever have.

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