tagIncest/TabooGranted Ch. 06

Granted Ch. 06


The tests were stacked on the dining room table. She had just barely started, and it would take all night to get through them. Karyn shook her head. Whatever in the world gave her the idea to give a three page test to four algebra classes?

The test she just finished grading got 110 out of 117 correct. Not bad. Better than most of the first few tests. She set it off to the side and picked the next test in the stack. Hopefully, the rest would get better. She wasn't that bad of a teacher, was she?

She took a sip of her tea and rubbed her eyes. It had been a long day already. How was she going to make it through the rest of the night? It was a little after five. Doug would be home in about half an hour, and she had to get dinner ready. Maybe she would tell him that tonight was a good night to get pizza. Grant would like that. She would even ask Owen if he'd like to stay for dinner.

She paused and listened. The boys had been quiet for a long time. Usually when they played those video games they would yell and laugh so loud she would have to ask them to keep it down. She tapped her red pen on her knuckle and looked up at the ceiling, as if she might be able to see through it. What were they up to? If she didn't know any better, she might think they had a girl up there.

She shook her head and chuckled. That was ridiculous. She went back to grading the tests, but only got through a couple more before she had to stop again. She shook her head. It was too difficult to concentrate. Now she had to know what they were doing. But that was silly. Didn't she trust her own son?

She pushed back the chair and stood up. Of course she trusted him. She was just going to get a notebook from her room, and on the way she would peek in his room to make sure they were still alive. That wasn't spying. That was being a responsible parent.

At the top of the stairs she stopped to listen. Still, she didn't hear much besides their muted voices, then what sounded like a groan. What were they doing in there?

Grant's bedroom door was open a crack. She stood still in the hallway and took a deep breath. How wrong was it for her to pry on her son's business? But she was way too curious not to find out now.

She took a step toward the door, hoping she didn't step on one of those squeaky floorboards. She peeked in the crack of the door and her mouth fell open.

"Oh God," she said in a soft whisper.

That was the last thing she expected to see. Grant and Owen were on the bed, both naked from the waist down, and her son was on his knees with his friend's erect penis in his mouth. She covered her open mouth with her hand. This couldn't be happening. She didn't want her only son to be gay.

She watched for only a few more seconds, then had to tear herself away. She stood with her back to the door, shaking her head. The whole world was spinning.

She went into her room and sat on her bed, still shaking her head, and wiped away a tear. Where had she gone wrong? Was she not firm enough with him? Was she too hard on him? Grant was involved in sports. Doug was an excellent father and a good, strong influence on their son. She sobbed. What was he going to say when he found out?

She got up and paced. This wasn't right. She couldn't let this happen. She and Doug had worked too hard to raise a gay son. She had to do something to turn him around before his friend corrupted him any further. She needed a girl, a sexy girl who would show Grant how much better girls were than boys. But who could she get who would agree to sleep with her son?

She sat on the bed again with her head down in her hands. This was a disaster. How could her handsome son be gay?

She heard Owen's voice and looked up. He came out of Grant's room and ran down the stairs. What was that all about? She got up and went to her bedroom door. Did they have a fight? Why did he leave in such a hurry?

She looked at herself in the mirror on the folding closet door. There was no other choice. She would never find another girl that she could ask to seduce her son. By the time she did it would be too late. Hell, it might be too late already.

She would just have to take care of it herself. She cupped her breasts in her hands. They weren't as big as she had hoped they would grow when she was a young girl. She still looked good, though. She was going to be thirty three in a few months. That wasn't old, was it?

She turned sideways. Her stomach was still flat, maybe not as flat as before she got married and gave birth to Grant, but still looked good. It was her ass that bothered her. Doug said he loved it because he could get his hands around it, but to her it looked huge.

She took a deep breath and stared hard at her reflection. This was a crazy idea, maybe the craziest idea she ever heard of. It had to be done, though. There was no other way. Her beautiful son was broken and only she could fix him.

Walking across the hall from her bedroom to his bedroom, she felt stiff, like she was a robot being controlled remotely. She stopped outside his door. Owen had not bothered to close it. Inside, Grant was sitting in the chair facing the tv, which had a game paused. She couldn't tell exactly what he was doing, except for the up and down motion of his left am. She shook her head. How could Owen just walk out on him when clearly he still needed to be satisfied? It was just as well. That was a mother's job.

She took a step into his room.

"Grant?" she said.

He dropped something and grabbed a pillow from his bed to cover his lap.

"Mom? What are you doing here?" he said with a twisted, painful look on his face.

She clasped her hands together in front of her.

"I just saw Owen run out. Is anything wrong?"

"No. Nothing."

His face was bright red. Karyn bent down and picked up a magazine that had fallen to the floor by his foot.

"Did Owen give this to you?" she said.

"No. Jon did."

She opened the magazine and flipped through a few pages. It had pictures of men having sex with women. If Grant was looking at that, how did that fit in with him being gay? She sat down next to him and looked at the pillow on his lap.

"It's ok if you're masturbating, dear. You don't have to hide it from me," she said.

"Jeez Mom ..."

"You don't have to explain. I saw what you were doing with Owen."

Grant's face turned pale and she hesitated. Had she said too much? Had she started something that was better left alone? She had to remember that she was there to lead him in the right direction, and she would have to feel her way cautiously.

"Grant, dear ... I don't want you to think that I think being gay is wrong. I just think you have ... more potential," she said.

Usually, when she was standing in front of her class, the words came easily to her. At that moment, though, she was having trouble finding the words to say what she was feeling.

"Mom, I don't think we should talk about this," he said.

He looked very uncomfortable and pushed the pillow down on his lap. Karyn shifted on the chair and it squeaked. She cleared her throat. It felt strange to be in the presence of her son when he was so clearly aroused.

"Um ... we need to talk about this before your father finds out. He won't be nearly as understanding as me."

Grant nodded, even though he had a frown on his lips, and she was relieved that he agreed with her. It made the next part of what she had to do a little easier. She put her hand on his knee.

"Grant? Do you like girls?" she said.

He shrugged. "Sure. Why?"

"Would you kiss a girl?"


Karyn held her breath. This next part might be tricky.

"Let's say a cute girl asks you to show her your penis. Would you do it?"

"Sure, I guess."

She nodded. His answers seemed too easy. It might be too late to fix him. She was going to have to do something more drastic.

"Grant, would you show me your penis?" she said.

He chuckled. "But you're my Mom."

"How about this. Don't think of me as your mother. Think of me as Karyn, one of the girls you go to school with."

He was quiet for a few seconds, as if he was considering the idea. Then he nodded and smiled.

"Ok ... Karyn."

She smiled back. It was working.

"So Grant. You're a cute guy. Do you think I'm cute?" she said.

"Yeah, you're pretty cute," he said, and grinned real big, like he was enjoying the act.

This was ok, even if it was just an act for him. At least they moving were in the right direction. All she had to do was get him to make the big step from sex with a boy to sex with a girl. What he needed was to know how it felt to get a blowjob from a girl. She felt a shiver down her spine. She couldn't believe she was even thinking about giving her own son a blowjob.

She slipped her hands up under her blouse and squeezed her boobs. Grant's eyes got wide.

"Do you think I have a nice body?" she said.

Her voice had taken a deeper, husky tone that surprised her. She hadn't heard herself talk like that since ... since she was dating Doug.

"Yeah Karyn. You got a hot body," Grant said.

She felt a tingle down her spine again. He might have been her son and they might have been just doing a fun little act, but it was still exciting to hear that she had a hot body. How long had it been since Doug told her anything like that?

She pulled the chair closer to him.

"I'll bet you have a nice penis, don't you?" she said.

"Yeah, I got a nice cock," Grant said, and grinned real big like he knew something she didn't.

She leaned forward and let her hand stroke his muscular thigh.

"Would you like to show it to me?"

"You wanna check out my cock?" he said.

"Yeah baby," she said with a giggle.

She was getting into the act, too, and she hadn't done anything this exciting in years.

He removed the pillow. Her breath caught in her throat and her heart skipped a couple of beats. She struggled to keep the shock from showing on her face. She saw him sucking on Owen's penis, and that was what she expected to see, not this.

What her son had hanging between his legs was not a penis but a tree trunk. She'd never seen anything so big. It was as thick as her wrist and easily as long as her forearm. It was hard, but bent over as if its own weight was pulling it down so that the head just touched his knee.

Her heart started beating again and she took a deep breath. This must have been what he was grinning about. Now what was she going to do? She had led him on and it looked like she'd got herself into more than she could handle. How could she get out of it now when she was the one who started it?

She swallowed hard. But this was her own mission. Her son was turning gay and she had to turn him back, no matter what it took, and she had to do it before Doug got home.

"What do you think?" he said.

She smiled. "You're right. You have a nice penis."

Her hand reached for it as if drawn to it like a magnet. She felt like she had stepped outside her body and was watching the scene from the other side of the room. Her fingers closed around the middle of the shaft and her blood surged. It was so hard and hot and felt so good in her hand. Her head spun. How in the world her own son had been blessed with a cock that must have been twice what his father had she would never know.

"Did Owen suck on this for you?" she said.

Her voice was soft, almost a whisper. Her hand moved slowly up and down the shaft.


"Did you like it?"

Grant shrugged. "He did all right."

She nodded. His answer sounded like he had experience getting blowjobs. How many blowjobs had he received? Worse, how many had he given? And was he giving these blowjobs to older men? The thought made her shudder.

"You'll like it better when a girl sucks on it," she said.

His eyes brightened.

"You think a girl would do that?" he said.

Karyn felt a surge of pride. This was going to work. Maybe she wouldn't have to go through with this after all.

"Sure. I can think of a couple of girls who would like to ... suck your cock," she said.

She had to pause to take a deep breath. The head of his cock seemed to turn toward the sound of her voice, like a serpent searching for its prey.

"Like who?"

"Like me for one," she said, and felt a moment of panic.

That was it. She had crossed the line. If there was any thought that she might not have to go through with this, it was too late to go back now.

"You?" he said.

She nodded. "I'll show you if you really want."

Grant sighed. "I guess. If you think that's all right."

She rubbed the soft underside of his cock head with the tip of her thumb.

"It'll be all right. It'll be better than all right. Watch," she said.

She bent forward, closer to his huge cock. Her heart pounded in her chest. Every cell of her body told her she should feel wrong about this whole thing. She was leaning down to suck her son's cock, for goodness' sake. Instead, she felt like a bad girl for doing naughty things, and it felt so right.

She stuck her tongue out and licked the tip. This was the way she started with Doug every time. Would Grant like it as well? She licked some more and watched his face for his reaction.

He didn't look interested. Was it because he just got a blowjob from Owen? She had promised him that a blowjob from a girl was better than a blowjob from a guy. Now she was going to have to give the best blowjob of her life.

"Do you like it when I lick it like this?" she said, and let her warm breath blow over the head of his cock.


She kissed it and let the head slide between her warm, wet lips.

"Do you like it when I kiss it like this?" she said.


She stared at the fat head, which glistened with her saliva. So far so good. The hard part was coming up. She was going to have to take this cock as deep into her mouth as she could, which was not going to be easy.

"Tell me how this feels," she said.

She took a deep breath and stretched her jaw open as wide as she could. She barely managed to get the head past her teeth. This was going to be impossible. Why would she give herself such a difficult task? She needed to get more of it in her mouth than just the head if she was going to make the right impression on him.

But Grant moaned, so he must have been enjoying it. With the head of his cock pushing her tongue flat, she looked up to his face. His eyes were closed. She worked her head back and forth a little bit. He opened his eyes and looked into hers and smiled. That was all she needed. She would force his cock deeper to show him that she could give a better blowjob than Owen. She tried to smile back, but her lips were stretched as far as they would go.

She had her hand on Grant's thigh and felt the tension ease from his muscles. She slid off the chair to the floor and maneuvered between his legs. That was the only way she could get the best angle on his cock, if she was going to get any more of it in her mouth.

Her head moved back and forth slowly. Her free hand moved up and down on the length of the shaft. He was moaning a little more, like he was starting to enjoy it. What if he enjoyed it too much? Could she handle letting him cum in her mouth? Hell, she never let Doug cum in her mouth.

She closed her eyes. This job was too important to worry about that. If it happened, it happened. Besides, would it be so bad if she had to drink her son's cum? She opened her eyes and looked down along the length of his shaft. She just hoped he didn't cum so much it would drown her.

Her jaw was getting sore. It was too soon for that. She was just starting to work a bit more of his cock in. She was used to sucking Doug's cock, and he was only about half of Grant's size.

It was getting easier, though. Already she could feel the head pushing against the back of her mouth. She estimated that she had taken only two or three inches. Grant still had a whole lot more cock. The only way she could take more would be to swallow it down her throat. Was that even possible?

"Oh Karyn. That feels so good," Grant said.

She panicked for a moment before she remembered that they were doing an act. She wasn't his Mom, but a hot chick from school. He wasn't her son, but a cute guy with a huge dick. The thought was amusing, and she giggled around the cock in her mouth. And if she was one of his girlfriends, she would have to hope that her Mom didn't find out that she was sucking a guy's dick. That would get her grounded for the rest of her life.

He touched her cheek and brushed her hair from her face.

"You ever had your mouth fucked?" he said.

Her eyes got wide. Suddenly she was frightened. He put his hand on top of her head and it was too late when she realized what he was doing. He had cupped her head in both hands with his fingers around the back of her neck and his thumbs on her cheeks.

He was no longer a school boy, but was stronger than most boys his age. He had her locked in his grip and she couldn't get away. She tried to scream, but it was just muffled to a pathetic squeak by his cock.

He held her head in place and pumped with his hips. She pushed against his legs, straining to get away. The few inches of his cock was sliding in and out of her mouth, and a little more. He pushed in and she could feel the head start to go down her throat.

But he wasn't being rough. She relaxed for a second. He was going slow and gentle. It wasn't so bad. Her fingers had dug into his thighs and she eased her grip. She actually enjoyed it, except for the few times when he pushed a little too hard and made her gag. Her jaw was going to ache, though.

He still had a lot of cock not being used and he could probably kill her easily if he wanted to force her to take all of it. She shivered. That kind of power made her dizzy.

He was pumping his cock into her mouth a little faster and a little rougher. He must have been getting close, just when she was starting to enjoy it. She braced herself for the flood she was about to receive. Her fingers clawed his thighs and she squeezed her eyes shut.

She had never let any man cum in her mouth. What was it going to taste like? How much cum could Grant store in those oversized balls?

He groaned and squeezed her head so tight she was afraid he was going to crush her. This was it.

The first huge load shot right to the back of her mouth and made her gag. With all that cock in her mouth, there wasn't much room for anything else, including her own tongue. She tried to swallow but couldn't keep up with the massive flow. She couldn't hold it in. Her son's cum burst out of her mouth and spilled down her chin. She managed to swallow only a little bit. There was no way she could keep up with the volume, and he was still giving it to her.

Finally, he let go and she pulled her head back. His cock was still spitting cum at her, and two big blobs hit her face. The inside of her mouth was coated with it, and it was slimy and gross and the taste was repulsive. Even worse, it had dribbled all over her white blouse. That was going to leave a stain she would never get out.

"Goddamn Karyn. That was fucking cool," he said.

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