tagIncest/TabooGranted Ch. 07

Granted Ch. 07


She sat back on her knees and wiped the cum from her mouth with the back of her hand. She had to smile. She forgot again that they were playing an act and for those few minutes she wasn't his Mom, so she couldn't really scold him about talking to her in that language. Besides, she nearly had his erection down her throat. Shouldn't she expect him to talk to her like that?

The front of her blouse was soaked with cum. Some of it even landed on her shorts and her bare legs. She reached for the top buttons of her blouse.

"Do you mind if I take this off?" she said.

Grant's eyes got real big. She stood up and unbuttoned the blouse slowly, one button at a time. He stared at her hands the entire time. She smiled. He was no different than any other guy, always irrationally fascinated with a girl's boobs.

She removed the blouse and dropped it on the floor. She took off the bra. Grant's eyes got even bigger and he grinned. She rubbed her fingertips over her hard nipples.

"You make my nipples hard, Grant," she said.

He just stared. Was she the first woman he'd seen naked? She unbuttoned her shorts and let them fall to the floor. His wide eyes stared at the front of her panties. Was he beginning to get an idea of what she had in mind? Would she be the first woman he had slept with?

"Stand up honey, and I'll take your shirt off," she said, and held out her hands.

He stood up in front of her. She pulled his shirt off over his head and dropped it next to her blouse and bra. His long cock was not as hard as when it was in her mouth and drooped, but brushed her leg. Just the thought of feeling that thing pushing into her pussy made her wet.

Grant was staring at her boobs and licked his lips.

"Would you like to touch them?" she said.

"Hell yeah," he said, and put his hands over them.

He squeezed hard and she winced. She reached down and stroked his cock. He groaned behind his closed lips. He never got completely limp and soft, and already it was getting hard again.

She closed her eyes. Her breath was heavy. Her fingers barely closed around the thickness of his shaft. How in the world was she supposed to get that massive thing in her tiny pussy?

"Would you like to lie down with me?" she said.

She glanced at the clock by Grant's bed. She had to move this along. Doug would be home shortly, and she hadn't even started dinner yet.

Grant scrambled onto his bed and laid on his side with his back against the wall, leaving room for her to lie down next to him. His cock flopped and swung like the tails of a shirt he forgot to tuck in. On his side, it lay across his thigh and on the mattress.

She climbed on the bed next to him, still wearing her damp panties. How long before those came off?

She laid on her back and picked up his cock to let it drape over her thigh. Grant had a big, dopey grin and his eyes stared at her breasts.

"Grant, baby, would you like to make love to me?" she said.

She stroked his cock slowly. It was beginning to get hard again. He reached over and put his hand on her breast.

"Do you mean it?" he said.

She looked down at his cock and took a deep breath.

"Of course I mean it."

His hand moved down over her belly into her panties, and his middle finger pressed right on her clitoris. She gasped and grabbed his wrist. She stared into his face. Where did he learn to do that?

His hand moved farther into her panties, despite her tight grip around his wrist. Did this boy have any idea how strong he was? His finger wiggled between her wet lips and into her pussy. She flinched.

"Wow. You're really tight in there. You think my dick is gonna fit?" he said.

She was trembling. She didn't want to do this. She couldn't imagine how much it was going to hurt. But what choice did she have? She pushed her panties down past her knees and spread her legs to let him play with her pussy.

"Maybe if we just go slow, ok? Real slow."


She tried to hold herself up on her elbows so she could watch him fingering her pussy, but it just felt too good and her arms would not hold her up. She lay back on his pillows, staring up at the ceiling, churning her hips and moaning softly. For a boy who liked to fool around with other boys, her son knew just the right places to rub her pussy.

Another thing that was odd were the posters of the girls on his walls. Why had that not struck her before? The girls weren't naked, but wearing bikinis. Nevertheless, the pictures were very sexy. Why would a gay boy have pictures of girls on his walls?

She looked around. What else was there about her son's room that was inconsistent? Everything looked right, from the pictures of his favorite basketball players to the model airplanes he built with his father. But why did he have a tube of toothpaste on the night stand by his bed?

Grant's middle finger pressed on her hard clitoris. She shuddered and gasped and her hips lifted off the bed. She stared at the tube for a long time, delirious with pleasure, before she realized it wasn't toothpaste.

"Where did you get this?" she said and picked it up so he could see the K-Y printed on the side.

"My friend gave it to me."

"What friend? An older man?" she said, and a chill ran down her spine. Was her son being molested?


"Did you use this to have sex with Owen?"

Grant grinned. "No. It just feels good when I jerk off."

"Oh," she said, and felt silly. But who was his older friend? "Can I use it?"

"Sure, if you want."

She opened the tube, squeezed a generous blob onto her fingers and rubbed it all over his huge penis, coating the whole thing. He moaned and closed his eyes.

"Oh Karyn. That feels really good," he said.

She kept rubbing, smearing the grease along his thick shaft with an odd squishing sound. She was content to do that for as long as she could, but apparently it wasn't good enough for him. He crawled up on his knees between her spread legs. She tensed and her teeth ground together. Was she ready for this?

He rubbed the greasy, slimy head of his cock on her slit.

"I bet you're gonna be warm and tight," he said.

She tried to smile back, but was too nervous to make it look sincere. At least he seemed eager to do it with her.

He pressed the head between her pussy lips and she nearly jumped off the bed.

"Grant, please, go slow," she said, and pushed against his chest with one hand.

Her other hand was still locked around his cock. With all the grease, though, she couldn't get a good grip, and he had all the leverage.

He pressed forward with his hips. The head of his cock split her open and pushed slowly into her body. She bit her lower lip and a groan came from deep within her chest. She felt like a virgin all over again, even though that was ridiculous. But it hurt, a lot like the way it did when Grant's father took her virginity eighteen years ago.

He pushed again and she winced. It was painful, there was no doubt about that. She expected that. His hips were keeping her legs apart and his cock was sliding in slowly. She raised her head to look at her crotch. He had about half of it in already. How she was able to take any of it without splitting open she didn't know. It hurt, but in a way that felt so good. She wanted all of his cock inside her, if she could take it. She was stretched and stuffed full, and she wanted it bad. That she hadn't expected.

His cock hit bottom. She flinched and pushed against his chest with both hands.

"That's too deep," she said, and was surprised by the tone of panic in her own voice.

Grant eased back a bit. She let out her breath. That was a new sensation. She'd never felt a man's cock hit bottom in her pussy. It never occurred to her that she might have a bottom.

The intense pain of being stretched faded quickly. What was left was an exquisitely odd sensation of being stuffed full of hard cock.

"What do you want me to do now?" he said.

She stroked the ridges of his ribs with her fingertips. Her legs were trembling. The soft insides of her thighs brushed his smooth hips. This wasn't so bad. Somehow, she had managed to take her son's huge cock inside her. When they were done, if she remembered, she would have to get him hard again and measure it.

She reached up and touched his cheek.

"Are you uncomfortable?" he said.

He looked puzzled. "Uncomfortable?"

"I know you'd probably rather be doing this with Owen or your other friend. I just hope you're not too uncomfortable having sex with a girl."

"Are we, uh, still play acting?" he said.

She chuckled. "No. You don't have to act anymore if you don't want. We can stop now if you're not comfortable with this."

He leaned over her and his cock pushed a bit deeper. She sucked in a breath.

"I don't really wanna stop, Mom. I kinda like fucking you."

He started pumping his hips. She groaned. She was going to say something, but quickly forgot what it was. All she could do now was hold on. She was about to get the hardest fucking of her life.

If time passed or the sun changed position, or even if it had rained, she did not notice. For her, time came to a stop. She became entwined in her own tiny universe of pleasure, and the only thing that populated that universe was her, her son, and her son's delicious cock.

He hammered it into her body over and over. It struck bottom so many times she couldn't keep count. Counting, though, was probably the most difficult thing she could try to do. At that moment, breathing was too difficult.

She squeezed her eyes shut and clung to Grant's body with her arms and legs. His hips rose and fell, coming down on her hard, jamming his fat cock too deep into her body. She wanted to beg him to slow down, or at least let out a groan, but she had no breath to do either.

Not that it mattered. She couldn't believe how good it felt to have such a large cock inside her, sliding in and out of her pussy, even if it was her son's. No, on the contrary. Especially if it was her son's.

"Fuck me. Oh God Grant ... Fuck me," she whispered.

She wasn't sure that he heard. He didn't need encouragement, though. He was doing just fine on his own, almost as if he had done this before. Who would have imagined that her son would turn out to be a well-endowed sex machine?

He was making her cum. She bit her lower lip until she tasted blood. She couldn't believe it. Even Doug never got her off. She usually had to finish herself after he was done. And Grant was making it happen for her his very first time.

She groaned and panted and her body twitched beneath him. Lights flashed in her eyes like a dozen cop cars were chasing her down. Her body convulsed and she thought she heard herself scream, but it sounded like someone else from another room.

The last of her strength finally gave out and her arms and legs fell limp to the mattress. She was panting to catch her breath, and she was covered with sweat, mostly her own, but a lot of Grant's as well.

He wasn't even breathing hard. He held himself over her on his strong arms, smiling at her, churning his hips slowly in small circles. It took her a moment to realize that the warm, soothing sensation spreading through her belly was his cum.

She rolled her eyes shut. That was a crazy thing to do. She probably should have been more careful. What if she got pregnant by her own son?

"That was great Mom. Wanna do it again?" he said.

She opened her mouth to speak, but paused. Did he mean right then? She could feel his penis getting soft. How many times had he cum already? She tried to sit up and immediately felt a soreness deep in her belly that made her groan.

"We'll see baby, ok?" she said.

Grant grinned like the eager young kid he really was. She had already made up her mind, though. She still had to work to keep her son from turning gay. She was going to have to let him fuck her like that a few more times before they really made some progress.

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