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I would describe Samantha as being a bit strange, but that would be far and away too much of an understatement. Actually, she is A LOT strange, even for one of my lady friends. Sam is a very sexy young widow, whose much older husband died, extremely happy, from a massive heart attack during some wild sex with her. I haven't done that yet, and I sort of hope I never do but, if I had to choose the way I wanted to go, the way he went would certainly be on the short list. She is thirty years old and, besides her voluptuous body, has a pretty face, with very fair skin and green eyes, topped off with soft, curly red hair. If my last act in this world were to be fucking her, I am quite sure I would die as happy as her husband did.

The latest off the wall thing she got me to do was go with her to the cemetery on the first anniversary of her husband's death so we could make love on his grave. I always do what my lady friends ask, within reason, and I considered this to be just barely inside those rather nebulous boundaries. I won't do it next year, even if she asks, which is extremely unlikely. The fact that her husband died on Halloween didn't make the idea any more appealing, even though I am not superstitious, because I still felt edgy about being in a cemetery on that particular night. Samantha thought my reluctance was just being silly, and accused me of believing in ghosts.

I have always believed there is some kind of spirit or life force that leaves the body at death but, until that night, I did not believe in inimical ghosts, or that those spirits had any solidity. Besides that, Samantha's accusation goaded me just enough to agree to do something I didn't really feel like doing. I have had sex in some unusual places but, on top of a lady friend's late husband's grave on Halloween night would be a first time for me. The last time, too.

So, it came to pass that, at eleven o'clock on the night of October 31, I drove just outside of town to the cemetery where Samantha's husband was pushing up daisies. The sidewalk leading inside was open, but the driveway was blocked by a very solid ornamental gate. I could have driven through the barrier but, not wanting to add vandalism to trespassing and whatever other laws we would be breaking, I parked down the road from the grounds and we walked back and entered.

Sam carried a comforter and pillow - the same ones as had been on their bed the night her husband died, of course, and I held the flashlight to guide us to our specific destination. She had been there earlier that week, just to make sure she could find the grave at night, which was a good thing, because the place was totally dark. I had never thought much about it, but I realized that made sense. Nobody in their right mind goes to a cemetery at night, so no lights would be provided. Besides the lack of any kind of artificial illumination, it happened to be a cloudy night, so the moon and stars were no help either.

I have never hung out in cemeteries, but I have attended funerals occasionally, and have never thought of them as being creepy places. However, until that Halloween, I had never been in one during the night, when it was completely dark, and so quiet that I could hear the chirping of crickets and the few remaining leaves rustling softly in the light breeze. Partly because of the cloud cover, it was an unusually warm night for that late in October, but I could still feel goose bumps all over my body, and all my senses felt as if they were unnaturally sharpened. Samantha guided me to a spot under a tree, and asked me to shine the light on a small headstone.

Wanting to make sure we were in the right place, she got down on her knees to read the name and other description engraved on the brass plate that was screwed to the small block of marble "This is the place," she informed me, looking up from where she was kneeling. From Sam's voice, she sounded excited, as if really turned on by the thought of what we were about to do. I must admit, I was somewhat turned on too, but it was by the thought of making love with Samantha, not by the location or the date.

After she made sure we were in the right place, I helped Samantha back to her feet, and she spread the comforter on top of the grave. I don't give the subject much thought but, whenever it comes to mind for whatever reason, I always picture a grave as being an upright rectangular marker at one end of a long mound of fresh dirt. Except for the size of the marker, that might be how a fresh grave would look but, after a year of wind and rain and grass growing and being mowed and growing again, the site was flat, If you ignored the headstone, her husband's grave was completely indistinguishable from the surrounding turf.

Actually, it was a rather nice place to be buried, under a tree that would provide shade on hot days and some protection from rain. The downside with the location that night, for me at least, was that the tree's branches also blocked any light that might have otherwise filtered through the clouds, and it was even darker there than in most of the rest of the cemetery.

"Okay, Del," Samantha started saying, apparently to her late husband, who was lying under our feet. "I know how much you enjoyed swinging, and your favorite part was seeing me having a great time getting my pussy eaten or being fucked by some other dude. I told you I would do this for you, but tonight is the only time I'm going to do it." Having notified her dead husband of her intentions, Sam turned to me, smiled, and started stripping off her clothing.

I was holding the light on her and, as soon as she started, I was reminded of my other reason, besides making an accommodation for a lady friend, for being willing to accompany Samantha on the night's escapade. She was wearing a long-sleeved blouse, and nothing under it. After she placed her garment on top of the comforter and faced me, I admired the provocative jut of her breasts and, after her jeans had also been stripped down and off, I admired all of her voluptuous body. Sam hadn't been wearing any panties either, and she lay down on the comforter, spread her legs and raised her arms, offering herself to me.

Despite the eerie location, it was an offer I could not refuse. With no hesitation, I shucked off my own shirt, turned off the light and lay down beside her. After putting the flashlight where I was sure I could find it again, I cupped my hand under one of Samantha's luscious breasts and started licking her nipple. Even though I couldn't see anything, I knew where all the parts were on her body, especially the most interesting ones. A very sensuous woman, Sam immediately expressed her pleasure from what I was doing, and cooed even more loudly when she felt me switch my attentions to the other lovely globe.

For several immensely enjoyable minutes, I licked her adorable nubbins, feeling them growing erect from my ministrations, and feeling her upper body start to squirm under me. The crickets and the wind in the tree branches above us were soothing, and I almost forgot where we were. My mouth did not forget where it was, and I opened it wide to draw one of Samantha's luscious breasts inside. While my lips formed a seal, I sucked on the delightful flesh, and my tongue continued caressing her nipple and areola. Once again, I alternated between the gorgeous twins, while the movements of Sam's body under me became more strenuous. She writhed so much in her delight that she thrust a breast up into my mouth every time I opened it and moved from one to the other.

Besides the movements of her body, and her blissful cooing and the erectness of her nipples, I could smell the delectable aroma of Samantha's pussy. Although we had both been taking enormous pleasure in what her breasts and my mouth were doing for each other, we also knew that even greater joy awaited further down on her body. After my tongue gave both nipples a goodbye stroke, I started kissing and licking my way down her delightfully plump and sexy body. Briefly, I thrust the tip of my tongue into her navel. Samantha giggled and pushed on my shoulders, urging me farther downward, and I was glad to comply.

When my mouth reached her mons, I stopped and moved around her leg until I was kneeling between her thighs. She saw me silhouetted against the sky, and raised her legs. I couldn't see anything in the shadows that surrounded her, but Samantha and I have done this often enough that each of us is fully aware what the other likes to do, and how to have the most fun doing it. Knowing her legs would be lifted in the air, I ducked under where I expected them to be, and felt her calves come to rest on top of my shoulders. I leaned forward and wrapped my arms around her thighs until my fingers met on the soft skin of her mount of Venus.

Normally, just before I start eating a pussy I like to gaze on its beauty. I was unable to do so that night, but Samantha had told me earlier that she had shaved herself clean, because she knows how much I love the feel of her skin, so soft and smooth against my tongue. Even without being able to see it, I knew all about the creamy whiteness, with its splash of freckles that surrounded her pussy, with its swollen, dark pink lips. I was even more aware of the heavenly aroma that emanated from her, so delectable that it had lured me away from her superb breasts.

I leaned in closer and my tongue started stroking the inside of one of her thighs. A few drops of her juices had spattered there but, mostly, I wanted to feel the soft vibrancy of her flesh. I licked the other thigh and her crotch, using my tongue to sluice up all the delicious juices that were trickling from her. They tasted even better than they smelled, as I knew they would. Samantha's pussy was already starting to squirm under my face, and her cooing had resumed by the time my tongue was through mopping up all the nectar she had produced.

The night was still much too dark to see what I was doing, but that didn't matter. Even though I truly love the sight of a beautiful pussy such as the one in front of me, I don't have to see it to relish the aroma and flavor and texture. My tongue and lips knew their way around well enough that it wasn't necessary to watch where they were going, even though I always prefer being able to do so. As I usually do with a clean-shaven pussy, I began with one of the outer lips, reveling in the texture of Samantha's skin, like a warm satin pillow under my tongue.

Being free from hair also made her pussy more sensitive, and I knew she was enjoying my actions a great deal too, especially when her cooing started changing to moans of bliss. Some of the most delightful sounds I know of are those of a woman enjoying what we are doing together sexually, and I delighted in the sighs and other happy noises that Sam was making. Very slowly, taking as much time as I wanted, with both of us thoroughly enjoying every second of it, I licked my way all the way to her smooth mons. After kissing her there, I brought my face back down to start on her other outer lip. By the time I reached her mons the second time, I could feel Samantha's pussy writhing under my face, responding to the pleasure I knew she was getting from my mouth, which was immensely enjoying itself too.

Besides her movements and sounds of bliss, she had produced another pool of delectable juices, and I devoured them all. Following my feast, my tongue started caressing between Samantha's inner and outer lips, beginning with the exceptionally smooth area between their origins. When I reached the spot where they come close together, I tilted my head slightly, allowing my tongue to slide into the seam between the lips and caress both of them simultaneously. With movements as rapid as the wings of a hummingbird, but making slow progress, I continued licking Samantha's lips until I reached the point where the inner one ends by merging with the opposite fold of soft flesh to form her clit hood.

The usual thing for me to do at this point would be to raise my head and observe my partner's clit, to judge by its degree of engorgement how close she was to being ready to cum. I couldn't see the little cutie that night, of course, but I knew by Samantha's vocalizations and the way her pussy was moving under my face that she was getting quite close. Gently, my tongue stroked across the top of her clit hood, before I brought my mouth back down to start treating her other pair of pussy lips the same way.

After relishing the latest gush of nectar, I started licking her other pair of lips, and I had just reached the point where they are close together when I felt something bump against the sole of my shoe. At first, I thought it was one of Sam's feet, but I quickly realized they were thumping against my shoulders and back as part of her general response to what my mouth was doing. Just before I could start thinking of it as a squirrel or some other animal, it struck me again, in the same place but much harder. I raised my head and turned to look, and saw a tall figure outlined against the cloudy sky.

Almost immediately, I realized it was not some kind of security guard, because there was no flashlight shining into my eyes. In fact, the mysterious intruder didn't even have a flashlight, at least not one that was turned on. Whatever he or she or it was, the apparition glowed and, from that light, I could see that it was clad in what appeared to be men's pajamas. That was another reason I was sure it wasn't a security guard.

The apparition spoke, but to Samantha, not to me. "Well, Sammy, I see you kept your word. Is this guy giving you a good time? From the way you're sounding off and moving around, it sure looks like he is."

"Yeah, he's giving me a great time, Del. His name is George, and he's giving me almost as much fun as you used to do. George, this is Del, my late husband."

Somehow, it didn't seem appropriate to get up and shake hands with what was apparently a ghost. For one thing, I was slightly miffed about what Sam told him, because I believe I do a great job of eating a pussy, and give a woman more pleasure than anybody else. That's not just my opinion; my lady friends all tell me that, and some of them even tell their husbands or boy friends or girl friends too. However, I thought it would be unwise to say anything to that effect at that time. The best course of action, it seemed to me, would be for me to turn back to the aroused Samantha and resume eating her pussy. Judging from her responses when I did just that, she considered it to be a good idea too.

As I had done with the first pair of inner and outer lips, I slid my tongue back into the seam between them, and started moving it around rapidly but covering the area very slowly. By the time I reached the end of this inner lip, Samantha's body had resumed writhing under my face, and I detected the delightful fragrance of more of her fresh pussy juices. I was going to stroke my tongue across her clit hood when I felt a distinct chill. As I said, for October 31 it was a fairly warm night, but I suddenly felt something cold, almost icy, right beside my face.

I cut my eyes in the direction of the iciness and saw the ghost was crouching next to me, closely watching what I was doing and, apparently, forming a judgment on how well I was pleasuring his former wife. Actually, this didn't bother me as much as you might have expected. I have been involved in many threesomes and foursomes and even huge orgies, and I have often eaten a woman's pussy while her husband looked on. I even take a certain amount of pride when she tells him to watch and learn. This was the first time the husband had ever been a dead man, but the principle was pretty much the same. He seemed to approve of what I was doing and the technique I was using, and I felt a certain amount of pride about that.

"It looks like you're doing a pretty good job, George. Sammy's almost ready to cum. Just keep up with what you're doing."

In order to say anything to Del, I would have had to remove my mouth from Samantha's pussy. It was so marvelous, I was reluctant to do that, so I responded by giving the "OK" sign with the thumb and index finger of one hand. Apparently that was good enough, because the ghost backed away and the chill left with him. I wrapped that arm around her thigh again and buried my face even more tightly in her crotch.

I already knew Sam was almost ready to cum, especially from the way her pussy was fucking up into my face, and didn't really need anybody telling me. After licking off all the nectar she had secreted, I started probing into the bottom edge of the lovely pink hole that had produced it. As I thrust in my tongue, I could taste more delicious droplets that spattered out from the way she was thrashing under my face. Besides those movements, I knew her hips were swiveling, because I could feel her legs thrusting back and forth past the sides of my head like a sexy pair of pistons.

I began working my tongue up one side of that same wet hole, thrusting against its edge and exploring under Samantha's inner lip. Her moans had entirely turned to whimpers, and I knew it was almost time for her to cum, but I was still in no hurry. When I eat a pussy, I know there is an optimum point in time, when the woman's arousal reaches its peak, for her to start cumming, and I like to continue until that point is reached. It's the most fun for both of us when her climax is delayed until then.

Instead of my tongue probing and exploring on just one side of her delectable pink hole, I like to move it back and forth, passing over the bubbling cauldron and dipping in to enjoy the fresh juices. I continued like that, while her movements became wilder and her whimpering grew louder. She implored me to suck her clit, because she wanted so badly to cum. I would do as she asked when the moment arrived, but I didn't want to take her adorable love button into my mouth too early.

When I reached the upper edge of her dripping hole, I knew the moment had arrived. Sam's movements were so strenuous that I had to hold tightly to her thighs and keep my face plastered against her pussy, which was great fun for both of us. With my tongue stiff, I thrust twice into the small area just below her clit, before moving up and taking that precious little darling into my mouth. The delightful morsel was so swollen with her lust it had pushed its way entirely out from under its protective hood by that time. I sucked on it, with my lips forming a seal, while my tongue caressed the engorged sides and top.

"Yes! Yes! Right there!" Samantha sang out joyously. "Suck my clit!"

"Yes, George. Suck her clit!" the ghost of her husband seconded the motion.

Just then, there was nothing in the world I wanted to do more, and my tongue and lips teamed up to drive her to the orgasm that Sam craved and that I wanted her to enjoy. After only about a minute, she cried out even more joyfully.

"Yes! Yes! Oh, God, I'm cumming!"

Her legs clamped down on my temples, and her hands grabbed the back of my head to press my face into her pussy, which was the best place imaginable for it to be. For as long as she was cumming, Samantha rocked from side to side and back and forth, while she rammed her pussy up into my face. "Yes! Yes! Yes!" she continued trilling ecstatically. I clung to her thighs and kept my mouth clamped securely over her clit, until her back arched, her body gave a great spasm, and she jammed her pussy against my face for an ultimate time. After her great orgasm, I could feel her muscles go limp, and she almost seemed to be melting into the comforter under her back.

I knew there was an ocean of fresh juices available, and I moved my face lower so my tongue could sluice them all up, starting with her thighs and progressing to her crotch and outer pussy lips. I also licked everything off the outsides of her inner lips, which were still swollen, but I refrained from sucking the freshest and most delicious nectar from the pink hole that had produced it. I knew that, as soon as she rested for a few minutes and caught her breath, she would want to fuck, and those last juices would be needed to perform their natural function of lubrication.

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