Graves Returns


[Sorry I haven't written in awhile, I've been in the Hospital a little over two months. Anyway, without further adieu…Graves Returns!]

Well, Jimbo had been hanging around Jon's movie set for awhile, hiding out from the cops as best he could. After the meeting with Tara on the hood of the car, things went downhill. All James could remember is something about "Tara, I can't go out with you, I'm an alien being sent here to document human beings and learn about being one so my race can take over and use humans and slaves." And then his head started to hurt, then he realized Tara had smashed a brick into it. Wait a minute, where'd she get that brick? Anyway, it had been pretty good the rest of the time.

James ran into Jon's warehouse, sirens could be heard in the background. Jon groaned and looked James up and down "What'd you do this time?" he asked. "Turn on the T.V." James said. Jon walked over to a table and flipped on a small antenna TV straight out of the sixties, there was a news reporter on, the words "SPECIAL REPORT" were running on the top and bottom of the screen

Report: Good evening ladies and Gentlemen. The manhunt continues for a man in the streets of LA after he attacked Teen Popstar Britney Spears and beat her with a crutch while she was exiting the hospital for an attack on her months earlier. If you have any information on his whereabouts or identity, please inform the Police Department, Thank you and goodnight.

"JESUS CHRIST!" Jon shouted, Jimmy wincing in the background. Suddenly and almost out of nowhere, Tara Reid sprinted past James and Jon over to a cellular phone which rested on a table. James simply stood wide eyed as she picked it up, turned it on and started to dial the police. With incredible cunning, speed and intelligence, James realized that would be bad! More to the point, he'd probably end up with a size seven ass hole by tomorrow if she ratted him out! "YAVOLE!" James screamed and almost shot into the air, eventually coming down and dropkicking Tara, knocking the phone out of her hand.

A few feet away, Jon caught the phone and put it to his here. "Nine-One-One emergency" the voice on the other side said. "Sorry, false alarm" Jon answered the Dispatcher and clicked off the phone. All the sudden Tara screamed and James went flying through the air and into some boxes, a loud crashing noise announcing his landing.

Then, muffled from inside the newly formed pile of boxes a muffled voice came out "Damn woman! You could have killed me!" That was obviously James.

"That comes next!" Tara screamed and charged over to the pile of boxes. Jon ran up behind Tara and grabbed her upper arms, trying to calm her. Eventually Tara cooled down and walked back to her trailer. "Is it safe to come out?" Jimmy asked from inside his makeshift cave.

"Yeah, come on out." Jon answered him. One of the boxes fell off as James climbed out. "I need a drink" James groaned. "But you're a wanted man, remember?"

"Yeah, so?"

"Well, this is Earth, not everyone looks on this planet, you know? You'll be arrested the second you walk off this set,."

"Not necessarily" James grinned. His hair began to darken, eventually turning black, his eyes turned brown as well. Jim waved to Jon as he exited the warehouse…

The Rust Blade Pub, Three Hours later….

Graves shoved open the door and entered the crowded bar, looking around. It was filled with people drinking, eating, unwinding from their day. James walked over to the bar and dropped onto a swivel chair. When the bartender asked what he wanted, he ordered a bottle of fosters, then muttered the phrase "Australian for beer" as the tender walked over to the tap.

When his drink came to him, Jimmy grabbed the cup and chugged it down in less than thirty seconds. Looking around he saw something that struck him, a woman, who could have guessed it? James tapped the shoulder of the person next to him, the person looked at him questioningly.

"Yes?" The person asked. "Sorry, but is the woman over there who I think it is?" James asked. "Yeah" the person said "That's Estella Warren. God, Planet of the Apes sucked." and went back to his conversation. James ordered another drink, chugged it, and made his move.

He stood and walked briskly across the bar to a table in the back, he pulled out the chair, sat down and

grinned at Estella Warren "Hello, my name is Jimmy Graves and I'm going to be your friend."

Estella Warren was Five Foot Nine, blonde hair, blue eyes and pink lips, almost perfect. She wore a blue sweater and a black mini-skirt with black ankle boots. Her brow arched slightly "Excuse me?" she asked. "I'm going to be your friend"

And it went on from there…

For another three hours the two talked, Jimmy being one of those blessed with the gift of gab, he even got her to open up about her personal life. "And I sat there, my friend burst through the door of my room and started screaming 'Where did you go!?' " Estella said and laughed a bit. "So…." Jim more grunted then said "Mind if I ask you a personal question?" to which Estella responded "Oh, I'm doing research for a new movie. It's about a kind of a loner girl who sleeps with guys and kills them."

"Really? Who's directing it?" James asked

"Jon DeRais." Estella said.

"Want to make your own movie right now?"

James and Estella quickly got up entered the men's room. By now, James was holding Estella up by her legs which were wrapped around his chest, her hands were holding the sides of his head as she kissed him. They crashed into on of the stalls, Jimmy dropping onto the toilet and kicking the door shut. Estella stood, pulling her shirt off and revealing her perky round breasts. She dropped to her knees and undid James' pants, letting his fully erect cock spring out. Estella dropped on his lap. Her skirt rode up her sides, revealing her thighs and he fact she wasn't wearing any underwear. Estella moaned as James entered her, she began to thrust against him and arch her back in pleasure.

"Oh god" Estella moaned out loud as she thrust her hips against his. "Jesus, god, oh god" she continued to moan.

James leaned forward, letting his lips closed around Estella's nipple, which caused her to throw her head back in pleasure. James began to grind his hips against Estella's, his penis grinding deep within her vaginal walls. Eventually, as the two ground against eachother, Estella screamed out in her orgasm, the both of them coming to a rest and breathing heavily. "That was amazing, James" Estella said between her pants.

"Were not done yet." James grinned as he said that.

In a quick motion, James pulled out of Estella and stood up, pressing her up against the stalls wall. He turned her around and then shoved his penis into her anus. Estella's face momentarily twisted in a grotesque look of pain and agony, but then eased out as Jimbo thrust into her from behind. As shed rocked against the stalls door, James had his hands resting on her hips. He worked them up her sides slowly and to her chest, cupping her breasts. His thumbs began to rub them in a circular motion around the stems of her nipples. Estella was gasping and moaning now, with every thrust she wanted to scream like she had earlier but kept herself from doing in. James grunted from behind as he came, shooting his seed into her. James pulled out of her and zipped himself up and dropped onto the toilet. Estella dropped into his lap and the two shared a passionate kiss. James stood and watched Estella dress herself, and the two exited the pub hand in hand.

When James saw Britney Spears' walking down the street by herself, James grabbed a broken bottle off the ground and chased after he along with Estella.

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