Gray Iron


"When you come to run here in the morning, I want you to go for a swim as well. Swim out to the end of the pier and back. The run to the gym will dry you off." She turns and looks back towards the beach. "Make sure you shower off the salt at the gym before you start to work out though. Bring you an extra pair of shorts in your bag."

"Okay." I tell her already feeling my body start to shiver from the chilly waters.

"Come on, I'm getting cold. Race me to the end of the pier and back."

I watch her take off through the water like a shark. I follow as fast as I can after her.

The water is twice as cold the next morning.

We go swimming again the next weekend, then the one after that. It takes a while, but I finally beat her to the end of the pier.

* * *

"I'm Patricia."

I kneel down and smile as the little white poodle licks the sea salt from my fingers. I look up at her owner. Standing up I shift the backpack a little and offer her my hand. Her fingers feel soft and warm in mine.

"I'm Dean."

My eyes do a once around of her. The pink house robe of winter is gone now. The thin dressing gown she's wearing now covers a small white slip and from what I can see nothing else.

"I've been watching you run past for seven months now. My god the change in you. When I first saw you I was afraid I was going to have to call you an ambulance."

I chuckle.

"Those first two weeks I could have used one." I shift the backpack again. Trying to get it to a comfortable spot is a losing effort, but I still try. The weights shift against each other with a metal ring.

"Good lord what are you carrying in that thing frying pans?" she asks with a puzzled smile.

"Weights." I tell her reaching down to scratch the dogs ear as it stands up on my leg.

"Gypsy down girl. Sorry about that. Weights? How many?" she asks looking me up and down. I notice her eyes settle on my crotch eyeing the tight shorts for several seconds. The still damp cloth clings to me.

"Just two." I give a shrug and feel the weights finally shift back to a comfortable spot. "My trainer has me caring them to help build more leg strength."

"Whatever for? Your legs look wonderful."

I watch her eyes slowly rise up me to my face.

I give her a slow smile back when she meets my eyes.

"Could I get you anything. A cold soda maybe?" she asks with a smile.

I watch her run a finger down the dog's leash with an absent look as she eyes my chest.

"Water would be wonderful." I tell her as she snaps her eyes back up to my face.

"Well, come on in." She gestures towards her kitchen door. "Come on Gypsy."

I hesitate for a second.

"It awful early I wouldn't want to wake your husband."

"Oh I'm not married Darlin. Oh yea just leave that there by the door. Oh my!" the two fifty pound 'bar' weights clang together as I sit the backpack with them down. "Now give me just a second to put my little girl up and I'll get you some...water you say?'

"Water would be great."

As she takes the dog on it's leash away I look out her sliding backdoor to the large hot tub on her back deck.

A few moments later I hear bare feet on the tile floor behind me. In the reflection of the door I see her take a breath and let her night robe drop to the floor.

Then the slip!

"Sure there's nothing other than water I could get you?" she asks with a soft purr.

Victoria is hard as hell on me all that day for being late. She threatened to add a third weight to the backpack if I don't start showing a marked improvement.

After the second week though she starts to give me compliments on my growing stamina. I tell her I think it has to do with the new addition to my morning workout.

She looks at my grinning face for a second then shrugs.

She also adds a third weight.

* * * * *

There is a smell in the club. It has become a very familiar scent over the last three weeks. The full blast furnace heat of late July and August has the AC over powered. Victoria has a dozen big fans going in the corners to help with the heat.

Everyone is sweating.

Even Victoria.

I watch her as she glistens under a shiny coat of it. I watch her from my place on the bike as she squats down to show a newbie how to do weight aided leg lifts. Her small white shorts are as soaked as the rest of her clothes. They hug her muscled hips with a lover's embrace. The hard curves of her ass stand out in tight bundles of pale white.

She looks up and sees me. She shifts her eyes over to a piece of equipment. I nod when she looks back.

I get off the bike and move over with her to the incline sit up boards. I hook my feet under the one next to hers and together we curl up together. My eyes keep going to her wash board flat stomach with its defined rows of muscles. The rise of her breast under the thin shirt. The round points of her nipples showing through the staff shirt she's wearing.


I look away quickly afraid I'm going to be chastised for starring at her.

At the bottom of her board she stops and looks over at me.

"Been thinking about tell you this for a week now, but kept putting it off."

I roll up with her and we hold at the top.

"Your ready Dean. You still have a lot of room to improve, but you are at a very good place now." She slowly rolls back down. I do the same. "I want you to go to the beach tomorrow and get you that little blond you've been wanting. If she doesn't like you the way you look now...well she's an idiot. Your there."

I watch her sit up and catch the foot pegs. Her feet come down and she straddles the board. I watch her lean against the sweat-stained wood.

She looks me up and down as I do the same.

"Hell Dean you could probably have her tonight if you wanted, or any other girl for that matter. I've even seen Stacy giving you the eye."

I chuckle at that.

"Knowing what I know about her now, I don't know if that is a compliment to my masculinity." I say with a grin.

Victoria looks over to the young lady.

"She may be a lesbian, but she's woman enough to know what a handsome man looks like."

Victoria looks back at me and grins.

"Go home. Get a shower and go home. Get you plenty of rest." She swings her leg over the wood and stands up. When I do the same she places a finger on my bare chest. I watch as she uses her hand to measure out my muscles. "Tomorrow go to the beach and use this body your effort has made to get you that hot little piece of ass."

"It's as much your effort as mine." I tell her looking at her face. For just a second I see her look like I've never seen her. Old.

Her face split into a grin and she looks ten years younger.

"Oh so your saying I should get a piece of her as well? Sorry I don't swing like Stacy." She slaps a hand flat on the large hard muscle of my chest. It's a gesture that would not be out of place on a horse trainer.

"Thanks for everything Victoria." I say softly.

"Vicky." She smiles. "You've earned it. Now, go do her hard and do me proud." her hand leaves my chest. "Now git, I've got work to do. I'll see you day after tomorrow."

"See yea." I tell her departing back.

"Russ, Tony, Mike! Would you three idiots stop playing catch with my Nautilus machine!" I hear her call out laughing.

The sand is hot enough to be warm even through the soles of my sandals. I get up from my towel when I see her car pull into the parking lot. Slipping my shoes to the side I walk without letting the flinching show down into the surf and swim out towards my buoy. The one I touch every morning. It's blinking light guiding me in the dark before dawn.

Treading water out there I look back at the pier so far behind me. The end of it once was so far away as to be unobtainable. Like the body that now powers me towards the girl I've dreamed about for a year. I pass the end of the pier, then body surf into the shallows. I stand up and slick the water back from my face. I feel it sluice out my hair as I walk up the wet sand.

The blond is standing by my towel. Her eyes are all over me as I walk up towards her.

Her body is, I notice, a thing of beauty...yet? I look at the curves of her hips, the large round breasts that hang like two perfectly tanned monuments to sex. And Yet?

I look up to her face. Those dark eyes under that head of blond hair. She is by far the most gorgeous woman on the beach.

And she knows it.

I watch her take a deep shuddering breath and look up at my eyes.

"Hey there." She says in a soft voice as she licks her lips.

"Hello yourself." I answer with a slow smile spreading across my face as I realize Victoria was right.

"I'm Melody. I've watched you out here...those days when you are lifting weights. You always go swimming with that Amazon looking lady with the gray hair."

I look up the beach to where some of my friends have shown up and like every Saturday are getting weight benches off the backs of trucks.

"I've seen you here with your friends." I tell her. I hear a hard edge in my reply I didn't intend to put there. Maybe it's her description of Victoria?


"Yea, I pointed you out to them. My friends all said you were really cute. Hey!" She give a kind of bounce that makes her tits jump and strains the strings of the suit she's wearing. "One of my friends has this boy friend and he's like going to bring a barbecue grill out here soon. Were going to be cooking out and drinking beer for most of the night. Would you like to come as my guest?" She looks up from my chest and smiles. "What did you say your name was?"

"It Dean.." I tell her watching her face. "Dean Martin."

Her laughter rings out and hits my ears with a memory that is far from pleasant.

"That's so funny! Oh my lord I love that." She gives me a big grin and flips her long hair to the side. "So can I tell them to put a few burgers on the grill for you?"

A face comes to me and in a second her laughter fades from my thoughts. I look down at her.

The soft curves of her hips, the roundness of her breast, the fat little bump of her ass. A goddess on the sand, I described her once. Tanned like a painter had done it.

Like that chicken dinner eight months ago I suddenly have no taste for what's in front of me.

"Sorry, but I've got somewhere to be. It was nice talking to you though...Melody did you say? Nice meeting you." I look at her blinking face as I pick up my towel and walk over towards the guys I know.

I see the two brothers with their Harleys come pulling up. They catch me in a hard hug as I get close.

"Dean, god damn it's good to see you." says Jack the older of the two twins.

"You going to be lifting with us today?" asks Billy. He looks past my shoulder toward the girl on the beach. "Or are you going to be lifting a softer weight?"

They grin at me.

I shake my head.

"Actually I have something I have to go do today." I look back across the beach to where Melody is standing talking with her friends "And it isn't her."

I look around and see Tony's big suv pull into the lot with Russ in the passenger seat.

I wave to them both as I walk to my car.

It feels strange to be in my car on this road. I go past Patricia's large ranch style house. Memories of dozens of mornings in her bed and more than a few nights in that hot tub out back come to me.

I drive past my house. I see my Dad sitting on the front steps wiping his face with a towel. My brother looks equally miserable as he mows the lawn. The doctor telling my mom that dad had already had a micro stroke and was headed for a full blown one had all three of them on diets.

I go past the apartments where I have my own place now. I look at the swimming pool I've yet to use, but plan too. I see the landscaping crews hard at work under a shade tree. The 'can in the bag' they each have shouts that the hedges will be uneven again.

'Victory Gym'

I park my car next to the truck with the gym logo on the side of the door.

I look through the front glass and see it empty as I walk towards the door. In the back I can see a pair of hands lifting a bench press bar into view.

As I step inside the smell of sweat both old and new it there like always. I hear the sound of breathing from the back as I turn the sign by the door to 'closed'. I flip the little latch on the door before I walk to the back.

Victoria is lying flat on the bench her legs open and braced on either side. I look at the powerful play of muscles groups as she lifts 'whole body'. I can see there is easily two fifty plus on the bar.

She is soaked in sweat.

The temperature in the gym is struggling to stay out of the nineties as the outside has climbed well into the triple digits.

I see the confusion on her face as I step into view. She slows her lifts, but doesn't stop.

"What are you doing here Dean? Your suppose to be at the beach chasing tail." She lifts to full, then back down. I see a drop of sweat pool under the bar and then drops back to her soaked shirt as she lifts it away from her nipples.

"I was there. I talked to her. Her name is Melody." I watch the way her arms flex through the lift, the different muscles at work taking in turn their effort.

"Dean don't you tell me that after all this time and effort you didn't get the girl." She pushes the next one up with a sign of strain starting to form. I watch it go back to rest on her breast. It rises even slower.

I step around to the side of her a little.

"No I just decided..." as the bar goes back down I swing my leg across her middle and straddle her body. When the bar come to rest on her breast my hands are on top of it. I stop its rise as I lean forward. "That it wasn't a girl I was wanting."

My face is inches from her; I look into her round startled eyes. They shine up at me from her dark tan like pools of icy blue water.

"It was a woman." I tell her with a smile.

I feel her surprise through her lips as I lean in and kiss her. There is a second or two when I don't feel anything from her, then a second when I think she is kissing me back.

Then her head turns and her lips are take from me.

"Dean let me up. The joke was funny, but really... me? You expect me to buy that for even a second? I'm old enough to be your mother." She looks back up at me and her face splits into a grin. A grin that I have come to love because it makes her seem so very young to my eyes.

She starts to push up on the bar. Her muscles bunch and the bar rises.

Eight months of hell have given me the power to push it back down against her full strength. I see the shocked look on her face take away the grin as the bar comes back to rest against her nipples. Then I feel the muscles in my arms and shoulder and chest suddenly have to pop up to hold her massive power at bay as she doubles her effort to lift the bar.

"Dean let me UP!" she tells me sharply.

I slowly shake my head.

"Victoria...Vicky. In the time I've known you I have been intimidated by you, afraid of you, hated you! I've been envious over how easily you make what's killing me seem. I've watched you joke around and out do guys twice your size. In all that time one thing has come to stand out even over the respect I feel for you."

I feel her slowly back off against her side of the bar just a bit. Her eyes are taking in my face with a confused look. Her eyes blink as I smile at her.

"That I love you. I love spending every moment of my day with you. I love watching you, competing with you, listening to you." I look into her deep blue eyes; I see a twitch of humor at her lip, a crinkling of the fine lines by her eyes. "I love you, Vicky."

I feel the pressure of her slowly leave the bar.

"And as for your age..."

My stomach muscles and the full power of my chest take up the strain of the odd lift as I bring the bar up, off her and set it on the stand. The two hundred pounds hit the metal stand with a clank that echoes in the empty gym.

"I really don't give a fuck about it." I tell her as my hand goes to the back of her neck. I pull her up, as my face goes down.

This time as out lips meet there is no hesitation, no confusion.

I feel her kissing me back!

Her arms, slick with sweat, hard with need come around my sides. Her strong finger dig into the thick trapezius muscles that she helped me to have. Her lips are driven into me as she gains a leverage.

I swing a leg out and over her even as I catch her under her thigh. I lift her up off the bench with an ease that startles me. Her powerful legs wrap my hips and her arms encircle my head. I feel her tongue enter my mouth with a fierce demand for attention.

Holding her to me I lose my balance for a second and we half stumble into one of the weight racks. Her foot slips from my hip, catches on one of the pegs and steadies us. Her weight taken from my hand I slip it up across the ripple of her stomach and under the thin shirt to her breast. The muscle underneath it flexes, driving it into my hand. I tighten my grip as I feel her nipple slip between two of my fingers. I love the feeling of her moaning against my mouth.

Vicky pulls back away from my lips and looks into my eyes as I softly knead her breast.

"You may regret waking up this part of me Dean. It can be just as demanding as the rest of me." I smile as her face splits into that beautiful grin. I see it leave with a gasp as I slide my hand up from her ass to her side, catch the top of her shorts and rip them in half. Her eyes light up with a fiery lust and I feel her fingers dig into the collar of my shirt. "Okay, like that then!"

Cotton splits like tissue paper under her hands, then her fingers are in my hair. She pulls my head back. I shiver as I feel her lick down my chin across my neck. I shiver again as I feel her sucking on my Adam's apple.

I move my hand from her breast and catch the other side of her shorts. They drop off her and down her ankle. They fall from her foot as I dig my fingers into the hard cheeks of her ass and take back up her weight.

I watch for a half a second her strip her shirt off over her head as I walk us the ten steps towards the wall.

Her naked body slams the mirrored wall hard enough that if it had been glass it would have shattered. I hear and feel the gasp from her, then a moan as my cock, hard as steel, is driven against the cloth of my shorts and presses against her pussy.

Victoria leans back away from me and against the glass. She looks down at my face and smiles.

"Dean? Lets try not to break my gym." Then the grin is there and I feel her feet and legs shift from around me. I feel her thighs flex!

I'm driven back away from the wall and into the side of one of the weight machines, with her ridding me. I trip over a medicine ball and we tumble together to the padded floor. I feel my cock almost tear a hole through my shorts as she crashed down on top of me.

Gasping for breath for a second I see her sit back and then reach down. I feel the cotton running shorts I'm wearing go the way of her clothing. Her hands tear them from me, then fasten around my cock!

"Oh god Vicky!"

I open my eyes to find her just inches from my face.

"What the hell makes you think you can handle me young man?" she asks then licks my lips with her long tongue.

I catch her arms in my hands and roll us over. I shift my knees on the mat and drive her thighs up with the power of mine. I catch the back of her knees in my hands, my fingers digging into the sweaty skin. With near primal cry I bury myself into her!

"Oh Dean... of fuck yes my god, Dean. Oh it's been to long since I felt a man do that."

She wraps her arms around my neck and pulls me down to her lips. As our mouths seek satisfaction... or maybe supremacy from the other our bare chests meet. I start to pump slowly into her tight body, feeling the warmth engulfing me.

I look down as I feel her tighten something in her lower abdomen and a ripple of sensation runs up my cock!

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