Gray Jedi Ch. 02


"Are you alright?" he asked in concern.

Nodding, Serra replied, "Better than alright... that feels so wonderful..."

As Malik continued caressing her globes, Serra couldn't resist joining in the fun and began inspecting his strong chest with her hands. Though not rippling with muscles, he was lean and quite well toned thanks to his daily exercises. Medics had to be ready to run at a moment's notice, after all. She continued down his chest before tugging at his belt. When he gave no protest of her efforts, she leaned in to kiss him and began undoing the buckle. After a moment of fiddling with it, she at last managed to loosen it and, kneeling in front of him, slid his pants and undergarments down in one motion.

Serra stared in wonder at the object now in front of her. She of course had an academic knowledge of human anatomy, but seeing the real thing inches from her face was far more impressive. Malik's cock was already hard from their foreplay, extending about seven inches and perhaps two inches in diameter. As much as she was nervous about managing it, Serra wanted nothing more than to feel him inside her, filling her up.

"May I... touch it?" she asked.


Serra reached out a gentle hand, brushing her fingers along his length. She could feel it was not only hard, but also possessed a spongy texture. As she continued inspecting him, she heard a muffled groan from Malik. Smiling, Serra knew he had to be going out of his mind.

"Enjoying yourself?" she asked, continuing to stroke him playfully.

"Uh... uh huh," he managed to say.

As she stood, Malik kicked off his boots and the last of his pants in a hurry, not wanting to trip and look a fool. Still, Serra refused to relinquish her gentle yet firm grip on his member, even as she unzipped her pants. Kissing him on the cheek, she decided to see how much prodding Malik would need.

"Can you help a girl out?" she whispered into his ear.

In compliance, Malik reached his trembling hands down to Serra's slim waist and slipped her pants over her hips, letting them fall to the floor. She now stood almost naked before him, clad in only a simple pair of white panties.

"M-maybe we should, um, move to the bed?" Malik asked, still unsure of himself.

Grinning, Serra replied, "Thought you'd never ask."

Maintaining her grasp on his cock, she led him over to the bed and pulled back the covers. After a few quick kisses, she spun Malik around and pushed him down onto his back, causing him to laugh in surprise. With a lustful smile, Serra slipped her fingers into the waistband of her panties and slid them down, revealing a thin black landing strip leading down to her pussy lips. Crawling into bed with Malik, she pulled the covers up over them and lay in his arms, kissing his chest and neck all the while.

"I can see... why the Council forbade this," Malik realized. "Impossible not to form emotional attachments."

Straddling him, Serra gazed deep into his eyes. "Malik, I have no delusions about what we're doing and what this means. This is an expression of self... I admit that, and I realize that such selfish decisions aren't the Jedi way. But I also have no delusions about our current situation. Either of us could be killed any day now. Knowing that, I find that one of the greatest fears a Jedi faces is not present in my mind: the fear of losing you. Malik, I accept that we could be dead as early as tomorrow. And if that is the will of the Force, I will be nothing short of thankful to have known you... and given myself to you."

As Serra positioned her slick entrance at the tip of his cock, both hesitated for a few moments. They waited for some sign that this was indeed the will of the Force. Finally, after a few moments, they felt a wave of serenity wash over them. It was the same nudge they had each felt individually, though stronger now. With it came a single word entering both of their minds.


Malik nodded, and Serra began to descend. As she pressed her pussy against him, she felt a twinge of pain. Given his intimate familiarity with human anatomy, Malik had anticipated this, and gave a soft kiss to Serra's lips, easing the transition. A few drops of blood dribbled down his length, but the pain in her eyes soon subsided. Pressing on, Serra continued to engulf him, finally arriving at the base of his cock. The sensations were incredible; she felt so full, so complete. They were connected in every physical, mental, and spiritual way imaginable. Peering into his eyes, Serra could tell that Malik was feeling the same sensations as she. She then leaned down and took his face in her hands, planting a long, sensuous kiss on his lips.

"You and me, Serra. Together," he whispered as they parted.

Smirking, she retorted, "The Empire has no clue what they're in for."

As the pair giggled from her crack, Serra began to work Malik's length with her pussy. She found several different methods with which to stimulate him, each with different results. Beginning by raising and lowering herself along him, she saw that he enjoyed that a great deal, but that it was a bit less pleasurable for her. Next, she took his full length within her and circled her hips, feeling his cock stretch out her insides and explore every inch of her. Serra loved that, though Malik's reactions were lukewarm. Finally, she placed her hands on his chest and began to grind back and forth along his pelvis. This produced exactly the result she was looking for: simultaneous pleasure.

Malik's eyes bulged from her efforts, and Serra began to feel a powerful tingling between her legs. Their pair's actions became more passionate by the second, beginning to be lost in their desire for each other. For Malik, he was not only overwhelmed by Serra's womanhood, but also by her gorgeous breasts jiggling inches from his face. Serra, on the other hand, kept her eyes shut, feeling his length sliding in and out of her. This combined with his strong hands on her back, beginning to push her over the edge. Feeling the end near, the couple locked eyes, refusing to look away as their orgasms approached. At last, they wordlessly climaxed together, Malik's seed filling Serra's convulsing pussy.

She rolled to the side as her spasms subsided, keeping his face cradled in her hands the entire time. For the longest time, they said nothing. There was no need. Their joining was complete. Listening to her contented sighs, Malik couldn't resist kissing her hands and fingers a bit as they rested on his neck. Serra found that she was still quite sensitive in the aftermath of their lovemaking, and couldn't even manage to return his affections without a series of squirms and spasms. After several minutes, the couple began to drift off to sleep, maintaining physical contact all throughout the night.


Malik awoke first the next morning, finding himself alone in bed. Though he worried at first, he soon heard sounds coming from the attached bathroom. He figured Serra was cleaning up in the shower. After all, they had both worked up a large amount of dirt with their trip through the junkyard yesterday. After a few minutes, the water shut off and Serra emerged back into the bedroom.

"Good morning, sleepy," she said, her wet hair glistening from the sunlight peeking in through the window.

Before Malik could reply, Serra had already leaped back into bed, kissing him passionately and giggling the whole time. After a minute of this, she calmed down again and laid her head on his chest. They cuddled lazily for a while before deciding they had delayed their labors for long enough. Redressing herself in her traditional Jedi clothes, Serra made her way to the cockpit and powered the ship up to perform diagnostics. Malik took a shower himself, finishing in record time, as he knew they didn't need to stay in this system any longer than necessary. When he had finished and dressed, he saw that Serra was working in the cockpit, so he exited down the ramp and went to inspect their work from the day before. Everything appeared to be in order, until he saw a clone ship approaching in the distance.

"Serra, we've got company," he said into his comlink.

"Shit! It's a clone ship; they've probably spotted us already. They're headed this way..."

"Is the cloaking device ready to go?"

"Not yet. It's gotta warm up for a few minutes."

"Ok. Keep working on it, I'll buy us some time."

"Please be careful, Malik."

The ship landed nearby, a troop of clones exiting and jogging towards the Jedi vessel. Malik knew he would not be able to conceal the fact that he was a Jedi for long, so he placed the hood of his robes over his head, obscuring his face from view. Turning to face the soldiers, Malik kept his head low and his hands visible.

"Don't move!" the commander barked. "Nowhere to run, Jedi!"

"Officer, there seems to have been a misunderstanding," Malik replied calmly.

"Don't even try it, son. We got word from the 501st division that a ship of this type escaped two days ago, firing upon Imperial ships over Coruscant as it left. You're under arrest for high treason."

Seeing the quartet of soldiers encircle him, Malik said, "I have no wish to do you any harm. None of you had any choice in your lives; you were practically enslaved from birth. Destined to fight. Please, don't force me to hurt you. Just let me go. Tell your superiors you found nothing."

"Silence! You're under arrest!"

"Very well then."

Before the soldiers could react, Malik's powerful Force Push blew them back. As they hit the ground, he instantly drew his lightsaber from his belt and ignited the blue blade. Eying them for a moment, the healer in him refused to retaliate without giving them one final opportunity.

"Last chance, officers. This does not have to end in violence."

"No... it's your last chance, Jedi. I've already got my full regiment of troops incoming from our ship!"

Malik could see that he was telling the truth, as a large mass of soldiers was making their way towards their ship.

"You really shouldn't have done that..." Malik sighed, bringing his weapon into position.


The quartet began assaulting Malik with their blaster rifles, but the Jedi was more than ready. Being a medic, he specialized in defensive lightsaber combat, and in particular deflecting blaster bolts. Each soldier fired a half-dozen shots or so, but Malik remained unscathed, and even managed to deflect the shots into the ground to show them one last time he didn't want to harm them. But as the regiment of clones approached, Malik now saw he would have no other choice.

"FIRE!" the commander ordered once more.

As the mass of soldiers attempted to end Malik's life, he drew on the Force to aid him, in essence falling into a meditative state. This allowed him to deflect every incoming blast with little thought or effort. His rebounds began to pick off the clone troops bit by bit, soon whittling the group down to only ten. His lightsaber whirled around him in a flurry of light; the clones began to think that he was invincible. As they advanced to try and take him out, one of the soldiers was cut down in surprise.

"HA!" Serra cried, stabbing the soldier with one of her lightsabers.


"Thought you might want my help."

"Ah, I had it all under control," Malik chuckled.

Three of the troops turned to fire upon Serra, but she merely shrugged off their efforts by spinning her lightsabers at rapid speeds. She then approached the trio with a couple of acrobatic tumbles, landing in the middle of them and taking them all out with a single blow. In the meantime, Malik had decided to go more on the offense, taking out three more soldiers with a few precision slashes. He and Serra ended up back-to-back, defending each other from the final group of clones, taking out two of the three with their deflected shots. As the final one realized he was alone, he began to back up in fear but tripped on a small pile of junk before he could run, dropping his blaster in the process.

"And where do you think you're going?" Serra asked, approaching the soldier. She raised her swords, watching as the clone attempted to shield himself.

"Serra," Malik said in a stern voice.

The Jedi said nothing in reply, but only smirked and swung one of her blades towards the ground. As Serra sliced his blaster rifle in half, the soldier fainted as a result of his near-death experience. Serra then turned back towards Malik, holstering her lightsabers at her belt with a confident grin.

"That wasn't necessary," Malik said, boarding the ship with her. "You didn't need to terrify the man."

"I know, but... I'd be lying if I said I don't take the betrayal of the clones personally. We were friends and allies, after all."

"Still, we're better than that, Serra. Fear and revenge are not the Jedi way, even in this changing galaxy. Besides, the clones are programed for absolute loyalty. They had no choice in the betrayal. No, none of this was their fault; it was all Palpatine's fault."

Taking a seat in the cockpit, Serra sighed. "You're right, of course. I'll try to remember that." With a quick kiss on his cheek, she said, "Thanks, Malik."

"Anytime," he replied with a grin.

With their ship now powered up, they lifted off from the junkyard and took off into space. As they broke through Ord Mantell's atmosphere, Serra activated their new cloaking system, picking up an incoming ship on the scanners. Malik searched the radio frequencies in an attempt to listen in on their transmission.

"Commander Jace, come in. Do you read? This is Sargent Fox of the 501st legion. Please respond!"

"Sounds like they're trying to backup their buddies down there," Serra observed.

"Yep. Not to mention that they'll have no idea where we went in the aftermath. Look how close they are to us, and they have no clue! Nice job on the cloaking unit, by the way."

Serra smiled in reply and began plotting a course to their next destination: Alderaan. Once they were a safe distance away from the clone ship, she activated the hyperdrive and deactivated the cloaking systems. Soon, they were safely in hyperspace, away from the eyes of the Empire.

"Malik," Serra said quietly. "There's something I've been wondering."

"What's that?"

"Well... back on Coruscant. The last thing I remember was Skywalker throwing me from that balcony. At that point, I thought for sure I was dead. Then, I opened my eyes and there you were. You saved me, Malik. How? I... thought I heard either you or Master Windu mention Force Lightning, but I had to have been hallucinating from the pain."

Sighing, Malik replied, "You weren't hallucinating, Serra. I don't know how it happened or what I did, but I was so determined to save you that I somehow unleashed an electric shock into your body. I don't know what else it could have been; it had to be Force Lightning."

"But that's a power of the Dark Side, right? How did you manage to use it?"

"I... I don't know." Thinking back to those moments, he continued, "I was at first devastated at your demise, but then was able to sense that you weren't gone yet. I became determined to save you. Your life did not deserve to end so prematurely. I felt... something awaken within me. So strong was my desire to save a life, to save your life that I was willing to use any measures I could think of to do so. Then it just... happened. I shocked you. Your body responded positively, so I somehow did it once again. That's when you woke up."

"So, you weren't drawing on the Dark Side at all?"

"I don't think so. If I had, Master Windu would have said something."

"It must be because you were focused on its power to give life, rather than take it," Serra speculated.

"Maybe so..."

Turning to him, she said, "I think it would be worth exploring, to see if you can replicate it."

"What are you talking about? This isn't a power a Jedi should be using!"

"Lightning itself is simply a force of nature," Serra countered. "Whether it is a power of the Dark Side or the Light Side depends on how it's used. If you learn to use it to give life, to defend the innocent, how could that ever lead you down the path to the Dark Side?"

Thinking for a few moments, Malik muttered, "I suppose it's worth looking into..."

"And if at any time either of us feels that you are straying down that path, we will stop immediately. Agreed?"

"Agreed," he replied with a nod. Standing from his chair, he said, "Let's get started."

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