tagNonConsent/ReluctanceGreen Eyes Ch. 01

Green Eyes Ch. 01


Green Eyes - Chapter One -- The New Tami

There I was, sitting in my office at 7am, trying to get thru the morning rush of overnight emails, when my phone rang. Surprised at such an early call, I picked up the phone and said hello...and my breathing stopped as I heard her sultry voice say "Turn around, and look out your window."

And though I hadn't heard from her in over 2 months, there was no doubt in my mind who was standing on the sidewalk outside my office; the most stunning redhead I'd ever met. Her name is Tami, and she literally exudes sexuality. She stands 5'8" tall, with long legs and an ass that's hard to believe...firm 36B tits, with nipples that stand up at the slightest touch...and a face that dares you to try to look away (trust me, most men, and many women can't).

I turned quickly in my chair, and there she stood; one hand on her hip, her ass (sheathed in what appeared to be colored skin) cocked to one side, her flaming hair blowing across her gorgeous face, her captivating eyes boring into mine, daring me to look away. I couldn't, of course, but something was nagging at the back of my mind that all was not the same. Slowly, I broke her gaze, as I realized that her perfect tits (clearly displayed thru a sprayed-on green satin tube top) were much more prominent than usual...and her nipples, holy shit! They were at least ¾" of an inch long, and very clearly aroused as she stood there with that dazzling grin on her face.

I was speechless! Tami always turned heads wherever she went, but this was ridiculous! What had she been doing? How did she transform what was already a stunning body into one which was simply perfect? I just stared at her dumbstruck, as she stuck out her tongue at me, then quickly turned and sashayed into the building, not bothering to say goodbye as she hung up her phone.

I don't think I breathed again until she stopped in front of me, and I was literally speechless as my eyes worked slowly up her body, stopping again on what were now her (at least) 36C tits, her nipples proudly displayed under the shimmering satin.

Her voice broke my trance. "Cat got your tongue?" she said, as she laughed at my amazement.

"What...how...umm, where did you get THOSE?!" I stammered, staring at her greatly enhanced breasts.

She smiled, obviously enjoying my confusion. "Don't worry babe, they're totally real," Tami whispered. "Want to see?"

I numbly nodded yes as I tried to understand what had transformed her into this vision of lust.

She turned and sat her perfect ass (which I was now wondering if it wasn't a bit more impressive than a few months ago as well) on my desk, keeping those marvelous tits of hers at my eye level.

"I met someone amazing, and she's been helping me with, shall we say nutritional supplements?" she said, as she glanced down at the growing bulge in my Dockers. "Nice to see I haven't lost my touch!" she laughed, nodding at my hardening cock.

I didn't look down; that would have required taking my gaze from those amazing tits...something I just wasn't willing to do at this point. So then Tami began her story of how she met Eva.

"A girlfriend of mine from the gym recommended a place to get a wonderful massage," she said "so I made an appointment for the next day. Arriving at the address a bit nervous, I was immediately met by a stunning lady of deep cocoa skin, mesmerizing brilliant green eyes, and breasts which quite simply seemed to defy gravity under her translucent satin robe," Tami said.

At this point, my eyes left Tami's incredible tits, and were transfixed by her eyes as she continued.

"I tried to discern her age," Tami said "but the beautiful woman could have been 30 or 50 years old."

"Hi, I'm Eva, welcome to my home," she said.

"Eva smiled warmly, then took my hand, and led me thru a veil of beads to an open patio," Tami said. "I saw a large padded bed lined with candles and incense in front of a serene waterfall. Eva's touch on my hand was very calming...I felt as if I was at home," Tami said, as Eva then gently led Tami to the bed.

Tami then described how Eva positioned her on the bed, and began to remove Tami's clothing.

"The amazing thing was that after she held my hand, and led me to the bed, and I looked into those amazing green eyes, I wasn't nervous at all," Tami said. "It was as if having a total stranger disrobe me was the most natural thing in the world...even when I felt the cool air hardening my nipples in front of her." Tami then smiled at me as she noticed me repositioning my now fully hard cock in my pants. "You think it's hard now, you just wait!" Tami said, grinning at me, while slowly running her hand up my thigh, stopping just short of the bulge in my pants. "Take it out, I want to see it," Tami commanded.

Wordlessly (mindlessly) I obeyed, and fished my 7" cock out of my pants and into the open.

She grinned and said "You can stroke it, but you can't cum until I tell you to!" She then resumed the story of her massage with Eva, knowing that I would obey her.

"Eva had me naked before I even realized it, then had me lie face-down on the bed," Tami continued. "Her hands on my back and ass were amazing! She used warm oil which was literally intoxicating to the smell, and which made my skin tingle as she worked it into me, over and over...not missing anything. I realized that as she was doing this, I was becoming very aroused, and for a moment my modesty returned, as I wondered if she could smell my arousal. Then her hands continued their soothing motion on my ass, her fingers delving between my cheeks, and I felt my legs gradually opening as she worked...now hoping that she would discover how wet I was."

Tami's story was having a profound effect on me...her voice was trance-like, her nipples even harder than before (if that was possible), and my cock was now leaking pre-cum on my pants as I continued to slowly stroke it, mesmerized by her voice.

"I felt her fingers graze my lips as they pressed past my ass cheeks," Tami continued "and it was like an electric shock had hit me!"

"Turn over, love," Eva said.

"So I rolled onto my back, and I was immediately confronted with Eva's stunning tits...in all of their naked glory! I don't know when she took her robe off, but I couldn't tear my eyes from the beautiful dark skin and jutting nipples," Tami described. "They were the most beautiful tits I'd ever seen, and I had an almost uncontrollable urge to suck on them," she said.

My cock literally lurched in my hand as Tami said this...and seeing the look on my face, Tami's eyes cleared, then dropped to my cock. Reaching into her purse, she came out with a small bottle of what appeared to be lotion.

"Hold out your hand," she commanded.

I reluctantly let go of my hard-on, and extended my hand to Tami...who then proceeded to squeeze a liberal amount of oil onto my palm.

"Try that, I think you'll like it," she grinned mischievously, then sat the bottle on my desk.

I grasped my cock with my now well lubricated hand, and resumed my stroking...and was immediately aware of a warm tingling feeling, radiating throughout my cock! This had to be the same oil that Eva had used on Tami. And the knowing smile on Tami's face confirmed my suspicion. I also noticed a very sweet smell, which was going directly to my head.

"Where was I?" Tami mused. "Oh yes...when I rolled over and saw her tits...hmmmm." "So as I stared at her proudly displayed tits, I felt her hands begin to rub the warm oil on my breasts. She poured it over both of them like syrup, and began to work it in rhythmically, working from the outside, ending at my nipples. As she got to my nipples, she rolled and pinched them between her fingers, pulling and stretching them to the point they almost hurt. I could smell my juices as my pussy flowed freely, and yet all she had done was play with my tits! I looked up from her breasts, to see her eyes boring into mine...and then I felt a finger gently part my lips, and slowly, gently but insistently enter me. I heard this low moaning hum in the background, and then realized it was me...oh my God!" Tami exclaimed. "Then I saw Eva smile, and she knew I was putty in her hands, to do with as she pleased."

I was now stroking my cock in earnest, the head burning and tingling from the oil, and I realized that I felt a bit light-headed...from the oil's aroma, perhaps? I tried to focus on Tami's voice, but her eyes kept distracting me as they bored into mine, ablaze with lust as she continued her story.

"Eva began to slowly fuck me with her fingers...gently, but with purpose, as she finished rubbing the oil into my breasts with her other hand, Tami said. "I was moaning constantly now, as she watched my reactions, and built me toward the edge, closer and closer. The massage bed under my ass was literally soaked with my fluids, and the smell was overpowering, yet I could still smell the wonderful oil she had applied to my breasts. I couldn't look away from Eva's eyes, as I realized she was leaning over me, closer and closer."

And then Eva said "You want to touch my breasts, don't you, love?"

Tami continued "I was shaking from being so close to cumming, yet Eva knew how to hold me on the edge...tweaking my clit and pinching my nipples, her eyes boring into mine from inches away."

"You want my breasts, don't you...hmmmm....you want to touch them...feel them...TASTE them, love??" Eva whispered.

"I was lost, and all I could think of was having those incredible nipples in my mouth," Tami said. "Eva saw the submission in my eyes, and smiling triumphantly, slowly lowered her nipple to my lips. I hungrily sucked her nipple into my mouth, feeling how hard and yet soft it was, feeling it swell even more as I closed my lips around it, pulling at it...savoring the feel of her breast on my face," Tami said.

"Suddenly, I noticed a sweet taste on my lips, with a gentle burn to it, almost like cognac...then a gentle flow, as I realized that Eva had milk in her tits! Surprised at first, my questions quickly turned to hunger as I realized how good her milk tasted, how sweet it smelled, and suddenly I couldn't get enough!" Tami exclaimed.

"I heard Eva whispering in my ear "Yes love, that's it...take it, take my nectar...take it all!", as I eagerly sucked on her nipple, draining more and more of her delicious milk into my mouth. The flow was amazing, and I had to swallow quickly just to keep up," Tami said.

I was struggling mightily not to cum as Tami told me her amazing story; precum was all over my pants, and my head was spinning from the aroma of the oil. Yet all I could think about was her breathless voice as she described what Eva did to her, and the fire in her eyes as they held me spellbound. Tami's eyes never left mine as she poured more of the amazing oil onto my shaking hands, then continued her story of her first encounter with Eva.

"Then as I felt the flow of her milk began to subside, I felt Eva begin to shake," Tami said. "Just a little at first, and then uncontrollably, her breath coming in gasps. Her fingers stopped their insistent teasing of my clit, and as the last of her milk drained from her heaving breast, I glanced up at her face to watch her cum," Tami whispered. "And for just a split second, I thought I saw an even more brilliant flash of green from deep in her eyes," Tami said. "I watched in amazement as she shuddered and gasped, her body rigid as her orgasm ripped through her."

"Wow, I'd just made a woman cum from sucking on her nipple!" Tami said. "Then opening her eyes, Eva slowly pulled her spent nipple from my mouth...reluctantly I let it go, marveling at its size, and how wonderful I felt just from drinking her milk. My mind was in a slight fog, and I could feel myself drifting as if in a dream, watching almost as if an observer, as Eva turned slightly, and then smiling, slowly offered her other nipple to me. Wordlessly...gratefully, I took it into my mouth, and resumed my wonderful feast," Tami sighed.

"The taste was amazing," Tami continued..."and I felt myself slipping further and further from reality as I nursed. I knew at some level that Eva was once again working on my clit, and pinching my nipples as her soft voice droned once again in my ear.

"Yes love, drink...drink it all...that's it, love...you want all of my milk, don't you dear?" Eva whispered.

"I don't know how long it was", Tami said, "but once again I could feel her flow subsiding, and again I could feel her begin to shake, another orgasm building through her body. Looking up, again I saw the green flash in her eyes as she stiffened and came on me...then finally relaxing her body until I was smothered by her now empty breasts," Tami said. "Dreamlike, I just lay there, enjoying the warmth of her breasts on my face, and the incredible floating sensation from drinking her milk, as she began to stir," Tami sighed.

"Rising up, Eva locked her eyes on mine, and I felt her hands again on my sex, on my tits, as she began to really work on me in earnest. The intensity in her eyes was fierce, and I knew this time that she wouldn't leave me floundering on the edge...I knew that she was going to rip my orgasm from me as if it were hers to take...and at this point, we both knew that it was!" Tami exclaimed breathlessly. "My eyes began to blur as a green haze framed the edges of my vision, and Eva's voice began to drone in my ears.

"Yes love...yes love...come on love...that's it, love...let it flow...you know you want it, love!" Eva exclaimed.

"My reality shifted, and I wasn't aware of anything other than her insistent voice urging me on, her fingers and hands as they teased and coaxed my overflowing pussy, and the fierce intensity in her beautiful green eyes, as she did what she pleased with my body. I felt a shockwave building inside of me, so intense that it scared me at first, then I let Eva's words soothe me as she coaxed me towards the blinding light," Tami said.

"Yes love, cum for me love...let it flow, love...relax and let it flow...you're safe love...you're mine now, love...MINE!" Eva cried.

Tami's voice was a whisper at this point.

"When it hit me, I felt myself falling, yet I wasn't afraid," Tami said. "My vision was completely obscured by the green haze, and I could feel absolutely nothing around me...no hands on my breasts or pussy, no sweat on my brow...nothing but a serene peace, and an indescribable warmth radiating through my body," Tami sighed. "I had never felt so warm, so safe or so loved before in my life...it was as if I was in the womb again, unborn and safe," Tami softly whispered.

Tami was breathing heavily now as she described her orgasm, and I was about to lose control as well, my cock jerking, my body shaking as I fought to obey her command not to cum until she told me to. Seeing in my eyes how close I was, Tami stopped, then reached down and pried my hand from my pulsing cock.

"Oh, no you don't!" she said, grabbing my cock and squeezing the base firmly. Her eyes bored into mine as she held me there, rigid in her grasp, my eyes pleading with her as she relentlessly held my cock, her eyes smiling, her head slowly shaking back and forth. "I told you, no cumming until I let you!" she said.

Slowly my cock stopped pulsing, and she loosened her grip, then let it go as a small drop of pre-cum rolled down the shaft and onto her finger. Smiling wickedly, she raised her finger to her lips and slowly licked the drop of pre-cum from it, watching my widening eyes as she did so.

"Now, where was I?" she coyly asked.

Tami then continued with how she finally awoke in Eva's house, her body spent, as she lay on the massage bed, recovering from her numbing orgasm. Eva held her for a moment, then gently helped Tami to her feet, and into her clothing.

"I don't remember things very clearly at this point," Tami said. "But I do remember Eva kissing me goodbye at her door, and telling me she would see me again soon. And as I heard the door close behind me, I knew instinctively that she was right...I would be back to see this amazing woman!" Tami sighed.

Tami then placed my hand back on my still throbbing cock, with a look that told me I better not get carried away again. Reaching over, she poured more of the wonderful oil onto the pulsing head, and resumed her story, as I felt the warmth flow through my cock, and the intoxicating aroma fill my senses.

"The next morning when I awoke, my tits felt full and very sensitive, like when I'm getting my period", Tami continued "but without the pain or cramps. I didn't think too much of it, since I knew my time of the month was a week or so away, so I got dressed and went to work. But I noticed throughout the day that my tits were very sensitive to any touch, even my silk bra...which I eventually had to remove in the afternoon, just to be able to concentrate on any of my work," Tami recalled. "Needless to say, I was the focus of many stares, and everyone, both men AND women, seemed to have a reason to stop by my desk that afternoon!" she said slyly. "I was enjoying the attention, although I couldn't seem to stop thinking about my visit with Eva, and how wonderful her tits were...and I realized then that I had to see her again," Tami sighed. I was so relieved to hear the tone of her voice when I finally worked up the courage to call her, and she said she'd love to see me tomorrow!" she exclaimed.

Tami's eyes sparkled as she continued the saga of her 2nd visit to Eva's house.

"I was a little nervous when I walked up to her door, but when she opened the door and smiled at me, it all just flowed away," Tami recalled. "Things progressed pretty much identically to my first visit, but with no pretense that I was there for a massage. Eva took me to her massage patio, then undressed me slowly...and I thought I noticed a little smirk in her eyes as she noticed my still full tits, and my now seemingly permanently hard nipples. She took off her robe, then gently pushed me down (onto my back this time), and immediately went to work with her wonderful oil on my tits" Tami purred.

Tami sighed as she remembered the events of the day. "Eva worked mostly on my tits, only occasionally dipping down to tease my clit, or dip a finger into my well lubricated pussy...it was as if she knew how sensitive my tits were now, and wanted to see how I would react. I was in heaven, as I watched her full breasts swaying above me, her eyes watching my reactions intently as she slowly built me up again. I couldn't take my eyes off of her incredible nipples, and I could sense she was enjoying teasing me with them...keeping them just out of my reach as she continued to toy with my nipples," Tami said dreamily.

"Finally, Eva leaned over and said "Hungry, love?"

"I groaned out loud as she laughed, then taking her breast in her hand, Eva leaned over and fed me her beautiful nipple, her eyes ablaze as she watched me hungrily begin my feast. I could see the satisfaction in her face as her milk flowed into me, the aroma filling my nostrils, the sweet burn filling my senses, as the peaceful fog settled around me.

"The rest of the visit was the same as before, Tami continued. "Eva's intense orgasms as I finished each delicious breast, the flash of green in her eyes as she came, and the mind-numbing, green haze filled orgasm she coaxed from me when she was sated, and I was full of her incredible milk."

Tami's eyes were almost dreamlike now as she remembered her second afternoon with Eva.

"Again, I barely remember getting dressed or leaving, and again, my breasts were even fuller and more sensitive the next morning...I just left my bra at home that day," Tami bragged!

Tami had stopped my hand on my cock twice as she told me about her 2nd visit with Eva, but at least she didn't take it away this time...she wanted me on the edge, and she knew exactly how to keep me there. I started stroking it slowly again, as she continued with her story.

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