tagSci-Fi & FantasyGrimoire Ch. 01

Grimoire Ch. 01


Deep in the bowels of the Earth, a group of people huddled together. They were not separated by place of birth nor color of skin, education, occupation or sexual orientation. Indeed, none of those delineations could divide them from their appointed goal. In this sacred place, they were one and well it was that they were. Their mission was too important to put individuality above the end goal and they trusted the High Priestess to lead them in the right direction. On this High Holy Day, there were no questions and no lies.

Each person looked at the person next to him or her, relaying an innate sense of fear that encompassed the circle but each person knew what was at stake. The Great One had found a way to walk the world again and it was time to summon the Legacy. The Great One had to be put down before all of humanity was swallowed into the void. Incense perfumed the air and candles bloomed at every corner.

Karine, the High Priestess entered the room, her sacred robes open and her body anointed with blessed paints. Her ghostly blue eyes scanned each face in the room, settling and passing onto the next person. "Apostles," Her voice rang clear and strong in the enclosed space. "This is the most important thing that we have ever done or will ever do in our lifetimes. The ten of us have to aid the Legacy in defeating the Great One. If we do not succeed, our lives are over." A few of the women began to cry but they held their heads up, letting their emotions lend to the solemnity of the ceremony. Tapia, the head of the circle, stepped forward, meeting each person's eyes and pivoting to Karine. "We give our lives and spirits to accomplish this effort, High Priestess."

"Then let us begin."

Tapia stepped forward and retrieved a photo from the mantle, then breached the circle to take the sacred path, a hand-hewn stone path that led to the pedestal the High Priestess. Karine took the photograph, said an incantation over it then handed it to the next person in line. While the image made its way through each person's hands, Tapia reached for the woman, a look of reverence on his face as he took her hand and escorted her to the bed that was within the pentacle.

The High Priestess turned to her worthy subject as soon as they had entered the confines of the holy circle, pushing her robe off. Tapia had removed his ceremonial robe and embraced her, fitting his mouth to hers and letting his tongue dance along the smooth enamel of her teeth, then slide inside to her answering tongue. Around them, a low chant arose:

Legacy, we call to thee,
Through the veil where none can see,
Deep within her, pierce the wall,
Slay the Great One, save us all.

Karine sighed as her lover's hands roamed over her body, throwing her head back and allowing Tapia's sharp teeth to graze her tender flesh, raising beads of blood which his lips collected and rubbed against his tongue. She knew that he was looking for the taste of her carnality and knew by the way he responded that he'd found it. She had spent long hours meditating and cleansing in preparation for this night. She would not let him down. She could not. The Legacy had to be reached.

"Karine. You are so sweet." Tapia didn't realize that he had spoken until the High Priestess smiled down at him. "I am so honored … "

"If we survive," Her voice reached a special place in his heart. "I want to be yours."

"Consider it done." He pushed her robes past her shoulders and bent to take a dark nipple into his mouth. "Whether we survive or not." He rubbed the bud over his tongue, moving across to the other and sucking it into hardness.

They both felt the heat when it began; a steady rise in temperature that signified the opening of the sacred portal and a thick, blue fog began to roll into the cavern, charged with an energy that infected everyone within range. The apostles grasped hands and the tone of the chant arose tenfold, echoing in the chamber as Karine took a supine position beneath Tapia, spreading her legs. He hesitated, looking into her eyes and waiting for the sign and gasped when the blue flames spread behind her eyes.

"Now, Tapi. Now."

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