tagSci-Fi & FantasyGrimoire Ch. 05

Grimoire Ch. 05


"Yes ... " She felt him. He was near and he wanted her. She arched her back as her hand slid down her slim body, over her flat stomach and into the valley between her legs. Moisture met her fingertips and traced her thick pussy lips, pressing past the wet outer ones and finding the even wetter inner ones. They opened like the petals of a flower and she eased two fingers into her pussy, groaning at the sensations that held her in their teeth-gritting grip. "Oh, yes." It was so good, so much better than using the humans. She added a third finger and raised her free hand to her face, sucking on her index finger as she imagined that it was him.

Detective Morris crept down the alley, her gun drawn and nerves jumping at every shadow and sound. She was petrified and that was a new emotion for her. Helaine wasn't afraid of anything, before tonight. Once again, she questioned what she was doing and why she was putting such trust into this guy. She heard a groan and quietly headed in that direction, approaching as she would in pursuit of a killer but her jaw dropping when she found Lively.

A light blue light surrounded his body, much as it had when they read the grimoire in the library. That wasn't the reason that she was frozen into place. It was the fact that he was naked and that he was stroking his cock. He was easily the largest she'd ever seen, long and thick but not too wide that his hand couldn't encircle it. He was stroking it like a man possessed, brushing the head every so often to gather the clear precum and spread it onto his flesh. She'd never seen a man masturbate, except in movies and her cheeks grew heated, the blood rushing down to her nether parts.

He was hers. She could sense his impending release and she girded her body for her own, preparing for the Mixing that would occur. She would actually be able to feel his cock throb in her cunt and he would be able to feel her pussy around his cock, squeezing him tightly. She wanted it, she needed it. She was tired of existing without it. So close. She was so close ...

"Jason." Morris didn't know why she called out to him; she just knew that he wasn't under his own control and that she had to break through to him. "Jason!"

Lively's movements grew quicker and the scent of sex rose around him, lulling him deeper into the act. He could almost smell her now; the tang of her sweat and the sweet aroma of her pussy filled his nostrils, making his prick jump in his hand. Perhaps he wouldn't have to fight her. Perhaps it was just a stupid mission they'd given him and he could just fuck her silly. Perhaps ...


He opened his eyes. The Great One roared in anger as her orgasm tore through her. Lively's eyes connected with those of Detective Morris and he continued to stroke himself, gazing at her curly red hair and green eyes. The transference of his lust toward her broke the connection and she stepped forward, covering her hand with his own as he continued stroking himself. A human?

Helaine moved closer to him, pushing his hand away. His flesh was hot under her hand and it made her shiver inside. His eyes met hers and she leaned close, her mouth just inches from his, heightening his sensations. His breaths came quicker, shortening as he reached his plateau. Just as he started spurting, she let her lips touch his. Jason moaned as he came, raising his hands to her head and tilting his mouth to better fit hers. Moments later, he was gasping, spent and somewhat embarrassed. He reluctantly released her, bending to pull the pants back up and catching her eyes.

"She's that strong?" He nodded. "Then we'd better get going." Feeling her own embarrassment, Detective Morris turned away, heading back down the alley.

"Detective Morris?"

The detective stopped at Lively's voice, waiting as he caught up with her. "Helaine."

"Helaine. Thank you."

Morris just nodded, a blush spreading across her face as she wondered what the hell she'd gotten herself into.

The Great One memorized the human's scent before the connection completely closed. It was clear to her that this human had to be removed before she met the Legacy. The human had to be killed.

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