tagSci-Fi & FantasyGrimoire Ch. 04

Grimoire Ch. 04


Detective Morris waited anxiously outside the building. Things were really getting bad, she thought. Earlier this morning, she was a law-abiding citizen; now, she was impatiently pacing a square of fractured concrete, playing lookout to a man that could possibly become a murderer and was, at this moment, breaking and entering into a small shop called Mazo's Oddities. After leaving the library, he had insisted on coming here, telling the detective that an important item he required was in the shop and that he could not procure it by regular means. The shop proprietor, Mazo, did not know what the item was and had vowed to never part with it because he liked its pearlescent blue color.

A loud noise startled her and she whirled around, gun drawn to see Lively crouching underneath the fire escape's ladder, a burlap bag in his hand. "Sorry."

Morris reholstered her sidearm, relaxing a bit. "Is that it?"


"And that's what you need to kill her?"

"Yes. This is all I need. Now we need to find her."

"Listen, are you hungry? I'm starving and I don't think I can last much longer if I don't get something in my stomach."

"Okay, but we need to make it fast."

* * * * *

The Great One stretched her long, luscious body and blinked her deep blue eyes. She had fed; the evidence of her feeding, three husks of leathery flesh that used to be a woman and two men, lay at the foot of the bed. But she was still hungry and she knew that this hunger would not be slaked from mere mortals alone. It would keep the edge at bay but it would not satisfy. Not like partaking from him. She needed to find the Legacy and she needed to find him soon. She knew her body and the quickening pangs that ran through her told her that the Time was nearing.

She smiled, thinking of the glorious rapture that awaited her in his arms. Her long fingers roamed across her body as she closed her eyes, dreaming about their union, dreaming about his touch. He would do as she was doing, taking his time and rubbing her soft, brown skin and memorizing every inch of her. Her nipples hardened under her fingertips, the nubs begging to be pinched and bitten. He would do that. He would do anything that she asked. The fever rose in her, hot and unrelenting and she needed relief. She reached out across the veil to him ...


The sound that came from Lively was so wretched that Detective Morris nearly ran off the road. His eyes were closed and his body was as tense as a rail, his forehead dusted with sweat. "What's wrong?"

"Pull over."


"Pull over. Right now!"

Morris found a place to pull over and watched in confusion as he leaped out and ran down the alley. "Jason! Wait!"

"Yes." She purred, sensing the passion rising in him. She rubbed her nipples a little harder, sending tingles of pain through her torso and she moaned, her toes curling. The pain was so good. It would be better inflicted by him, though. She cupped one of her large breasts and brought it up to her mouth, letting her snakelike tongue wrap around the nub before she applied her teeth to the sensitive skin.

"Ugh!" He roared, his body trembling with the effort it took to resist her pull. He could hear the detective somewhere behind him and he needed to get farther away. He didn't want her to see ...

The Great One pushed the robe off, dropping it onto the floor and caressed the silky chocolate skin of her shoulders, thrusting her hands into her thick, soft hair and tracing the softness of her cheeks. She let one finger run around her plump lips, then sucked it into her mouth, imagining that it was Legacy's cock and a hum buzzed through her. She would gladly open her mouth to his cock, letting him plunge as far down her throat as he wanted and she would suck and lick him until he begged to fuck her.

"Oh, God!" He couldn't stand it any longer. Lively pressed himself against the wall of the alley, not caring if anyone was watching. The images she was sending were too strong and he could no longer control his body's reaction. Trembling uncontrollably, he fumbled with the zipper on the uniform pants, taking his cock out. He reverently stroked his meat, releasing the beast that was the Legacy and letting it roam free. "Yes ... "

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