tagSci-Fi & FantasyGrimoire Ch. 09

Grimoire Ch. 09


Brilliant blue light imbued the room, temporarily blinding Morris. She rolled off the bed, her senses clearing as the incredible scene unfolded in front of her. The Great One morphed from a gorgeous, black woman to black-skinned imp of the Devil, tiny horns drilling their way out at her temples as the detective watched. The Legacy pumped her, his teeth gleaming in the light and his eyes rolling back in his head as he neared his climax.


The Great One fought the tears that were brimming in her eyes, the searing pain of his cock sending pain through her body. This was not the pain of pleasure; it was the pain of death. She felt her precious sexual energy leaving her, knowing that the blue diamond would absorb it and humankind would be saved again. She reached out to Morris, hoping to draw on the connection they had shared but the woman was frightened and had moved well out of range.

"Please. Help me."

Not quite knowing why, Morris' eyes filled with tears and she backed away from the demon. Despite the feelings that she had felt, she knew that they were not real; that this was the true face of The Great One. The detective watched in horror as her dark eyes disappeared, replaced by fiery red orbs, her kissable mouth now a ruby slash, grimacing with sharp teeth.


Her shout of anguish mingled with The Legacy's roar of possession and the entire room burst into blue flame, a circle of red light briefly flashing as it broke into shards and disappeared. When the fire died away, Morris lay in the corner, still covering herself protectively and arising to view the carnage. To her surprise, nothing remained of The Great One. The bed was empty and the sexual charge in the air had completely dissipated.

A grunt sounded from the other side of the bed and Detective Morris gingerly made her way around, gasping as The Legacy tried to rise to its feet. He looked up, his eyes twin blue flames that bored into her.

"Will you help me? I must get on the bed."

"Are you going to hurt me?"

"No. You have my word."

Fear still gripped her in its clutches, even as Helaine helped him stand and slide onto the bed. His frightening eyes met with hers and a slight smile touched his thin lips. "Can I ask you a question?"


"Where is Jason?"

"Inside me."

"Is there a way that I can speak with him?"

"You wish to talk to my human component?"


"Very well. So be it."

The god form of the Legacy began to waver, undulating like heat rising from the road. The blue skin and muscles melted away, leaving the human form in its wake. The transparent outline of the god remained, but the body of Jason Lively was solid. Helaine Morris reached out, sobbing with joy when she saw his hand reaching for hers. "Oh, Jason!"

"Thank you for helping me see this through. I wouldn't have been able to do it without you."

"But the car ... I saw her rip the roof off ... "

"I left a spiritual döppelganger there. She would not have been able to detect that it wasn't me." He smoothed her hair, smiling as he felt the relief that flooded her. "Helaine, I am dying."

She sniffled, whispering. "I know."

"I have something to ask of you."

"What is it?"

"Would you bear my child? You will be taken care of for the rest of your life."

"Will he have to die as you have?"

"No. I had a child with another woman whom The Great One killed. The child is in the care of the Corporation."

Morris thought to herself. Her life had been nothing but emptiness. Work and sleep. No men, no dates. No love. A baby would make her complete. "Yes, Jason. I will."

Morris let her hands caress his body, removing the casing from his penis and impaling herself onto his hard rod. She rocked against him, unable to stop sobbing as she saw tears falling onto his cheeks, mixed with the rawness of the lust they felt. Her first orgasm snatched the breath from her lungs and her pussy sent a thick coating of juice onto his cock. Jason whimpered, biting his lip so hard that blood trickled between his teeth. She leaned down, kissing him and groaning when his tongue softly touched hers.

"Helaine." His whisper made her stomach clench and a second orgasm took her by surprise as his hands rubbed and squeezed her ass. "Helaine, I love you."

"Jason." She moved faster against him, pounding him harder into the soft mattress and he held onto her hips, his mouth capturing hers as they moved closer and closer to release. Morris couldn't breathe when his fingers found her clit and lightly pinched it. His second thrust catapulted her over the edge and Jason quickly followed, his body quivering with each spurt of cum. She collapsed against him, softly sobbing in the circle of his arms. "Jason, I love you."

* * * * *

Helaine awoke as the first light of dawn flooded the room and was upset to see that she was alone in the bed. A circle of men in black suits surrounded the bed and a tall man with gray hair stepped forward, removing his sunglasses.

"Miss Morris, it's time to go."

Calmly, she accepted the clothing that he offered, wondering how he knew her size but she didn't let it worry her. She dressed and pulled the tennis shoes on, a sense of peace pervading her. Time to go, Miss Morris. She nodded, hearing his words in her mind and arose, turning back to the bed at the last minute.

On the pillow was a plastic-wrapped page of text, artfully decorated with birds and butterflies. Words that she couldn't read formed two columns on both side of the paper and in the top corner was an eerily lifelike drawing of Jason, his penetrating eyes meeting with hers. As she stared at the drawing, it came to life and Jason winked at her, a smile touching his lips. This will be our grimoire, Helaine heard and her pussy twitched.

With a final look around the room, Detective Helaine Morris turned to the man. "All right. I'm ready."

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