Growing Accustomed to One-Another Ch. 03


After dinner, I was washing the dishes when Laura came behind me, stroking my back with her tits and cupping my bulge. "Rick. Since I've won I want a prize. And I think you can give it to me." I turned around, picked her up and brought her to the bedroom while kissing her. She jumped on the bed, instantly undressed and said, "No foreplay today I just want you to make me feel how every woman should." I enlarged her pussy which she felt and almost pounced on the bed and proceeded to begin our love making session. As soon as I entered her a load moan came from her lips followed by, "Oh fuck, Rick. I missed you so much this week. Man, you are the best. It's fun being the one in control of men but nothing beats the feeling of you wrecking my pussy."

After some time of missionary where she quickly reached ecstasy I turned her around, in order to admire her rump. I quickly read her brain and she wanted to be utterly owned by my huge cock. I decided to surprise her. I held my dick above her back and quickly grew to two feet and then thump. I dropped my log on her back, reaching the back of her head. I approached her ear and whispered, "Tell me you want this two foot cock."

"Oh Rick. I want those two feet inside of my poor little cunt. Show me what none of those jokes could." After the right alterations to her insides, I entered her. And kept going, and going and going. She turned her head, looked at me and urged me to fuck her, "Come on, let that monster devastate my insides." I picked up the pace and pounded her making her ass jiggle with gusto and her voice scream loudly. She quickly did not manage to stay on all fours and simply smashed her face on the bed with her rear still pointing upwards, offering me great leverage to truly pound her.

This ferocious act was because neither had had the opportunity to go all out during the prior days. I for one was almost not caring about her well-being and was simply going to town with her. Laura, on her part was just enjoying being again the one being fucked and not the dominating party. Tears of pain, joy and pleasure were starting to escape her eye lids, while her moaning became more of a tired mono-tone expression of ecstatic submission. Even in my state of animalistic lust, I was starting to feel my climax, "Honey, I'm about to burst this is going to be a huge one."

She was unable to reply with words so, she simply thought, "Cum inside me and fill me to the brim and even more." I started cumming like never before, since I had met Laura. I was truly flooding her womb, which I had to promptly make much more elastic, and soon her belly was expanding so much that she started rising. Even in her state she noticed it and remarked, "Fuuuuck. There is soo much cum inside of me. Give me more. More. I love the feeling of your cum sloshing inside of me. I want to be unable to stand up until tomorrow morning. Give it all to me."

And giving it to her I did. After five minutes of continued ejaculations I retracted my dick from her pussy and turned her on her back. She looked like a cartoon. Her belly was immense, as if she had eaten a baby hippopotamus. Laura lay motionless on the bed and looked me in the eyes, saying, "Tell me. Why did I want to have sex with other men?"

"I think your words were 'A change of scenery.'"

"That was an idiotic idea. I will never feel this with anyone else." She gently stroked my flaccid but still two-foot long cock which was lying next to her, "I love this thing. I would call it a dick, but only those pitiful men had dicks. This is a world-wonder. You are world wonder, Rick. I love you.

I approached her and lay down on my side. I kissed her and answered, "I love you too." After a couple of minutes of silent cuddling and soft kissing I asked, "Not to ruin the moment, but what do you want to do about this?" I tapped on her belly. "Your body would need weeks to absorb it all. Do you want me to take care of it?"

She looked a bit disappointed but agreed, "It's a nice souvenir of this evening but it would be best to make it disappear. I cannot move anything with this on me." I made her belly shrink to its normal size and we went to sleep cuddling.

A couple of days later we were at a park, walking and appreciating the stares thrown at our direction. One of said stares came from a girl jogging who got distracted and tripped which caused a small wound on her leg. Laura and I came to her rescue, she offered a tissue to stop the blood. The girl looked up wanting to thank us, "Thank you so much that was not...," she looked towards Laura and exclaimed full of joy, "Laura! How long. Damn you have certainly changed. And," she looked in my direction and confused completed the sentence, "Richard?"

Laura immediately understood what was going on and started playing with the girl. "Yes, Meg. I have, let's say developed. Wait don't sit on the path. There is a bench there." We sat on the bench and Laura asked Meg, "You now my Rick huh?"

"Uhm..., well," She looked at me, confused by my calm demeanour.

"Have you by chance met him last week?"

"Yes, how-?"

"It was great sex, wasn't it?" Now Meg was just confused. "Don't worry, Meg. Rick and I had a bet. Tell you what, finish your run, I think I have a bandage in my bag and we will catch up. I will tell you about the bet ok?"

A resigned Meg just said, "Sure. Looking forward to it." And after having stood up and taken a last glance at us proceeded with her run.

On our way home we addressed the elephant in the room. Laura started, "So, you've had sex with Meg? I bet she was the fun one out of the four, am I right?"

"Yes. How did you know?"

"Well, she has always been very energetic and confident, so I guessed she could be similar in bed even when confronting a monster dick."

"Where do you know her from?"

"Do you remember how Maddie was my best friend until she turned to a massive cunt in high school? Meg was always the one stepping in for me, even though she was always popular particularly amongst the boys."

Meg was indeed very attractive. An almost angelic face was complemented by full, curly fiery red hair. She was relatively short, 5'3" but very much in shape, quite muscular even. Small, perky B cups fit her frame well. Finally, she possessed a muscular and toned 36" butt, which was quite pleasing to the eye.

Laura continued, "She has been my psychological support though high school. Unfortunately, we had lost contact, after having decided to attend different universities, but luck wanted that we met again. I cannot wait to catch up."

"You seem very excited to properly meet her again."

"Yes. You have no idea how important she has been for me." She then asked, "Rick?"

"Yes, hon."

"I want to have a threesome with Meg as well. We know she liked having sex with you, because who wouldn't? I want you to come with me and look if she has any interest in having us both."

"I will gladly help."

"Oh, don't try to appear as if you were to make a huge sacrifice in fucking us both."

Meg and Laura agreed all three of us should meet the evening after at a bar, that usually was not too crowded. When we entered, we saw a cheerful Meg greeting us from a table in a cosy corner of the bar. Meg felt kind of awkward when greeting me than in her head she was guilty of having had sex with her friend's boyfriend. But this evening was organised in part to clarify that she did nothing wrong.

Shortly after having greeted each other Laura told Meg, "Meg, first of all I want to say sorry to have lost contact with you after school, but I was so taken by uni stuff in the beginning and after a while I thought it wouldn't be suitable for me to bother you with old high school memories."

"I feel the same way, Laura. I am truly glad that I have met you. And even though you seem to have change a lot," she emphasised those words particularly, "you still seem to be the same sweet ol' Laura, that I had to protect form all the meanies." Both girls laughed realising how ridiculous it sounded.

After a while Laura addressed the elephant in the room, "I know it's probably weird for you seating at the same with me and Rick, since you did screw him." Meg looked down, ready to apologise, but was interrupted, "Don't worry, though. What was going on was Rick and I made a bet, as I told you. This consisted in finding out who could have more sex-partners in a week."

Meg looked confused but relieved, "Ok. I didn't expect this, but thank God. So, you aren't mad at me?"

"Nope. Not in the slightest."

"You must be really close to do these kinds of bets with each other. So, who won, if I may be so blunt."

"I think you know best how easy it is for an attractive girl to find a suitable partner for the night." Once again Meg looked down, a bit ashamed. "You clearly showed him a 'different kind of dance' heh?"

Meg looked at me and faking anger told me, "You should not have told her about my secret techniques. Now she will beat you even more when you re-do the bet." We all laughed at that.

Laura asked Meg after having ordered drinks, "I know how it was for him but how did you find having sex with Rick."

"I don't want to stroke your ego too much," she answered looking at me, "but it was the best sex I have ever had. I didn't think it was possible while having a one night stand. Usually people get better when they know each other."

"I am flattered. I must say you were also great," I replied.

"Meh. I'm not sure. I am convinced that you had more inside of you while I lay tired and finished beside you."

Laura than chimed in, "Trust me it's the usual feeling. We've been together for a couple of months and I managed to truly finish him off only a handful of times. Rick told me that you managed to survive his first load. I wouldn't have expected it from a girl of your slim frame."

"Are you mocking my figure, former shorty? Haha." Both laughed and I was pulled into this joyful feeling. Their friendship was evident by these little funny teases the did to each other while never offend or getting offended. However, Meg had to ask, "This may sound weird, Laura, but we haven't seen each other in what? A year and a half? How come you have grown so much while already being an adult. I mean. Look at you, you have become a statuesque bombshell," there was no envy in her voice only surprise and joy for her friend. She continued, "You weren't even five feet tall. How tall are you now?"

"5'9"," Laura replied without sounding too proud.

"And don't let me address your curves, since if I start to think about them I get depressed," once again, she said this with no contempt. "My question is how does an adult go through what appears to be two puberties at once?"

"Wouldn't you like to know? Let's say it's private and I don't want to talk about it in a bar."

She than looked at me and asked via our mind channel, "Do you think we should tell her. I know your powers are a very private thing for you and I don't want to push you into anything, but she is a great girl who means the world to me. Plus, I'm sure she will take your secret to the grave."

"I also think she won't tell a soul. But maybe, as you correctly said. Don't talk about it here but somewhere more private."

Meg then simply said, "Well we could talk about it at my place. My parents aren't home and won't be there until next week." We paid our tab and took a cab to Meg's family's house. Although house is reductive. Palace would be more appropriate.

"Man, I thought my folks were well off," was my first comment.

"You see, Rick," Laura began, "Meg's family is what we common mortals refer to as filthy rich. Isn't it so, Meg?"

"Absolutely. You peasants should be honoured to even be allowed to take a look at us," was her sarcastic response.

"But in all seriousness," Laura began, "both Meg and her parents are great people that can appreciate the luck they have and do not go around and flaunt it left and right."

Meg was a bit taken aback, "Thank you, Laura. I truly appreciate it."

"Well, it's true."

We entered the huge mansion and Meg began explaining, "I think Laura still remembers where everything is, so I will mainly explain it to you, Richard. What you need to know is there are two bathrooms on every floor except for the attic, obviously," the mansion had three floors and an attic.

"Obviously," I replied jokingly.

"The biggest kitchen is over there and if you want I can gladly offer you two love birds a guest room for the night."

"That would be great. Thanks," Laura replied.

As Meg was showing us around I asked Laura silently, "Did she say 'biggest kitchen'?"

"Well yes the main kitchen. There are two more. One on the ground floor and one on the second, which is more of a storage room."

"And this," Meg said as we entered a slightly dark room, "is my favourite room in the whole house. The bar."

I was simply in awe, "I have to say, Meg. Your parents must have a great interior designer."

"Yes, they probably do. They like to spend time here, just like me. Do you want some drinks, guys? It's on the house."

We agreed, because of course one agrees to free drinks and after some time had passed Meg asked my girlfriend, "Now, Laura. One does not simply grow half a foot, massive tits and a behind that puts the Kardashians to shame in a year. What did you take?"

Laura looked at me and I nodded slightly. She answered then, "I didn't take anything, but you are right in the sense that something peculiar happened. I think it would shock you too much, though."

"Oh, come on. Don't tease me like that."

"Ok. Fine it's weird, like really weird. Promise you won't tell a soul"

"Of course. Have I ever broken a promise I made to you? No! Now tell me."

"Ok," Laura took a deep breath, "Rick here can shapeshift his own and other people's bodies."

Meg looked at Laura, then at me, then back at Laura and exploded in laughter, "Oh my God, Laura. I didn't remember you to be the funny kind. No but seriously. What did you do?"

Laura looked at me and asked Meg, "What is your favourite colour, Meg?"

Confused Meg answered, "Green." Before she could ask the importance of that piece of information I turned her hands into different shades of green and Meg screamed. Laura wanted to calm her down, panicking a bit, but then Meg exclaimed, "This is so cool! What else can you do, Richard. What else can you change?" Suddenly it hit her and she looked her friend. "So, you became this crazy-hot bombshell because of him." She pointed at me. "I clearly am glad for you, but I cannot help being just a tiny bit envious, since I bust my ass to keep among other things this ass," she said slapping her cheek, "in shape."

I decided to chime in, "Well I am sure I could offer my services to a friend of my girlfriend."

Meg looked at me with puppy eyes simply asking, "Really?"

"Of course. You said you wouldn't tell anybody and since Laura here trusts you I shall do as well. But know, that, before I do anything, I can undo the changes as well, just in case you decide anything doesn't fit you well."

"By the way," Laura began, "Rick can also read minds, which he is polite enough to do as infrequently as possible," Meg was a bit shocked, "So, if you decide you want to surprise me just think about what you want and he will do his thing."

"No. I'm going to utter my 'wish'. Which is as follows. Since high school started, I have been going to the gym to achieve the kind of tight body shape that I and so many boys like," this she said sounding a bit shy, "not to sound too much like a whore. However, there is so much a 5'3" girl can do without taking steroids and training all day." She then looked at me and said, "Richard, I want to be very muscular. I want to have the kind of muscles you see an Olympic gymnast have. A male one. Oh, and just for tonight, make me as tall as Laura."

Her change began. I tried and changed her as regularly as possible with both the height growth and the muscle growth happening simultaneously. Almost instantaneously one could see her naked arms bulging now thanks to her growing biceps and triceps. Her calves grew to an astounding degree. However, thanks to the general growth it was her torso that changed the most. Almost suddenly we could hear the tears in her cocktail dress to which she simply said, "I don't care about the dress just make me huge." I remembered the same type of frenzy the first time I made Laura grow. I love seeing a girl in this state.

When I was finished, Meg had only her panties and matching bra on which tried desperately to avoid snapping. Her first comments were, "Oh my God, I love this. I love this power I feel all over my body." She started flexing and posing. She had control over every major muscle in her body. She then looked me in the eyes and said first aloud, "Thank you, Richard," and then with her mind, "Can I kiss Laura? I'm not gay or anything but she is crazy hot."

I answered talking, confusing Laura somewhat, "She is all yours."

Meg jumped in front of her friend, grabbed her head and kissed her. Laura was at first astonished but let it happen, even allowing Meg to squeeze her ass with her mighty hand grip. The kiss lasted good three minutes, after which Laura simply said, "Wow."

"Wow, indeed," was Meg's reply.

Meg interrupted an awkward moment of silence by saying, "So, we are going to fuck, or am I mistaking the situation?"

Laura answered, "You are quite right." She then tried to squeeze Meg's boob but had to retreat after noticing how strong her pecs were. "Jeez Rick, did you have to make her so strong."

Meg didn't want to make me answer and replied, "Oh, I think you will enjoy my strength," and in turn squeezed Laura's massive boob causing her to moan. "How big are these things by the way?" she asked after having released her.

Laura then suggested, "I know what. Rick why don't you share with the class all of our measurements?" She saw Meg's questioning look and added, "Rick here knows all the different body measurements of any person he changes even if only slightly. I know. It's weird but I always find it fascinating."

"I would have to agree," said Meg. "I suggest you do each measurement, first saying mine and then Laura's. You decide the order of the measurements."

"Fine," I started, "You are both exactly 5'9"."

"Man, I have grown half a foot," said Meg.

"Meg sports a 34C bra size."

"C? How? I didn't ask for bigger boobs."

"Well," I clarified, "all the extra muscles made your pecs bigger which in turn made you grow by a cup size. But let's continue. Laura possesses 36G boobs."

"Fuck. Their huge. They look great by the way, Laura."

"Thanks, sweetie."

"Hey. No more interruptions. Meg's waist is 22 inches while Laura's is 24 inches. Meg's butt is 38 inches wide. Again, the extra muscles added some inches. While Laura's ass is 44 inches wide."

"Hey," protested Meg, "why is mine a butt but Laura's is an ass?"

"I mean," started my girl, "could you call this," and she grabbed her cheeks, "anything less than an ass?"

Meg jokingly made a discouraged face.

"Finally. I think Meg will be interested in this. You have 10% body fat. So, you are basically all muscles. Anything less would be very unhealthy."

"Wow. It's like a bodybuilder's figure. I love it."

"What about my body fat?" asked Laura teasing me by slowly shaking her chest.

"Dear, your body is 37% fat. Which would normally mean a woman is a bit overweight but in your case, much of it is in your tits and ass." Laura was quite pleased with this information.

After the show and tell Meg let us notice, "Hey this was quite fun, but how come I'm in my almost breaking underwear and you are still dressed. I think it's quite unfair."

"Just say you want to see my man naked, slut," teased Laura.

"Well of course I do. I mean look at him."

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